Subject: Blake’s Adventures 39 Can you imagine life without Nifty? Please show your support with contributions to keep the Archive online. It is especially important in these difficult times. You can find out how fty/donate.html This story is completely fictional. I’d love to hear from you if you are enjoying this story. Please send any comments to ail and I will reply as soon as I can. Bill BLAKE’S ADVENTURES Chapter 39 “Where’s Mum” Blake asked. He was spending the weekend with his mother and her new husband, David. “She’s gone to the hairdressers for a perm. It’s just the two of us this morning” David replied. “Okay” said Blake.”I assume you’ve had breakfast. I’ll just have cereal” “Does the housekeeper make a cooked breakfast for you every morning at the big house” asked David. “No. I would get fat if had that every morning” replied Blake.”It’s usually cereal or toast along with yoghurt and some fruit” David nodded.”You need to stay slim and sexy for your man” “No. I eat healthily for my own benefit” replied Blake.”You could do with losing a bit of weight” David laughed.”I bet the size of my belly wouldn’t put you off if I allowed you to suck my dick” Blake frowned.”Why on earth would I want to suck your dick” “You’re a little poof. One man’s cock would never satisfy a boy like you” sneered David. “You’re sick. You’re my mother’s husband so you’d be the last person I would want if I didn’t have Dan” Blake responded. “You’re just saying that” David said. He cupped his crotch and added,”I’ve got a big one. Come on, give me a gobble. Your mother’s not into that” “Piss off” Blake left the table and went upstairs to pack.”I’m not staying a moment longer with him” he said to himself. Five minutes later he left the house and set off for the bus station. He knew that one of the long-distance buses would take him close to Brambleside House. Almost an hour later Blake walked up the driveway to the house, hoping that Dan would be happy to see him back earlier than planned. He dropped his bag in the hall and went to look for Dan. There was no sign of him anywhere downstairs but he saw Tom and Betty relaxing in the garden.”His car is outside so he must be upstairs” he said to himself. Blake had almost reached the bedroom he shared with Dan when he heard a cry. “Yes, Dan. Fuck me harder” Blake froze. “I’ve missed this, Dan. Oh yes, harder” “He’s fucking someone else” Blake said to himself. He turned and walked back downstairs feeling confused. Ending up in the kitchen, he looked in the fridge. He wasn’t hungry so he poured himself a glass of orange juice and sat down. “How do I feel about Dan having sex with someone else” he asked himself.”I don’t regard him as my boyfriend. I like him a lot but I’m not in love with him. We have a business relationship and we’re friends. I’m paid very well and I love all the sex” Blake smiled to himself and thought about the times he’d had sex with others without Dan knowing.”I can’t be annoyed or jealous. He’s just having sex with someone else because I’m not around. I wonder who he is with. An old boyfriend” Just then Betty entered the kitchen and was clearly surprised to see Blake.”I didn’t expect to see you today” she said in response to Blake’s greeting.”Dan’s…erm..” “Upstairs lara türbanlı escort with his friend, I know” smiled Blake.”I hope he leaves some spunk in his balls for me later” Betty blinked but didn’t know how to respond.”I came to make up some sandwiches for lunch. Would you like to join Tom and I” “That would be very nice, thank you” replied Blake. “What brings you back so early” Betty asked as she took items from the fridge. “Mum’s new husband was being nasty to me” Blake replied.”I don’t know whether I should tell her about it” “If you don’t mind telling me what he said or did, I could give you my opinion” said Betty. “Well…he suggested I would want to suck his dick simply because I’m gay” said Blake.”I told him to piss off and that he would be the last person I’d suck off” “Good for you” Betty smiled.”But what to do now? It’s a tricky one. Your mum loves him but she deserves to know what he said. Maybe give it a few days and see if he apologises” Blake nodded.”Yeah, I think I will do that” Voices and footsteps told of Dan and his visitor’s approach. Blake stood up and faced the door. “Blake” The smile vanished from Dan’s face. “Hello Dan. Are you going to introduce me to your friend” Blake smiled at Dan and then at the young man standing beside him. Dan quickly recovered and said,”Hi Blake. This is Lewis. He’s a student at Dundee University and he’s back home for the weekend” “Hello Blake. It’s good to meet you” The ginger-haired young man held out his hand. Blake smiled at Lewis and shook his hand.”Always good to meet a friend of Dan” “Do you two want any lunch” Betty asked. “Er…no thanks, Betty. I’m just about to drive Lewis home” replied Dan. “Yes, I have to dash. Thanks for the lovely dinner last night, Betty” said Lewis. “I won’t be long” said Dan as he retreated and pulled Lewis with him. “You handled that well” Betty said softly. Blake shrugged.”No point in making a fuss. Dan and I aren’t in a committed relationship” Then he smiled and said,”I think I’m cuter than him. If Dan had to choose between us, I know he would pick me” Betty laughed.”I’m sure he would. Now I’d better get those sandwiches made. Tom will wonder why I’m taking so long” When Dan returned an hour later, he met up with Blake in the garden and said,”Walk with me, Blake. I need to explain” “You don’t need to explain. You’re entitled to have other friends” Blake responded. “Well, I want to explain” Dan put an arm around Blake.”I didn’t know that Lewis was coming up this weekend. I got a call out of the blue shortly after I dropped you off yesterday afternoon and I went to meet him for a coffee. We had a sort of relationship a couple of years ago and it was good to see him again. One thing led to another and I invited him back here. The sex was just a bit of fun. It doesn’t mean anything. You’re the only boy in my life at present” “Don’t worry. I’m not upset” said Blake.”Sex with you is always great. You have a healthy sex drive so I can’t be jealous of you having sex with other guys when I’m not around. Especially when you have allowed me to have sex with several of your friends” “Thanks for being understanding” smiled Dan.”I assume you weren’t interested in getting to know Lewis” Blake lara ucuz escort smiled and shook his head.”He seems like a nice guy but he’s not my type. Too young and skinny. I like real men like you” Dan hugged Blake and gave him a quick kiss on the lips.”Lewis likes older men too. He has just split up with his boyfriend and that is why he’s home this weekend. I was glad to be able to cheer him up and let him know he’s still desirable. He’ll find somebody new soon and he’ll disappear out of my life again” “Okay. What are we going to do now” Blake asked. “Fancy a swim? Naked” Dan smiled. “That sounds good to me” replied Blake. *** Blake was having lunch with Dan on Monday when Betty announced that there was someone to see him.”It’s your stepfather” she added. Blake groaned.”What does he want” “Take him into the living room and find out. I’ll keep your lunch warm” said Betty. Blake went into the hall where the visitor was waiting.”You’d better come in here” he said, opening the door to the living room. “I’ve come to apologise” the man said as he approached Blake. Once inside the living room, he continued.”Your mum has been chewing my ear off all weekend. She worked out that I had said something to upset you and went through the roof when I finally admitted saying what I did. I was wrong and I know that. I’m sorry and I’ll never call you a poof or make inappropriate suggestions again” Blake had been standing with his arms crossed in front of him. He relaxed slightly after receiving the apology.”Why make such a suggestion in the first place? You’re straight and not long married. You can’t be going without sex” The man shrugged.”There must have been a reason” said Blake. “Okay. It was because you’re cute and gay” admitted the man.”I really fancied a blowjob and I thought you might give me one” “So you think all gays are promiscuous” Blake asked. Without waiting for an answer, he went on.”They are no different from straights. Some are but most just want one special person in their lives” The man nodded.”I understand. Again, I’m sorry for insulting you. Please don’t stop visiting your mum because of me” “I won’t” said Blake.”You will never come between us. I will phone her later” “Thanks, Blake. I appreciate you being so understanding” Blake shook the man’s hand, showed him to the front door and said goodbye. Then he smiled to himself and thought,”I understand that even straight men fantasise about getting blowjobs from me” *** “This is better than expected” Dan turned to Blake and explained that he was reading a report about online sales.”The new website has really taken off. In only a few weeks, sales are approaching those of some shops…and with much lower overheads” “That’s good” said Blake.”I thought it would be popular” Dan read more and then smiled.”There have been a number of requests for information about the young model – you” Blake grinned.”Really? I’m wearing quite ordinary stuff in the pictures where my face is visible” “Yeah, but you are very cute” smiled Dan. “Do you think those guys who want to know more about me also want to see me naked” Blake asked. “I’m certain they do” replied Dan.”They will cream their pants when they discover your videos” “That’s still a üniversiteli escort few months in the future” said Blake.”Perhaps you could use some full-length shots of me in underwear instead of the cropped ones currently being used” “Yes, but nothing too revealing” agreed Dan.”Maybe we can start making your name known and state that the model is Blake Dean. Or even `the up and coming model Blake Dean’. Would you be okay with that” Blake nodded.”Yes…and we could spell `coming’ as c-u-m-m-i-n-g” Dan laughed.”Great idea. I’ll get them to update the website” Blake smiled.”It’s exciting to know that men are fantasising about me already. Maybe I should set up an Instagram page” “That’s actually a good idea” said Dan.”Get yourself known in advance of making videos” “Yes. I couldn’t post nude shots but there could be no objections to a seventeen year old topless” Blake said. “Or fully dressed in your sexy tight trousers, showing off your shapely butt” smiled Dan.”Look out a few photos and take time this afternoon to set up an account. You could begin with some fairly ordinary photos, such as ones of you sightseeing in Paris and Amsterdam” “How do I start getting followers on Instagram? I don’t really want to ask my old school friends to follow me” said Blake. “I will email all my friends and ask them to follow you” said Dan.”You have met some of them and I’m sure they will be keen to see photos of you. Even the ones who don’t yet have Instagram accounts! But tell me, are you worried about your school friends seeing you semi-naked” “Hmm, not really” said Blake.”I’m going to start telling them that I’m gay very soon and if they find my Instagram account and ask why I have so many sexy pictures there, I can say I’m trying to find a boyfriend” “Maybe one of your friends will come out to you and suggest getting together” Dan suggested. Blake laughed.”Well, I’ll have to let him down gently. I’m not attracted to any of them. You know I like men, not boys” Dan smiled.”I don’t know if Betty and Tom have Instagram accounts but we can ask when we have lunch. They could be your first followers after me” Blake smiled.”Betty can be my first female fan. Oh, I’ve just remembered. Jimmy Wood has an Instagram page. I will follow him and he will almost certainly follow me back” “You will soon build up a lot of followers” said Dan.”And then perhaps in December we can add your Instagram details on our web page and you’ll gain a lot more” “And in January, after I turn eighteen, I can post some photos showing my bum uncovered” said Blake.”Days before my first video goes on sale” “Come over here” Dan said to Blake. Blake walked over to Dan’s desk, thinking the man wanted to show him something on his computer screen. “I knew it” smiled Dan as he looked at the tent in Blake’s trousers.”You’ve got a stiffy” Blake looked down and smiled.”You know it turns me on to think of men lusting after me. Are you going to help me out” Dan smiled.”Yes, but you’ll have to make to with a blowjob. Drop your trousers and pants” Blake did as he was told and then sat on Dan’s desk with his legs spread. He would have preferred to suck Dan’s cock before getting relief but it was clear that Dan wasn’t in the mood. He closed his eyes and thought of all the men he had met through Dan. He wondered how many of the ones who hadn’t seen him naked might want sex with him. It wasn’t long before he was spunking off in Dan’s mouth. “That was tasty” Dan said. He smacked his lips and said,”Now perhaps you will be able to concentrate on your job” Blake smiled.”I’ll try my best” To be continued

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