Blazing Hot Day


It was a blazing hot day, on this 12th of July Saturday. All the kids were at the pool; the adults were in their houses with the AC running, those who had AC anyway. Jessica’s AC had broken the day before, and her husband was out of town on a business trip – the kids were all at summer camp, and it was a Saturday so no one would be out to fix the AC until Monday. It finally reached 99 in her home before she decided to go to a neighbor’s house. Chris lived across the street, but his wife was a bitch – and hated Jessica. Jessica was gorgeous, long brown hair, big breasts, and all the guys on the block treated her like she was a princess, especially when her husband was out of town. So she had trouble finding another family to socialize with.

There was a new neighbor behind Jessica that she had noticed a few times mowing the lawn with no shirt on. Jess couldn’t help but notice guys. Her husband was never home, and she had her needs.

She walked across the yard and noticed the blinds were open. She walked around to the front of the house, and knocked. No answer. There was a car in the driveway, so she thought maybe he just didn’t hear her. She walked back around to the back, and peeped in the window – nothing. Getting nosey, she decided to look into another window. That’s where she saw him. Naked, showering. His hard tan tall body soaked as he washed his hair. She couldn’t believe she was watching this guy shower, but he was so fucking hot. As she watched, she started to feel her breasts perking up, her nipples got hard, and she started to rub them. Right there, broad daylight, and there she was touching herself while she watched a hot man rub his body in the shower. The water suddenly turned off. Jessica was startled, she had lost track of everything going on around her. She jumped back, and watched as he threw on a towel, and left the bathroom. What perfect timing she thought, if I knock on the door now he’ll be half naked. So she ran to the front of the house and Kayseri Escort knocked again. Finally he answered. Even sexier up close, she couldn’t help but feel herself getting moist. She was wearing short jean shorts and a white tank top – braless and panty less.

“Hello, I’m Jessica, I live across the back…”

“Yes, I know who you are. Would you like to come in?”

He knew who she was? She got even more excited thinking that this exotic man could know who she was.

“Nice to meet you. My AC is broke and I was wondering if I could…”

“Stay here for a little while?”

“Yes. Is that okay? Just to rest in some cool air.”

“I’d love the company Jessica.”

As she entered the house she noticed no sign of a woman. It actually looked more like a bachelor pad, and he looked young enough to be straight out of college. Older woman, younger man…Jessica needed all the attributes a younger man had to offer in bed.

As she sat down at the kitchen table, the young man started walking towards the bedroom.

“Where are you going?”

Oh my goodness, she couldn’t believe she asked him that. It was obvious where he was going, to the bedroom, probably to change – she doubted he wanted to be half naked in front of a 32-year-old woman.

“To the bedroom to change…would you like to join me?”


She was startled at her response, but wanted him so bad. She followed him into the bedroom. There wasn’t much in there, chair, bed, TV. He removed his towel, and walked towards her. His dick was huge, hard, and like nothing she had ever seen. Her eyes must’ve given away her thoughts, b/c as he walked towards her, he looked down at himself, then up at her eyes and smiled.

“Do you like what you see Jessica?”

“I’d like it more if it were inside of me”

She walked towards him, and they met next to the bed. He sat down on the bed and removed her top. By now her breasts were as hard Kayseri Escort Bayan as his dick, she was more than excited. She got down on her knees – she hadn’t pleased a guy orally in months. Her husband wasn’t into foreplay anymore, so she looked forward to it. As her mouth began kissing his body, she removed her shorts. With her body bent over, she started sucking his huge cock. She started fingering herself while she sucked him, she had shaved that morning in a cold shower, so she was bald down below. She started making noise as she gave him the best blowjob she had ever given, rubbing herself, rubbing him, sucking him – she could taste his body starting to cum. He let a moan, as his dick went wild with cum in her mouth. She licked it all off of his dick, and swallowed it. It was so good, she wanted more, but before she even had a chance to think about going more, he sat up.

“get up on the bed,” he said with a soft, but stern voice. She stood up and walked her long body to the bed. Before she even had a chance to get on the bed, he reached for her and started fingering her. At least 2 fingers she thought to herself, at least 2. His hands were huge, which went very well with his dick. She laid down, and started moaning in pleasure. He moved down the bed to get his mouth over her pussy. He started licking her clit white fingering her. This was the best oral she had felt since college. He was great, his tongue so strong and firm as he licked her. She already started to feel herself climaxing. She reached down and grabbed his thick hair in ecstasy. She started thrusting her hips up and down, and her body started trembling while his face was going wild on her pussy. He didn’t let up, he kept on while she came. Her body was still trembling when he started to kiss her inner thigh, and move his mouth up to her beautiful breasts. He started biting on her nipple, almost to the point of pain – but not quite. As he was sucking her breasts he started to Escort Kayseri move his dick around her pussy. She was feeling teased, but loved it. She let out a moan,

“What do you want Jessica?”

“I want you to put your huge cock in my pussy”

“Are you sure? You seem really tight, it may hurt…”

“Make it hurt…”

He moved his body up, and slid his cock in her pussy with pressure. She let out a huge moan, as did he. He started thrusting, harder and deeper, finally sitting up and putting her legs straight up in front of him, grabbing her ankles and slapping his balls against her as he fucked her. Jessica could already feel herself beginning to cum again. He flipped her over, and started doing her from behind – her favorite position. She loved it, she could feel his balls on her hitting against her as he fucked her pussy. She came again it felt so good. He still hadn’t come, that’s what she loved about these younger guys, some could last forever. She turned and looked him, sweat dripping off of his clean body – his hair starting to curl up from being sweaty and wet. She could feel the sweat on the small of her back, and her breasts were hanging below her, sweaty and still hard. But she wanted more. She wanted him to fuck her in the ass. Her husband would never fuck her in the ass, he thought it was “gross.”

“Fuck me in the ass”

He reached over to a drawer on a small nightstand on the opposite side of the bed, and pulled out some KY. She didn’t even want to know how often he does this, she was still wrapped up in the excitement. He rubbed it all over his dick, and fingered her ass to get it nice and wet. As he pushed his dick inside of her, she realized how big he actually was. It hurt, but yet felt good at the same time. He turned her over to her side, they were spooning and his dick was far in her ass. She begin touching her clit while he was fucking her ass..Another orgasm was fast approaching. He started to moan with pleasure, they were both moaning out – bodies sweating, hearts racing – they both came. He came all over her ass and back. She loved the feeling of his warm cum all over her. They let out a sigh. She realized she didn’t even know his name. But didn’t care, it was still the best sex she had ever had.

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