Blissfully Hooked Ch. 06


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Caution – This chapter contains some violence. I thought it would be better to warn you in advance, out of deference to those with tender constitutions. Enjoy!

Kyle Parker vs. Aaron Hunter

Dedicated to judojon



“Fuck!” Kyle swore darkly and threw the almost full bottle of Hennessey against the wall.

“Are you okay?” Brandon, his butler rushed into the hall and stopped abruptly to look at the remnants of the liquor on the wall.

“I’m fine.” Kyle said gruffly and turned towards the stairs. “Please tell Rosie to clean that up for me. Thanks.” Kyle grumbled as he climbed the stairs.

“Is there anything I can do for you, Kyle?” Brandon called out after Kyle.

Without pausing, Kyle responded, “Bring me another bottle.”

Brandon gave a deep sigh and turned to go and bring his boss the requested drink. He hated that Kyle was hurting. And he hated Aaron for being the cause of that sadness. Kyle had enough problems with the illness of his brother and didn’t need some sadistic twit to compound issues. Brandon Baker had been Kyle’s butler for the past three years, and had been in love with Kyle for the same number of years. The only thing that had prevented Brandon from making his feelings known to Kyle was the fact that Kyle was straight…or so Brandon had thought. Till that fateful day, on the eve of Kyle’s birthday, when Brandon had had the shock of his life.

His boss had come home with the sweetest twink ever, who looked familiar to Brandon. But no matter how hard Brandon tried, he hadn’t been able to remember where he’d seen that beautiful face. Brandon had shrugged it off, knowing it would definitely come to him. It was when Brandon went upstairs during his final check of the house, and heard the erotic sounds coming out of Kyle’s bedroom, that he’d remembered who the twink was. He was Ron Hunt, the porn actor. And from the sounds that came from Kyle’s bedroom that night, the two had fucked each other’s brains out. To say Brandon had been jealous of the twink, is an understatement. He wanted to kill the boy.

The following morning, which was Kyle’s birthday, Brandon had been in the kitchen, watching as the cook busily prepared her usual birthday morning treat for Kyle, when Kyle came into the kitchen. Then to Brandon’s surprise, Kyle had actually helped the cook prepare the food, saying that he was going to share with his visitor. Kyle’s ‘lady visitors’ were never allowed to stay till the following morning. Brandon had therefore been shocked to learn that not only had the twink been allowed to sleep over, but Kyle actually planned on feeding him breakfast. If only Brandon could get his fingers around that boy’s neck, he fumed. Then Kyle had made matters worse by actually choosing to take the tray filled with food, upstairs himself, to eat with his ‘visitor’. Brandon’s jealousy had increased a hundredfold.

Brandon however consoled himself with the fact that Kyle’s flings never went beyond a week. Aaron was a porn star to boot. Theirs was probably just a one-night stand. Now that he knew Kyle wasn’t as straight as he thought, Brandon planned on making a move on Kyle immediately. After all, he already had a friendly and comfortable relationship with Kyle. Taking it to another level, would therefore not be too difficult, right? He was going to show Kyle how well Brandon Baker could take care of his man.

When Aaron came back from the party alone to pick up his backpack, Brandon had gladly handed it over, feeling a step closer to his goal. From the snippets of conversation Brandon overheard between Kyle and Ken the morning after the party, Aaron had broken off whatever relationship he had with Kyle and didn’t want to be found. Brandon had smiled with joy, calling Aaron an idiot in his mind. Who in his right mind wouldn’t want to be with Kyle? Time to do his thing, Brandon thought gleefully.

Brandon’s only problem however, was that Kyle looked devastated and was determined to find the sexy twink. And for the past week and a half, no matter what Brandon did, even going as far as getting caught naked and wanking off by Kyle, Kyle Parker looked right through him as though Brandon didn’t exist!

Brandon Baker was not amused.


When Kyle got to his room, he pulled off his t-shirt, leaving on just his jeans and boots, and flung himself across the bed, looking up at the ceiling unseeingly. He felt like his world was coming to an end. Shit! It had been almost two week since he’d last seen Aaron. And that had been the evening of his and Ken’s birthday party. Kyle still got so angry at himself whenever he remembered how that fateful day had ended…


One second Kyle was looking at Aaron and listening to some guests praising him for how well he’d sang, the next second, he couldn’t see Aaron.

“Relax,” Ken had assured him for the third time. “He’s only gone to the restroom.”

“Well, I need to use the restroom too anyway so…” Kyle started but got cut off by a laughing Ken.

“Ow poker oyna come on, Ky. Give the guy a break.” Ken said, taking hold of his brother’s hand. “He’ll find you when he’s done. Let’s go dance.”

And looking longingly towards where he knew the restrooms were, Kyle allowed himself to be dragged onto the dance floor. After dancing for a while, he realized Aaron was still not back, so he moved to a quieter area in the garden and tried to call Aaron’s phone. But Kyle’s call went straight to voice mail. With a frown, Kyle sprinted to the restroom but Aaron wasn’t there. He checked both the ladies and gents, but there was no Aaron. By then, Kyle’s heart was already pounding. Rihanna had started performing and he knew Aaron had been looking forward to that performance in particular. So where the fuck was he?

Kyle quickly went around asking each member of the squad and their partners, whether anyone had seen Aaron, but no one had. Then he went to find his brother. He found Ken sitting with his head on Stephen’s shoulder, enjoying the show.

“Hey, can I talk to you for a second?” Kyle said to Ken, who quickly got up and followed Kyle into the main hall. “Did Aaron say he was going anywhere else besides the restroom?”

A frown marred Ken’s delicate features. “Just the restroom. Don’t tell me he’s still not back. Have you checked…”

“I have. And I’ve tried calling him too but it goes to his voice mail. Do you think he might have gone home?” Kyle was starting to look desperate.

“Why would he leave before the end…let’s go find out.” Ken said, starting towards the reception area. “Excuse me,” Ken said to the doorman. “Have you by any chance seen a young guy in white jeans and a maroon…”

“Jacket?” The doorman completed Ken’s sentence. That face wasn’t a face anyone could forget, the elderly man thought. That boy was beautiful. At Ken’s nod, the doorman went on, “Sure. He’s already left. Looked pretty angry to me. Left about thirty minutes ago.

“Angry?” Kyle spoke for the first time.

The doorman shrugged. “Well, angry, sad…just not a happy face that’s all.”

“Thanks.” Ken said to the doorman and pulled a confused Kyle outside. “Do you know any reason why he would be angry, Ky?” Ken asked urgently.

Kyle shook his head and whispered, “No. His mother is out of town so maybe…but Aaron would talk to me if…wait… What did you guys talk about when I went to sing?” Kyle’s hazel eyes stared into his brother’s.

“We talked about…God, I hope…but he was okay…even laughed…” Ken was mumbling to himself.

“What did you say Ken? Please tell me everything.” Kyle sounded worse than desperate. He never once interrupted Ken as Ken replayed the conversation between him and Aaron. But by the time Ken finished with his revelation, Kyle just wanted to die. Ken saw the look on his brother’s face and felt his heart sink.

“What gave me away?” Ken groaned.

“The interview, Ken.” Kyle whispered. “There was no interview. And he never fell off the bed. He obviously just wanted to know for sure that you hadn’t watched the video.”

“But there’s always an initial interview in his videos. Oh my God! I’m so sorry, Ky. I didn’t…”

“Hey come here.” Kyle said, drawing his brother into his arms. “It’s not your fault. I did refuse to tell you. And I could have prevented all this by coming clean as you advised. Don’t beat yourself up okay.”

“But I should have known he was tricking me.” Ken muttered.

“Shhh. There’s no way you could have known. Now go back to Stephen. I’m going to look for Aaron and apologize. Everything will be fine. Okay?”

“I’m so sorry, Ky. So, so sorry…”

“Hey, snap out of it.” Kyle growled. “I’m going to find him. I’ll keep you posted. Now go have fun for the both of us.” And with that, Kyle signalled for his car keys, got into his car and sped off towards Aaron’s home.


Aaron hadn’t been home when Kyle got there that night, and after a week, Aaron had still not returned home. When Kyle had gotten back home that night, he’d been told that Aaron had come for his backpack. He’d come in a waiting taxi, asked Kyle’s butler to get his backpack, and left, without actually getting out of the taxi.

Kyle had gone to Aaron’s college to look for him but had been told he’d already submitted his project work so didn’t really need to come around. Kyle was beside himself with worry, the knot in his belly getting worse with each passing day. He couldn’t eat or sleep and had to drink himself into oblivion each night. Ken was very worried about him, calling him all the time to check up on him. Kyle wished he had Peggy Hunter’s number but he didn’t so Kyle did the only thing he could…hire a private investigator. Hopefully, Smith would locate Aaron wherever he was hiding.

“Kyle,” Kyle heard Brandon call tentatively from the door and looked up, wondering why Brandon was topless.

“Come in.” Kyle sat up as Brandon entered and reached for the glass on his bedside table. That was the best he could do these days.

Drink. canlı poker oyna “Fuck!” Kyle swore when his phone started to ring. He didn’t want to talk to anyone. Well, except Ken…and Aaron, if he would have a change of heart and call him. Kyle picked up his phone and without looking at the caller id., barked into it; “What?”

“I’ve found him, Mr. Parker.” Smith, the P.I. he’d contracted to look for Aaron, sounded pleased with himself.

“Where?” Kyle hissed, shooting off the bed and reaching for his t-shirt.

“Biggy’s Bar.” Smith replied. “Near fourth Avenue.”

“I know the place.” Kyle growled, pulling on his t-shirt. “Keep an eye on him and don’t fucking lose him. I’m on my way.”

Kyle was already running down the stairs at a breakneck speed, totally forgetting that Brandon was standing there, waiting to pour him a drink. Had Aaron really thought he could run and he wouldn’t give chase, Kyle thought. In the garage, Kyle jumped into his Maserati Mc12, the fastest car he owned, and reversed out as though he were in a race. There was no time to waste.


Aaron looked at the blonde bimbo in front of him and reached for his glass of cognac. He’d already told her three times that he wasn’t interested. But she seemed determined to talk him into changing his mind. At a point, he’d tuned out her voice completely and simply concentrated on his glass of Remy. Now, that was some good booze. He turned around to check whether the man pretending not to be staring at him had left. He was still there. Aaron seemed to have gotten himself some admirers. A man of about medium height, in horn-rimmed glasses and dressed in simple jeans, a t-shirt and a jacket, kept looking at Aaron. But he would always quickly look away whenever Aaron turned in his direction. Aaron was sure the man was gay and had probably seen some of his videos. He got such admirers once in a while. Why else would he be watching him like that? Aaron drained his glass and signalled the waiter for another.

Thanks to Kyle, he was now an alcoholic. He could afford to drink now as he didn’t have to study. Time to fully join the working class. Too bad he wasn’t going to be working as a banker after all, Aaron smiled sadly. At least not now. He needed to pay Kyle back and the only way he could do that immediately was to go back to acting. Aaron’s skin crawled just at the thought of touching someone else besides Kyle or allowing himself to be touched, but he knew that was the only way. He’d called Max Viggo the day before, to arrange a meeting but Max was out of town. He’d promised to give Aaron a call immediately he got back into town. At least Max had sounded happy to hear from him so he was sure he was going to give him another chance. Of course, knowing how slimy Max was, he was probably going to throw in his own clauses this time around, but Aaron didn’t care. His plan was to take some money, if possible, from Max to pay Kyle, then work to pay off the loan.

Aaron knew it was going to be difficult but it had to be done. As for the humiliating way Kyle had treated him, Aaron didn’t want to think about it. He had surprisingly, not shed a single tear since the revelation. But then, when you realize you’ve been fooled, you feel more humiliated than sad. Of course missing Kyle didn’t make it any easier. The more Aaron missed Kyle, the more humiliated he felt.

Aaron couldn’t believe he’d actually gone a whole week and a half without Kyle. It had been very difficult. When he left the party that evening, he knew Kyle was going to come after him immediately Kyle realized he’d left. So Aaron had quickly gone home and packed some stuff, gone to Kyle’s house for his backpack, then gone to Samantha, his childhood friend’s house to hide out. At least he could be there till his mother returned from her trip, he thought. By then, Max might have been able to loan him the money to pay Kyle so that Aaron could live the rest of his miserable life in peace. Oh and it was definitely going to be miserable with Kyle out of his life.

Aaron saw movement from the corner of his eyes and turned to look. His horn-rimmed admirer was now on his feet, talking to someone on his cell phone. As Aaron was turning back to his drink, his eyes fell on the last person he’d expected to see in that bar…Kyle. Aaron gasped! Then he saw Horn-Rimmed signal Kyle and then turn to look at Aaron. Aaron was out of his seat and out of the back door so fast, he felt dizzy. Fuck! There was no time to waste…Aaron ran. Just as he stopped a taxi, he saw Kyle and Horn-rimmed, burst through the back door onto the street.

“Drive.” Aaron screamed at the driver before he even closed the door.

He looked back through the back windshield and saw Kyle, running his fingers through his hair in that familiar gesture of his that showed how frustrated he felt. God, he’d missed Kyle, Aaron thought, soaking in Kyle’s sexy image even as the taxi sped off.


“Fuck!” Kyle swore, kicking at a box on the ground. “I can’t believe we lost him. How the fuck am I going to find him again?” internet casino He growled.

Smith filed away the cab’s number in his mind and turned to look at Kyle, still wondering why the guy had ran away from them. He’d known Kyle Parker for years, but had never see him look so vulnerable and defeated like he did that very moment. Finding that boy was obviously very important to Kyle.

“I’ll find him, Mr. Parker. I promise.” Smith responded quietly, seeing the number of the taxi cab in his mind’s eye. He was that good. “I’ll find him again.” Smith vowed.

“Please.” Kyle pleaded, his voice hoarse. “I’ll pay anything. Just…find him.”

With that, Kyle turned on his heels and left. He didn’t go home. He went to Ken and for the first time in a really long time, he cried his heart out.

“Shhh.” Ken cooed, rubbing Kyle soothingly on his back. “It’s okay. Smith will find him again. Even if he doesn’t, Aaron will come back to you. Love always wins, Ky. And that boy loves you.”

Kyle shook his head even as his whole body shook with gut-wrenching sobs. “He hates me, Ken. Why else would he run from me? I’ve lost him. I’ve…”

“Don’t say that. Shhh… He’s angry that’s all. He’ll come around.” Ken almost hated Aaron for reducing his strong brother to tears.

Kyle had always been the strong one amongst them. Both physically and emotionally. The only other time Ken had seen Kyle cry so hard was when Ken was diagnosed with cancer. And even then, Kyle hadn’t known Ken was standing at the door listening to him cry. Kyle had assumed Ken was asleep and Ken didn’t intrude on his brother’s private moment. But this heart-broken Kyle sounded like his world had come to an end. And Ken wasn’t happy.

After ensuring that Kyle was calm, Aaron cajoled him into eating some salad. His brother looked so terrible, with bags under his eyes and a defeated look in his eyes. He was obviously neither eating nor sleeping well. Ken tucked Kyle in after he fell into a fitful sleep and went to call Smith. Aaron Hunter had to be found…and fast!


“Hey, are you awake?” Samantha asked at the door.

“Sure.” Aaron cleared his hoarse throat. “What can I do for you?”

“You can tell me what’s going on with you.” Samantha said, entering the room. “You don’t look too good, Ronnie.” She added sitting beside Aaron on the bed.

“It’s noth…”

“Don’t give me that crap, Ronnie. Come on spill it.” Samantha ordered curtly.

Although they had been childhood friends, she’d always treated Aaron like a little brother as she was older than him. Till Aaron had come to her door a little over a week ago to hang out in her home till his mother returned from Florida, Samantha hadn’t seen Aaron in almost a year, though they did talk on phone once in a while. Samantha had been glad to have Aaron around since she lived in that big house alone. The house had belonged to her parents who had died when she was in her teens. It was good to have someone to talk to for a change. But Samantha couldn’t help but notice that Aaron wasn’t happy. Something was bothering him. From all the movement Samantha could hear from Aaron almost every night whilst she read, it was obvious the boy couldn’t sleep. She wished Aaron could share his problem with her so that she could try and help however she could.

Aaron smiled. Samantha talked like she was seven-foot tall and not as tiny as she actually was.

“Sammie, I’m going through something now but it’s all under control. I’ll be fine.” Aaron responded, looking everywhere but at Samantha. He wouldn’t meet Samantha’s eye.

Samantha sighed. “Here.” She said, giving Aaron some valium. “You need to sleep.”

Aaron stared at the tablets in his palm. Even with all the alcohol, he’d been having a hard time sleeping. He found himself in the kitchen at odd times, trying to get warm milk, hot chocolate or anything to help him sleep. But nothing worked. Samantha had obviously noticed.

“Thanks, Sammie.” Aaron said softly.

Samantha drew him into her arms, giving him a tight hug. “Aaron, yo…your heart is beat…” Samantha started but shook her head. “Remember, you can talk to me anytime you’re ready.”

“I know. Thanks.”

After Samantha left, Aaron just stared unseeingly at the door. He still couldn’t wrap his head around what had taken place in that bar. His heart was still pounding and Samantha had obviously noticed. Had Kyle actually made someone look for him? And the look on Kyle’s face…guilt and frustration. Of course Kyle was a smart man. Aaron knew Kyle would definitely figure out why he’d left the party. But God, it had taken all of Aaron’s will power to run from instead of to Kyle, when he’d seen him that evening. He wanted to be in Kyle’s arms so bad, wanted to kiss those lips, wanted to feel him moving inside him, wanted to look into those beautiful hazel eyes and tell Kyle how much he loved him… Aaron missed Kyle so fucking much!

But he had to be strong, was determined to do what needed to be done. He knew Kyle’s type. In his line of work, he’d gotten to see such controlling men. He’d seen how they emasculated the men they dated. He’d always pitied such guys, been grateful he wasn’t gay and was therefore never going to end up with such a man. Boy, was he glad he’d never betted on that.

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