Blood and Love Ch. 11


Chapter 11—Halloween blues


Sean’s Story VII — Separated


I stood transfixed, unsettled and unnerved by what he had just spoken. His words were still ringing in my ears as the realization of the reality of the situation came crashing down upon me. I stumbled backwards for support. I couldn’t stand now. Leaning against a tree I fixed my eyes on Evan. He was teary-eyed as he gave me an appealing look. Daniel stood at some distance watching the proceedings. His face was impassive and indifferent as he saw me taking in the truth. Aaron, standing next to him, seemed apologetic and sympathetic.

“Did you know?” I fired at Aaron.

Aaron gulped and began in an apologetic and beseeching manner to explain. “Sean, things happened so fast, it was a blur and I couldn’t think straight but…”

I cut across him. “Did you know?”

An ominous silence lingered before he murmured meekly. “Y…yes.”

The barrier of patience already pushed to its limits by my raging emotions gave way under this new discovery of betrayal. Everything that had happened in the last month came gushing to me. My sense and love was washed away by the tsunami of memories of the last month. Every moment flashed before my eyes. When Evan had first entered my life, his smile, the touching of our fingers and his unsettling cold; the proposal on Tyler’s party, the first kiss, the tears and happiness when Aaron and I had patched up our differences, Evan and I cherishing our love together; every moment played before my eyes. And then came the lies that tarnished these memories. The deaths of the women, the lies I was told, the awkward reactions, the old man from Tara’s funeral, all of them had lied!

Tears ran from my eyes as I stood in the freezing night. The familiar feeling of being vulnerable, betrayed and despair slowly swelled in me. The flame of love had extinguished. The cold outside seemed to have seeped and settled itself into my aching heart. I felt a knot in my chest and couldn’t breathe. The feeling of being choked was building fast as I struggled vainly for words to vent my frustration and despair. Evan walked over to me and in an attempt to pacify me, put his palm on my cheek. Repulsion seized me and I jerked his hand away, shouting.

“Don’t you dare touch me! Stay away from me! You’ve betrayed me! You’ve lied to me! You’ve destroyed everything between us. Go away!”

Pain and fear showed on Evan’s face as he walked towards me trying to justify his betrayal. “Please don’t say this Sean. I can not live without you. I didn’t wanna lie. But, I had no choice. I couldn’t tell you the truth. I’m sorry.”

“I don’t wanna listen to anything. I’ve heard enough lies and can’t bear any more! Nothing is left between us. Just get lost!”

With this I turned to leave. Evan grabbed my hand and turned me around. His strength was great as he held my wrist tightly. I winced in pain. He didn’t seem to have realized he was poker oyna hurting me with his vampire strength as he rambled on.

“No. You have to listen to me. I didn’t tell you the truth because I could not. I didn’t wanna lose you. I was afraid you’d react this way!”

“Let go of me. Evan, you’re hurting me!” He saw me in pain and immediately released his grip. I was furious and as I felt his hold relaxing, I pulled my hand away and slapped him across the face. The sound echoed throughout the woods. Daniel frowned but remained silent while Aaron’s eyes widened and his jaw fell open. Evan stood looking at me in shock. I was still raging with anger.

“You are a fucking monster! Stay away from me! I hate you! All those deaths and this freak who tries to kill me! And you were lying to me! Keeping all secrets! Hurting me! I don’t want to do anything with you anymore. We are done!”

With that declaration that tore my heart to a million pieces, I stomped away from them. I stomped away from the person I had loved. I stomped away from what I had thought was my hope, my love, and my life.


Evan’s Story III — Fallen Apart


I watched him go. I made no attempt to stop him. I couldn’t attempt to stop him. The slap on my face had thrown the reality of the situation at me. He hated me now. I was a liar. His slap hadn’t hurt me in the least, physically. But, the mark that the slap had left on my soul was breaking me. Every part of my love for him, my dreams of him, of us was falling apart. Every hope had gone, every dream was shattered, and sorrow and agony crushed me as I fell onto my knees crying.

The warmth of his fingers when they had first touched my cold hands, the light with which his eyes sparkled whenever he saw me, the beautiful radiance that lit my life whenever he smiled, the tenderness of his lips and his amazing scent had gone from my life. The hope of redemption my damned life had received was now gone.

I heard the rustling of dry leaves and felt a hand on my shoulder. Daniel helped me get up and hugged me. His love and sympathy removed the remnants of restraint as I broke down in his embrace. He hugged me tightly and tried to console me.

“Don’t cry Evan. It had to happen sooner or later. He’s just hurt and angry. He’ll come around sometime. Don’t lose hope. Give him time.” He patted me on the back and continued to murmur words of hope and encouragement.

As I gained control, I asked between sobs, while in his embrace. “W…will he forgive me?”

“Yes, he will. He has to. He loves you, Evan. And that’s what has hurt him most. He’ll get over it and realize he loves you a lot.” Daniel broke the hug and wiped my tears. “Now relax and stop crying.”

I nodded and my sobbing eased. I looked into Daniel’s face. He was composed and strong. Things never unnerve him much. Sorrow or pain hardly showed on his face. Anger, rage and arrogance were all he bore. Tonight, he was firm canlı poker oyna and strong as always. A determined guy, his support had led me through a lot in life. He had always been at my side. And here he was again.

I turned to look at Aaron standing and watching us. He had an odd look on his face as he looked at Daniel. A searching and scrutinizing look accompanied with some uncertainty. When he saw me looking, he turned towards me quickly getting rid of his expressions.

“Evan, I’ll talk to Sean. Don’t worry; I’ll try my best to persuade him.” He smiled assuring me.

I smiled back and turned to Daniel. “I’ll see you around.”

Daniel looked surprised. “Where are you going?”

“I just need some time alone. And Dan,” I added after a thought. “Please drop Aaron home. The woods are not safe.”

Daniel looked uncertain but considering my state gave in. “Yeah. Take care.”

I nodded and ran into the night.


Daniel’s Story IV — I Can’t Say


I stole a look at Aaron. He was looking outside into the night. His head was leaning against his hand as the wind blew his hair into his eyes. He was deep in thought. The twenty minutes that had been spent from Evan’s departure to the present traveling in the car had been an awkward silent period. He hadn’t uttered a word and I didn’t feel comfortable. However, the silence had been too long and the tension in the air too intense. I decided to try to break the ice by making a conversation.

“How does the neck feel?”

He shook as if from a trance. “Did you say something?”

“I asked how your neck feels. I hope I didn’t hurt you.” I tried to give an apologetic smile but my usual sarcastic one forced its way out. Aaron raised an eyebrow but seemed too tired to argue.

He muttered “Fine” and continued looking at the passing woods outside the window.

I continued speaking. Apparently, his lack of conversation didn’t deter me. “Cool. I’m sorry though. I didn’t wanna hurt you. It was just that you had guessed a lot and it was not the right time or way to tell Sean. But, this Ruth thing happened and things got spoilt anyway.”

He muttered an “hmmm” as I continued to chatter. Lord! What was wrong with me? “By the way I must say you’ve got some nerve. When I told you the truth about us, you didn’t even flinch. And then fighting Ruth, you’re very brave.”

He simply shrugged his shoulders and continued to fix his eyes on the scenery. It was true. Seeing him so brave and unnerved in face of such stuff which made people shit, had impressed me a lot. In fact, his bravado had kind of turned me on. Somewhere, we were quite compatible in spite of our temperaments.

“That was great of you supporting Evan. You’re the best brother someone can have.” This sudden compliment brought me from amidst my cloud of thoughts and banged me hard against hard earth.

“What! Oh, well that was nothing. Thanks. You’d have done the internet casino same for Sean.” I replied. I got a compliment from the pompous Aaron Geller! I was too shocked to speak. I felt warmth surging in my chest. I knew I had feelings for him but giving him Alexander’s place was impossible. Evan had said often that Alex was gone and I shouldn’t spend my life mourning him. But, I couldn’t break my word. Plus, I had no idea whether Aaron felt the same way or not. I did sense feelings in him but I could be wrong. I had no intention of acting a fool in front of him. Nothing was to happen between us. I decided and started concentrating on the road.


Aaron’s Story IV — He Has to Say


I continued to look outside the window after complimenting him. I didn’t do it because he had called me brave. I did it because the way he had supported Evan had touched some place deep in my heart. I knew he was a braggart, sarcastic, arrogant, pompous and annoying jerk; but tonight the side I saw had warmed my feelings for him. I did like him but was apprehensive of his reaction.

I knew he had feelings for me. Or should I say, I felt he had feelings for me. I looked into the distance. I wasn’t seeing the passing woods. The moment when we had almost kissed was playing in front of my eyes. That excitement, the rush of emotions, the nervousness and the inexplicable attraction; I sat re-living every feeling of that night.

He had been trying to strike a conversation but was silent now. His eyes glued on the road. He was such a weird guy. One moment he was all into you, the next he’s distant and indifferent. Sometimes, I felt strong feelings of love and sometimes hate. I still remembered the insult of last time, but I too had retaliated. We never discussed the episode. Neither of us ever brought it up. An unsaid apology may have been said.

But, why didn’t he admit his feelings? What was it that made him withhold all emotions? Did he think I was below standard for him? Or that I wasn’t worthy enough? Or was it his ego? Did he feel embarrassed in admitting his feelings? All said I had no intention of solving issues. He had to move over his ego or embarrassment and say what he felt. If he couldn’t realize my worth, then he couldn’t have me. It was as simple as that. However, this could wait. There were more pressing matters on my mind.

“We have to try to bring them together. What do you think we do?”

He pondered and replied. “You try talking to Sean. Be careful. He’ll be mad at you for not telling but you can explain all this. He’ll be willing to forgive you especially after last year. Just talk to him. We can’t do much. Evan will have to take charge. He alone can make Sean feel.”

I smiled at his suggestion. The irony was paramount. Why couldn’t he follow his own advice? “That sounds great. Eh! We’ve reached.”

He pulled over and I got out. I turned and leaned in through the window, looking at him expectantly. He looked into my eyes. Silence followed before I smiled and said. “Good night, Dan.”

He smiled. “Good night, Aaron.”

I turned and walked to the house while he drove away.


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