Blossoming Ch. 01: The Beginning


Kate was 22 years old when her mother decided to remarry. Her parents have been divorced for over a decade now, her father being a military figure and never home, it was no surprise when they decided to split and go their separate ways. She spent a few weeks a year in her father’s place on those rare occasions when he would come home. Despite that, she had a lovely childhood. Her mother made sure she never felt neglected. When she started dating a man named Josh she was genuinely happy for her, she was a pretty woman and she deserved the best, it also helped that Josh was a great guy. He was ten years older than her mother and handsome with nice manners and warm attitude. She knew he had a son that was 30 years old and lived and worked in New York. She had yet to meet him as he didn’t come to visit that often. Her mother and Josh went to New York once, for a romantic trip and for a chance for Mary, her mother to meet him. She came back full of awe of her future stepbrother. Apparently he was gorgeous, successful, charming and wonderful. Kate had her doubts, I mean what kind of a son cannot be bothered to come for a visit from time to time, still she was happy she was getting a stepbrother.

The day of the wedding approached, everyone was busy with all the preparations including Kate. She bought a wonderful dress for the occasion. It fitted her body like second skin, with a yellow colour that only brought out her caramel eyes and long soft hair. She inherited her father’s looks, his olive complexion. Her grandmother was Italian, and the mixture was amazing. She was a beautiful young woman. She hoped to meet her stepbrother before the wedding, but he missed his flight and will be arriving on the same day as the ceremony.

The big day had arrived. She just finished decorating a piece of the house and her nephews were wreaking havoc in the garden where her mother is about exchange her vows so she went and followed them, trying to calm them down with that little bit of authority she had over them. She was so proud of her family home, her mother inherited it from her side of the family, a beautiful house with a history attached to it and loving hands that cherished it, but the most wonderful part of all was the garden. It was her mother’s pride and hers as well, from the greens to the flowers to the stone path that lead to a small pond, it was picturesque. She chased the children into the house, threatening to withhold all the candy and the sweets from them and usually that did the trick. Once they entered the house, she turned around and went to a walk by the pond. She loved it; she needed some time away from the noise. She felt someone’s eyes on her, as if someone was watching her intently; she turned around her and saw a silhouette of man approaching her. She didn’t recognize him, but she was mesmerized with him. He was tall with broad shoulders and strong hands, his suit emphasizing the body he had. When she looked at his face she couldn’t help but admire the blue of his eyes, his ruffled black hair, and that perfect mouth. He reminded her of someone but she couldn’t put her finger on it. He slowly came right before her, scanning her with his eyes, leaving Bayrampaşa Escort her feeling naked underneath.

“And who might you be?” – She asked him boldly. She both liked and fretted of the way he was looking at her. He smiled at her. It wasn’t a genuine smile; it was more like a wolf smiling at his prey.

“Does it matter?” – he didn’t even give her a moment to say some witty comeback before grabbing her arm and pulling her close, he inhaled her scent while she felt like a bird caught in a trap. He raised her chin up and planted a hot, scorching kiss on her mouth. She tried to resist it, but for a second or two she got caught into his flames, until the sun blinded her closed eyes, and she kicked his leg and said quietly “How dare you?” – She ran towards her house. Angry at herself for letting some stranger practically grope her, and even angrier because she liked him. She liked every single thing about him. She took a deep breath and returned to the party in the opposite side of the garden where a tent was raised, a buffet was made and people were mingling together. Her stepfather was heading towards her with a huge smile on his face.

“Kate, darling…finally, there is someone here I want you to meet.” – He said with a proud gleam in his eyes. Finally she thought it was time to meet David, her soon to be stepbrother. Josh stepped aside, and gestured to the stranger from the pond. “This is my David.” – He said and hugged him.

David smiled at her; a smile that could melt ice and polar caps and make her warm in a million places, but the moist she felt in her pants was the last thing she wanted. With horror she realised that it was her stepfather’s features she recognized in him.

“What a lovely surprise father. You didn’t give my sister enough credit. She is even more beautiful than the pictures.” – The way he said everything sounded so charming and lovely but the accent on the sister part and the spark in his eyes while he said it made her shiver.

“It is nice to finally meet you David.” – Kate managed to mutter. She was actually proud of herself for staying composed when all she wanted to do was to run away from him.

“The ceremony is just about to begin. You two go sit together in the front row. Your mother and I would love to see you there together.” – Kate had no choice but to accept David’s hand, and let him escort her to their aisle like her stepfather asked. He didn’t say a word to her, he just politely let her take her seat first and then he sat right next to her. He was keeping his focus on their parents, while she was baffled and couldn’t keep focus on the ceremony; she kept throwing side glances towards her “brother”. He didn’t even look at her, he applauded when their parents finally went to “I do” part. Kate also couldn’t help but shed a little tear, she was happy for her mother. She was caught off guard when he leaned towards her and whispered into her ear “I guess this makes you my little sister now. I promise to take very good care of you Kate.” – He smiled at her with lust in his eyes. She couldn’t believe the nerve he had. She just stood there, mouth shut and blushing.

He Bayrampaşa Escort Bayan took off to congratulate their parents and she followed suit. Afterwards she was swamped with mingling with cousins, family members, and friends – everyone wanting a word or two. The sun was getting low and the band started playing. She lost track of him, when in the middle of a laugh she shared with her cousin she felt his hands on her waist. She knew it was him; nobody else would dare to just swoop in. She saw the look of adoration in her cousin’s eyes. Actually, more than one woman was keeping tabs on him. She saw the looks he was getting and he seemed oblivious to them.

“Excuse us Jenny, I have to take this young lady to the dance floor.” – He made everything sound so normal Kate thought, and to the world he seemed like a careful brother figure or whatever. A slow song started playing and she couldn’t help but find herself in his hands with him leading the way. He held her tight, his hands going slowly down the length of her back, and although nothing was out of place, she felt like she was standing naked on the floor with him. She couldn’t force herself to ask him anything although she was dying to. He didn’t seem interested in talking though, just looking at her with this look in his eyes she couldn’t quite decipher. There was interest there, lust too, but also some emotions or reactions she wasn’t sure how to name.

When the song ended, he politely thanked her and led her to their table. Soon everyone was seated as the dinner started. He touched her leg with his as the space wasn’t that big, but she had a feeling he was doing it on purpose, he kept at it every once in a while. Her cousin Jenny was at their table too.

“So, David…it’s a pleasure to finally have you here. Josh told us so much about you. Do you like it here? I know we are a far cry from the big apple but surely we have something that interests you?” – Jenny was talking so sweetly with him, that Kate knew for a fact she was more than interested in this man. Jenny’s eyes looked at him intently, devouring him. Her cousin was sexually much more experienced than Kate. Being two years her senior and having switched a few majors she enjoyed her college years in the fullest. David smiled like a wild cat to that question. He saw the gleam in Jenny’s eyes.

“There are so many interesting things to see and experience Jenny. I find myself wanting to stay here a bit longer.” – Kate felt a stab of jealousy when she heard his response, but in that moment, his hand went under the table, the tablecloth providing some cover, and placed it on her thigh. She felt herself blush beyond belief.

“What’s wrong Kate? Are you okay? You’re being awfully quiet.” – Jenny saw the way her cheeks flushed; she just thought it was the heat.

“It’s fine, really. I am fine. Just a bit flushed. It’s not every day that I get a family.” – Kate hoped her mentioning a family would make him remove his hand, but he just kept going up, she tried to pull his hand away with hers, but she couldn’t budge him and she didn’t dare to attract more attention to them. He kept chatting with Escort Bayrampaşa Jenny and the others at the table, while she was more than aware of his damn hand not letting go and making her feeling wet. At one point one of the kids ran by their table and knocked a wine glass into her uncle’s lap, and while everyone was buys trying to help him clean it and shouting at the kids, he placed his hand directly on her pussy. She gasped. He stroked her over her dress, and then he took her hand and placed it on his cock. She felt him through his pants; he was so big, and hard. She tried to remove her hand but he didn’t let her. He placed his hand over hers and started stroking himself with her hand. She couldn’t believe the obscenity of it.

“Relax, Kate. We are both adults here. And we are not related by blood. “– he whispered in her ear.

She mustered all of her strength and pushed him away, getting up from her chair and far away from him as possible.

He didn’t approach her for the rest of the evening. In fact, she saw him dancing with Jenny, Olivia and most of the female population. He was laughing with them and they seemed to be enjoying his company. She hated it. Hated the way he made her feel, and the way he was treating her. She hated the way he made the other women swoon over him. She was annoyed with herself and him too.

He was supposed to be her loving, caring stepbrother. The one she could count on, at least that was the way she pictured him in her mind. He was far away from that image.

Her mother found her in the kitchen eating sweets.

“Kate honey, there you are.” – She hugged her daughter tightly.

“Mum, you looked beautiful. Everything is wonderful. I am so happy for you.”

“I know darling, I know. I love you too. Listen, I completely forgot to tell you that Josh and I have a surprise for you. As we are going to Europe, we were thinking of treating you with a little trip as well, and David was so wonderful to offer his apartment and his babysitting. Not that you need it honey, but I would be much happier if you were with him. I would sleep better knowing that you are safe. Anyways, you’re off to New York. For 15 days!!” – Her mother ecstatically explained in one breath.

Kate was speechless. She opened her mouth and watched her mother with shock, which Mary mistakenly interpreted as excitement.

“Oh I knew you would love this. I have to tell the boys. Oh, there they are!” – Her mother waived at Josh and David who were behind Kate’s back.

“Don’t worry little sister. You will enjoy it. In fact I might have a problem getting you back here. Once you try the big city it’s hard to return to your normal life.” – She knew his sweet words weren’t about the trip at all. She mustered a smile towards her mother and Josh. She didn’t want them to worry about her and she most certainly didn’t want them to know about the situation at hand. She was resolved to take care of it on her own. She could do it. I mean how hard can it be?

“Thank you big brother, I’ll try and not make your life miserable while I’m there.” – She smiled widely. She would make him pay for this.

“That’s the spirit Kate.” – Her stepfather smiled at her. He hugged her tight and then he took her mother by the hand and they went outside. David took a step closer to her.

“Don’t even think about it!” – Kate said to David and stormed outside.

He smiled deviously. He will make her scream his name over and over again.

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