Bob and Becky Ch. 09


This is Chapter 9 of this story. The other stories, in order, are:

1. Seeing my Sister
2. Bob sees his sister’s body
3. Bob Discusses things with his sister
4. Bob and Becky get comfortable again
5. Becky likes to watch
6. Bob and Becky watch each other
7. Bob and Becky, Ch. 7
8. Bob and Becky, Ch. 8

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Work was boring that day, as it was most days. It seemed very drawn out. I was anxious to get home and talk to Becky about what we had seen the previous evening. I know she had been excited by it, or she would not have stayed to watch.

When I finally got home, my whole family was there. My parents were both sitting in the living room reading, and Becky was mucking about in the kitchen. After I said my initial hellos all around my father said, “Your mother and I had a late night last night, this is a fend-for-yourself sort of night. The only dinner we’re going to eat as a family tonight is frozen pizza in front of the TV.”

This held no appeal for me, and so in a wave of brilliance I said to Becky, “You want to go out for dinner?”

A huge grin spread across her face and she agreed right away. She said something about going to get ready and sprinted to her room. I thought we were just going to go for burgers, but if she wanted to get dressed up that was fine with me. I trundled to my room and put on some khakis and a nice shirt. Just as I finished dressing she came into my room (without knocking) and said, “Let’s go!”

She looked nice. She had a fairly long skirt on, it went down to about mid-calf. Her blouse was white and button up, and it was not buttoned up very high! “She must have some magnificent bra on!” I thought. Her cleavage was incredible. I pointed at it and said, “Wow! Where did that come from?”

She snickered and said, “I got this bra when Sheryl and I went shopping. Now come on, let’s get out of here.”

We said bye to our parents, who looked exhausted, and got into the car. “Where to?” I asked Becky.

“Whatever,” she said. “I’m up for anything. Burgers maybe?”

“That’s what I was thinking, but then you went and got dressed up,” I said.

“Oh, I just wanted to try out this new bra. This was a good excuse.” She replied.

“Fair enough,” I said, “burgers it is.”

“Okay, out with it.” She said. “What did you think of last night’s ‘show?'”

I looked over at her, she was grinning. “I was really surprised. There were several things that surprised me. First, I obviously knew that mom and dad had sex, but that was way hotter than I expected from them.”

“No kidding,” Becky interrupted. “That was hotter than a porno!”

“Yeah, no kidding indeed.” I said. “I was also surprised when mom came that much. That was a lot of fluid! And it shot all the way up to dad’s neck!”

“I know, it was amazing.” She replied. “I know that I squirt sometimes when I cum, but it has never been like that! I went online and looked it up this afternoon.”

I was surprised by her frankness. “You went online to look up female ejaculation?” I asked. “I was going to do that, but I had no idea where to look. Where did you find information, at”

We both laughed and she smacked my arm. “No, you dork,” she said, “I went to decent medical sites. They do exist for this topic, you know. Turns out that almost every woman is capable of ejaculating, but most don’t understand it. And a lot of guys get grossed out by it.”

“I think it is hot.” I said. “I hope I can get Sheryl to do it.”

“I’m sure you can. I got myself to do it again this afternoon.” She said.

“Becky!” I said in surprise. “You wanked and squirted this afternoon?”

“Yeah, after mom got home, even.” She replied. “I said I needed a shower, and while I was in there I tried the different techniques that were described on the website. I actually came quite a bit, but not with as much force as mom did last night.”

I was amazed. My sister was experimenting with her masturbation techniques and telling me about it. I considered telling her about my own experimentation that morning, but wasn’t ready to just yet.

“I was also surprised when mom sucked dad back to an erection right after he came on her. I didn’t know men dad’s age could do that!” I said.

“Yeah, that was amazing.” Becky said. “I bet that sort of thing takes practice, and you need to know just what your lover likes. But after seeing mom and dad last night, it is clear they practice. Can you imagine having a love life like that for 23 years? You’d be able to please each other almost without trying!”

“No kidding.” I said. “There was one more surprise for me, and it came this morning.” I paused and looked at Becky, considering how much of this story I wanted to tell. “I was so curious about what other secrets they had that I went and snooped in their bedroom.”

“Bob! That’s terrible!” Becky said. “What an invasion of privacy!” She paused, then said, “What did you find?”

I poker oyna laughed. “Terrible, but not too terrible you don’t want to know, hey?” She looked at me with mock indignation. “Oh alright, I’ll tell you. I found a collection of dildos and vibrators.”

“A collection?” Becky said, “why would you need more than one?”

“Well, I’m no expert,” I began, “but different ones do different things. For example there was one that wasn’t shaped like a penis at all, it was just a slick little egg that you could make vibrate at different speeds. I bet that one is good to use on your clit while someone is screwing you.”

Becky looked interested and urged me to keep going, asking about the other toys I had found.

“Well, there was another one that was shaped just like a penis,” I said, “it was about the same size and shape as my own penis. It didn’t vibrate or anything, it was just for straight ramming.” Becky giggled and so did I. “And there was one that was like a smooth hard dick that vibrated like crazy. I’m sure that one is to push in and let vibrate inside you. And there was one that was so big I’m sure no woman alive could get it in.”

“Wow, how big was it?” Becky asked.

“Well, it had to be as big around as a beer can.” Becky held her hands up, approximating the circumference of a beer can, her mouth in an O of surprise. “And it had to be as long as your forearm.” She looked at her arm.

“No way,” she protested, “no one could use that.”

“Hey, I’m just telling you what I saw.” I said. “I’ll show you sometime when they’re not home.”

“Deal. What else was there?” she asked.

“Well,” I hesitated. “There were two other dildos, but they were anal dildos.”

“Gross!” she said. “I can’t imagine that feels good.”

“Well, it does.” I said. “And I should know, I tried one in the shower this morning and I came three times in one shower.”

She looked at me with her mouth open. “You really pushed a dildo in your butt? It felt good? I’ve never even considered that a sexy thing, somehow it just never clicked with me. Now I’m curious though. What did it feel like?”

I shifted uncomfortably in my seat. This discussion was having an impact on my penis, and it was starting to strain against the pants I was wearing. “It is hard to explain. It took some work to get it in, it is cone shaped. It gets narrow after the thickest part, so it stays in without you having to hold it. It was so strange and new, that the first orgasm I had happened without me even touching my penis, I just moved my legs up and down.”

“Wow, I can’t believe you tried it. That’s pretty hot, actually. I wonder if I should try one.” She said. “Next time I’m home alone I’m at least going to look at them, where are they?”

“Under mom’s bras.” I said. “Careful though, the drawer is hard to open and it makes noise.”

There was an extended silence. Becky seemed to be lost in thought. I wondered if she was just thinking abstractly about mom and dad’s dildos, or if she was imagining using them. This thought wandered into my head and got me very excited, very quickly. “What are you thinking about?” I asked her.

She looked a little embarrassed. “Well,” she began, and hesitated, “I was wondering about using the penis shaped dildo, and I don’t know if I want my first time with something like that in me to be with a piece of plastic. Do you know what I mean? I want a real man to take my virginity, not a dildo.”

“I think I know what you mean,” I said, shifting to try to make my erection more comfortable in my pants. “I think that makes sense, but who knows. You may change your mind when you see them.” I grinned. She grinned back.

We were approaching the burger joint. “Hey,” I said, “want to go through the drive through and eat outside somewhere?”

“Sure, it is a gorgeous evening.” She replied. “I know just the spot too! Let’s go to the beach, no one is there this late because they close the gate, but I know a way to sneak in.”

“Really?” I said, with mock indignation, “and when were you planning on telling me about this? How long have you known?”

“Oh settle down.” She said. “I just found out about it, actually. Someone I work with showed it to me on a lunch hour this week.”

We went through the drive-through of the local burger shop, each getting a big and greasy meal. Then we sped over to the beach. Becky showed me where to park, and we walked along the beach away from the private homes to the public swimming section. Becky was right, in the diminishing light no one was around. We had the whole beach to ourselves. I put the blanket down on the sand and we both sat down to eat our meals.

It was a perfect evening. It was warm, but not hot and sticky. There was just a mild breeze that felt warm, and was just strong enough to keep the bugs away. When we were done eating we both reclined and stared out at the surf and up at the sky. My thoughts wandered back to my parents and what I had seen the previous night. Then to the dildos I had seen, and I wondered about canlı poker oyna how they used them as a couple. There were two anal dildos, I wondered if they each put one in and then screwed each other. I bet that would feel amazing. I also imagined what it would be like to screw someone while they used the little vibrator against her clit.

This imagining had an impact on my penis. I was getting hard again, so I tried to push them from my mind. I was trying to think about college in the fall, and what things I would encounter in class.

“Are you still thinking about the dildos?” Becky asked me.

“Actually, I was, but I was trying not to.” I answered, grinning. “I find them pretty excited, and kind of want to get one for Sheryl, do you think that would be a bad idea?”

Becky laughed. “Well, she might not need you any more!” We both laughed and settled back into our contemplation of the horizon. Suddenly, Becky sat upright and looked about. “We’ve been here more than 45 minutes, and I haven’t seen a single soul. Do you think anyone will show up?”

“No, I think we’re alone.” I said. “Why? Have you become xenophobic or something?”

“No,” she said, “but I have always wanted to go skinny dipping and never had the opportunity. This seems like the perfect opportunity. But I don’t want to go alone!”

I laughed and stood up. I pulled my shirt over my head and threw it at her. She clapped her hands and stood up as well, unbuttoning her blouse. She pulled it off and laid it on the blanket. “Wait a minute,” I said, “let me look at you in that bra. It really makes your cleavage deep.”

Becky put her arms at her sides. I put my hand on her shoulder and turned her so she was in the moonlight that was now beaming down at us. “Wow,” I said, “you have pretty impressive cleavage. Your boobs look pretty big in that bra.”

“I like it, it makes them look like they aren’t saggy.” She said to me, looking down at her own cleavage. Using her arms she squeezed her boobs together even more, making her cleavage deeper. I pushed a finger between her boobs and whistled my appreciation. She grinned at me. “Glad you like them. Look, I have matching panties too.” She kicked off her shoes and pulled off her skirt. I stared at her. Her underwear was miniscule, and very sheer. I looked her up and down, finding it difficult to breath.

“Spin around,” I croaked out. She did, and stopped, her butt facing me. My mouth dropped open, and I slack-jaw stared at her ass. It was gorgeous, and her underwear accentuated it wonderfully. There was a tiny triangle of the sheer material that disappeared into her ass crack. “You’re beautiful!” I managed to get out.

She looked back at me, smiling. “Well, come on! Let’s swim!” she said excitedly. Still facing away from me she undid her bra and let it fall to the ground. Then, without bending at the knees she stripped off her panties, giving me a perfect view of her ass and pussy as she bent over. I stared, and she lingered a little longer than she had to, to make sure her underwear was properly folded and put on the blanket. Then she walked toward the water. “Are you coming?”

I stripped off my clothes very quickly and caught up to her in about 8 steps. We had been far up the beach, so there was quite a walk to the waters edge. I looked over and stared at her swinging breasts, they were beautiful. She looked over at me and laughed. “Is your cock ever soft?” she said, snickering.

“Well, when I’m around naked women that are gorgeous, no.” I said. “You just seem to catch me at the wrong times.”

We reached the waters edge. Becky suddenly sprinted forward and ran in as far as she could, and dove under. I followed her in and plunged into the water. It was cool and refreshing. As I surfaced I saw Becky just a few feet away from me. We were in water that came just above her breasts, so she was completely covered. The waves were very small, just a few inches tall. It was an off-shore wind, and it wasn’t very strong.

“It feels so naughty, being here naked.” Becky said. “I wish we could do it during the day. It would be neat to be outside and naked during daylight.” She floated onto her back, exposing her fully naked front to the moonlight. I moved over to her and put my arms under her, so she could float along the water’s surface without working. I looked down at her delicious body.

“I just realized that we didn’t bring any towels to dry ourselves with.” I said.

“Oh, we can just air-dry, if that’s alright with you.” She said.

“Gee, let me think,” I said, “could I possibly sit next to a gorgeous naked woman on a beach in the moonlight for a while. Yeah, I think I could handle that.”

She laughed and we splashed about for a while. Eventually we decided to go in, and we walked back to the blanket and sat down. I laid down on my back and Becky looked over at me. She looked at my erect cock, pointing straight up from my crotch.

“You know,” she said, “I think I owe you something.”

I looked at her. “What? What are you talking about?”

“Well,” internet casino she said, “You went down on me, but I only jacked you.” I liked where this was going. “If you would like, I could do it on you. If you wanted me to.”

“Oh yes,” I said, “I want you to.” I felt her hand go around my cock and I sucked in breath. I felt her warm breath on the head of my cock, and I looked down. She looked up at me and said,

“I have no idea what I’m doing, other than the obvious.” She said.

“Think of your mouth like a vagina,” I said, “and get as much of your mouth around my cock as you can. It is really sensitive right here, so rub your tongue over that while it is in your mouth.”

She stroked me a few times, and then I felt her mouth over me. It was amazing, it was so hot. I was naked on a beach getting blown by my sister. I reached down and played with her hair, pulling it out of the way so I could watch her face as my cock disappeared into it. She was pretty good! She took in way more than Sheryl did the first time she blew me. I let her blow me for as long as I could hold off, she had an appetite for it. She did not slow down or show signs of tiring.

Finally I put one hand on either side of her head and lifted her off me. She looked up, almost disappointed. “I’m going to cum soon.” I said. “I didn’t think you wanted me to cum in your mouth.”

“Yeah, probably not.” She said. “But will you get on top of me and screw my boobs, like you described before?”

I did not need to be asked twice. I rolled her onto her back and straddled her torso. “You need to spit a lot on my cock, to make it lubed.” I said to her. She got on her elbows and sucked my cock into her mouth. She slobbered on it as it came out of her mouth, then she spit onto it, and settled back. I laid my cock along her sternum, and took one of her breasts in each hand and squeezed them over my cock. I very slowly pumped back and forth. It was amazing. Becky looked down and watched the head of my cock appear and disappear above her cleavage.

“You hold your boobs,” I said. She immediately grabbed them and squeezed my cock tighter. I started pumping a little more.

“Oh, God, I’m going to cum soon,” I said. Becky squeezed her breasts, and this did it. I started to cum, and I pushed against her. This exposed my cockhead, and my cum splashed up her neck and face and I groaned. I looked down and watched. As my orgasm subsided, Becky, her face covered in my cum, licked my cock.

“I don’t mind the taste of it at all.” She said, “and I sure don’t mind it on my face.”

I rolled off her and onto my back. “That was fucking incredible.” I said.

“But you aren’t done.” She said. “I want you to make me squirt. Want to try?”

“Yes. Yes I do.” I said.

“Okay, you have to put a finger into me, so go slowly. But your finger needs to be crooked, like this.” She showed me. “And you need to move it inside me like this,” she moved her finger, “in rhythm with your tongue on my clit.”

“Wow, you did look this up!” I said, and got between her legs. She grabbed one of her knees in each hand and pulled them up, opening her pussy to me completely. I kissed around her pussy, enjoying her short fuzz. She was very wet already. I leaned back and looked at her nakedness. I took a finger and slid it up and down her slit, without penetrating. She wiggled her hips, and my finger became nice and wet. Slowly, very very slowly, I worked a finger into her. Her eyes opened and she looked at me.

“You’re not going to lick me first?” she asked.

“No, you’re good and wet already. I’m going to pump you for a while, then lick and pump.” I continued to push my finger in, surprised at how easily it was going. She was very wet, and I began pumping in and out of her. She was responding, her hips moving against me, her breath coming in ragged bursts.

“Oh, oh, oh,” she said, “small orgasm now!” and she grunted. Her vagina spasmed slightly, but then she started moving her hips again. “I can keep going,” she said, through gritted teeth, “I need to have several orgasms like that before the big one.”

She was leaking fluid now. Her open and slightly upturned pussy was slick, and dripping. Looking at it I noticed that the fluid was pooling around her anus, and I said to her, “Trust me, just relax.” I pulled out my right hand index finger and replaced it with my left hand index finger. Then I took the finger that had just been in her pussy and touched it to her anus. Her eyes flew open, but then she closed them again and kept pushing against my fingers. I pushed just a little against her ass, then pulled it out and pushed again. I kept it very lubed with her own juices, and eventually had fingers from both hands buried in my sister. She was moaning quietly. Now was the time, I though.

Supporting myself on my elbows, I held the finger deep in her ass while I crooked my finger in her vagina, as she had showed me. I began to lick. She came again right away. There was more fluid, but it was still just oozing out, not shooting. I kept licking and fingering through 2 more orgasms just like that. Becky’s motions became more frenetic, her breathing more ragged. She bucked against my face and screamed out, “This the one! When I come, take your fingers out.”

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