Bob the Plumber


I had dropped Mel off at work and using her Mustang I returned back to our apartment. I cleaned up the kitchen and when I finished I went to the Owens’ apartment to get the plumbing tools. Mr. Owens had told me Mrs. Mount needed some work on a faucet in her bathroom.

It was about 10:30 when I knocked on Mrs. Mount’s door

“Hi, Bob. We were expecting you earlier Joe’s had to leave for the Red Lobster. He’s the one that understands this plumbing thing.”

“Howdy Mrs. Mount.”

“Please call me Estelle, Bob. You know Joe’s the manager of the Red Lobster. Have you ever been there?”

“No I haven’t. It’s on East Memorial right?”

“Yes Bob. You should try it, the food is excellent and they have entrees other than seafood you know. When you’re done here I’ll be heading there. I do their bookkeeping, you know.”

“How do you enjoy working with Mr. Mount.”

“Fine but I do have to keep on my toes. I don’t want him scolding me. Him being the manager you know.”

“Well with going to college and everything I don’t have the money to spend on fancy restaurants.”

I was thinking I probably just to replace the ‘O’ ring and that will only take a few minutes. At least I hope it’s only the ‘O’ ring otherwise I’ll have to grind the seat valve smooth and that may take some time and I was hoping to spend the afternoon at the library on a literature paper.

“I’ll ask Joe if we can’t get you some comps. That’s the passes they give for free meals. You sure work hard Bob doing all the work around here and going to college. And now you’re dating Melissa. How do you manage the time?”

“Well if I want a good job like Mr. Mounts I need an education. And although the G.I. Bill helps, I still need a roof over my head and food in my belly which the Owens’ provide for my doing odd jobs around here. And I’ll always have time for Melissa.”

“She’s a lovely girl isn’t she and so passionate.”


Estelle blushed and replied, “You know those noises she makes.”

Now it was my turn to blush. “I’m sorry she just loses control. I’m really sorry Mrs. Mount.”

“Estelle, Bob. And there’s nothing to be sorry about. In fact my love life has improved dramatically in the last week. Joe’s almost as randy as when we first married. I’m just not sure if it’s Miss Diaz or you that makes him so passionate but it’s definitely the noise that arouse him.”


Estelle blushed and mumbled “I think he might want to prove he’s as good a lover as you must be. Let me show you the faucet.”

She led the way to the dripping faucet and stood there while I got my tools set up.

“If you could get me some paper towels Estelle that would help.”

After Mrs. Mount left I got to work. I turned off the valve under the sink. I removed the cap and unscrewed the handle. I used a wrench to remove the packing nut and the stem. there was some greenish deposits around the fixture so I used steel wool to clean everything up. I replaced the ‘O’ ring then reversed the process. I squatted down to return the water flow and got the distinct feeling I was being watched. I turned around and there was Mrs. Mount looking at me. She blushed and I knew she had been thinking about a different sort of plumbing.

I got up and turned on the faucet then turned it off. It didn’t seem to be dripping anymore. I turned to Estelle. And she said, “Yes, Bob.”

I held out my hand and said, “The paper towels please.”

“Oh of course,” Handing them to me.

I returned to sink and cleaned up the mess I had made.

Estelle just stood there eventually saying. “Do you want some lunch before you head to the college. I could fry some hot dogs that we could wrap a piece of bread around.”

“Why thanks Mrs. Mount,” and glanced at my watch, “But I should be on my way. Some other time for lunch, okay?”

She didn’t reply so I walked to her front door and left.

As I was taking the tools back to the Owens place. I thought if I had said Estelle I have a Texas Tommy you could wrap your lips around Kıbrıs Escort would she have slapped me or sank to her knees.

I had the impression the knees would have won out and I don’t need any more women in my life right know.

When I arrived at the Owens’, Mrs. Owens asked if I wanted a ham sandwich. I answered yes thank you, devoured it and set off for school.


We were still on spring break but many students had either remained on campus or returned to get a head start on the semesters work load. I had a paper due on Conrad’s Lord Jim in April and after placing my things at a carrel across from the librarian’s desk I went back into the stacks to get a dissertation on the dominating influence of colonialism in Conrad’s writing.

When I got back to the carrel I settled in as comfortably as I could (these library chairs are really hard on one’s rear end) and started reading the chapter on Lord Jim. Almost immediately I was daydreaming about the ass pounding I’d given Melissa, my girlfriend, before breakfast. Mel had been on top with my cock completely in her ass. Few other women before Mel would even let my cock near their assholes. You see I have a problem my penis is nine and a half inches long (big but not earth shattering) but it is also seven inch around and from anecdotal evidence that is earth shattering. Anyway I was staring into my sweetie’s dark brown eyes with my cock firmly planted in her booty when she screamed and squirted a stream of her cum around my neck, another squirt made it onto my face and by the third squirt I’d propped myself on my elbows so my mouth was in position to receive a good portion of her spending. (You see Mel has this problem when I fuck her, especially anally, she has squirting orgasms. This is only one of the million and one reasons I think I love her.) Shortly thereafter I came copiously into her anus.

Since I first fucked Mel last Thursday six short days ago she had introduced me to a group of her friends that treated sex casually like eating breakfast, lunch and dinner. They also snacked frequently. I have fucked Jenna, Judy, Tina & Missy who I’d met through Mel, plus Amanda an old friend & Becky since last Thursday and I was reliving the sight and feel of their feminine charms. My thoughts returned to Mrs. Mount she was saying “I need a plumber like you Bob. One that will plumb the depths of my cunt. Oh Bob!” when the sound of someone clearing their throat infringed on my reverie.

I looked up and Becky and an unfamiliar dark haired doll were standing next to me.

“Hi Bob. This is my new friend who wants to meet you.”

“Hi Becky and…”

After a long pause I said, “Does your friend have a name?”

“Oh she’ll introduce herself.”

“Do you mine if I sit here.” No name said while pulling the chair out to my right.

“Help yourself.” I said. I gave her the once over she was an attractive brown eyed brunette who was about 5′ 7″, mostly legs, with A Body stuffed in an outrageously short green skirt and lavender halter top. My eyes were drawn to a swelling that promised a great set of tits.

She sat down and slide her hand between my thighs.

In a low and obviously aroused voice she asked, “Where is he hiding? Oh, there he is. My God are you always aroused?”

I replied. “Are you always so forward?”

“Not always but I’m leaving tonight and after I told Becky of my quest she said I had to check you out.”

We had forgotten Becky and turned to her. She waved and said, “Well I’ll see you guys later.” And then added “You’ll have to tell how you got on together next Monday Bob.” The mystery woman had unzipped my fly and reached into my shorts. When she reached my cock I gasped. The librarian, Miss Grimsley looked our way and shushed us. My unknown paramour was trying to extricate King Dong but he was wedged in my left pant leg about halfway to my knee.

In a voice low enough to hide our conversation she asked, “Why are you aroused.”

“I was thinking about a woman I did Kıbrıs Escort Bayan a plumbing job for earlier today.”

“Did you fuck her?”

“No but I like to think I could.”

“Is there anyplace we can fuck?”

“When I get up follow me into the stacks.”

She removed her hand from my shorts and shortly thereafter I lost most of my rigidity. I got up and walked towards the stacks. My cock was rubbing against the ruff denim of my shorts and with the thought of what was to follow my erection had returned by the time we reached the stacks. She a step behind me. I turned and said, “There is a men’s room that isn’t used except, I’m told, for sexual trysts in the back of the stacks. So what’s your name Rumpelstiltskin.”

She gulped and said, “I’m Sybil and I can see your erection. I like a man who sticks out. God it’s make me horny. Please hurry.

We arrived at the men’s room. It had an out of order sign on it but when I turned the knob it opened. I held it open for my new buddy. She entered and I followed. I turn from her and locked the door. The room only consisted of a urinal, a crapper and a wash basin. Two people fit snuggly together a third would have over crowded the place.

“Becky called your cock Bobacious, you know Bob’s bodacious cock and if it lives up to bulge in your jeans she’s right. Unbuckle your jeans.”

I did as she asked. She pulled my jeans and shorts down in one rapid motion. My unleashed member flew up until it smacked against my belly button. She giggled and blushed. Then went down on her knees then bowed her head. I expected her to take me into her mouth but she just moved ‘The King’ to the side and ventured down to the base of my cock with her tongue then started licking my nuts and stroking my cock. She tongued my nuts and stroked my cock for a while before saying, “Christ not only do you have the fattest cock I ever saw, your balls are huge. I’m ready to fuck how about you?'”


I grabbed her elbow and helped her to her feet.

“You said you’re leaving town tonight on some kind of quest?”

“Well actually tomorrow. I’m going to California.”

“What’s there?”

“The longest dick in the world. I want to fuck the world’s longest dick.”

“Oh yeah. Well mine about ten inches he’s bigger than that?”

“If you’re ten he’s got you by two and a half inches. His name is Johnny Wadd and he’s a porn star.”

“What makes you think this guy will fuck you?”

“I’ll approach him the same way I approached you and we’re gonna fuck. If you ever stop asking questions.”

“Turn around and bend over the sink but first remove your blouse.” I said. While she was thus occupied I removed the condom from my wallet and started rolling it onto my cock.

“You don’t have to use protection. In fact I prefer the feel of hot sperm spurting into my cunt. Becky told me you are a shooter. I like that.”

I looked at her and her two beautiful orbs their nipples already erect and said. “No condom no fuckee,” as I continued opening the packet and roll the extra large rubber onto my shaft. I stepped toward her reached out and grabbed her left breast. Then I took her nipple between my thumb and forefinger and pinched hard. There was a sharp intake of breathe and her knees buckled but she remained standing and uttered, “I’m so wet feel me.”

My right hand left her breast and slide up her skirt. Before I reached my intended target I new she ready. I could smell the aroma of a female in heat. Oh that smell. I was half expecting to find her panty less but what I did find shocked me even more. Her pussy was bald! “Holy shit! you’re bald”

Sybil replied to my shock, “Becky shaved me last night after we were done fooling around” I pulled her skirt up and saw my first bald pussy, “Of course when she was done we started fooling around again. How do you like it”

“Like it I want to eat it”

“Okay by me but let’s get the fucking out of the way first.” And she turned spread her legs and bent over until Escort Kıbrıs her hands were firmly planted against the wall.

I crept up behind Sybil who had hiked her skirt up over her ass and had her left hand against the wall while bending over the sink. Her right hand appeared between her thighs. She gripped the “King” and tugged him toward his intended target. She placed the tip of my love dart against her moist slit and rubbed it up and down her slit allowing the “King” a peak into her silky depths.

“Do you want slow and gentle or fast and hard.”

“I’d prefer fast but I just want him in me now.”

I thrust, jerking the “King” out of her grip. The “King” plunged to her core. She squealed fairly loudly so I reminded her we were in a public place. With cock snuggly in place I found my stomach planted firmly against her cheeks I bent until my hands caressed her firm breasts. I pulled to within a sliver of pulling. Finding her erect nipple again I pinched hard as I drove into her again and again. With each pounding she would she would mumble “Fuck me, fuck my cunt.” After a few minutes she started a subdued chant of “Oh, my god!” over and over until she changed to “I’m cumming! I’m cumming!”, and she came.

I continued fucking her at a more leisurely pace until she said, “That was incredible. You really lay some good pipe, Mr. Plumber.

When I hadn’t cum in a few minutes she said, “I’m really getting dry you seem to like my boobs would you like to tit fuck me.”

I pulled out and rolled off the rubber. “Can I cum on your tits?”

“Of course but not in my mouth. I won’t have to bend down too far to take you in my mouth while your playing between my puppies but you have to promise not to cum in my mouth.”

“Go over to the john and sit down.” I said

I followed her the two steps to the john and when she sat down I straddled her. It wasn’t a perfect fit. I scrunched down a little and placed my still fully erect cock between her puppies which she held in her hands. When I was in place she pushed her boobs together encasing King Dong between two mounds of warm alablaster flesh. I slide upward. As my member crested her cleavage she looked down and just as I reach my apogee her tongue darted out and licked my pride and joy. I slide down and when i arrived back at the top she kissed the tip of my penis. I was really getting turned on. Back down and then up I went and this time she took the tip of my love dart into her mouth. I stayed in place as her tongue massaging me. I whispered “I’m gonna cum” and pulled out of her mouth. Her hand was waiting and she grasped the “King” and held him against the underside of her chin. I exploded. My sperm ricochet off her chin spilling back onto me and down her chest. I took half a step back and continued jerking myself while frosting first one tit then the other. Finally my nuts were drained.

“Becky warned me that you cum alot but this is ridicules. She also told me… well I don’t see any towels. How are we going to clean me off?”

“Oh she told I like to lick up my cum. Well I’ve eaten some out of cunts or assholes but tits are pretty mundane. Now if it was on your face I’d be like a thirsty stallion at the water trough.” I said as I bent forward and took a nipple between my lips and getting some cum on my lips in the process. I removed her nipple from mouth and looked at her while licking a gob of cum from my lips.

“My God you are a pervert. And I’m getting wet again. Do you want to fuck again”

“I only brought one rubber with me so unless it’s in the ass no. But I did mean that about eating you. It would be my pleasure only I don’t think we can do it in here very comfortably.”

“You’re right so get to lickin’ my tits buster.”

“Aren’t you gonna help?”

“I told you no cum passes my lips. I hate the taste.”

“I’m told my cum has a pleasant taste. Just give it a try.”

“That’s what all the guys say but I say no way.”

I continued to lick my cum from her tits and thought about working my way up to her neck, then chin and finally lips. Then it dawned on me that I haven’t even kissed this woman yet.

When I finished cleaning her up. We got dressed and I unlocked and opened the door.

“Mr. Dee,” Miss Grimsley said, “This restroom seems to be out of order. Are you a plumber?”

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