Born to Suck Ch. 11


We were closer to town than I thought and it only took a few minutes more before the buildings of Main Street came into view. Sven pulled over to the curb in front of a little department store.

“We’d better get those jeans replaced first thing,” he said as he looked down at the damp cum stain in my crotch. “Hold your hat over the front of your pants when we go into the store; the last thing we need is for somebody to see you looking like that.”

I climbed down out of the truck and followed Sven into the store. An older couple who ran the place greeted Sven cordially as we walked deeper into the store. They had pretty much everything in there. He headed over to some shelves with jeans on them and selected a pair that looked just about my size. He motioned for me to go into one of the change rooms behind a little sliding curtain not far from where we were.

“If they fit okay, just leave ’em on and carry your other ones out.”

“Okay,” I said as I took the jeans from him and entered the little cubbyhole. The jeans fit pretty good and so I folded my old ones up and stuffed them under my arm. I came out and showed Sven that these ones were keepers.

“Good. We’ll get you another pair the same.” He grabbed a second pair then headed over to some racks with shirts. He picked a couple out in my size that looked just like the ones I was used to seeing him wearing. It thrilled me to think he was picking out clothes that would make me look like a junior version of him. I could only dream that I could be as big as him someday or have a cock even remotely close to being as gigantic as his. Satisfied with a couple of durable but comfortable work shirts, he grabbed a couple of plain white t-shirts for me and I picked out a couple of colored ones. He then grabbed a pack of white socks and I tried on some hiking boots similar to his until I found a pair that fit just right.

“Why don’t you grab yourself a hat there too, Kid,” he said as he pointed to a rack with a bunch of different ball caps hanging from it. I looked down at the one of his that he’d given me. I’d had to adjust the strap down quite a bit so it would fit me. I’d come to cherish it already; it was something of his that was just….I don’t know…it was special to me.

“I….I’d really just like to keep this one,” I said as I looked at him with imploring eyes, hoping he’d let me keep it. He looked down at his old cap in my hands and then at the worried look in my eyes.

“Sure Kid,” he said with a gentle smile, “that one’s yours to keep.” I beamed with gratitude when he said that and we set our purchases on the counter. Sven paid cash and when we left the store, we threw the bags with my new stuff behind the bench seat in the cab of the pickup.

We crossed the street to Jenkin’s Hardware Store and Sven pulled out the list and picked up the stuff Uncle Ben had written down: some wire cutters, pliers, work gloves, a shovel and pick, and a few boxes of nails of various sizes. We left there and threw that stuff in the back of the pickup before Sven ducked into the pharmacy.

“You want a Coke, Kid?”

“Sure,” I said as he pulled a couple out of a cooler near the front of the store. He walked over to a pretty girl standing behind the checkout counter.

“Hey Tanya, how are you?”

“Sven, hi,” she said, turning around and recognizing him. I noticed as she looked at him, she kind of batted her eyes flirtatiously. She was very pretty with a full curvaceous figure. Her long blonde hair framed her cute face and I noticed her sizable breasts filled out her cashier’s uniform nicely. From the side, I could see she had a nice trim waist and then her skirt flared out over wide womanly hips; plus, she had a full round bum that curved out nicely. Even with my limited knowledge of women, I knew she looked pretty hot.

“Yeah, I’m good,” she said to him. “I haven’t seen you around in awhile.” She glanced over at me as I stood a couple of steps behind Sven.

“Yeah, I’ve been pretty busy.” He noticed her looking at me. “Oh yeah, this is Joey; Ben and Claire’s nephew. He’s going to be living out at the ranch from now on.”

“Hi Joey,” she said pleasantly, her brilliant white teeth shining as she gave me a big smile, “nice to meet you.”

“Nice to meet you too,” I replied as my eyes were automatically drawn down to the sumptuous swells of her large chest. Man, they were pretty impressive.

“Uh Tanya,” Sven interrupted, “Joey hasn’t been feeling all that great so we’ve gotta pick up a few things. We’re kinda thirsty though, so can you just put our Cokes on our bill when we checkout?”

“Sure Sven, no problem,” she said as she smiled at him slyly, “anything for you.” I could see that flirtatious look in her eyes again as she leaned on the counter in front of her and stuck her hand on her hip in a provocative pose.

“Thanks Tanya,” Sven replied as he pretended to ignore her suggestive comment. “Here Kid, carry this.” He handed me one of the little plastic poker oyna baskets stacked near the checkout counter.

“Okay, let’s see what we need here.” Sven took a big slug of his drink and headed down one of the aisles. I followed obediently and sipped at my icy cold drink as he slowly walked ahead.

“Who was that?” I asked as I looked back over my shoulder at the voluptuous cashier.

“Oh, that’s Tanya O’Shaughnessy. She’s the second oldest of the four O’Shaughnessy girls. Their parents own the ranch next to your uncle’s.” I knew the name had sounded familiar; Uncle Ben had been talking about fixing the fence over by that property line just this morning.

“She seems nice,” I said as I looked at her straining breasts thrusting against the front of her uniform as she stretched to put some items on a high shelf behind her counter.

“Yeah, she’s okay,” Sven replied nonchalantly as he slowed down and looked at some items on the shelves.

“Here we are,” he said as he stopped and grabbed a big jar of Vaseline. I noticed it was the Baby Fresh Scent kind that was his favorite. “I think we’ll be going through a lot of this from now on.” I felt myself blushing as he dropped it into the little basket he’d given me. A little further along, he grabbed a big bottle of “Sensitive Skin” liquid soap. He moved back near the pharmacy counter and grabbed a big tube of KY Jelly and dropped it into the basket too. He turned down another aisle until he came to a stop and took a box off the shelf. He turned to me and held it out for me to see.

“Do you know how to use on of these, Kid?” I looked at the words on the box, “Enema Kit”. I felt myself blushing with embarrassment immediately.

“I….uh….yes sir,” I said softly, taking a quick look around to make sure no one was watching us.

“You do? Have you used one before?”

“Yes. At one of the foster homes I was at a couple of years ago. I was kind of sick one time and the woman there showed my how to use it. It helped; I felt a lot better afterwards.”

“Good. I want you to start using that on regular basis if I’m gonna be filling that tight little pussy of yours.” I felt a rush of desire as I thought about him getting things to help prepare me to take his thick 11″ cock all the way up my little boy-pussy. He dropped it into the basket with the other stuff, made his way to the front of the store where the Tanya ran our stuff through the scanner. When she ran the enema kit through, she paused for a second and looked at me with what appeared to be a knowing glance; like she knew exactly who that kit was for, and why. I felt myself turning red and my eyes dropped down to the ground in front of me. She put through the rest of the items and after Sven paid and we said our goodbyes and started to walk away, I couldn’t resist, I just had to look back. Tanya was watching me intently and gave me a sly grin until another customer stepped up and diverted her attention. I wondered what she must be thinking.

“Okay,” Sven said after we got back into the truck and put the bag of stuff from the drugstore behind the seat as well. “We’ve gotta go a little further down the street to the grocery store to pick up this stuff for your aunt.” He started the truck up and was just about to it in gear before he paused and blurted out, “Oh shit!”

“Wh….what?” I asked, wondering what was happening.

“We’re almost out of gas,” he said with a surprisingly serious tone in his voice.

“Can’t you just go to a gas station?”

“That’s kind of the problem; there’s only one gas station in town to go to.”

“Why can’t we just go there?” I asked, still not seeing what the problem was.

“We’re going to have to,” he said as he put the truck in gear and pulled out onto the street. “It’s just that I owe the owner some money. The transmission blew on my truck about two weeks ago and he fixed it on the basis that I’d pay him within the next week.”

“And you don’t have the money to pay him?”

“Now you got it. I’ve got some, but not as much as I owe him.”

“What are we going to do?”

“Well, I just hope he’s in a good mood and at least gives us some gas. If he doesn’t, it’s gonna be a long walk home.”

“Maybe you can pay him a little bit for now and let him know you’ll pay him the rest when you can,” I suggested.

“Well, we’ll soon see,” he replied as he pulled off the road into the gas station and stopped the truck next to the pumps. “C’mon Kid.” He slid out of the truck and I followed. As he started towards the little building, a powerfully built man about 6′ tall came out from one of the repair bays, squinting in the sun as he wiped his hands off on a greasy rag. As we walked towards him, I could see that he was about Sven’s age, probably in his late 20’s or early 30’s. He was a good looking man, rugged like Sven, with dark curly hair and a bit of stubble of a dark beard. He was hairier than Sven with the fine dark hair on his forearms glistening beneath a fine canlı poker oyna sheen of perspiration. He looked like one those guys that would shave, and then get a five o’clock shadow by nine in the morning.

He was wearing mechanics one-piece overalls with snaps down the front; only his were a little different. A couple of the snaps at his neck were open to show a mass of dark curly hair covering his well-built chest. The thing that really made it different though was that he’d cut the arms off and you could see the impressive muscles of his powerfully built arms and shoulders. He either worked out a lot or was naturally muscular, I couldn’t tell which. Either way, he sure looked good. He was two or three inches shorter than Sven, but they probably weighed about the same. Where Sven was relatively free of body hair, this man appeared to be far more ‘bear-like” from what I could see so far. Both looked incredibly strong and powerful in their own way; I wouldn’t have wanted to have to fight either one of them!

“Hey Kurt,” Sven said smiling.

“Sven,” Kurt replied cordially, then looked me up and down. “Who’s the kid?”

“That’s Ben and Claire’s nephew, Joey. He’s come to live with them from now on. Joey, this is Kurt.”

“Where’re your parents, Joey?” Kurt asked frankly but with a friendly smile on his face. He seemed nice, which kind of surprised me; from the way Sven had talked, I thought we’d be meeting a surly ogre.

“They died a long time ago in a car accident,” I said shyly.

“I…I’m sorry to hear that,” he said softly and I was impressed by the sincerity in his voice. “I’ve got three little kids of my own; that would be tough.”

“Thanks….thanks for saying that,” I replied warmly. “Like I said, it was a long time ago.” Kurt turned back to Sven and tossed the rag onto a rack of engine oil near the front of the store. He stood with his hands on his hips in a tough-looking pose, his strong hair-covered forearms prominently displayed.

“So Sven, do you have my money for me?”

“Uh yeah….that’s the thing, Kurt,” Sven said with an apologetic tone in his voice. “I don’t have it yet…but…actually, I do need some gas.”

“Are you kidding me?” Kurt asked incredulously. “You don’t have my money AND you want some gas?”

“I’ve got the money for the gas,” Sven said quickly. “I just don’t have the money for the transmission just yet.”

“Ah c’mon Sven, I’ve got three kids to feed now. I can’t just eat the cost for a full transmission job.” He paused and then looked at Sven before speaking seriously. “You’re a good guy and everything Sven, but since Lucy had such a rough time of it with this last kid and hasn’t been able to go back to work yet, things are really tight.”

“I know….I know, I’m sorry. I’ll get it for you as soon as I can. How is Lucy anyways?”

Kurt paused and hung his head as if in despair before slowly answering, “She’s a little better. The doctor says she’s gonna be okay; it’s just gonna take a little time.” He looked over at me and then spoke a little more directly to Sven, “Since she had this kid, things just haven’t been the same between us. She hasn’t been as …uh…as friendly lately, if you know what I mean.” I saw Sven nod slowly in agreement. “I guess with all that and trying to keep things going here, I’ve just been a little tense lately. I know you wouldn’t stiff me Sven, I’ve just been a little worked up.” You could see the subtle anguish this man was facing trying to keep everything together with a number of burdens on his shoulders, as powerful as they were. I saw Sven look over at me quickly and then I could see something in his eyes, like the wheels were going around in his head as he was intently thinking about something.

“I will have your money for you, Kurt, don’t worry about that. I’m just sorry I don’t have it for you right now.” He had that calm certainty back in his voice again, it made me feel calmer just hearing him speak. “Now your other problem with Lucy, what if I could help you out with that?”

“Wh…what do you mean?” Kurt asked curiously.

“Well, how about if the kid here gave you a blow-job? Do you think that would help?” My eyes flew open in shock as I listened to what Sven was saying. Kurt quickly looked me up and down and then turned back to Sven.

“How…how old is he?” Kurt asked bluntly

“He’s 18, but he sucks cock like a pro.”

“And he’d….he’d do that?”

“He’ll do whatever I tell him to do, right Kid?” Sven said firmly as he gave me a look of ownership; that I was his to do with as he pleased. I was surprised that as his eyes met mine, it gave me a nice warm feeling inside; to know that I was his. I knew he was right; I’d eagerly do anything he asked me to do.

“Y…..yes sir,” I stammered, feeling myself blushing.

“Wow!” Kurt exclaimed. “And he’s really good?” He was looking me up and down more enthusiastically now.

“I guarantee it’ll be the best head you’ll have had in years.”

“Does internet casino he swallow?” I saw Kurt staring at my lips as the two of them carried on their conversation, almost as if I wasn’t there.

“Let’s just put it this way, he’d be pretty upset if he didn’t get to swallow it.” Sven nodded towards the building right behind us. “You’ve got your office in back there, right?”


“Why don’t you take him back in there and let him show you what he can do?”

“Wh…what if somebody drives in?” Kurt asked. I could see his face becoming flushed with excitement as he thought about what was possibly going to happen.

“I’ve pumped gas before. I can take care of everything out here. Don’t worry about a thing. Just take the kid in there and feed it to him. I promise you won’t be disappointed.”

“Okay,” Kurt said excitedly. “C’mon Joey.” He reached over and put his big hairy arm around my shoulders and spun me around towards his shop. As we entered the open bay door, I quickly looked over my shoulder at Sven. He gave me a knowing smile and nodded warmly. Knowing I was pleasing him by doing this for him, I found myself smiling back; and then he disappeared from view as we went around the corner of the garage door frame.

Kurt was moving quickly and I could feel his excitement as he directed me to a small office he had off the repair area. He led me inside, turned and closed the door. The office was pretty small with a simple desk, a rolling desk chair, a couple of filing cabinets with a coffeemaker on top, and a computer and bunch of papers on his desk. There was a good-sized window high in the concrete block wall that had a small air conditioner in part of it. Thank goodness, I had noticed how hot it was in the repair bays, even with the big doors open. Without the air conditioner, it would have been stiflingly hot in his little office; as it was, it was refreshingly cool. I was surprised that even with a fair amount of light coming in through the window, Kurt still turned on a bright fluorescent light overhead. I guess he wanted to make sure he saw everything that was about to happen. He turned to me as I stood in front of his desk and he started to pop open the snaps down the front of his overalls.

“So you like to suck cock, Joey?” he asked as he looked directly at me. My eyes followed the opening snaps as he proceeded lower, his strong hairy chest coming more and more into view.

“Y….yes sir,” I answered with nervous excitement, my eyes feasting on his powerful body as he slid the overalls off his shoulders and let them fall to the floor. I gasped in awe as his muscular hair body came into view, his firm pecs covered with a swirling mass of fine dark curls leading into a feathered treasure trail that pointed enticingly towards his groin. He pushed the overalls right down and stepped out of them. I stood rooted in my spot as I stared at him in admiration, his big hairy body almost seeming to fill the room with his strong masculine presence.

“Like what you see, Joey?” he asked teasingly as he stood there in only a pair of brilliant white fitted boxers, white socks and tan work boots. Oh geez, did he ever look hot. His legs were like strong massive tree trunks as he stood with his feet about shoulder-width apart and his hands on his hips. Beneath the bright white cotton of his underwear, I could clearly see the outline of a good-sized package, snugly encased beneath the clinging fabric. Big balls swelled invitingly between the junction of his legs and my eyes were immediately drawn to a long deep shadow cast on the white fabric by a menacing looking tube of flesh pointing upwards towards his left hip. The protruding ridge and swollen knob were already severely stretching the tight material and his cock wasn’t even hard yet.

“I said; do you like what you see?” I had been so busy staring hypnotically at his beautifully encased cock that I realized I hadn’t answered his question.

“Yes,” I said softly as I continued to stare at his midsection. He reached down and wrapped his big meaty hand around that gorgeous tube of flesh and started to slowly slide it back and forth. As it started to extend beneath his tight boxers, I saw the knob slowly start to make its way higher up towards the waistband. My tongue slid out unconsciously and I ran it around my soft lips, instinctively wetting them in anticipation of being able to service that gorgeous monster lurking beneath the straining material of his underwear.

“I guess you do,” he said as he watched me looking at him as if mesmerized. “Come over here.” Zombie-like, I took a couple of steps forward until I stood right before him, his massive broad body looming over me. This close, I could smell the masculine aroma of his sweaty body. It wasn’t repulsive or overpowering, just the pure smell of a working man. I breathed deeply and loved it as the strong manly scent wafted into my nostrils.

“Do you like the feel of a big cock sliding between those pretty lips of yours, Joey?” he asked, and as his hand continued to slide back and forth along his thick tube of meat, my eyes flicked up and I could see the excitement in his eyes as he looked directly at my glistening lips.

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