Subject: Boston Little Boy (gay/Incest, oral, anal, b/b, b/m, b/MM DISCLAIMER: This story is a work of fiction and contains descriptions of explicit sexual acts of boys and men discovering their sexuality. It contains graphic scenes of sex between consenting underage boy and adult males… If this type of content offends you or you are under the age of 18 do not read it. Author’s Note: This story is the property of the author. It can be downloaded for personal reading pleasure or sending to a friend, but if you wish to re- post them at your own site, please contact the author for permission. If it is illegal to read such material where you live or if you find the topic distasteful the please leave now. If you enjoy the story or if it evokes memories of your own, please let me know. I am happy to write stories from outlines. Copyright 2015 Wolf, All rights reserved. You may contact me at hoo if you like. All flames will be ignored. Boston Little Boy By Wolf I grew up in the 90’s in a suburb of Boston, Massachusetts. My father had bought a modest but nice home in a very white affluent community. It was very Yuppie area, where everyone drove expensive over prices foreign cars. My father was just a simple lead man in a factory. We were just simple middle class guys. Dad’s name was Michel, and mine id Ryan. I was always small for my age, and had dark hair, smooth fair skinned boy, and always over compensated for my size by being the most aggressive guy in school. I spent a lot of time in the principal’s office. Dad and his cousin Jack were 40-years-old when I was 10-years- old. Dad and Jack made a habit of tickling me all of the time. They would keep it up until I would actually piss in my pants. Their tickling developed into groping me. It always led to me getting a boner. I learned eventually that all of the males in my family are un-cut. Jack and I hung out together a lot. We even played hide and seek in a vineyard behind his house. One time while we were wrestling on the dirt we groped each other. Jack showed me his cock, and took hold of my wrist and placed my hand on his cock. That led to us jerking each other off. When he took off his clothes I discovered that his body was very hairy. On future occasions we sucked each other’s cocks, and he had me lick his hairy asshole. He even had me smell his smelly feet. He got off on that. He would jack off, while I was smelled and licked his feet. I actually was getting off on it too. That would become a huge fetish for me. I was a late bloomer I didn’t enter puberty until I was 13-years- old. Most of my friends and relatives had pubic hair by the time they were twelve, while I was just started to sprout a few hairs under my arms and above my cock gaziantep escort at thirteen. When I was thirteen a chubby cousin that was my age, named Sam, and I fooled around a lot. It was mutual sex play. It starred by me losing a video game, he dared me jack him off, and that led to sucking his cock. We regularly got together and the hand-jobs led to cock sucking each other. Sam was much bigger than me, so he controlled the sex. One time he deliberately spread his big fat ass and sat on my face, demanding that I stick my tongue into his asshole. He loved it so much that he would almost smother me. The first time he made me do that it was so weird that I wasn’t sure I liked that. Over the course of a few weeks I got used to tongue fucking his asshole. Eventually he wanted to fuck my ass. He failed to get his cock into my ass the first time, because every time his fat little cock spread my puckered asshole the pain forced me to move away and guard my ass with my hand. Another few days he greased my asshole with Vaseline, and applied a generous amount of grease to the head of his cock. His fat cock was buried deep in my ass in one swift thrust. He held my hips and fucked me, regardless of how much I complained. It took at least a dozen times before I got used to being fucked. After that I was always ready to let him fuck me. Once I got used to being bred, I was always thinking about having sex with my father. I saw him almost naked around the house a lot. He preferred to wear tight little nylon bikini briefs around the house. He was the hairiest man I ever saw, and he was built very stocky. I thought he looked like a Russian wrestler. I’m talking all over his back, belly and legs. Hell I could even see matted hair through the nylon briefs. As I said, I could see his long cock resting against the elastic of his left leg and the foreskin was clearly visible. Pubic hairs protruded out from under the elastic of his briefs. I loved taking off his work boots and sweat socks. I would rub his feet for him, but he would stop me when he had enough. I loved the smell on my hands. The clothes hamper was in the bathroom, so I spent a lot of time in there smelling his socks and underwear while jacking off. The only way I ever got to see him fully naked was to deliberately barge into the bathroom while he was in there. His balls were covered with dark hair and the pubic nest was so thick that half of the length of his cock was hidden by hair. When his cock was flaccid it dangled over his balls, and I was enamored with the length of his foreskin hanging beyond the head of his cock. I feared letting Dad know how I felt about him. I thought he would reject me. Things changed one night when I was actually was going to spend the night with my cousin Sam. I wanted to bring along a porn suriyeli escort magazine to show my cousin, but I forgot it. About two hours had passed before I remembered it. After Sam finished fucking me I got dressed and went home. I didn’t expect that Dad would be home, because he normally visited his cousin Jack when I wasn’t home. The house was quiet when I let myself in. I headed directly to my bedroom to retrieve the magazine. As I entered the hall I heard a grunt and a moan of a male. I feared that Daddy was sick, so I opened his bedroom door. I was shocked to see my Daddy on top of his bed on all fours, and Jack was behind him, holding onto Daddy’s hips and was fucking him with long strokes. Jack was the first to become aware of my presence. He pulled his cock out of my father’s hairy asshole quickly. I saw liquid dripping from the head of his cock. The foreskin had been pulled back, but as I stood there frozen in my tracks, I witnessed his foreskin slide back down over his knob. His foreskin was every bit as long as Dad’s. He placed both hands over his cock as if to hide it from me. Daddy complained, “Why did you quit, Jack?” When he looked over his shoulder his face drained of blood. He said, “Ryan, why are you home? You weren’t supposed see this!” Daddy’s hair was sweaty and matted against his body. I finally approached the bed, “Why didn’t you ever tell me that you and Jack were doing this? Jack you could have told me too!” Jack said, “Your father made me promise not to tell you, and I couldn’t tell him that we were fucking around too!” There was a pregnant moment before everyone started laughing. I approached the bed, and Dad took hold of my hand and pulled me down on the bed next to him. Jake and Dad undressed me completely. Dad did something I would not have believed possible. He used both hands to position the heads of our cocks end to end, and pull his foreskin over the shaft of my cock. He wrapped his big hand around my cock and jacked me off. He jacked me off until both of us squirted cum against each other’s cock. He pinched the foreskin closed as he pulled his cock way from mine. Then he pulled my head down and stuck his cock in my mouth. His cum flooded my mouth, and I had to swallow it. While Daddy was jacking me off, Jack lay behind me, and stuffed his cock into my ass. My ass was still inflamed from Sam having fucked me. He fucked me until he discharged his load in my ass. There was some cum clinging to the shaft of my cock. Jack rolled me onto my back to suck my limp cock. Daddy turned around to sit on my chest, and he put the head of his cock against my lips. I sucked off my father again. Eventually Daddy rolled me over and buried his face between the cheeks of my ass, and used his tongue to scoop up Jack’s cum in my rus escort ass. After that day Daddy and I shared his bed every night. I got off smelling his feet and asshole as much as I did letting him jack me off or fucking my ass. Jack and my cousin also joined our parties. I learned to recognize when men were interested in young boy. I became the darling of a group of me that loved to fuck young boys. I was very bold about picking up men. One day I was about to buy a bugger and coke at an outdoor stand next to a car wash, and a middle aged man asked me if he could buy my bugger for me. I agreed, and when I had them in hand he asked me if he could drive me anywhere. I smiled at him and said sure. He wanted to know where he could take me, and I told him that he could take me home with him, or if you’re married you can take me to my home. The man was pleasantly surprised. He flashed me a big toothy smile as he led me to his car. He opened the door for me and I noticed the Mexican car wash works were smiling knowingly. The man said that he could take me to his home. He was driving an automatic, so his right hand was free. He reached over and started rubbing the bulge in my pants. I quickly unfastened my pants and freed my cock and balls. The man took hold of my cock and stroked it playfully. When we got to his home he pulled around to the back, so that we could enter through the backdoor unnoticed. We went to his living room to eat our buggers. After we finished them he took me in his arms and kissed me. My pants were still open so he pulled my cock out again and jacked me off until I was hard again, then he sucked my cock until I came in his mouth. I asked him if he wanted me to suck his cock or allow him to fuck my boy-pussy. He was thrilled that I was so casual about sex. He took off his pants and underwear. He had hairy legs, but he did have an impressive cock and dangling balls. His cock was at least 8-inches long and he was circumcised. The mushroom head was large enough to full my mouth going in. I sucked him until he was about to cum. He stopped me at that point, because he wanted to fuck me. I took off my pants and shorts. When I sat back down on the couch, he pulled my butt to the edge of the cushion and rested my heels on his shoulders as he aimed the head of his cock at my asshole. He spit on the head of his cock to lubricate his cock as it entered my ass. He fucked me slowly to savor every stroke. After he came in my ass, he helped clean me up, and drove me home. I insisted on him coming in with me to meet my father. When I introduced him to my father I added that he had just bred me like a pro. The man was shocked to hear me tell my father that he had just fucked me. The man blushed, before Dad took him in his arms and kissed him on the mouth. Dad told him that he was welcome to visit us next weekend when his cousin would be there. The three of them could spend the weekend breeding me. If you enjoyed the story and have a story you want me to write about your introduction to the world of male sexuality, please send your outline to hoo

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