Bound by Heat


Note: While this story deals with all new characters, it is suggested to read “The Worst Way to Pay a Debt” from my story submissions in order to get a full picture. Thank you for reading.


Detective Duncan Price had been on many murder scenes during his career, but none were like this one. Several police officers and other crime researchers were attempting to gather any evidence they could.

Price was a tall man and a bit on the bulky side. His skin was very dark, and he kept his head and face clean shaven. On this particular case, he was talking to a medical investigator that he had used many times in the past.

“So, what are we looking at here? Some kind of gang out of control?” Duncan had asked standing over the much older researcher.

The white haired, bearded man looked up from the body that he was examining, but not for long.

“This man’s head was thrown into this desk so hard that his neck snapped. Death was almost instant.”

“What could do something like that?”

The researcher shook his head as he continued. “I have no idea. It’s like this man fell from a very high up position… this isn’t even possible.”

Duncan nodded and replied, “What about the rest of them?”

The medical examiner stood and walked over to the overweight man whose body slumped along the wall. He pointed out the throat as he said, “This man’s throat was completely crushed…”

“You mean he was strangled?” Duncan interrupted.

“No.” The M.E. cut back in. “It was completely crushed as if done by some sort of machine.”

“Is there any evidence of machinery?”

The M.E. shook his head no in response.

“So… what did I miss?” The very attractive young blonde interrupted. She wore a dark full suit, much like Duncan’s. The only difference was that hers was much more feminine.

With her entrance, the medical examiner turned to look at Duncan for answers.

“Oh…” Duncan started like he had been caught off guard. “This is Detective Katrina Williams. She just transferred in from across country.”

Katrina reached out with her hand to shake the M.E.’s, but he held up gloved hands.

“I’m sorry… I didn’t even think about that. I’m Detective Price’s new partner.”

The M.E. nodded and replied, “It’s about time you got a new partner.”

“I’ve worked with a few people.” Duncan defended.

The older man said, “You know what I mean. I didn’t see any sign that machinery was used other than the obvious damage to the bodies. I need to do some more tests, but I’ll let you know if I find anything.”

“Of course.” Duncan said as he turned to Katrina. “Did you find anything from the other workers?”

“From the ones I could find. Apparently, one of these guys was the boss. I’m guessing the fat one from the descriptions. Nobody I talked to seemed to know what was going on, and there are so many rumors flying around it’s hard to figure out which are the real leads.”

Duncan focused on Katrina’s face as he asked, “But you do have something?”

“Maybe.” Katrina continued, “There was one girl working here that the club manager called ‘Doll.’ Apparently, there was some serious stuff going on between them.”

“Serious enough for him to die over?” Duncan chimed in.

“Could be. Nobody knew what her real name was, so I had to dig through some stuff in the office until I found an address.”

“No name though?”

Katrina shook her head and responded, “Not yet.”

Duncan motioned for them to leave and said, “It’s a start.”

They rode in Duncan’s car, with silence for the first part of the trip.

“You’re a very quiet person.” Katrina had noted.

At first, Duncan didn’t respond. Slightly, he turned to her and asked, “What?”

“Lost inside your head again?”

He looked back to the road and nodded. “Sorry… I do that from time to time.”

“I know that you don’t know me very well, but is it something you can share with me?”

The moment became uncomfortable as Duncan just looked out to the road ahead. They stopped at a traffic light, which caused another uncomfortable silence.

Katrina was the one who broke it when she said, “I read about what happened to your partner. I’m sorry.”

Duncan just waved his hand as the light changed, and the car continued forward.

“I’m guessing it did a number on you.”

For the first time, Duncan really took notice of her and responded, “It did, but that’s not the worse part.”

This had pulled Katrina in as she leaned toward Duncan and asked, “What?”

Something in his expression had changed.

“After Ryan died I started to work more and more. I guess I felt guilty… I don’t even know why.”

“A response like that is natural.”

“Yeah.” Duncan continued, “But… I didn’t spend much time at home.”

Katrina finally realized as she asked, “So you have a wife then?”

“I did.” Duncan responded.

Katrina slid away a little as she said, “I’m so sorry… I didn’t…”

“It’s okay… she’s not dead or anything.”

“Then, what happened?”

Duncan pulled the car and parked it outside the apartment complex.

“She Kıbrıs Escort connected with somebody else… somebody that made her happy.”

“You don’t sound mad about that?”

Then Duncan turned to look Katrina in the eyes. The emotion was all over his expression.

“I was furious when I first found out and she said she was leaving; but I wanted her to be happy. That’s what it finally came down to. I couldn’t really blame her for that. Besides… I wasn’t much of a father at that point.”

Once again Katrina was confused and asked, “You have a child?”

Duncan nodded and replied, “Yeah…a three year old girl. I’m not even sure if the divorce has been finalized yet.”

“You’ve lost so much.” Katrina started to say, but Duncan cut her off.

“It’s alright. Let’s just see if we can find this woman.”

Both detectives found themselves outside the apartment door. After a few knocks, the door opened up to a very beautiful dark haired woman with nothing but a towel wrapped around her. Both her hair and body were soaked.

“Can I help you?” She asked as she looked from one detective to the other. For whatever reason, her gaze fell upon Duncan.

Duncan asked, “Do you work at a gentleman’s club called Heat?”

The woman simply nodded as both detectives looked at her.

“May I ask what your name is?”

The woman responded to Duncan’s question, “It’s Casmira… um… Casmira Harris.”

“Are you married, Ms. Harris?” Katrina had asked.

“Yes, I am.”

Katrina continued the questioning, “And does your husband know you work at the club?”

“He does.” Casmira had responded. “I’m not working there anymore. I quit last night just before opening.”

“So you don’t know?” Duncan asked.

Casmira looked to him and waited.

He said, “The club owner and several others were found dead.”

“Oh..” That was the only response that Casmira gave. This caused both detectives to look at each other.

Katrina asked, “Did your husband like having you work at the club?”

Casmira shook her head no.

“I see… can we speak to him?”

“You could if I knew where he was.”

Duncan then spoke up. “You don’t know where your husband is?”

“I haven’t seen him in quite a while. We had a fight about me quitting the club, and then he left. Finally I quit last night…”

Tears started to run down Casmira’s face, and she tried to stop them. For the moment, she couldn’t speak.

“Are you sure everything is okay?” Katrina asked, and Casmira simply nodded.

“I’m sorry… everything…” Casmira couldn’t speak. “It’s been really hard the last little while.”

Detective Price then asked, “Would your husband want to harm the club manager?”

Casmira nodded and then said, “But he wouldn’t have been able to. That man always surrounded himself with bodyguards and thugs. My husband wasn’t a strong man… I don’t think he could have done it.”

This statement caused Duncan to think. It wasn’t just what Casmira had said, but also the way she had said it.

“Anybody could have killed somebody with a gun.”

Casmira looked at Duncan and asked quickly, “Were they killed with a gun?”

Duncan shook his head no and said, “No… but you already knew that. It was all over your answer.”

She turned away for a moment and then back.

“Who killed those people?”

“I don’t know.” Casmira had responded quickly.

“There were cameras all over that place. We’ll be able to find out if you were there or not.”

Casmira tried to cover herself up tighter in the towel and she sat down. Nothing else was said for a moment.

“Are you going to arrest me?”

The question almost caught Duncan off guard. He then noticed that Katrina was doing something on her phone. Duncan asked her, “What is it?”

She looked up at him and replied, “They have somebody at the station. A woman that they think witnessed the attack. We should get over there.”

Duncan nodded and looked back to Casmira and said, “Don’t go anywhere.”

On the way back, there was very little talking this time. Apparently, both had a lot on their minds.

Once inside, the station was oddly quiet. The police chief himself stood outside the interrogation room. He was a shorter man that had worked for the police for several years. He had scars on his face to prove it.

“Do we have anything?” Duncan asked.

The police chief turned to look at Duncan. He replied in a rough voice, “No. She refuses to talk and keeps spouting off random crazy things about monsters.”

“Monsters?” Katrina asked. Both Duncan and the Police Chief turned to look at her.

“Yeah… monsters. Apparently, she thinks that one will kill her if she talks.”

Katrina looked at the girl in the other room.

Duncan said, “I want to go in there and talk to her.”

“Be my guest.” The Police Chief responded with his hand held out.

Within a moment, Duncan entered the room and took a seat across from the young blonde girl. She looked away as Duncan looked at her.

“Do you need anything?”

The young girl shook her head no, Kıbrıs Escort Bayan and a tear ran down her face.

Duncan nodded and took a moment. “We can help…”

Quickly, the young girl shook her head no in response to Duncan.

“Why do you think we can’t help?”

Slowly, the young girl turned to look into Duncan’s eyes. There was fear there that he had never seen before. Something that bordered on terror.

“There’s nothing you can do.”

Duncan took a different approach, and he leaned in as close as he could. In a very soft voice he said, “I’ve seen monsters before.”

This got her attention as she leaned in toward him.

“I can help you, but I need to know what kind I’m dealing with.”

For the moment, she considered his offer, but then backed away as she said, “I can’t tell you here. I don’t know where he is.”

“He?” Duncan asked, and the girl started to cry uncontrollably.

Duncan stood to go over to her, but she jumped up and ran over to the wall. She started screaming, “HE’S GOING TO KILL ME… I SHOULDN’T HAVE SAID ANYTHING!”

Duncan tried to get close, but she swatted at him.

Once back outside with the Police Chief and Katrina, Duncan said, “Well… at least we know that there is one guy that we’re looking for.”

“And apparently that one guy is some kind of monster.” The Police Chief said mockingly as he turned and walked down the hallway.

“You’ve seen monsters before?” Katrina had asked. The tone in her voice had confused Duncan for a moment.

“What? No… I was trying to get her to talk.”

Katrina looked intently at Duncan for a moment. He had no idea what was going on, and finally she turned and walked away.

Later, Duncan had found himself outside. The sun had gone down, and the moon lurked overhead. He had lost track of time as he looked the evidence collected. Katrina stood at the bottom of the steps with a smile on her face.

“You do work late.”

A fake smile spread across Duncan’s face as he responded, “Yes, I do. Why are you still here?”

“Isn’t it obvious?”

Duncan had no idea what she meant.

With a very alluring smile she responded, “I was waiting for you.”

At that point, Duncan was sure he knew, for the most part, what she was after.

“Listen… I don’t think it’s a good idea for us to…”

“Have a drink?” Katrina interrupted.


“You went out for drinks with your last partner, didn’t you?”

Duncan nodded and said, “Yeah… but that…”

“This is some kind of weird thing with me being female isn’t it?”

He started to stumble over his words and finally said, “Well, yeah… but that wouldn’t be an issue if you weren’t beautiful…” Afterward, Duncan had caught himself and stopped. He had no idea why he had said that.

“You think I’m beautiful?” Her smile seemed to get even bigger. For a moment, Duncan thought he saw her blush.

“Just come out and have a few drinks with me. I promise I won’t take advantage of you.”

Duncan laughed out loud and replied, “Oh, so I have to worry about you taking advantage of me?”

“Oh yeah.” She quickly shot back. Her being so forward was something that didn’t fit with the person he had met earlier.

After a brief moment, Duncan finally responded, “Sure… why not.”

Several drinks and many hours later, Duncan had found himself back at her place. His mind was a little cloudy, and he didn’t remember how he had gotten there.

“Do you want something else?” Katrina’s voice came from the kitchen.

“What? No…” To say that he was a little confused was an understatement.

Katrina popped back up in nothing but high heels. Duncan looked at her perfect body and quickly turned away.

“You weren’t lying about that taking advantage thing.”

Quickly, Katrina sat down on the couch beside Duncan and softly turned his face to hers.

“You are something else.” Katrina had said with her lips right in front of his. “I have been throwing myself at you all night. Even gay guys would have given in by now.”

“This seems very sudden… and I’m a little hazy with the details of how…”

“You drank a lot.” Katrina laughed out.

Duncan did remember drinking a lot, but he also remembered her drinking a lot, too. She didn’t seem to be that affected by it.

He stood up quickly and looked around the room. It was very dark and he asked, “What happened?”

She didn’t stand but rubbed her hands along Duncan’s pants as she said, “We talked… a lot actually. More than… well… I’m not used to just talking like that with somebody. It was nice.”

With his hand stretched out, he rubbed it along her cheek as he said, “If it was nice then let’s not mess it up.”

Katrina turned her face and leaned forward to rest her head on Duncan’s leg.

“You are amazing…” With that a tear came from Katrina’s eye. Duncan noticed as he pulled her up to him.

“Hey… what’s wrong?”

She looked into his eyes, and both were lost. “I can’t believe your wife left you.”

They leaned into each other and their lips met for a kiss. Escort Kıbrıs It was passionate and went on for an eternity. Finally, she pulled him into the bedroom, and this time Duncan did not stop her.

Katrina gave him a hard push, and Duncan ended up sitting on the edge of the bed. Once down on her knees, Katrina’s hands found their target. She undid his belt and pulled out a large erect dick. Without a word, she took his cock into her mouth and very slowly slid all the way down to the base. Duncan was shocked as he had never experienced that before.

She looked up with her blue eyes making contact with Duncan’s dark ones. She stayed like that. with her head speared on his cock, for a long time. Slowly she came off, but as soon as she reached the tip, her head rammed hard back down. Duncan let out an audible grunt as she proceeded to force her face down on his dick.

The pace picked up and the motion was like a hard fucking. Duncan didn’t even know a person could do this as he was very large and thick. If it was at all possible her pace picked up, and Duncan felt his climax approaching.

Quickly, he pulled her off of him and stood up. Katrina was confused as she looked at him.

“What’s wrong?” She asked with her eyes almost pleading with him.

“I don’t want to finish like this. Not yet…”

“Oh…” That was her only response.

He pulled her close and they once again started to kiss. Slowly they both ended up on the bed and continued passionately making out.

Duncan started to look around and Katrina noticed and asked, “What is it?”

“Do you have any… protection?”

She shook her head no but then quickly said, “Don’t worry about it.”

This also took Duncan off guard. “Don’t worry about it? What if…”

“I’m not worried about it.” She had said matter of factly.

He leaned up and said, “That has me worried about it.”

“Oh my lord…” She started and sounded annoyed. “You sure know how to kill the mood.”

Katrina leaned up and started to deeply kiss Duncan once again. Something caused him, against his better judgment, to continue.

She pulled herself close to him as his dick slid over her wet pussy. He was about to put it in when she yelled out, “Wait!”

Duncan looked back at her not knowing what was going on.

“Maybe we do need some kind of protection.”

That almost caused Duncan to laugh as he was about to get up, but she pulled him back.

“I don’t understand.”

With a quick smack at her head board it flipped around to show three different kinds of shackles and chains. Two looked to be for the wrist and another for the neck.

“What in the…”

Katrina placed her finger over his lips to stop him.

“It’s just something I’m into. Would you do the honors?”

She lay back down on the bed so that her wrists and head were next to the restraints. Reluctantly, Duncan snapped each one around each part of her. She pulled at them a few times.

“Make sure they’re secure.”

Once again, Duncan didn’t know what was going on, but he checked.

“Yeah… they’re good.”

Again, Katrina smiled up at him and spread her legs wide. Even with all the strangeness, Duncan was rock hard and ready. He placed his black dick at the entrance of her pussy and started slowly in. That is until Katrina thrust herself upward to impale is cock into her. She gasped out as he bottomed out into her. Slowly he started to pump her.

“Faster… fuck me faster!”

He wasn’t one to turn a lady down and started to thrust hard into her. He pulled her legs up as he started to ram her with everything he had, and Katrina loved every moment.

Duncan leaned in, started to kiss and suck on her neck. This also drove Katrina wild as she bucked into him.

She closed her eyes with intense pleasure and finally opened them to reveal that they were now solid yellow. Fangs had appeared on her teeth, and she was about to bite down onto Duncan; but just as her teeth touched his neck, she pulled her head away.

With even more force, he rammed down into Katrina, and she opened her eyes once again and saw the moon light outside. Her fangs still showing, she pulled so hard at her bindings that the whole bed moved. Duncan looked at the bed and then back down to Katrina. Her eyes were closed as was her mouth as she simply laid there.

“Everything okay?”

She nodded without opening her eyes or turning to him.

He thrust down into her again, but this time at a slow pace. He turned her head to face his, and placed his lips on hers. Slowly his tongue worked its way in and she opened her eyes. At first, they were still yellow, but then faded back to blue as she returned the kiss. Katrina closed her eyes as they slowly thrust into each other.

Duncan put his hands around the collar that was on her neck and undid it.

“No…” Katrina started to say, but Duncan removed it anyway.

He removed all her bindings and for a moment Katrina didn’t move. Duncan slipped his hand behind her head as he pulled her up to him again and kissed her. She wrapped her arms around him, and they passionately continued.

With force, she rolled him over and rode his cock. Quickly, she shoved herself down on him. As Katrina bent down, she softly started to kiss on Duncan’s neck. Once again her fangs appeared, but after a moment they just as quickly disappeared. She started to kiss Duncan once again.

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