Boy Toy Ch. 02


Boy Toy Ch. 02: Blackmailed

Terry’s body was drenched with sweat. His lips were kiss swollen. His ass was sore, and he smelled like cum. Who would not know what he had been doing once he left the room? The reality of it all made him blush.

He was so preoccupied by his first gay encounter that he had not noticed that the dean had been following him down the hall.

“McKenna, I want to have a word with you.”

Shit, what does he want?

“Sure thing, Mr. Smith.”

Terry was led to his office.

“I’m concerned about you, McKenna. It seems that I will be forced to expel you.”

“What? Why?”

The dean stared at him. “Come on McKenna…you know why. I’m not stupid.”

“I don’t know what you’re talking about, sir.”

“You don’t do you? Well I will enlighten you, son. You smell like man cum.”

Terry blanched.

“I know what it smells like, and you’re stinking with it. You and Professor Erickson have been fucking, haven’t you?”

Terry tried to deny his accusation. “No sir.”

“You leave me no choice.” He rummaged through some papers in his desk and said, “I’m going to have to expel you and fire Mr. Erickson.”

“No, please don’t, sir!”

“I can’t just ignore this, McKenna. What do you propose that I do?”

Terry’s blood pounded in his ears. How had he gotten himself into this mess? He was at a loss for words. He did not know what he could do to make everything better. He was going to be expelled.

“You could prevent this, McKenna.”


“You could do for me what you did with Erickson.”

Terry’s heart skipped a beat. “What’s that sir?”

“I want to fuck you, McKenna. I want you to ride my pole.”

His words made Terry blush crimson. He had never expected someone of the dean’s caliber to have such a filthy mind. He had never expected the same of Professor Erickson.

“Well, should I start writing up your expulsion papers now?” Smith threatened.

Terry shook his head and blurted out, “No, I’ll do what you want! Just don’t fire the professor, please!”

Smith grinned and said, “I knew that you’d make a reasonable decision.” He scribbled something on a piece of paper and handed it to Terry. “Be at this address at 4:30 this afternoon. If you don’t show up, consider yourself barred from the school premises.”

Terry took the paper and left the dean’s office. He considered going to Erickson and telling him what had happened, but he did not want to get him involved. He would be too ashamed to face Erickson with a problem like that. He would tell him after the deed was done.


At 4:30, Terry showed up to a large brick residence just a few miles away from the school. He nervously knocked on the door and flinched as the door opened. Smith ushered him in and immediately started in on him.

“Put this on,” Smith ordered.

Terry looked at the studded piece of leather that the dean held out to him and cringed. It was a dog collar. Terry did not want to wear it. It was degrading. He had apparently hesitated too long because the dean stepped forward and roughly buckled the thing around Terry’s neck.

The leather band was terribly uncomfortable.

“Now, take your clothes off. I want to see what Erickson found so good.” Terry did as he was told. The old goat rubbed at his package beneath his gray slacks.

“Turn around and let me get a look at you.”

Terry reluctantly did.

“Yes…you have a perfect looking ass, don’t you?”

Terry suddenly felt Smith’s fingers probing between his exposed cheeks. He tried to pull away, but the dean’s finger was already situated within his rectum.

“You’ll have to be purged,” Smith whispered into his ear. “I want to make sure that all I feel when I’m inside of you is your hot ass muscles.”

Purged? Holy shit!

After a while, smith removed his finger from Terry’s ass and hooked his finger through the ring attached to the dog collar. He pulled Terry along behind him and led him upstairs to the bathroom.

Terry’s eyes bulged as he saw an assortment of small clear bottles with slanted plastic nozzles sitting on the counter top. Terry recognized them as feminine douches. He had seen his girlfriend use them a couple of times.

Smith positioned him, making poker oyna him place one foot up on the toilet seat. The dean inserted the douche nozzle up Terry’s ass and told him to clench his butt cheeks. When the scented water shot up his ass, Terry gasped and braced himself, holding on to the towel rack above the toilet. Instantly, Terry felt his bowls protest. His stomach began to have terrible cramping pains. He did not know how much longer he could keep his ass clenched. He needed to go, and fast.

“Please!” he pleaded, “I can’t take it anymore!”

“Just a little more. I want you clean, McKenna.”

“Oh, God!”

After another minute, Smith removed the nozzle and straightened up Terry. “Hold it.”

“I can’t!”

“If you let that shit out on my clean bathroom floor, I’ll expel you.”

Terry shook from the effort of keeping his waste from spilling free of him. Finally, the dean had had enough of seeing him suffer, and made him sit down on the toilet. As soon as Terry’s cheeks parted over the porcelain throne, Terry’s bowels emptied itself in a violent torrent. The waste and scented water flowed from him, hot and filthy. Terry’s neck and face turned bright red with embarrassment that this man had orchestrated and seen this raunchy act.

There was no time mentally to examine what had been done to him, for the dean had shoved a roll of toilet paper at him. “Wipe up and meet me in the den.”

Terry deliberately took his time at the task. He loathed the idea of being with the dean. The man was old enough to be his father.

From the looks of it, Smith also enjoyed a bit of kink, and Terry was weary to be introduced into the scene by him. He could picture Erickson, his English Literature professor, teaching him, but not old dean Smith.

Five minutes later, he went downstairs and found Smith waiting for him in the den.

“You certainly took long enough, boy.”

He looked pissed.

“I wanted to make sure that I got everything clean,” Terry told him.

Smith was not mollified.

“Bend over!” he said harshly and pushed Terry’s head down until his forehead touched the floor. Smith picked up a huge wooden paddle from a desk drawer and walked over to the shuddering Terry. The older man’s dick was swinging about obscenely. Terry felt helpless.

Smith wasted no time in swatting Terry’s backside. Terry winced and cried out as the first blow stung his flesh. The wooden paddle was studded, and the cold metal pieces were leaving marks on his skin as they bit into him. Smith hit Terry repeatedly, and made labored sounds as if he was deriving some pleasure from the violent act.

“P-Please,” Terry begged him to stop.

Terry’s ass got red. By the time that Smith had had his fill of torturing the young man, Terry’s ass was throbbing. Smith licked his lips and quickly mounted his powerless victim. Terry only released a small groan –Smith’s cock being as miniscule as it was. It was nothing compared to Erickson’s, and Terry was grateful for the fact.

Smith attacked Terry’s ass like a rabbit, fucking him hard and fast, as if he was trying to break some racing record. Terry leaned his head down on the crook of his arm and let the old man have him. He thought of Erickson. He wondered what Erickson was doing.

“Oh, fuck!” Smith was in nirvana. The dean tried pounding into Terry’s ass a little harder to get some reaction out of him, but his tiny cock was pathetic. It was not too long before the dean blew his load inside of Terry. Terry sat back on his heels as Smith collapsed into a chair in exhaustion. Terry’s ass throbbed with the warmth of the older man’s slimy, wet seed.

“That was fucking great. It will be even better when the others get here.”

Others? Terry thought. What is he talking about?

Terry found out an hour later when some of the dean’s cronies came over to visit the old man. Terry was mortified as the dean introduced his friends to his new submissive. The men all leered at him and ran their fingers through Terry’s hair. One of them pinched his nipple and Terry winced in pain. He could see from the look in their faces that they were thinking about taking him. Terry wished that they would not, but fate was a fickle thing.

All five of them got undressed, leaving their suits canlı poker oyna in piles on the floor. Terry trembled as the first man, an ebony haired forty year old, Bourke Smith had called him, came towards him. Bourke rubbed his eight-inch slowly hardening cock over Terry’s face. Terry could smell the man’s musky scent. It made the threat of what was happening to him even more frightening.

Another man, this one with all white hair, even on his balls approached Terry as well. His name was Cooper. He looked older than Bourke. He was probably in his fifties. He was still fit for an old person. His cock was straining out from his body like a nine-inch iron pole. His huge balls hung heavily beneath his dick. Cooper lowered his face to Terry’s and ran his tongue along the outer shell of Terry’s ear.

The third man, a tanned red haired male that was a little on the chubby side, attacked Terry from the back. Patterson was his name. He made no bones about it. He knelt behind of Terry and started probing at Terry’s ass with his fingers. “Hey, he’s already lubed up,” Patterson announced.

“Yeah,” Smith said, “I was fucking him earlier. My cum is still inside of him.”

All of the men laughed. Terry blushed with embarrassment. He was soon gasping in astonishment when Patterson replaced his fingers with his skinny, seven-inch cock. His entry was a bit of a surprise. It had happened so suddenly that Terry fell forward, causing Bourke’s cock to jam into his mouth. He could do nothing but hold on to the man’s hips to steady himself. He breathed through his nose to get some oxygen into his lungs. Bourke’s unclean scent filled his air passages. Bourke’s cock was salty, attesting to the fact that he had not washed. Terry almost gagged on him.

The other two men came forward, their cocks in their hands. One was blond haired, blue eyed. His cock was just above seven inches, but thick. His name was Gregory and Gregory looked all of forty-five. Gregory had a beach look about him. He was handsome enough to have been a model at some point. There was something in him that scared Terry senseless.

The other man, Patrick, had dark brown hair. He looked like the youngest of the bunch. He had to be at least forty. There was a kindness in him that Terry could feel. In the midst of what was happening to him, Terry found himself wondering what Patrick’s occupation was. Patrick was also fit. He was not as muscular as Cooper was, but he was slender, and taut. His cock was huge. Terry’s own cock twitched just from looking at it. Patrick’s cock must have been ten and a half inches long. It was almost two inches thick. Drool literally leaked from Terry’s stuffed mouth as he eyed the generous tool.

“Look at him, the little bitch,” Smith sneered. “He wants your cock, Patrick.”

“Yeah, he loves cock. He loves it so much, he’s going to get more than he can handle,” the blonde-haired Gregory said. He pinched Terry’s packed cheeks and brought Terry’s hand up to stroke his purple-headed cock. “I’m going to fuck you so good.”

Oh God!

“Hold him up, I want to get beneath him,” Gregory said.

The men moved Terry’s body without removing their cocks from him. Gregory was positioned underneath him. His cock head probed at Terry’s already occupied asshole. Terry panicked and nearly choked on Bourke’s cock. Patterson saw that he was struggling and pressed a hand on his back to keep him down. Gregory pushed at Terry’s stretched orifice and grunted as he forced the knob of his cock into the tight space. Patterson groaned at the friction it caused against his own dick.

Terry’s outcry was muffled by Bourke’s smelly cock in his mouth. He could feel tears escaping the corners of his eyes. The dual penetration was tearing him apart. Suddenly, he felt the wet softness of a tongue at his rear entrance. The appendage alleviated the burning that the two cocks was causing to his painfully extended anal ring. He felt the owner of the blissfully soothing tongue caress his spanked ass cheeks. He was being so tender to Terry.

“Get him good and wet, Patrick. I want to get all the way in,” Gregory said.

Patrick was trying to ease his pain. Patrick was trying to comfort him.

Terry’s cock twitched again at the realization that Patrick was tasting such an intimate internet casino part of him. Only Erickson had ever done that to him, and now Patrick was doing it as well. He got Terry’s ass hole so wet that Terry did not even feel when Gregory slipped himself in to the base.

He heard Patterson groan and mutter a curse. “He’s too fucking tight for both of us to move.”

Indeed, Terry was engorged with their meat. He could feel the two solid slabs of flesh jammed up his ass. They were hard and throbbing. Tentatively, Terry moved over the pulsing stakes and found that he had managed to move them out of his ass a full inch. His tender insides were tugged along the swollen cocks, sending a shock of pleasure through him. “He’s so fucking hot,” Patterson muttered through clenched teeth.

Cooper reached over to pinch one of Patterson’s nipples.

“Fuck me,” the red head told him.

Cooper obeyed, standing behind of the perspiring Patterson and ramming his nine-inch cock up the red head’s ass.

“Oh, fuck, yes!”

Terry was rocked forward from the brunt of Cooper’s lusty union with Patterson. He accidentally bit down on Bourke’s cock and the forty year old pulled his shaft free. Smith went down on his knees and started to devour Bourke’s red cock.

This is unbelievable! Terry thought.

It was a fucking gay orgy, and he was a part of it.

He moved his hips over the two cocks, finally taking pleasure in being stuffed with blistering male meat. He moaned and looked down at Gregory. The older man’s face was screwed up in concentration. His eyes were closed and a look of pure euphoria dominated his features. He was going to cum very soon.

Terry wanted him to cum. He wanted to feel his juices.

He worked harder over the shafts, frigging himself and Patrick’s tongue in the process. “Fuck me!” he demanded. “Get your tongue up there! Ooooooohhhhh…yeeeeeaaaahhhh!”

“Shit! I’m cumming!” Patterson yelled and showered Terry’s ass with his semen.

Terry felt the redhead fall away from him. His asshole fluttered close over Gregory’s cock. His ass was wet, and the single cock still inside of it made slippery noises.

Terry could feel more of Patrick’s pink tongue.

Bourke let out a bellow and squirted into Dean Smith’s mouth. The image of Terry getting a sound fucking was too much for him. The dean greedily lapped up Bourke’s thick secretions. Terry watched the spectacle and shivered as his cock jerked. He was cumming. His ass cheeks clenched over Gregory’s pole. Gregory sighed and reached down for Terry’s cock. He gave it a squeeze and pumped his fist over him. He tugged at the shaft, pinched it until Terry’s creamy white release bubbled forth from it and coated his abdomen. Terry, stunned by the sudden spurt, increased his strokes over Gregory’s cock spurning him to orgasm. Gregory thrust his hips upward and roared. His seed soaked Terry’s bowels.

“Shit!” The blonde’s cock slipped free of Terry’s chute and fell back limply against his stomach, wet with cum.

Terry weakly rolled on to his side. Someone touched his thigh, and then hiked it up and over their shoulder. Terry looked down and saw a crown of shiny dark brown hair between his legs.


“Shhh…it’s okay,” Patrick told him before he buried his tongue completely up Terry’s ass. He licked and sucked at Terry’s sore ass. He quenched his insatiable thirst on the man juice that seeped from Terry’s rear. Terry thought that he was out of his mind. He wondered what satisfaction Patrick could possibly be getting from eating man cum from out of his ass.

The others had exhausted themselves and were lying around the den. Terry was relieved that they were not trying to get to him again. He preferred the young Patrick.

After Patrick had gleaned the last drop of cum from his orifice, he ran his fingers through Terry’s hair and pulled him into his embrace.

“I’ll take you home if you want,” he offered.

Terry glanced at the dean. He and Bourke were engaged in a sixty-nine.

“Don’t worry about him. He won’t bother you again. You did your part.”

Terry lowered his gaze and shyly asked, “Well, what about you?”

“You need to recuperate. I’d rather have you rested than worn out. Come on, get dressed.”

Again, Terry looked at the dean. He seemed preoccupied with Bourke’s musky dick down his throat. Terry hastily got dressed and let Patrick take him home. He was eager to tell Erickson what had happened to him and was dying for a bath.

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