Bra Shopping With Daddy


Monica James rolled over on her left side in bed and felt two large and heavy pieces of skin, pressing against one another. She woke up in a hurry and pushed her brunette hair out of her face, to find that she has grown boobs the size of basketballs on her chest. She sat up in bed and just stared at them as they jostled out of her chest like huge pointy footballs. Then she started to poke at them. They were very soft she though. Then she kneaded them in her hands realizing that she wished she had more hands because her breasts were too large for two pairs.

Monica has never been big breasted. At 18, she wore a small B cup if not A cup and has always wanted bigger boobs but knew she would never get them naturally. She knew if she wanted bigger tits, she would have to get implants. At least a large C or D would make her happy, but the boobs she was feeling on were a lot bigger then a C and a D. Possibly bigger then double D’s.

Monica didn’t want to freak out and wake her father up who she lived with since she was 6. Her mother had died in a car crash so her tall, bulky blue eyed father has always been taking care of her while living in North Carolina.

Monica never really had any problems except in school with other females, gossiping all the time and spreading rumors about her being a slut. Or guys were never really attracted to her because she was small breasted. Even though she was very pretty, her boyfriends would usually fuck her in the pussy while she still had her shirt on, not wanting to feel on her tits. But now, Monica’s problems have been solved. Surprisingly, she felt no pain in her back. Her chest did hurt a little bit carrying the massive weight of her new melons.

She got out of bed in just long white T-shirt and cotton panties and walked to her mirror on the closet door to see just how far her new boobs stretched out from her chest. They stretched pretty far. Far enough that you could look under her shirt to see them looking like huge torpedoes on her chest.

“God. What the hell has happen to me?” Monica said in disbelief.

She started to jump in place and watched her massive tits bounce. The flesh of her breasts rubbing against each other. Smacking her chest and the top of her stomach. Her boobs her so bouncy that they even connected with her chin a few times.

“Whoa! I better be careful. I can poke my own eyes out with these,” she said in a funny manner.

Monica was quite turn on by her new mammoth jugs. She just stared at them in the mirror while she was moving around, watching them sway back and forth in her shirt which was really tight around her boobs. The shirt felt like it was ready to rip out and free her gigantic tits. Medium holes were already spotted on her shirt near her armpits. She couldn’t wait any longer and lifted the shirt over them. While doing that, the boobs lifted up too and bounced back down on her chest. It took about 30 seconds for them to settle back down.

Monica has really tan skin and always loved to tan a lot. She didn’t wear bikini tops so her boobs didn’t have those tan lines. So her huge tits were tan, toppled with large brown aureoles and medium sized pink nipples. Her tits did hang from her chest a bit but slopes out into round basketballs near her stomach. Monica was in awe at her new boobies.

“This is great. I have big boobs. Finally. I have big boobies!” Monica said all happy while pinching her nipples.

“They’re sensitive,” she said as they started to become hard. The pinching and pulled started to turn her on and her cotton panties were damp. She felt the juices running down her long tan legs.

Monica wondered if her butt grew a lot bigger too. She drops her tits, causing them to slap into one another and her chest, to turn around and take a look at her ass. She actually grew a little bit more meat on her butt, but was still an average white girl butt.

“Well. I guest these new tits well do,” Monica said disappointed. “Looks like I have to go clothes shopping. With these new boobs, none of my old stuff well fix anymore.”

Monica didn’t have anything to fix her new boobs. So she decided to go to her dad’s room and borrow one of his sweaters for the time being. She slowly creeps into her dad’s room down the hall and peaked inside his door. He was sound asleep. She let out a sight of relief because she didn’t want her daddy knowing about her big boobs just yet. She tried not to make any noise and slowly open his door. She tiptoed to his closet and opens it to find a lot of long and big sweaters and shirts.

Unaware to Monica, her fathers had turned his head towards her and open Aksaray Escort his eyes to watch her. As soon as she lifted up her tore T-shirt, his eyes saw heaven. Not really getting a good look at the front, but he saw the sides of her massive tits and the fact that they bounced while she lifted the shirt. He felt his dick grown extremely hard.

She put on one of his sweaters and took another shirt for later and tiptoed back out of his room and into the bathroom to take a shower. Her mid 40’s yr old dad got up and closed his door while thinking, what a wonder day today well be.

Monica came out of the bathroom with her towel barely holding her boobs. The tops of her breasts were overflowing the top of the towel. She quickly made it to her room where she got dressed. Since she didn’t have a bra to fit, she had to wear a plain white T shirt, a shirt with long sleeves and an oversized sweater to try and hide her new boobs somewhat but you could still see the football shape boobs on her chest.

She walked down stairs slowly, not to cause her boobs to bounce so much. She enters the kitchen where her dad was sitting at the table, drinking his morning coffee and reading the sports page. He was trying his best not to eye her gigantic melons. Monica had her arms folded over her chest to try and hide most of them.

“Daddy. I need the car because I really need some new clothes,” She said with her back turn from him.

“Didn’t we go shopping last week sweat heart?” Her father replied.

“I know daddy but I really out grown most of my stuff already and I just need some stuff to actually fit me for my first day of college next week,” Monica rushed out.

“But I need the car today because I have an important meeting today and you know how long you can shop baby girl,” Her father told her.

“Please,” She begged.

“How about I take you shopping again this afternoon myself and then drop you off at home?” He recommended.

“Okay,” Monica said agreeing.

“And by the way. Once you have your new clothes, but my stuff back in the closet,” He said, sitting down the paper, looking at his daughter from behind. His eyes were at her nice bubble butt in her tight jeans.

Monica could see him through the grass doors on the shelves that he was staring at her ass. She cracked a smile because finally some guy was actually looking at her ass even if it was her father. Monica got to thinking that she would make the best of having her brand new assets.

It was around 2p.m and Monica with her father was on their way to the mall. Monica wore a heavy jacket all zipped up to hide her colossal jugs. They were bouncing a lot in the car since she didn’t have a bra of any sorts to put on. She had her arms folded across her chest to hide them from her father for now.

Once they arrived at the mall, Monica quickly rushed her father into J.C. Penny’s. Her favorite store in the mall. They when over to the girl’s section and she immediately started looking for bras. A sales person greeted her and asked Monica if she needed any help.

“Yes. I’m looking for huge bras. What’s the biggest bra you guys carry?” Monica asked quickly and seriously.

“Well the largest bras were have are double D’s. Would you like to be measured miss? And by the way, My name is Susan,” said the female sales person.

“Hi. I’m Monica and yes I would like to know what size I should wear,” Monica said.

Her father was walking around, minding his own business but kept glancing over towards Monica and Susan.

Susan took Monica into the back room behind one of the curtain rooms.

“I need for you to remove your shirts,” Asked Susan.

Wanting to see what was going on, Monica’s sneaky father tiptoed and plays James Bond to get into the dressing room. One inside, he was looking under the curtains to find his daughter. None to less, he saw to pairs of shoes behind a curtain and so he got into the next curtain and looked over to find his daughter and Susan.

Monica was lifting up her shirts. First the large sweater which made her tits bounce within the other two shirts. Then the long sleeved shirt which made her massive tits really bounce up and down and finally lifted the plain T shirt which reveal her bouncing bare naked tits to Susan and her father watching from above.

“Oh my! Monica. You’re so heavy chested. How do you support these,” said Susan in awe.

“I haven’t yet. I just got them today and they’re all natural. I must have grown them over night. Would you believe that?” Said Monica.

“Wow. You’re going to need a much bigger bra then double Aksaray Escort Bayan D’s,” said Susan.

Monica’s father’s eyes shot straight out of his head. He couldn’t believe the tit meat she was packing. Her mother only had C cups. He wished she was bigger. Like what he is looking at with his daughter’s gigantic boobs. His dick was harder then ever. His wife never got him so hard as he is now. He slipped his right hand into his pants and started to jerk himself off to his daughter.

Susan started to measure Monica’s chest with measuring tape. It proved that Monica was beyond double D’s. She was packing large 42G cups.

“God damn,” said Monica’s shocked father as he blew his hot and heavy load in his pants and on his right hand.

“Damn,” he said pissed off.

“Stay right here Monica. I think we can help you out. Since your not fat and just your chest, we can order special made bras for a girl like yourself. It‘ll take at least an hour before we can actually get it here. So if you don‘t mind waiting, I well be back in an hour,” said Susan.

“Thank you,” said Monica pleased.

Susan left and Monica stood in front of the mirror, squeezing her now discovered 42G cups.

“Wow. I’m super huge,” Monica said kneading her flesh between her fingers. The tits were overflowing from her hands. While she was looking in the mirror, she saw her father watching out the corner of her eyes through the mirror. She smiled and hoped up on the bench to catch him, making her gargantuan breasts bounce uncontrollably.

“Hello father,” Monica said with a smile.

He stood there frozen and turning all red and just didn’t know what to say.

“I know you want my body daddy. I saw the way you were looking at my ass earlier and I see the way you’re staring at my new big tits now. You know you want them,” she teased her father.

Suddenly without warning, her horny dad kissed her, passionately on the lips. The two started to suck and play with each other’s tongues. His hands reached down over the walls to hold his daughter’s enormous breasts. He started to rub them against the wall, as they’re too big to hold in one hand each.

“Come on this side daddy,” Monica whisper to him.

He didn’t think twice and left his curtain room to be with his daughter. He hasn’t had sex in years since his wife died. He’s been a single parent and didn’t want to replace her mother with anyone else. No one was around so they would be safe fucking before Susan came back with her special made bra.

He wrapped his arms around her wrist while hers were on his neck. Her huge naked tits pressed against his chest and some of his stomach as was his large hard dick pressed up against her stomach, just a few inches from the bottoms of her heavy boobs.

They were kissing and sucking on each other’s tongues. Monica moved her hands down her father’s body and to his large bulge. She unzipped his pants and his massive dick sprang on and smacked her lower stomach. She took it into both hands and stroked it. Started to pump it up and down.

“Oooooo! What a big beautiful cock you have daddy. Can’t wait to feel this in me,” Monica teased while jerking him off now. She looked into his eyes and he was in deep pleasure. She then stop kissing him and let go of his tongue to kneel down in front of him and take his massive cock into her wet and warm mouth. Inch by inch, sucking as much of his cock into her mouth as she could. She got about 6 inches of his rod down her throat. Then paused to suck on it. Her hands cupped his massive balls and fondled them. Squeezing them as her face rode his dick.

Her father was completely in ecstasy. Feeling her warm saliva all over his cock and drip down to his balls. Her lips engulfed more and more inches until she reached the base of his big dick. Giving it long and powerful sucks. Her tongue moving up and down the sides of his dick. Swirling around the massive head of his cock.

“Oh fuck. I’m going to cum,” moaned her father, grabbing a hold of a tit in each hand. Gripping them the best he could as they overflowed his hands and fingers. She sucked up his pre-cum and turned her focus to just sucking the head of his dick. She nibbled at it and drowned it in her saliva. Then she hefted up one oversize right tit and beat the head of his dick on it. Slapping the pink enlarge nipple with the head of his dick. It was too much for him.

She felt his balls about to burst and stuck the dick back into her mouth and made it completely disappear in her throat. Her father started to thrust his dick in and out of her mouth. Fucking her Escort Aksaray face. His balls smacking her chin hard. Saliva dripping all down his dick and onto her massive jugs. The intense sucking finally caused her father to blow his large load in her mouth.

“Oh baby. That’s it. Suck and swallow daddy’s dick and cum,” her father encouraging her as he continued to pound away at her mouth while cumming. The cum was coming out so fast, that some dripped onto her chest and down her mammoth tits.

“Oh fuck me daddy,” Monica moaned. Her father was very happy to do so. He laid her on her back and unzipped her jeans, taking them all the way off her long, sexy tan longs. She kicked her own shoes off and was just lying in her panties. He stood up and took off his pants and boxers to unleash his once again hard massive cock.

He slipped her panties off and tossed them beside her. Then spreaded her legs apart wide and rubbed his massive cock head against her pink wet pussy entrance. “Oh daddy. That feels so good. Please put it in me,” Monica moaned. He was happy to listen as he insert his thick cock into her pussy. Slowly moving inch by inch, not wanting to hurt her.

He felt her wet pussy lips wrap around his cock. Taking it in deep. Her enormous tits wobbled and jiggled upon her chest while he thrust his cock in and out of her pussy slowly, in a delightful pace.

“Oh daddy. Your cock is so big. I don’t want this to end,” Monica moaned.

He gripped her small wrist as he thrust more powerful into her pussy. First short hard thrusts, followed by long powerful ones. Then he just started bucking his groin area against hers. Filling her pussy with every inch of his massive cock.

“Oooooo daddy. You’re going to rip me apart. Feels so good though. Harder daddy,” deep moaned Monica.

Her massive fun bags bounced with his force. Just looking at them got him really picking up the pace. Pounding her wet pussy harder. She wrapped her legs around his back. Rubbing her bare feet into his back. His balls smacked and rubbed against her pussy as his cock penetrated.

“Oh fuck yesssss!” Monica moaned as her father continued to pound her tight pussy. Her colossal jugs were looking so delicious to him that he started to knead them in his hands. Using both hands, he made her left tit into a cone shape and started to suck on it. Chewing away at her nipple. Her other colossal tit was slapping his face as he pounded harder and faster into his daughter’s pussy.

“Oh. Yeaaah. Fuck me. Fuck me harder. Make me cum daddy,” Monica urging her father. Her legs were now around his neck and his head buried in a pile of her tits. Each one sticking out of her chest like a football, bouncing out of control, getting sucked off by her father. Switching sucking from one tit to the other. Wetting up her huge boobs with his saliva.

The muscles in her pussy were squeezing away at his cock. Milking it for all its worth. Monica knew she was ready to cum and but her father wasn’t ready yet. He picked her up and bent her over, squeezing her plump ass cheeks while inserting his dick into her pussy from behind. Pounding his cock deeper and harder into her pussy.

As he pounded away at her they both started watching her immense tits swing and sway wildly in the mirror. Her tits were actually touching the ground and flopping around. He couldn’t resist anymore and grab them. Squeezing and just mauling her big tits. Toying with her nipples and stretching them way from her tits.

“Oooooo. I’m going to cum daddy,” moan loudly Monica who was pushing herself up against his massive dick while he was thrusting it in her tight pussy. Monica came all over his dick and some dripped down her thighs and legs. Her father was ready to cum and he pulled out.

“Face daddy’s cock sweetie,” he said in an eager voice. She got on her knees in front of his dick and he exploded his hot cum on her pretty face. Shooting at least a gallon on her face and down her mouth. She used her hands to hold his cock and jerk him off while he blew his load on her.

The two got cleaned up and her father when back outside into the store and Monica waited a while for her new bra. Susan got back and helped Monica stuff her enormous hooters into a 42G-cup bra. The bra fitted perfectly on her melons and even showed some good cleavage.

“I must show my daddy,” Monica said to Susan who had a bizarre look on her face like why do you want to show your father your tits.

Monica’s father was once again horny and Monica knew it. Once she brought her special made bras and some clothes that would fit her, her father and her rushed to the car where they had sex again. While he was driving home, she give him an awesome blow job and let him feels up on her new 42G tits. Once Monica goes to college, she and her father made plans for her to come home every weekend, so the two can make love as long as they want.

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