Brad and Marsha Ch. 08


The next day DJ again had track practice after school. He decided to himself, on the way home, that he was going to convince his mom – with no uncertain doubts – that they should become lovers.

He knew that it was time to stop playing games. He wanted her – and not just occasionally. Now that he had sampled her charms a few times, he was completely hooked. He felt the desire growing within him on the way home.

Today was the day.

As DJ entered the house, he called out for his mother, “Mooooom.”

Marsha was upstairs changing the sheets on her bed when she heard him. She walked out to the top of the landing of the stairs and answered, “I’m up here DJ.”

DJ saw his mom and headed toward her, almost at a full run. His approach was so deliberate that it almost scared Marsha. He moved toward the stairs and began taking them two and three at a time, reaching the top in just a couple of seconds.

Marsha was wearing DJ’s football jersey and a pair of shorts as she worked around the house today. DJ approached her quickly and with a determination that again, almost scared his mom a bit.

He walked directly up to her.

“What…” she started to ask.

His direct movements interrupted her as his hands seized the bottom of the jersey and tore it upwards, pulling it right up over her head and throwing it off as she yelped in surprise.

Since she was just cleaning up around the house, Marsha hadn’t worn a bra today, so she was now completely naked from the waist up.

He next grabbed her shorts roughly with both hands, tearing them down her body, taking her panties down right along with them.

“Dejuane!” she cried out in shock and surprise. Nobody had ever approached her in such a rough fashion, and it was completely taking her off guard.

He wasted no time on explanations. He jerked her to the floor right there in hallway and fell on top of her.

“No… no… Not here! Dejuane!”

He wasn’t listening. In fact, it was as if he were in a whole other dimension! bursa üniversiteli escort His eyes were filled with lust as he stared his mother directly in the eye and at the same time tore his bulging cock out of his pants.

Without any hesitation he next drove his hard cock deep into his mothers pussy with one quick and ferocious lunge! Marsha let out a bit of a scream, then a yelp, followed by a gasp at the unexpected and somewhat rough penetration.

DJ was not asking for permission today though. He forced his mother to the floor without any questions and began hammering his cock in and out of her with a forceful fury that knocked the wind right out of Marsha.

DJ didn’t care. He didn’t care if it was what his mother wanted. He didn’t care if his father would happen to come home and catch them. He didn’t care if the mailman knew. Nothing mattered but the fact that he wanted his mother – and simply HAD to have her NOW!

He continued to ram his prick both all the way into, then all the way out of his mother’s tight pussy. He could already feel her insides begin to moisten to accommodate his penetration.

DJs hands held his mothers wrists apart on the floor above her head as he stared directly into her eyes as he took her.

This was DJ’s way of letting his mother know that their relationship had now forever changed. He would no longer timidly beg for her affections. Those days were now over. When he wanted her – he would TAKE her.

The whole encounter was amazingly exciting for DJ – and, much to Marsha’s surprise, to her as well! Before they had hardly even begun, DJ and Marsha could both feel his large load of hot cum spew from his huge prick deep into her belly.

In spite of this, DJ just kept pumping his hard cock deep into his mother. His rock hard cock was now pistoning in and out of his mother with amazingly irresistible force. Once again, both mother and son felt DJ cum yet again, spraying even more of his hot seed escort bayan into her.

Again, DJ just kept pumping without pause into his beautiful blond mother. Before too long, DJ’s stamina once again won out, as it had since the very beginning of their relationship as lovers.

DJ soon felt his mother’s body begin to shake and grind beneath him. He decided to encourage her,

“CUM Now!” he shouted as he fucked even harder into his mother.

“Cum Now, my horny little bitch! My sexy little fucking slut, cum for me!” DJ growled down to his again surprised mom. The surprises from DJ just never seemed to cease!

DJ continued to jam his hard prick deep inside of her. He released his tight grip on her wrists, dropping his hands under his mother to cup and squeeze her buttocks.

Marsha was so completely overwhelmed by the sudden attack. At first all she was able to do was try and ease her cunt muscles so it wouldn’t hurt too much as he shoved his incredibly large cock deep inside her.

She still was far more accustomed to Brad’s skinny little cock than the monstrosity that DJ possessed!

It didn’t really take all that long, however, for Marsha’s body to heat up rather quickly though. Before very much time at all, Marsha was pretty much in ecstasy herself!

When DJ came the final time, Marsha felt her body shivering and trembling under the hot steamy heat of it all.

She felt herself exploding right along with him in a mind-blowing orgasm unlike any she had ever experienced in her entire life!

Her man was taking her, and that was all there was to it. It now became very apparent to both of them, Marsha now belonged completely to DJ – mind, spirit, and body.

“Oh my God that was amazing,” said Marsha as she looked up into her sons eyes with love and admiration.

“I love you mom,” replied DJ.

“I love you too baby,” replied Marsha. She felt so fulfilled. So complete. So happy. She just had no idea what was going to happen with escort bursa Brad in the future. Would they actually be able to keep this situation a secret?

DJ seemed to sense exactly what was on her mind. “Are we going to tell him?”

“DJ, I really don’t want to. I still love your father very much, and don’t want to hurt him at all.”

“I don’t really see that as much of a problem mom. We don’t have to tell him. I’m really not jealous of him at all, I can share a little bit. Especially since I know that it’s really ME that makes you cum and turns you on.”

Marsha felt herself completely blush at this comment. However, she couldn’t argue with him on this point, he was completely one hundred percent correct.

“You’re right DJ, that is very true. At the same time, I am married to Brad, and I think that….”

“Oh I have no problem with you fucking him,” answered DJ, again completely predicting her train of thought. “I know his little cock really isn’t much competition, so it’s really not going to get me jealous. When you fuck him, it’ll be more out of something that you have to do – since you’re married and all. When you fuck me, it’ll be because you WANT to.”

Marsha couldn’t help but marvel at DJ’s powers of perception. It was as if he looked into her very soul, read what she didn’t even fully realize was there, and put it into a pretty blunt choice of words.

“I’d really just like to avoid hurting him though,” said Marsha.

“I completely agree mom. I don’t want to hurt him either. That’s why I totally agree that we can keep our new relationship a secret. That is, as long as I can have you pretty much everyday.”

Marsha shivered at the idea. She could certainly get used to cumming this hard every single day!

DJ could read these exact thoughts in her eyes.

“You know something else,” started Marsha.


“Your father travels a LOT!”

“Yeah, he does,” smiled DJ. “And what’s more, I believe he’s going to be gone for like a whole week on this trip, right?”

“Ummmm….something like that. Do you think you can finish up where you just left off?”

“What do you think?” asked DJ, as he lifted his mother up into his arms and carried her easily into her bedroom, gently placing her onto the bed.

This was going to be the start of something fantastic!

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