Break in (saved from a chat left some of the non s


Break in (saved from a chat left some of the non s*sneaks into the house and sees your back to me*Sunday’MichaelGET ON THE GROUND YOU CUNT!SundayLoriomg pleaseplease don’tdon’t hurt meSunday’Michaelshut up….lie face downand put your hand on the back of your headhands*SundayLoricries and lays down shaking with fearSunday’Michael*rummages around looking for valuables*dammit….not a whole lot of good stuff here…*looks over and sees that shirt riding up a bit and notices you’re not wearing panties*be quiet!where’s the good stuff at?*walks closer to you*can’t you talk? tell me if and where the good stuff is at….SundayLoithe good stuff?I… I…. Idon’thave much*whimpers*Sunday’Michaelshit….*looks at your legs….*damn…who else is here?Lori I… I…. I am alone’Michael*lifts your shirt higher*Loripleasenoo’Michaelwell…this looks nice*slaps your ass*SundayLori *tries to push my shirt down*owwwwSunday’Michael*grabs your hair and pulls*stop!did i tell you to move your hands?if you don’t want to get hurt you better not try anything funnynow…you gonna be good and do as you’re told? if you do, i won’t hurt youSundayLoriyesI will do whatever you saySunday’Michaelgood….you live alone?SundayLorijust please don’t hurt menoI’m marriedhe’s at workSunday’Michaelwhen is he supposed to get back?SundayLorihe just left for workhe works nightsSunday’Michael*smiles*well now…*stands up*spread your legs.SundayLori*spreads my legs slowly and they are shaking*Sunday’Michael*puts one hand on each calf and moves up to the backs of your knees and starts to caress that spot*hmm…you’re shaking, you must be getting excited huh? *snickers*SundayLoriI’m scaredI don’t want to be hurtSunday’Michaeli told you i’m not going to hurt you…just do what you’re toldSundayLoriokSunday’Michael*slides my hands further up to the inside of your thighs*Sunday’Michaelmmm…that pussy looks like you just shaved, expecting company there?SundayLori*tries to hide the gasp as tingles run along my skin*I was in the morningme and my husbandwhen he gets homeSunday’Michaeli see…*moves one hand up and pushes it into your pussy, not too rough but not gently either*oh…you feel a little wet…this turning you on?*wiggles my finger*SundayLori*barely holds back a moan*please no’Michael*grins**inserts another finger into you and then rubs your clit with my thumb*i dunno…i think your pussy wants itLori*wiggles my hips a bit*I don’t you disgust me(I’m getting hot as hell)Sunday’Michael(me too)do i now? *starts to finger your pussy slowly but increasing in speed as you start to get wetter*SundayLori*can no longer hold it back and moans deeply as I push against your hand*Sunday’Michael*pulls his fingers out* well…i think you need something else in there…take off your clothesSundayLori Teague*in a rush I rip at my clothes , looking at you with lust and disgust*Sunday’Michael Elveniaohh….you’re a dirty little cunt aren’t you? just a few minutes ago you were whimpering and now you want to get fucked huh?SundayLori Teagueno*blushes and turns away*Sunday’Michaellie on your backSundayLori*lies back slowly , wondering if the bulge in your pants is all you*Sunday’Michaelgood…play with your tits*my cock is straining against my pants*SundayLorimmmmmmmm*begins to squeeze my breasts as my legs slowly drift apart**sweet juices dripping out of my wet hole*Sunday’Michaelmmm…that’s right.*kneels next to you and starts sucking on a nipple*SundayLori*arches my back and lets my head fall backward*Sunday’Michael*whispers*you little slut…when’s the last time you were fucked?SundayLoria week ago*moans*Sunday’Michaelwell….you’re gonna get fucked today…you want it don’t you?SundayLorimmmmmmmpleaseSundayLorinowyesssssSunday’Michael(you’re not supposed to beg yet )SundayLori(oops sorry)Sunday’Michael(i need to work you up some more)SundayLori Teague(I’m just so damned turned on)nooooooSunday’Michael Elvenia(play the role =P)SundayLoriI’ve only ever been with my husbandSunday’Michaeland he fucked you a week ago? he’s not giving it to you enough then. what with those tits…*moves between your legs*look at you….you’re dripping…SundayLori*moves back away from you*Sunday’Michaeldon’t move…or else…*gives you a mean look*SundayLoriplease don’t really please I do have some money hiddenSunday’Michaeloh? we’ll deal with that later…spread your pussy open.SundayLori*slowly and reluctantly slides my fingers between my glistening folds and spreads them open*Sunday’Michaelmmm…look at how pink that is…Lori AhhThat’s right. Spread them lips wide…I want you to play with yourself. Make yourself cum real good.SundayLoriummmmm I I can’tI’ve never done anything like thatyou really are sickSunday’MichaelWhat? You’ve never played with yourself?!Well you better learn real quickSundayLoriI don’t want toSunday’Michael*glares at you* so I guess you just want cock in there huh?SundayLorino *I start to awkwardly touch my lips and then begin to rub my clit as it feels pretty good*Sunday’MichaelThere you go…feels good doesn’t it? *starts to take off my clothes*SundayLori*lets out a soft moan as I see your large erection revealed fully to me, begins to rub my clit harder*Sunday’Michaelnow put a finger in thereSundayLoriwhat , waht are you doing???oh please don’t make me do that pleaseSunday’MichaelI said do it. Its just like what I did earlier..and you liked that didn’t you?SundayLorinoI didn’t*begins to slide my finger inside my hot, juicy pussy*Sunday’MichaelLiar. Your pussy got wetter when I fingered you.Thats right *starts to stroke my cock*SundayLorino idon’t like it at allmmmmmm *plunges my figer deep inside trying not stare and reveal just how much I like what I see*Sunday’MichaelI don’t care what you like. Now keep fingering it til you cum. Or have you never had an orgasm either?SundayLoriI don’t know for sureSunday’MichaelWell if you’re not gonna masturbate, I guess I’m just going to have to fuck youSundayLoriI don’t howSunday’MichaelJust so what feels good you stupid cunt. And while you’re doing that I want you to suck my cockSundayLoriI didn’t think women could do thatoh god noSunday’MichaelOf course they can!SundayLoriI have never ever done thatSunday’MichaelStart learning cuntSunday’Michael*pulls your head down to my cock*’Michael ElveniaNow put my dick in your mouthSundayLoriwell cunt is pretty badno I won’t do itthat thing is so dirtySunday’Michael*grabs your hair and leans in menacingly* I haven’t hurt you yet have I? Now suck my cock.Ya know…if you don’t want to blow me, I’m just going to fuck that pussy. *let’s go of your hair and moves between your legs*SundayLori*very reluctantly lowers my lips to your swollen head, gently taking it between my lips, as I begin to rub my pussy harder and harder*(or even better)Sunday’Michael(lol ignoren my last thing)Sunday’Michael*moans* that’s right use that tongueSundayLori*I find that I it isn’t so bad, the taste and smell, I flick my tongue against like I’ve seen done in movies*Sunday’MichaelNow suck as hard as you can…*Precum oozes from the head of dick*SundayLori*moaning as I rub myself secretly wishing you would put your hand back down there**I do suck harder and go deeper*Sunday’Michael*pinches a nipple and starts to thrust my cock as your head goes down* ever suck dick before?SundayLori*I realize my body wants this cock pounding my walls*already said I haven’tSunday’MichaelMmm well you’re doing pretty good. Get it all wet nowAnd lick my balls tooSundayLori*I move my head up and down*ewwww no no waycome on pleaseI am doing thisis it not enouh?Sunday’MichaelCome on now. You didn’t want to suck my cock either but seems like you’re getting into itSundayLoriI most certainly am notthat is something whores doSunday’MichaelNo. That’s something turned on women do to please their man. But you look like you’ve never done anything but lay on back. We’ll fix thatSundayLoriwell that’s all he wants to doSunday’Michael*roughly pushes your head away and pushes you down.*I ain’t him am I cunt?SundayLorino you certainly are not *gazes at your large throbbing cock*Sunday’Michael*moves between your legs and presses the rip of my hard throbbing penis at the entrance to your pussy*tip*Shit…he probably never made you cum tooSundayLori*moans and presses against you*I said I’m not sureSunday’MichaelSee you are turned on. Little slutSundayLorihow do you know?Sunday’MichaelOh you’ll knowSundayLori(I may go silent soon)Sunday’MichaelPushes my cock into you hard and fast.Ooh…that’s a tight pussySundayLori*cries out with hunger and pleasure, so angry that my body is doing this to me*ohhh god nopleaseSunday’MichaelI start to slowly pull out until just the tip is inSundayLoriI don’t want thisSunday’MichaelThen slams it back into you all the way until our pelvises touchSundayLori*my hips writhe and buck against my will*Sunday’MichaelSure you don’t. You’re fucking me backAt least your pussy wants itSundayLorino don’t say that*moans louder as you slam into me*Sunday’Michael*starts doing short rapid strokes*feels good doesn’t it?SundayLori*my hands automatically go to your ass**I grip you hard*oh godSunday’Michael*grabs a tit and pinches a nipple*SundayLorioh wownever felt like thisSunday’Michaelyour hubby must suck in bed*slams hard into you again*SundayLori*puts my arms around your back and slides my nails up and down*he is … well small(mike I’m really throbbing now)Sunday’MichaelStill. He just don’t know how to work your pussy*pulls out*SundayLorishow me howSunday’Michaelget on your hands and kneesOh brb looks like power is backOr notSundayLori*turns over onto my hands an knees, and looks back at you*(oh boo I wanted you to see my pics )Sunday’Michael*puts sahabet güvenilirmi my cock back into your pussy and starts thrusting*SundayLorioh fuckLori ‘Michael*grabs your hips and starts pulling back as I thrust forward*oh this pussy feels good. So wet.SundayLori(oh god this is good)Sunday’MichaelGonna make you cumSundayLori(can I?)irlSunday’Michael(yes)SundayLori(oh fuck I’m so wet)Sunday’MichaelI pound into your pussy over and over, my balls hitting your clitMy pace slows as I reach around and start to rub your clitMy other hand caresses your ass and gently puts a finger on your asshole.SundayLori(oh shit mike 2 of em)Sunday’Michael(2 of what)I bet he never played with your ass eitherOoh power is now backBrbSundayLori(and another if I want I think,orgasms I just completely soaked this towel)k I’m gonna get the 3rdmake that 4and the third one shot out I was plunging 2 fingers insideI never go insideit shot out in a stream and hit my armand then the 4th OMGI shook and quivered, almost like a partial seizurefeel like I’m gonna pass out now(he said he would fuckme(not his words) in the morning, but I dunno now)I need sleep now Sunday’Michaelawwwi haven’t even gotten to the part where i was gonna fuck that ass for the first timeSundayLoriI want you to cumLori Teague*is a little turned on by the sensation of your finger slowly rubbing my ass while you pound that glorious cock deep into my ussy, I think to myself wow so this is what all the girls at the shop have been talking about*Sunday’Michael*pulls out and shoves a finger into your pussy and gets it all lubed up* yeah…this pussy is so wet, you must really love it*slams my cock back into that pussy and slowly starts to insert my finger into that asshole*SundayLori*I cringe a bit at first, but it really isn’t that bad and god this feels so good, I really start to like as you move your finger slowly deeper my tight ness gripping your finger* oh my why are you doing that?Sunday’Michaelyou’ll find out soon. *pushes my finger deeper into that ass*SundayLori(can I cum for the first time soon?)I think I should be about ready by nowSunday’Michael(for real? i mean, if you want i guess….)SundayLori*I moan loudly as you push your finger deeper inside my body loving this attention, feelings of ecstasy roll through my body, feeling as though I may explode*(no not irl, I have an audience sadly )Sunday’Michael(huh…i thought you might have resisted the finger in the ass thing lol)(it’s your character…up to you)SundayLori(you did it so slowly and I’m a slut in hiding)Lori Lori*I cringe and pull away as you insert your finger in my ass*what?are you doing?Sunday’Michael*grabs your hip with one hand and pulls you back* oh….you’ll like this… *continues to push my finger in* need to get that ass ready for laterSundayLoriready?please don’t hurt meI thought you said you wouldn’tSunday’Michaeloh i’m not…i just get the feeling there’s a dirty slut hiding inside you and i’m about to get her to come out and play*gets my finger all the way in* there….that’s not too bad is it? *strokes my cock in and out of your pussy*SundayLorino I’m a good decent girlit hurts…. a litlleSunday’Michaelsure you are… *starts to pick up the pace and rubs your clit with my free hand*just relax…i’m going to make you cum now….SundayLori*moans and cries out against my will*I won’t do itI won’t cum for youSunday’Michaeljust enjoy it baby…enjoy like the dirty slut you are*i take my finger out and grab your hips with both hands and start to pound away*SundayLori(mike, I want you to cum, )Sunday’Michael(my char? in the pussy?)SundayLori(no you)Sunday’lori(oh…irl?)SundayLoriI want him to cum in my assyesSunday’Michael(ahh…i’ll do it later when i read it again ;))SundayLoriI can’t and you are driving half out of my mind nowsame for me*I moan out loud and almost scream for you fuck me harder*Sunday’Michael(yeah…but you’re gonna get laid later )SundayLori(I hope, but can’t count on it, he’s whining about his back )(now shut up and fuck me)Sunday’Michael(you should stay up and use the lappy so i can watch)*my pace starts to vary from slow to fast and sweat drips off my head onto your back. i lean in close to your ear and whisper* mmm…you feel so good, but there’s another hole i’m gonna try out…SundayLori*I feel my body tense as you pound into me and the way your bals slap against my clit is amazing*(demand for me to cum)Sunday’Michaelbut first….i want you to cum for me…now cum all over my hard cock you dirty whoreSundayLori*the feel of your breath in my ear and your body leaning across my back, I start to scream as an explosion of the most incredible feeling I’ve ever had bursts through my body. I begin to shake and quiver as I feel a rush of hot fluid poor out of me*oh my godohhhhhhhhhh fuuuuuuuckooooh godddd*i continue to tremble and shake*Sunday’Michaelfuck yeah! bet that felt good huh baby? told you you had a dirty slut hiding in you…SundayLorioh wowyes it did feel pretty good, *I gasp*Sunday’Michael*eases you forward until you’re lying on the ground, i pull my dick out of you and look at all the cream left on my cock*SundayLorioh godSunday’Michaelgod, look at all the cum you left on me. come here and clean my dickSundayLori*I really want to go and grab a mouthful of that glorious piece of meat, but I can’t I just can’t*I can’t do that nowit’s all messy*my legs still trembling and my breath hard to catch*Sunday’Michael*growls at you* yes you will. you just had an orgasm…now lick up your juices. *moves up to your head and puts the tip of my cock at your lips*SundayLori(my god mike that almost made me cum for real being told to cum has an amazing affect on me)*the smell of sex fills my nose and drives me wild, I can’t fight it and hungrily plunge down on your dripping cock**greedily I suck on you surprised at how good and sweet my own cum tastes*Sunday’Michael*grunts* mmm….yeah….take it as deep as you cannow lick me like a lollipop…get me all nice and wet. cuz now it’s my turn to cumSundayLori*I look up at you and slowly slide my tongue up and down and all around your throbbing member*like this?Sunday’Michaelmmm….yeah, that’s perfect. lick my balls too…(note, you didn’t do it last time but you might more turned on now then before)Lori*I eagerly take your soaking wet balls into my mouth one at a time and gently suck on them and roll them around in my mouth*Sunday’Michaelyeah baby….look at how eager you are now. didn’t want to suck my balls earlier. you little slut…now for some more funSundayLori*shocked at what I am doing I spit your balls out and sit up*what do you mean more fun?Sunday’Michaellie down on your stomachwell…my dirty little whore, i haven’t cum yet…SundayLori*turns around and lies flat on my stomach*Sunday’Michael(oh…you should see the twist i have planned for later )*i get between your legs again* spread your cheeksLori T*I reach around and pull my cheeks apart , a bit worried*you said you wouldn’t hurt me rememberI am scaredSunday’Michaeli remember. now just relax. * i put the tip of my penis on your asshole and hold it there a second* remember…just relax and don’t fight this or you will get hurt…*i start to slowly ease myself in*SundayLori*my body tenses and I shut my eyes tight*SundayLoriplease don’tSunday’Michael*i ignore you and continue pushing. the tip is now in and i hold it there for a moment* rub your clit. it’ll help make it feel betterSundayLori*I do as you say and must admit it’s not so bad , kinda nice even, but am still worried, slowly I rub small circles around my clit*I I will try and trust you*my ass constrcts tightly around the tip of your pulsing cock*Sunday’Michaelgood….cuz i want this to feel good for you too…even if you don’t want me to do it *i push further in and soon you feel my body against yours* mmm…this ass is soooo fucking tight. your hubby is missing out.SundayLori*I love the way your body feels against me and I let a small sigh escape my lips*Sunday’Michael*i slowly start to pull out until just the head is in and then once again push forward.* oh yeah…so fucking good…damn, you’re gonna make me cum too quickly*i start to quicken the pace, trying my best to not hurt you but too caught up in how good it feels to care too much*SundayLori*it does hurt at first, but in a good kind of way, and the way you moan in pleasure really turns me on, feels good to know that I feel good to a man, I begin to relax and find that makes it even better*oh this is pretty good*I rub my clit faster and wonder if that pressure I feel building is gonna be another orgasm, I smile really big and let out a loud moan*Sunday’Michael*i’m grunting hard and it seems my pace has quickened more. with a loud grunt i plunge my cock deep into you and it spasms wildly as streams of cum fill your ass. my orgasm seems to last a full minute…* ohhhh….ohhh…god…fuck….haven’t cum that hard in a while…shit….*i collapse onto your back, sweat dripping off of my onto your back, my cock still pulsing softly*SundayLori*the intensity of that hot cum filling my body and the spasms of your orgasm , cause me to rub my self faster and while you are still squirting deep inside me I scream out as my body is wracked wit orgasmic convulsions, that continue wave after wave pass through me*OH fuuuuckkkkkk agaainoh my god oh my godhowdid you do this to meSunday’Michaelmmm….you came again huh? see…you are a dirty little slutSundayLoriI have never felt anything like that before in my life*I gasp and pant*Sunday’Michaelit’s easy baby….just gotta know how to work the dickSundayLoriwell I guess you doSunday’Michael Eso how’s it feel…cumming twice to sahabet yeni giriş your r****t?SundayLori*turns my head and frowns*it feels horribleI love my husbandSunday’Michael*laughs* sure didn’t seem that horrible. you may love him, but he must not make you cum like i just did. now get in the shower. we’ve got to clean up…and i need to recover a bit. i’m thinking i need to make you cum some moreLori Teague*I stumble off to the shower cum running down my legs , still weak and wobbly*I do need a shower, I’m such a messSunday’Michael*grins and follows you* wait up…i’m going to join you. no sense in wasting water.*under the hot water, i push you up against the wall and start kissing you deeply*SundayLori Te*tries to hide a grin**my husband also never liked to kiss the way I do, so I readily accept yours my lips pressing softly against yours , m,y tongue exploring inside your mouth rolling along your tongue*I haven’t been kissed like this in ageshow can you be so brutal, and yet so tender?Sunday’Michael*frowns a bit* sorry…i didn’t mean for the ****. i just wanted the valuables. but looking at that ass….it’s been a while since i had sex. i’ve never ****d anyone before…*grabs a tit and kisses my way down your body, i get between your legs and extend my tongue to flick at your clit*SundayLoridon’t feel bad you gave me more than you took *moans and grabs your hair*(delighted you are going “there”)Sunday’Michael a*leans in and pushes my tongue into that hole, lapping up the juice that’s flowing out. i move back to licking your clit and put a couple fingers into you*mmm….not bad. does your hubby do this?SundayLoriohhhhh wow *I moan as I push my body down on you*nevereverthis is fucking incredible!*grabs your head and pushes you back down on me*don’t stoppleaseYesterday’Michael*continues to eat you out, my fingers plunging frantically in and out of you. finally i shove my fingers deep into you and wiggle them around at the same time as i suck hard on your clit*YesterdayLori T*I stiffen and my legs shake* oh I’m gonna do it againYesterday’Michael*keeps it up until you cum*YesterdayLori*I grip you hard by the hair entwining my fingers in your hair as cum explodes out of me flooding all over your face, I shake and tremble so badly I almost fall*youyou are incredible*I gently tease our hair with my hands*Yesterday’Michael*grins* well…we should finish getting cleaned up…before hubby comes home(and now…oh shit….)*we’ve only been out of the shower for a few minutes when the front door starts to creak as it opens. from the door your husband says that he’s home early* oh shit….i’m not even dressed yet….fuck. what am i gonna do…*i frantically look around the room to find a makeshift club. finding a suitable item, i hide behind the bedroom door and whisper to you* tell him i’m here and i’ll be forced to hurt both of you…if he calls you, tell him you’re in the bedroom and should come here(dun dun dunnnnnnn)umm…did you get all that? my internet went wonky for a bitYesterdayLori T*I stand there shocked and frozen in shame yet blissfull**my husband opens the door and walks in*honey , you ok? odd time of night to be taking a shower?Yesterday’Michael*silently i creep up behind him and hit him in the back of his head. he drops to ground and lays there u*********s.* oh shit.. *i check him over* he looks ok, but he’ll be hurting when he gets up. *i look at you.* umm….go get a chair and help me tie him up.or…or…else i may hurt him some more…YesterdayLori T*I scream as you hit him, but do as you say*Yesterday’Michael*i look around confused and panicked* umm…umm..fuck. umm….you…take off his clothes. then help me tie him to this chairYesterdayLoritake off his clothes…..why???is he gonna be ok *I gently stroke his head*Yesterday’Michaeljust do it! i don’t know…fuck…i figure if he’s nakes he ain’t gonna run after me…Lori Teague*I slip his t-shirt over his being caeful not hurt him , then kneel down and unbutton his pants and slide them off*ok what now?can I put some clothes on at least now?Yesterday’Michael E*i look you over and my cock begins to stiffen* no…not yet. help me tie him to the chair.YesterdayLori T*I find some rope in a drawer and hand you some as we begin to tie his hands and feet to the chairYesterday’Michaelgood… *i glance over at your naked body again and feel my lust building. i check the ropes to make sure they’re secure* come here….YesterdayLori*I walk over to you*Yesterday’Michael*i grab you and start to kiss you again. my hands pawing at your tits* you look soo good..i gotta have you again before i go.YesterdayLori*I pull away* nonot in front of him*I don’t want him to see me cum*Yesterday’Michael*i grab you and kiss you again* please…i…i need to feel that pussy again. i’ll be quick…before he comes to. how about it? or…i can just **** you again…YesterdayLori*I want to feel you inside me so badly…knowing I will never feel it like this again, I pull you to me and shove my tongue in your mouth pressing my body against you, I take your cock in my hand and slowly stroke it*Yesterday’Michael*i pull you to the floor with me and i lie on my back* you ever 69? *i grin and motion for you to climb on top*YesterdayLori*I get on top of you and and straddle your face gingerly lowering myself down on you, as I take your cock into my mouth*Yesterday’Michael*i moan as your mouth swallows my dick* mmm…. *i lick your clit rapidly and run a finger around your asshole*YesterdayLori*I wrap my arms around your legs and plunge down deep and hard, while grinding my pussy on your face*Yesterday’Michael E*i lay head back for a moment and moan in pleasure. my hips start to thrust upward and i resume licking and sucking on your clit* you gonna cum again soon slut?YesterdayLori*I snicker a bit as I suck hard on just ythe tip of your cock* you may have to use some fingers if you want me to cumYesterday’Michael*laughing* oh…demanding now are we? ok….i’ll put my fingers in that cunt, if you admit you’re a dirty slutYesterdayLoriummmmm…..ok yesYesterday’Michael Elveniasay it….say you’re a dirty slut…YesterdayLoriyes I am a dirty fucking slut, now give it to me pleaseYesterday’Michael*satisfied, i plunge my fingers deep into you. your juices coating them so it easily slips in.*YesterdayLoriohhhhhhh mmmmmm yes*I lower my head back down and suck you with renewed gusto, moaning through my tightly wrapped lips*Yesterday’Michael*my hips buck wildly as i try to put all of my cock into your mouth. i suck hard on your clit and wiggle my fingers against your walls.* cum for me you slut…i want to feel you squeeze my fingers and your juices to run onto my face.YesterdayLori*at just that moment I squeal and tense almost biting you in the process, but instead I suck on you harder as I explode in another orgasm cum oozing out of , my stores almost depleted**I want to collapse , but I want to see what it’s like for a man to cum in my mouth so faster and deeper I pluge my head up and down*Yesterday’Michael*groaning* oh god….keep it up…i’m gonna….*my cock explodes in your mouth, streams of cum splashing all around the insides of your mouth*YesterdayLori*I am amazed at how hot and thick it is and the taste is pleasant as well, so I suck harder and just hold you in my mouth slowly milking you of every drop*Yesterday’Michael*moaning loudly*damn….keep sucking. suck me dry…YesterdayLori(oh mike I really do want you to cum in my mouth)Yesterday’Michael(maybe you can make me cum from a bj )YesterdayLori*I squeeze your ass and fondle your balls slowly easing the intensity of my sucking action as I feel your flow begin to dwindle*mmmmmmm*looks at you cum dribbling down my chin* that was nicenot nasty at allYesterday’Michael Eyou got cum running down your chin. good sluts lick up every drop. now be a good slut and get that cum.YesterdayLori*I take your finger and wipe it up and slowly suck it off*(I can’t take much more)Yesterday’Michael*grins and whispers in your ear* mmm…you’re such a filthy slut. i’m still horny and i’m going to fuck you again. this time in front of your husband. *i glance over at him* he’s still u*********s, we’ll be fine.(aww…panties soaked? )YesterdayLoriyes!!!!!I almost came earlier my pussy wall were pounding and clinching so tightYesterday’Michael(yes to the story or your panties?)YesterdayLorimy pantiesYesterday’MichaelahhYesterdayLoriI need to cumLori Teagueoh let me see where we were*grins* what do you have in mind exactly?Yesterday’Michaeli’m thinking if he wakes up, he can watch me and learn how to fuck you properlyYesterdayLoribut he might hate meseeing me the way you make me act >sahabet giriş again * oh … I’m cumming, I’m cumming again *my walls tighten even more around you and then begin to pump as I orgasm deeply no rush of thin fluid just a small amout of thick cream*Yesterday’Michael*your husband finally sees what’s happening and shouts* what the fuck?! the hell is going on here?*i look up at him and back down to you and back at him.* what does it look like? i’m r****g your wife. *i pull out of your dripping pussy*YesterdayLorioh crap *my face flushes with orgasmic ecstasy and embarrassment*Yesterday’Michaelget on your knees cunt…do it or…i’ll kill your husband…YesterdayLori*I look up at you pleadingly as I get on my knees* please don’t hurt him I’ll do anything’Michaelyeah*i position you so you’re facing your husband. i grab my hard cock and rub it up and down your slit, coating the head with more of your juices. then i slowly slip it in* damn man, this is some good pussy you got here. you should be fucking this cunt more often…YesterdayLori*I look down at the ground so he doesn’t see how incredibly good that is feeling to me, biting my tongue so I don’t moan*Yesterday’Michael*i grab your hair and pull so your head is forced to look up at him. i bend over and whisper in your ear* yeah…i want him to see you enjoying my cock *i straighten up and quickly slap your ass with my other hand and start to plunge deeply into you*23 hours agoLorioh god *I cry out unable to hold it back, not sure why, but I am so turned on by this, maybe if he does see me enjoying it like this he will try it* oh god your cock is so damn good23 hours ago’Michaelya hear that buddy? you ever make her scream like that? *i slap you on the ass again and release your hair. grabbing both of your hips, i pull back each time i thrust forward and the sound of our skin slapping against each other fills the room* (you may have to do the hubby’s words for a bit)23 hours agoLori(how can I do that?)23 hours ago’Michael(just respond to my last questions is all )23 hours agoLoriyou son of a bitch you fucking let her go and untie me this instant*strains against the ropes*23 hours ago’Michaelshut up. look at how much she’s loving this…maybe you can learn something. oh…i know may calm you down. *i lean over again and whisper in your ear* i’m gonna fuck you more and push you closer to him. when you’re close enough…i want you to suck his dick *straightening back up, i look your husband in the eye* hey man…you should like this. *i start to really slam into your pussy, juices running out of you and making a thick cream on my throbbing cock, pushing you forward*23 hours agoLori*as you slam me closer to him I reach out and grab his legs , almost surprised when I see his erection, I take his cock in my mouth and gently suck on the tip all the while moaning loudly now as you slap my ass and fuck me furiously,I plunge down on him deeply and suck him hard ,playing with his balls, I feel like I am nearing another orgasm, as my body tenses and my legs tremble*23 hours ago’Michael*i moan loudly as i stab your pussy over and over. i lean a bit forward, slightly changing the angle of my cock.* she can do better than that *i firmly push on the back of your head, forcing you to take more of his cock into your mouth* how’s her mouth feel?23 hours agoLori Teohhh shittttttt *he cries out and leans his head back slightly thrusting his hips , driving himself deeper into my mouth, that does it for me I scream out as best I can with a mouthful of cock,as I explode in orgasm, my cum streaming out and dripping onto the floor* damn baby you’ve never done nothing like this before *he says as he moans*23 hours ago’Michael*laughs* shit man…you ain’t never wanted to shut her up with your cock? damn…you should feel how her pussy squeezes your cock when she cums. *i pull out of and walk behind your husband.* i’m gonna release you from the chair, but i still need to have your hands tied. just enjoy that blowjob and don’t try anything funny or things will get…violent.23 hours agoLorioh fuuuucking hell *he yells as I drive up and down furiously sucking and using my tongue in wonderfull ways, he stiffens in the chair as his cock pulses and spasms, filling my mouth with cum* AAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHhh *he moans loudly and I suck him dry not spilling a drop, I look up and lick the remainder from my lips*23 hours agoLori(I really don’t know how to play a guy)23 hours ago’Michael(nooo…he doesn’t cum yet)23 hours agoLori(seee, that needs to be you)23 hours ago’Michael(just do your part of sucking him off )23 hours agoLori(ok scratch that)*I plunge down on him up and down rolling and flicking my tongue along his length as I do*23 hours ago’Michael*i’m surprised as your husband doesn’t try anything as he’s being untied. he must be really enjoying that blowjob i think. i tie his hands together* stop sucking his cock. now…you get up and lie on the bed. and don’t try anything… *your husband nods and lies on the bed, his erection sticking up. as much as he wants to defend you, he seems to secretly be enjoying the sight of you getting fucked by another man*23 hours ago’Michael*i look at you* get on his cock and ride him.23 hours agoLori*I grin wide and make my way to him swinging my leg over I hover just out of reach my juices dripping on him my heat pulsating from my swollen cunt, slowly I lower my self and we moan in unison as he fills me , I swirl my hips around bouncing him off my walls, then begin to rock forward*23 hours ago’Michael*i climb up on the bed and kneel off to the side of him* look at the mess you made on my cock. you know what to do… *he moans and his hips start to thrust into you, feeling a carnal desire like never before*23 hours agoLori*so full of lust and desire I eagerly grab your ass and pull you close lowering my mouth and licking tou all over , as slowly I continue to grind down on him*(I would really like to try it this way :D)23 hours ago’Michael*i grab your head and hold it still as i start to fuck your mouth* mmmm….suck it good you dirty slut(btw, your hubby’s words will be between # marks)#hey…don’t call her a slut..or i’m gonna…ohh…shit. her pussy is soo wet#shut up buddy, she likes being called a slut and a filthy whore. her pussy is probably getting wetter every time we call her that. isn’t that right you fucking slut? why don’t you cum on your hubby’s cock while you suck me like the dirty whore you are…23 hours agoLorimmmmmmmmmmm *I moan , damn he is turned on his cock has never been so hard before, I try to ride him faster , but don’t want to let loose of this delicious cock*(oops didn’t see you typing)23 hours ago’Michael(go ahead)22 hours agoLori Teague*I can’t stand it any longer and pull away from you as I furiously pound on him shaking the entire house riding him harder and harder and when I hear those words , I scream out like nothing I have ever done thusfar, my cum bursting out and flowing down his balls, I tremble and shake uncontrollably, completely spent*22 hours agoLori(he’s leaving)(hmmmmm)(daughters home but outside I could just lock the door)22 hours ago’Michael#fuck….her pussy is squeezing me…shit…never…knew…so. good# *he thrusts up frantically* whoa buddy…slow down there…*i get behind you* go all the way down on his cock and hold there for a bit…(goona play with your pussy?)’Michael*i place the tip of my cock against your asshole. i push in slowly, filling you up and sliding deeper into you* mmmm….it’s tigther than before…Lori*I squeal with delight my cum has me so juicy you slide in easily, I wiggle my hips slightly*oh my god*I lean forward slightly*18 hours ago’Michael*your husband slides a bit out and starts to slowly pump. both of us are are a bit weirded out as we can feel your tightness and each other but soon we get a rhythm going where one of us is always thrusting into you while the other is pulling out* fuck….her ass feels good. bet her pussy felt this tight the first time you popped her cherry huh? that is…if you were the first.18 hours agoLoriI already told you he was *I moan barely able to get the words out**I just try to hold my position and let you 2 do the work, loving every thrust*18 hours ago’Michael E*our paces quicken faster and faster. then as your husband plunges deep into you, his cock erupts at its deepest point. his hot cum squirting all over your walls. at almost the same time i slam my dick into your ass and moan out loud as my own orgasm sends more streams of cum flooding your insides.*18 hours agoLori Teague*the sensation of the both of you pumping cum into me and the spasms send rockets of pleasure through me and I unleash my own cum to the mix , my walls pumping hard and and fast forcing it out, the wet mess runs out of my ass and my pussy I sream yet again and scream and moan pushing back against you* oh fuuuuuck ……never ever….would.. have thought this was possibleago’Michael*spent, i pull out of and more cum drips out of your ass. i lay on the bed for a few minutes panting* holy shit….agoLori*I collapse as well trying to recover from the evenings events* you really fucked the shit out of me *I snicker*ago’Michael*laughs* well…at least if it came out, it should be on your husband. how you doing there anyway man? that shit feel good? *i get up and look around* now…you tie him back up in the chair. then…ummm….follow meagoLoritie him up why?ago’Michaeli don’t want him getting any ideas while i’m still here. *i start gathering my clothes and then wait for you to finish*agoLoricome on hun *I take his arm my legs weak and woobly, as I lead him back to the chair, and tie him loosely*there all done what now?’Michaelfollow me. *i grab my clothes and lead you back to the shower* i’m going to grab a quick shower… *after making sure he can’t see us, i grab you and kiss you deeply* how about you come join me…and about that money…(and that can be the end

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