Breaking Through


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“Oh, God, yes, Kim, that feel so…aghh!”

Marc was startled as he recognized his sister’s voice. But it sounded like it was coming from Kim’s room. He’d been living with his sister, Lisa and her housemate, Kim for nearly two weeks. It had been uncomfortable and unpleasant from the start.

His mom, now on husband number five, had decided she and her new beau were going to get married the day after he graduated high school and started their honeymoon immediately. So instead of having one last summer with his high school friends, to lounge around and have fun, he was unceremoniously shipped off to where he would be attending college in the fall.

The house he was sharing with his sister and her housemate had been bequeathed to Marc and Lisa by his father who had been a senior professor at the college. It hadn’t been Marc’s first choice, nor Lisa’s, for that matter. But surviving dependents received a substantial break on tuition and matriculation fees, and as their mom had failed to do much to provide for their education, their first choice of schools had been moot. In fact, Marc suspected that their so-called mother was happy to be rid of them both, she could spend more time doing what she did best. He wasn’t sure what she did best, but she certainly wasn’t mother of the year.

Marc was far from happy with the situation. He and Lisa had never gotten along as kids. As they had grown older they had fought constantly and with increasing viciousness, at least verbally. The last time one of their fights had turned physical, just before high school, Lisa had broken his nose. Marc lost it at that point, and had literally held her by the throat, several inches off the ground, and told her that if she ever hit him again he would break her neck.

Step-dad number two (or was it number three?) had been a former Marine, and had beaten Marc badly. Surprisingly, their mom had divorced the man over the incident. Marc suspected that she had merely been looking for an excuse, as she had taken up with her next husband before the divorce was finalized.

So here he was, fucked out of his post high school graduation, sharing his late father’s house with his only sister whom he despised, with no friends, no job, no girlfriend, no nothing. The only bright spot in all this was Kim, the highly attractive Asian girl who was sharing the house with him and Lisa.

Kim was nearly the exact opposite of Lisa. Where his sister had continued to be catty, bitchy, and outright mean, Kim had done her best to make peace between the two siblings, giving him a kind word, even attempting to apologize for Lisa’s behavior. Sometimes she would even reprimand Lisa when she became especially bitchy, reminding her that since he’d arrived, he’d done most of the chores, a fair bit of handyman work around the house, and done nothing to provoke his sister’s periodic outbursts.

That Lisa would listen to Kim and back down attested to the depth of their friendship. Lisa and Kim were both on the college cheerleading squad. While Lisa had been somewhat wild during high school, Kim had managed to calm her down quite a bit. After she’d moved in, by all accounts, Lisa had quit her wild partying and buckled down on her academics. Without Kim, Marc doubted whether Lisa would have maintained the grades or appearance of ‘moral turpitude’ required to stay on the squad.

In fact, he had gotten into quite a row with his sister earlier. He’d spent the day doing yard work, mowing, edging, cleaning the pool, etc. Afterwards, he’d showered and grabbed a beer out of the fridge, not noticing it was the last one. Lisa had exploded. Kim had gotten between the two. After a tense dinner, Kim suggested Marc might meet up with a local cycling crew which made a practice of taking group bike rides in the cool of the night.

Marc loved cycling and readily agreed. Unfortunately, part of the ride was over some fairly rough road. He hadn’t seen the pot hole that caused him to endo. He’d been able to roll out of the spill with only a few scrapes and bruises, but his front rim had been buckled. A couple of the other riders had stopped and helped him out. They had applied some basic fist aid, then stayed with him until someone came around with a pick-up truck to bring him home, several hours earlier than he’d planned.

All the lights at home were out, so Marc assumed, with more than a little relief, that the girls had gone to sleep. After depositing the remains of his wreaked bike in the garage, he let himself in as quietly as a cat burglar. Thus he heard the sound of his sister’s voice clearly, along with assorted moans and soft cries. Padding softly through the house, he perceived that the sound was coming from Kim’s room.

Her door was partially open, the warm flicker of candle light spilling into the hallway. He had to pass by to get to his own room. Fulya Escort As he did, he couldn’t help but glance in. What he saw astounded him.

Lisa was lying on her side, naked. Her hips were undulating against Kim, who was nearly nude, except for the strap-on she was wearing which was firmly embedded in Lisa’s ass. One of Kim’s hands was working a vibrator in and out of his sister’s clean shaven pussy; the other was around Lisa’s head holding it into a deep, passionate kiss. Both of his sister’s hands were kneading her own sizable breasts, often pulling at her hardened nipples.

Marc had always known his sister was a hottie, in spite of the animosity between them. He had right after he’d hit puberty, inadvertently thought about her while he’d masturbated, but had always felt disgusted at himself afterwards. Once he started dating, and more importantly, having sex, that stopped and hadn’t happened again.

However, with the tableau of these two erotic creatures before him, he was unable to control his reaction. Transfixed, he was couldn’t tear his eyes away from the sight. His cock stiffened and was tenting his shorts.

The girls broke their passionate kiss. Lisa’s eyes fluttered opened and locked on his. “MARC!” she screamed at the same instant he shouted, “Oh fuck! I’m so sorry, I didn’t mean…”

Shocked back to awareness, he turned and ran into his room closing the door behind him. Marc collapsed onto his chair. He heard Lisa and Kim arguing loudly.

“Lisa, calm down. We should have made sure the door was closed. Marc is a good guy, I’m sure he didn’t mean…”

“Fuck that, Kim. That little shithead was spying on us! I’m gonna break my foot off in his ass and if he so much as touches me, I’m gonna call the cops and have him thrown in jail!”

“No, Lisa, you will do no such thing.” Kim’s voice was calm as if she were scolding a insolent child.

“Really!?! Look here, Kim. I may like playing the sub for you in bed, but that fucker is gonna pay!”

Marc’s ears perked up. Wait a minute, his sister, the queen bitch who’d tormented him as long as he could remember, was not only a lezzy, but also into bondage! Oh, this was too good!

Finally he had Lisa over a barrel. The college was very conservative and associated with a fundamentalist religion. If even a hint of what went on got to the administration, he could have her expelled! This was almost to good to be true. He could blackmail her into, into what? Being nice? Probably not. But at least he could use the leverage he had on her now to make her be civil, or at the very least, stop her from being a complete bitch.

Kim spoke again as if she’d been reading Marc’s thoughts, “Lisa, remember where you are. If word of this gets out, we’re both off the squad. More likely we’ll be kicked out of school. I know your mom probably won’t give a rats ass, other than having to find another school for you, but my folks will probably kill me and then disown me, in that order. I’m here on a scholarship. If I get expelled, I might not ever get another chance to go to college. Dammit, this isn’t just about you!”

Shit! If he ratted out Lisa he was fucking over Kim as well, something he hadn’t realized. While Marc would have gleefully raked his sister over the coals, he liked Kim a lot. Fucking her over to get at his sister wasn’t something he was prepared to do. But neither of the girls knew that. If he played this right, he might still be able to get Lisa off his back without screwing over anybody.

He heard Kim talking again, right outside his door. From the sound of it, Kim was getting pissed off.

“Lisa, this is not negotiable. You get your ass back to your room, and I mean right now, or you and me are done. I love you, but I’m not going to let you sacrifice my future just because you insist on being a cast iron cunt to you’re brother! He’s been nothing but really nice since he arrived. And you’ve been nothing but a fucking bitch to him when he’s around. I’ve just about had it. Try me if you think I’m fucking kidding!”

To his surprise, he heard Lisa agree meekly. A moment later, he heard a door open and close. Then there was a knock at his door.

“Marc, it’s Kim. I really need to talk with you. Can I come in?”

Marc waited a moment, composing himself and making his face a neutral mask. “It’s open,” he said blandly.

Kim opened the door and stepped into his room dressed in a shear, thigh length robe of red silk. Marc was stripping off his clothes, revealing the minor injuries he’d sustained. The bruises were beginning to purple, but she couldn’t help but notice that he was lean and muscular. His bright blue eyes seemed to burn into her. For a long moment, Kim stared at Marc, not sure how to begin.

It was Marc who finally broke the uneasy silence.

“So, you and my sister, huh. I never would have figured you two. I mean, no flannel, no mullets, I guess that would make y’all lipstick lesbians.” He said matter-of-factly.

Kim Fulya Escort Bayan regarded him for a moment and realized he was wearing only his underwear. The large bulge there made her swallow involuntarily. Lisa’s kid brother was either stuffing socks into his undies or…


She forced herself to look at his face.

“What did you want to talk about?”

“About Lisa and me, and what you’re going to do about it.”

“Well, I’m thinking about getting some payback on Lisa.”

“Why? What is it between you two?”

“Fuck if I know. All I do know is as far back as I can remember, Lisa’s done everything she could to make me miserable. Now I have a chance to even the score.”

“Marc, I can kinda get why you’d want to, just based on how she’s been acting toward you since you got here. But I’m begging you, please don’t.”

“Yeah? Why not?”

“Because if you go and fuck her over you’ll end up fucking me as well.”

“That’s true, but it’s also too good an opportunity to pass up. I know you’d probably tell me to let it slide and if I were a better person I probably would, but I’m not. So if you have any suggestions on how I can make sure she gets what’s coming to her that doesn’t fuck you as well, I’m all ears.”

Kim sat down on the edge of Marc’s bed and fidgeted with the hem of her robe. She sighed in frustration.

Marc was watching her, waiting. He couldn’t help notice that her robe had opened slightly, revealing the round swell of one of her breasts. Shit, Kim was in his room, sitting on his bed, practically naked and he was standing there in just his underwear. He’d noticed that she’d been staring at his junk a little earlier. Hmmmm.

“Can I ask you something, Kim?”

“Uhm, I guess.” Kim blushed slightly, her eyes gazing longingly at his almost naked body. He really was a good looking guy. She felt her nipples stiffen and became aware of the silk brushing lightly over the sensitive nubs.

Other than Lisa’s pretty face and killer bod, what do you see in her? I mean, You’re really nice, and Lisa is, well, a fucking bitch from hell.”

“Marc, you won’t believe this, but Lisa is really very sweet, just not to you. She’s really helped me out a lot, with cheerleading, with school, and she’s my best friend.”

“You’re right. I don’t believe it. When we both lived with my mom, she was miss popularity, but even then she was a bitch. Even her friends thought so. But they were all the hottest girls in school, so they hung out together, fucked who they wanted and fucked over everybody else.”

“Maybe that’s part of it. When she first got here, she wasn’t the prettiest or most popular girl. Actually, she was kind of shy and pretty lonely. We had several classes together and I got to know her during the study groups. We talked and found out we like a lot of the same things, music, movies, books, so on. We were both cheerleaders in high school. We tried out for the squad here together. It was so cool that we both made it.”

“Yeah, okay, I can kinda see that. So when did you hook up?”

Right after we found out we made the squad. We scored some beer and came over here. We were excited and a little tipsy. At some point we hugged, then kissed, and it just kinda went from there.”

Kim realised that as she said the last part, the bulge in Marc’s underwear had gotten noticeably larger. It wasn’t a sock in there! The tingle in her nipples settled lower. she could feel herself heating up. Unconsciously, she began squeezing her thighs together against the heat that was building inside. A wicked thought popped into her head.

“Marc, I have an idea. What if I said we might be able to get at Lisa in such a way that she’d quit slagging on you, give you the respect you deserve and maybe even start being nice to you?”

“Okaayyy, I’m listening.”

“And if I said that part of the deal is you getting to have sex with me?”

“You now have my undivided attention. Go on.”

“First off, I have to let you in on something about Lisa and me. You see, after we got together, we played some games. As it turns out, Lisa is a submissive in bed, and I found out I get off on dominating her, though when I’m with a guy, I like for him to take control.”

“Whoa, hold up a sec. If you’re suggesting that I dominate my sister, meaning I have to fuck her, no way. She’s my freaking SISTER, for chistsakes!”

“No, I’m not suggesting anything like that. Being a top is more of a mental game than a physical one. But how would you be with watching me fuck her like a slut, then making her watch you fuck me the same way? You wouldn’t be touching her, but if it was clear that I’m her Mistress and I’m submitting to you, it might make it so she identifies you as the alpha in the overall scheme of things.”

Marc was clearly aroused now. His cock was straining against the fabric of his underwear and a dark spot of precum had appeared. Kim stood up and let her robe fall Escort Fulya open. She moved over to Marc and pressed herself against him. Wrapping her arms around his neck, she looked into his bright blue eyes.

“Please, Marc? I think it would work. And if it does we’ll have to reinforce the pecking order on a regular basis. C’mon, admit it. You would enjoy watching two hotties perform for your pleasure. Watching them have sex, the being able to fuck the shit out of one of them afterwards. And it would be completely humiliating to Lisa, which, if I know your sister, she would enjoy nearly as much. What do you say?”

Marc brought his arms around her and cupped the firm cheeks of her ass. He picked her up and she automatically wrapped her long legs around his waist. He pulled her pubic mound into the hard lump of his erection. Kim pushed back into him and began to dry hump him through his underwear. He kissed her, touching her lips softly, then forcefully. Kim moaned as their lips parted and his tongue invaded her mouth. She accepted it eagerly, sucking on it as she twined her tongue around his.

As the kiss ended, she smiled, giggling, “I guess that means you like my plan and are glad to be part of it.”

Marc smiled back, “I guess it does. So, what now?”

“First off, you should probably set me down before I tear your undies of with my teeth and fuck you right here and now. There will be time enough for that later. Next, I’ll need about ten minutes with Lisa alone. Maybe you should go take a shower and put some bandages on those scrapes. When you’re ready, just walk into my room naked and we’ll go from there. Sound good?”

Ten minutes and twelve seconds later, Marc, freshly washed, opened Kim’s bedroom door and strolled in.

Kim sat on her bed, naked. Lisa was kneeling in front of her legs apart, arms behind her back, bound at the elbows and wrists. Marc could see a blue butt plug in her ass and the end of a large pink vibrator protruding from her pussy, the bottom of which rested on the floor. Kim had her legs splayed open. Her hands were in Lisa’s hair so she could control her head. Kim was making Lisa lick her.

“Ohhh, yes, that’s it. Fuck my pussy with your tongue, you nasty slut. Ahh, fuck, yeah, right there. Now suck on my clit. Be a good little slut. Oh, god yessssss, AAAGHHHHH!” she yelled as she climaxed. “Now lick up all your Mistresses juices. Clean it good like the pussy hungry slut you are.”

Kim looked up and saw Marc standing there, fully erect. She gasped then smiled as she noted the size of his hard cock. Definitely not a sock! “Hello, Marc. Have a seat, make yourself comfortable and enjoy the show. If you feel like jacking off, feel free.”

Hearing Kim speak, Lisa began to struggle, trying to pull her head out of Kim’s crotch. Kim immediately forced the blonde’s head back into place. “I don’t recall giving you permission to stop or do anything other than lick my cunt clean, slut! Now get to it and don’t you dare stop until I say so!” she commanded firmly.

Instead of obeying, Lisa continued to struggle. Kim jerked Lisa’s head back and slapped her hard on the cheek. “I gave you and order, slut. Why is it that you think you’re free to disobey me?”

Lisa began to stammer, “No, Kim, Marc can’t be here, please…” She was cut off by another slap on the cheek.

“Shut up, slut. Marc is here because I asked him. And since he decided to accept my invitation, there’s something we need to get worked out. And that is you being a mean, nasty, cunt bitch to your brother. I don’t know why you act that way, and I don’t really care. But it ends tonight!”

She stood up and hauled Lisa to her feet by her hair. “Don’t you dare let that vibrator come out or I’ll whip your pussy with the riding crop and not let you cum for a week.”

Lisa, wide eyes filling with tears, brought her legs together to keep the device, already halfway out, from sliding the rest of the way.

“Oh, my poor little slut. I forgot how wet you like to get when you’re treated this way,” Kim mocked with concern. “Here, let me help you,” she continued as she reached down and pushed the toy deep inside Lisa. “Is that better?” Kim cooed as she flicked her finger over Lisa’s clit, causing the blonde to shudder. Lisa, barely able to move her head, managed to nod slightly.

“Good girl. Now we’re going to show your little brother just what kind of a nasty slut you are. You’re going to get on your knees in front of him and beg his forgiveness for the way you’ve treated him. But first, we’re going to make sure that vibrator doesn’t come out until I want.”

Kim went to the nightstand, opened a drawer and removed a harness. It was soon in place, strapped around Lisa’s waist and between her legs, keeping the vibrator firmly in place.

“Now, do as your told, slut”.

Lisa walked over to her brother and knelt before him. Kim followed sat crosswise on his lap and draped an arm around his shoulders. She let her other hand drift down and wrap around the section of his shaft that was sticking up above the thigh she’d nestled against it. She jacked him slowly and, with an imperious look at Lisa, leaned into Marc and kissed him deeply.

“Kim, what the hell are you doing!?” Lisa shouted.

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