Breast Friends


Riley and Teri had known one another for a long time. Riley had been employed by a manufacturing center shortly after graduating from high school. It was there she’d met Teri, becoming fast friends within a very short period of time. Teri had just gone through a fairly messy divorce, and as such, she wasn’t interested, or looking to get in another relationship either. Riley had recently broken off her relationship with the guy she’d been seeing, giving them even more reason to bond with one another so quickly.

Early on, many of their co-workers thought them to be sisters. They looked enough alike that many who saw or met them, thought they were. Similar in height, weight, even to the length of their dish-water blonde hair, Riley and Teri reveled in being called “sisters” and to some degree, became as close as sisters over a short length of time.

A year after their meeting, Teri had invited Riley to vacation with her on a short trip to see a little of the country, spending some time camping and simply relaxing. As it had been a while since Riley had actually had a vacation, she immediately jumped at the opportunity.

It was during that first trip while hiking down to a secluded area where a fresh stream ran, that Teri had suggested they “freshen up” after a couple of dusty-dirty days camping. Frolicking naked in the refreshingly cold water together had been a fun, delightful experience for them both. Afterwards, rather than dressing, they had made their way back to camp, enjoying their hike in the nude together. Riley had found their “nature hike” altogether stimulating. Seeing, watching Teri hiking up ahead of her in the buff had brought about some curiously sensual thoughts. She’d never entertained, nor considered the possibility of ever doing anything with another woman before, but seeing Teri as she uninhibitedly walked in front of her, stirred feelings and emotions that she wasn’t sure how to fully cope with.

That evening, long after dinner, as darkness fell, the two women had retired for the night after a hard days walk. Once again, seeing Teri as she stripped off her clothing in preparation for bed had caused Riley to lie there, privately, secretly admiring her friend. Even as they rehashed the day’s events, none of which were really sexual in nature, Riley felt a wetness begin to pool within her sex. As she was comfortably enclosed within the confines of her sleeping bag, Riley allowed her hand to travel down between her legs, slipping beneath the waistband of her panties knowing that Teri was totally unaware of her subtle, yet teasing explorations.

“Wasn’t that water cold?” Teri asked, remembering how they had both immersed themselves within the chilly stream.

Riley remembered, well. She’d felt her nipples pucker, hardening at the sensation of cold as it seized her. Glancing up at her friend, she noticed that Teri’s nipple’s had also swollen into a taut “nipply” hardness as she’d jokingly called it.

“Freezing cold.” She replied simply. “But it sure felt good to wash all that dirt and dust off.” Riley added.

“I’ll say. And the hike back….” Teri let the thought trail off without finishing it.

Although the lighting inside the tent was soft as the lantern they were using barely lit up the inside well enough to see by, Riley thought she could detect a slight blush spreading across Teri’s cheeks.

“Yeah…it’s been a while since I’ve done that.” Riley responded, slipping a finger fully inside her now very wet quim. “It felt good to hike around like that…naked, free.”

Teri turned gazing down at Riley, smiling. The blush even more prominently announced. She quickly pulled her sweatshirt over her head, revealing momentarily her small, yet perky breasts.

“Me too.” Teri said continuing to smile. “Sort of…..” Once again she left off finishing her statement.

“Sort of what?” Riley pressed, still slowly playing with the nubbin of her sex.

Now Teri did blush. “Sort of made me horny doing that.” She laughed.

Riley joined her. “I know what you mean, did the same thing to me too.” She admitted freely. “Must have something to do with being out in the open like that. The possibility of someone maybe seeing us.” She suggested.

Riley didn’t want to tell her that in addition to that aspect of their hike, watching Teri’s near perfect ass as she walked in front of her had actually caused her to wonder about things she’d never even considered before.

“I know exactly what you mean!” Teri responded excitedly as she finished stripping off the rest of her clothing before climbing down inside her sleeping bag, zipping it up.

“Oh shit!” Teri stated a second later.


“I forgot to turn out the lantern.”

As Riley was closest, she rolled over, unzipping her bag, climbing out. “I’ll get it.”

Riley turned briefly to face Teri. “You all comfy?”

She caught Teri’s initial gaze at her, not at her face, she’d caught her looking at her body, there was no denying it…she had been.

“Yeah, all set.” She responded finally Ümraniye Escort looking up.

Riley turned off the lantern, throwing the tent into near total darkness. Making her way back inside her own sleeping bag, she fumbled briefly for a moment with the zipper drawing it part way up. As it wasn’t all that cold outside, Riley allowed the upper portion of her body to sit outside the bag. Unable to see her hand in front of her own face, Riley felt comfortable as she reached up, silently tweaking one of her re-aroused nipples. Simultaneously she slipped her other hand back down inside the waistband of her panties where her still wet pussy sat waiting for her.

“Good night.” Teri said softly.

“Night.” Riley replied, adding a second finger next to the first that was now buried deeply inside herself.

For several long silent moments, Riley lay there, quietly playing with herself. After a time, she thought she heard Teri’s soft, not quite snoring. Relaxing enough when she did, Riley began to more fervently stroke her pussy, hearing the faint subtle sounds of her wetness adhering to her fingers as she worked them in and out of her clenching, gushing sex. So involved had she become while doing this…that the unfamiliar sound coming from Teri’s corner of the tent alerted her that something was going on. Stopping what she’d been doing to herself, she listened, concentrating on the sound she thought she had heard. For a moment, there was nothing. Then a second or two later, she heard the raspy, intake of breath as Teri lay there beside her in the darkness. It was a sound that was all too familiar, as she’d recognized it in herself on other “self-pleasured” occasions.

Still…Riley wondered momentarily if it was her own excited imagination. Lying there, wondering now if Teri was playing with her pussy in much the same way that she was doing. Still listening, though she had begun to slowly finger her slit, Riley thought she heard a very low, long draw out moan that was barely even audible.

“Did she just cum?” Riley wondered.

A stirring next to her as Teri suddenly readjusted her position, making herself comfortable for sleep, confirmed her suspicions that she had. Smiling to herself in the darkness, Riley strove towards her own needful completion, surprised to find herself wondering, imagining, what it would feel like to be licking her best friends nipples.


After that first trip, Riley and Teri began spending a great deal of time together whenever they could. Sharing a great many interests, they began spending nearly every weekend together, as well as several evenings during the week after work.

Three month’s after their camping adventure, Riley invited Teri to go along with her to visit some relatives whom she’d planned on seeing some month’s earlier. To her surprise, Teri excitedly accepted. As it was a long drive, they made arrangements to spend the first night in a motel room a little over half way to their final destination. It had been a long drive, but had passed quickly as they had spent most of it talking, sharing thoughts, which to Riley’s surprise had included a great many details as to why Teri’s marriage had failed. Riley was pleased however that Teri felt comfortable enough to include her in her confidence, especially as much of what she told her had obviously been very difficult for her to have shared.

Pulling into the parking lot of the motel, checking in…both women were anxiously looking forward to a cleansing shower along with a decent meal. Riley had spotted what appeared to be some sort of nightclub-restaurant a short distance away from the motel they were staying at.

“What say we head back to that place I spotted on the way in for something to eat and drink?”

“Oh, I don’t know Riley. I’m hungry yes…but I really don’t feel like doing anything else.” She said hesitantly. “I’m kind of tired after that long drive.” She added apologetically.

It took some coaxing, but eventually Riley managed to convince her friend that she didn’t want to go there alone, all by herself, but that she would if she had too.

“I promise, just a couple of drinks, something to eat. Ok?”

Still not enthusiastic about it, Teri finally gave in to Riley’s urging. After tossing a coin to see who would shower first, Riley showered, dried off and came out wearing nothing more than a fresh pair of panties. Teri was sitting on the edge of the bed channel surfing the TV when she came in.

“Nothing on.”

“Try the radio.” Riley stated. “I’d prefer listening to some music anyway.”

“Good idea.” Teri said agreeing, finding a station they both liked.

Once again Riley felt like Teri was eyeing her a little while Riley pretended not to notice. Sitting on the edge of the bed, combing out her long hair, Teri finally stood, heading into the bath to take her shower.

Teri hadn’t fully closed the bathroom door. Realizing she’d left her ponytail holder sitting on the sink, Riley stood up with the intention of grabbing it, figuring Ümraniye Escort Bayan that Teri wouldn’t mind her coming in, especially as she hadn’t fully closed the bathroom door. Pushing it open, she saw Teri standing in the shower. The semi-transparent glass of the tub enclosure slightly obscured her nudity, but it didn’t entirely hide the fact that Teri was standing in front of the shower spray, or more importantly, how she was standing in front of the pulsating spray of water.

For a split second, Riley considered closing the door, backing out before Teri realized she was there. Transfixed, she found herself unable to move. Riley watched as it became obvious that Teri was allowing the pulsating beat of the shower spray to fall directly towards her pussy. Standing there, both hands obviously down between her legs, she “appeared” to be holding her labia open with her hands, thus allowing the water to caress her swollen puffy lips. A second later, Teri turned as though suddenly aware of her friends presence. Almost immediately, Riley reacted, coming into the bath as though she had just barely entered in through the door.

“Pardon me. I left my ponytail holder on the sink.” She announced innocently.

Riley had seen Teri step considerably further into the shower, raising her arms as though she was washing her armpits.

“No problem.” Teri stated with a bit of nervousness in her voice. “I’m hurrying, should be out in just a few.” She added unnecessarily.

Retreating back into the bedroom, Riley found a fresh pair of tight-fitting jeans, struggling into to them when Teri emerged from the bathroom. Wearing a bathrobe, she crossed over to the bed, sitting down and began to dry her wet hair with a large fluffy towel. As she was doing this, a song came on the radio, one that Riley rather liked.

Absentmindedly, she quit dressing, her Levi jeans still only partially buttoned up and began swaying in rhythm to the song being played. Lost in the pleasure of the music momentarily, she continued to dance, looking up briefly towards Teri who was now merely sitting there, watching her as she danced.

“I like the way you dance.” She announced unexpectedly.

Riley smiled, almost seductively, continuing to dance, doing so in such a way that it became more suggestive in fact.

“I love to dance.” She told her.

“I like watching you.” Teri responded softly.

Riley felt the unexpected moisture begin to pool between her legs. The obvious “first” signs of arousal, once again taking her by surprise as images of dancing naked together flashed through her mind.

“Dance with me.” Riley announced holding out her hands towards her friend.

Teri shook her head “no”, seemingly embarrassed, even shy. “No, thanks. I’m really not a very good dancer.” She told Riley.

“Dance with me anyway. I’ll show you.” Riley urged.

Even as Teri once again declined, Riley crossed the room, reaching out, pulling Teri up onto her feet. In doing so, her robe parted revealing the fact she was still nude beneath it. Taking Teri in her arms, Riley began to dance with her, slowly moving, swaying to the beat of the music. To her surprise, Teri began moving with her as though they’d been dancing together like this for years. Slipping her hands inside the robe, rather than around it, Riley felt the almost electrical contact with Teri’s still warm skin as her hands slid around behind, pressing in against the small of her back.

“See? You can so dance!” Riley announced.

The song had ended however, giving Teri an excuse to break away heading towards her open suitcase.

“We’d best get going if we’re going to get anything to eat.” She said a bit nervously, not daring to look in Riley’s direction. Seconds later, she’d grabbed some fresh underwear, dashing back into the bathroom to change rather than doing so inside the bedroom. Riley finished dressing, heading outside to have a smoke where Teri joined her a few minutes later.

“I’m starved!” Teri announced.

“Me too.” Riley responded. But she was also feeling a different kind of hunger now, one in which she hadn’t expected to be feeling.


Walking into the dimly lit bar, Teri stopped suddenly.




Riley glanced about the room filled full of people, but not just people, women…lots and lots of women.

The music was loud; whispering was out of the question. Even so, Teri leaned over to Riley half-yelling into her ear in order to be heard.

“You know what this is?”

“Yeah. A lesbian bar!” Riley said grinning. “Come on…I’m thirsty!”

Leading Teri over towards the bar, she sat down on one of the nearby stools leaving room for Teri to sit down beside her. The moment she sat, the woman sitting to her left immediately eyeballed her much like a man would under any other normal circumstances.

“Hey honey…haven’t seen you in here before.” The rather masculine looking woman spoke rather forcefully, still eyeing Riley up and down.

“Just Escort Ümraniye passing through.” Riley said demurely.

“What’s your name?” The woman pressed.

“Riley, and this is my….my lover, Teri.” Riley said introducing Teri who sat wide-eyed, almost in shock at the introduction.

“Ah. Too bad. We could have had some fun.”

Standing up, moving away a moment later, Teri grabbed Riley’s arm.

“Why’d you tell her that?” She asked.

“Better they think the two of us together than not don’t you think?” Riley said smiling. “So relax, have a drink while we order something to eat. If everyone sees the two of us sitting here together, chances are they’ll leave us alone.”

“I’m not sure I’m really up for this.” Teri said looking about nervously.

Riley giggled. “Don’t worry. I won’t let anyone hit on you.” She said protectively.

Truth was, after a short time, both Riley as well as Teri were having a really good time. A couple of drinks had gone a long way to soothing both of their nerves. But even more surprisingly, Teri no longer seemed in such a hurry to return to their room either. Riley had noticed her begin to relax, even enjoying watching many of the women who were there dancing with one another.

“Come on Teri, dance with me.” Riley urged playfully.

“Nah. Think I’d rather sit here and watch.” She said.

“Suit yourself.” Riley responded. “But I’m going to dance!”

With that, Riley stood, melting into the throng of women who were dancing rather provocatively, erotically out on the floor. Within seconds, several women had “hooked up” with Riley, dancing beside her, even against her. Before she even realized it, she felt herself drawn against one such woman who began grinding her thigh purposely between Riley’s legs. Grinding back, surging against her, Riley glanced over towards where Teri was still sitting, seeing the lusty expression of pleasure clearly etched within her face. After several very arousing dances, Riley made her way back to where Teri was sitting.

“Well? Shall we head back to the room?”

Teri merely nodded her head, standing to finish her drink. “God Riley, I really do enjoy watching you dance. It’s almost….poetic!” She exclaimed.


“Yeah. Really.”


Shortly after they had entered their motel room, Riley had turned on the radio once again. Teri had headed almost immediately for the bathroom, emerging a few moments later having put on a long tee shirt as her only sleeping attire. Still dressed, Riley began doing a slow strip tease to the music. Playfully, not really meaning anything by it, she was surprised when Teri sat on the edge of the bed and began urging her on.

“You have any idea how good you look doing that?” She stated without thought.

“Oh really? You think I look good?” Riley teased back.

She pulled her sweater up and over her head revealing the fact that she hadn’t worn a bra. Her breasts were only slightly smaller than Teri’s, though her nipples were slightly larger, and at the moment, were standing proudly erect as she continued to slowly bump and grind against an unseen partner.

“Come on Teri. You wouldn’t dance with me at the club, but you can certainly dance with me now.”

To her surprise, Teri stood and moved over towards her. Taking her within her arms, Riley pressed her leg firmly between Teri’s legs, gyrating, and grinding against her seductively to the slow methodical beat of the music playing on the radio.

Even through the material of her Levi’s, Riley could feel first the heat…and then what she thought to be a bit of moisture soaking through as she continued pressing against her. She felt Teri place her head comfortably upon her shoulder as they danced. Held so closely to her, Riley felt slightly light-headed, more importantly, bold as well as giddy. The press of Teri’s soft breasts against her own sent tiny shivering tingles up and down her spine. With her hands wrapped around Teri’s back, she reached beneath the tee shirt then drew her hands around front, placing them carefully on her friend’s soft breasts.

“Oh God…Riley!” Teri exclaimed.

Riley was fearful for a moment that she had gone too far, that Teri would realize what she’d done and pull away. Surprised when she didn’t. Surprised even more when Teri raised her head up, looked into Riley’s face, and then bent to kiss her.

They stood there together for several long, precious moments. As their tongues and lips entwined in an erotic dance, escalating their unbeknownst desires, Riley felt Teri’s hands suddenly reach out, cupping and capturing her soft pliant breasts.

“Oh God…Teri!” Riley moaned expectantly, thumbing, fingering and toying with her friend’s hard nubbins of pleasure while she in turn played with hers.

“I can’t…I can’t believe we’re doing this!” Teri wheezed in a breathless whisper of passion. “I’ve…I’ve always wondered.” She stated freely.

Riley pressed her leg even more firmly between Teri’s legs, eliciting a soft almost agonizing moan of pleasure. Fumbling with the buttons of her fly, Teri managed to undo them sufficiently to allow her hand to travel down beneath and inside Riley’s panties. The moment Teri’s hand touched her there; Riley felt a sharp tingling wave of pleasure coursing through her entire body.

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