Breeder Choice Ch. 05


Steve called and invited me over. I took my levetra a couple of hours before as one never knows. When I got to his large house we went into the living room. He was tall, tanned (his outdoor pool attested to that), he was toned but not muscular. Steve wore a shirt unbuttoned and shorts. I noticed he had nipple rings dangling down from each one. He asked I wanted a beer and some smoke. I said ok to that. We got to talking something we didn’t do at the party. It was late Saturday afternoon, and he told me he is married.

When he told me that; I was a little apprehensive in continuing. He reassured me his wife Monica new he was bi and that it turned her on a lot seeing him with another man. He said she was bi too. Steve told me how they had met at a swinger’s party about ten years ago, and found and attraction or one another. There relationship had developed from there. Steve told me that me that they still go to parties and that she was in her late fifties. He showed me a picture of her, and she didn’t at all look like she was in her late fifties. She was beautiful, shapely, with long dark hair which shaped her face and accentuated her figure.

I was feeling more comfortable not only from the beer and smoke, but from him being honest with me. I don’t like to mess with married men who are doing behind their wife’s back. It was then that Steve asked, “Do you want to watch a movie.”

I replied, “Sure, but where is you wife now?”

“She is out with some friends, and I told her I was inviting a friend I met at the party over.”

“What did she say to than?”

Steve smile saying, “She said if we weren’t done when she got home she might join us.”

My interest was peeked as I hand never done a threesome with a MFM. Steve got up put in the DVD and went to the kitchen to get another beer saying, “I hope you enjoy this movie as it a bi one. That is the only kind we have. Help your self to some more smoke.”

While the movie played showing a couple getting it on a girlfriend came over and waked in on them with him going down on her. I took a couple of more hits off the joint when Steve walked in holding two beers and he was naked.

He said to me, “Why don’t you get more comfortable?”

I was soon naked and we sat there watching the move and smoking. By now the girlfriend had joined in the action. It was then that Steve put his arm around me and kissed me letting his tongue roam around my mouth as his hands roamed around my body eventually massaging my cock to hardness. I did the same feeling his smoothness, and his hair gray haired chest hairs, and nipple rings, easing my way down to his now erect uncut meaty cock. I let out a little sigh as my hand engulfed his hard cock, and I massaged the pre-cum tip around the inside of his foreskin.

We finally broke from the kiss, and he pushed me down onto the couch saying. “You enjoy the movie and I am going to enjoy sucking your cock.

My kind of older man, aggressive and knowing what he wants, and a man who didn’t waste time.

Steve took my cock into his mouth twirling his warm wet tongue all over the head. With my eyes closed I moaned out how good that felt. He wouldn’t stop tonguing and sucking my cock head. At times he would pull down on my ball ringed balls making my cock taught and his tongue drove sensations through me my body I hadn’t felt like this before. My nipples where hard, and I played with them as he sucked me.

I glanced at the movie and the two women where now going down on each other while the guy laid there stroking his cock watching.

I so wanted to cum, but the one thing; at least for me is the levetra makes my dick poker oyna hard and not cum for a long time. It was then that Steve eased my legs up onto his elbows exposing my rosebud opening (I’m glad I cleaned my self inside and out before coming over). Steve’s tongue danced around my opening teasing me, and occasionally dipping his tongue wet hot tongue into me. Oh I thought this man knows how to please and eat another man’s ass cunt. I was moaning out all kinds of obscene words.

Steve eased my legs down when I moaned out, “I want to suck that beautiful man cock of your.” He got up and stood in front of me and grabbed his cock pulling the foreskin back and forth a couple of time teasing me. I grabbed his meaty cock in my hand and opened my mouth surrounding his cock head with my wet moist mouth. He took my head and guided his cock into me. I went down on just the head slurping it and sucking him just the way he did me. I heard him moan out several times, “That’s it suck it motherfucker. Suck my hard cock in your mouth.” I was gradually taking more of him in me with hand grabbing and pulling on his shaved balls. I pulled them out far enough to be able envelope his tasty balls in my mouth. Steve didn’t move just moaned out how good that felt. His cock was mostly shaved except for a small patch at the base of his cock. I was so enjoying pleasing him as he had me. Steve was face fucking my mouth saying, “Suck my hard cock.” I was pulling back and forth on his foreskin, and squeezing his shaft making his cock puff a little like he had a cock ring on. I could feel his balls getting tighter, and he moaned out, “Stop for a moment. I don’t want to cum yet.”

Steve eased out of me, and we sat back catching our breath. I noticed it was dark out, and he said, “Why don’t we go for a swim?” Off we went, and the water felt good against our naked bodies. After a while of groping each other, and kissing we got out of the water and dried off.

Once inside we had another beer, and some more smoke. I looked at him saying, “It looks like your cock is in need of some attention?”

Steve smiled saying, “Go ahead. I liked what you where doing earlier.” I needed no coaching. I went down on him like a man filled with a lusty hunger. I had my eyes closed and no idea how long I was going down on him when I heard a soft voice say, “Oh you two look like your enjoying yourself and having fun?”

My eyes snapped open in panic, and my mouth was half way down Steve’s cock when I saw his wife Monica standing there watching us. I started to pull up, when Steve put his hand on my head and held me there for a few moments. I had no idea how long she had been standing there watching us, but long enough to have unbuttoned her blouse, and drop her skirt. With my mouth filled with Steve’s cock all I could think of was how beautifully sexy she was standing there.

Steve finally let my head go and introduced me to her. Monica had no panties on, just a red and black bra on that held her breasts high with revealing cleavage. He pussy was shaved except for a landing strip just above her clit. Monica had pussy lips that hung down as if to say lick me. Her eyes beamed with sexual desire as she smiled at me saying, “Hello! You two look so sexy there you got me all hot and wet.”

Monica had her own beer as she sat on the coffee table opposite the two hard cocked men. She sat there as we watched her undo her bra, and let loose her firm breast. She was close to sixty, and had the best looking pair of tits (they where implants and they are my favorite). She had had them pierced with gold rings (even sexier).

We all took a couple of hits off the joint. She had canlı poker oyna that dreamy sexy look women get when loaded and horny. She eased into both Steve and me stroking our legs. She was soon on her knees going from one hard cock to another. Steve and I kissed a couple of times when she said, “I’ve got to have one of your cocks in me.” She chose Steve first and straddled him facing me impaling herself deep onto his cock. She reached over and stroked my cock leaning forward taking my hard cock into her mouth. I couldn’t believe what was taking place. Never in my wildest fantasies (I have had a few) would I have dreamed up this. She eased up taking my cock out of her mouth and running it between her firm breasts. Oh God I thought can this get any better. She turned around and did the same to Steve, and impaling her wet hot pussy onto my cock. I thought I would explode, and thrust up into her deep. Monica kept going between the both of us turning us on more and more when she suggested we go into the bedroom.

It was a large room with a huge bed, and we each climbed onto it. She took control at this point and said to me, “Get on your knees and suck my husband’s cock some more.” I needed no prodding and took his cock head into my mouth. She was behind me watching us. I heard some rustling and tried to look to see what was going on, but Steve kept my head focused on his hard cock. She urged me on saying, “Suck him. I want to seem suck good by a real man.” It was then that I saw Steve hand her a jar of Abolene crème, and she proceeded to spread it on my rosebud opening. She ran her finger over my opening several times driving me crazy and making me take more of Steve’s cock in my mouth. I felt a finger slide in easily, then two. It was then that Steve said, “Go ahead honey fuck him. He likes to get fucked in the ass.”

I hadn’t realized it but while she was behind me she was putting on a strap on. I had no idea how big or small it was, but was soon to find out. Monica pressed the head of strap on against my opening. I could feel by the size it was a large full sized cock. She eased more of it in me as Steve held my head down on his cock. He was enjoying the sight of his wife fucking another man. I sensed this wasn’t the first time they had done this. My own cock was hard and pointing down. As she eased more it in me she stroked me with some of the Abolene crème, making me even harder and wanting to explode. My cock couldn’t have been harder. She eased more in me, and my ass was feeling stretched when she asked, “How does that feel?”

I moaned out, “Good, but take it slow. I want to really feel you fuck me.”

“You ever have a woman fuck you in the ass?”

“No! It feels so good, and you are stretching me.” It did hurt a little as she eased more of the cock into me. It was so sexy being fucked by a woman. I could feel her hard breasts pressed against me, and I eased back a little taking more her cock into me.

Steve brought my head back to his cock and shove it into my mouth, “Suck it motherfucker because I am going to do you next. I know you like to fuck because I saw you at the party fuck several men. Do him Monica. Fuck his ass good and hard.” I was lost in lust sucking Steve’s cock and being fucked in the ass by his wife. Steve lifted his legs, spreading them saying, “Lick my whole motherfucker. Tongue fuck me.”

Monica drove more of her strap on cock into me saying, “Steve you are so nasty. I like it when you talk that way when I am breeding him. I am going to fuck this man bitch good. He has such a tight ass.”

Her strap-on cock was see-sawing in and out of me. It felt like it was foot long. When she pulled internet casino out she would ram it back into me, and I was enjoying it more. I took my mouth off Steve’s cock and said, “Fuck me Bitch.”

Monica stopped for a moment and said, “Did you just call me a Bitch motherfucker?”

“Oh yes I did Bitch. Fuck me like I’m your Bitch whore. I’m going to be your slut man for the night.”

With that she pulled all the way out of me, and split me in two as she rammed her large strap on cock into me all the way. She showed no mercy, and was fucking me like I hadn’t been fucked since Mark got behind me and fucked me on the table (see previous stories). Only this was better and kinkier because it was a woman doing me. Monica held it deep in me wiggling back and forth driving more in me. I plunged back to meet her thrusts. She grabbed my hips raking her nails across my back. I screamed out in muffled cries as I plunged myself all the way onto Steve’s cock letting my throat muscles massage his cock.

Monica was really slamming into me saying, “You cock sucker. Eat his ass, and lick it. Make him wet. I am going to man slut fuck you till you cum. Then Steve is going to fuck you good too.”

I thought I was in heaven. My cock was as hard as it had ever been, and straining. My ball felt so full. She was really riding me, and pressing against my prostrate. I was dripping cum all over the place, and licking and sucking on Steve’s rosebud while occasionally, alternating between his balls and hard shaft.

Monica finally slid out of me, and for a moment I felt really empty, when she said, “I need to get fucked hard.” She lost the strap on and laid on the bed with a pillow under her ass, and spread her legs wide. Steve repositioned himself behind me, and eased me forward towards her pussy. Monica took my cock in her hand and guided me towards her pussy saying, “Fuck me my slut man. Fuck my bitch cunt hard” Her words turned me on and I buried my cock deep in her saying, “I am going to fuck your bitch cunt good just like you did me.”

“Fuck me! Fuck me good cocksucking man slut.” Monica screamed out as Steve buried his cock deep in me. My cock throbbed with pure pleasure as these two fucked me. I reached down and felt her nipples and pinched them feeling the rings fire her up. Her pussy gripped my cock, squeezing me hard. She held me inside of her as I felt the first wave of hot woman cum flow over my hot cock. I thrust into her deeper as I felt my own cum come flowing forth into her hot wet woman cummed filled pussy. The folds of pussy lips seemed to massage my shaft with each thrust into her. I couldn’t stop cumming as I felt Steve’s cock swell with each thrust into his wife’s hot cunt. I screamed out, “Fuck my cock you motherfucking bitch. Suck my cum out of my cock with your pussy.”

Steve thrust up into me harder saying, “You still got one tight ass after my wife fucked you. You’re my man slut.” He let loose too dumping crème load after load of pent up cum into my hot warm ass. I could feel each squirt of his man cum fill me up. I felt his and oozy warm cum fill me up as I was filling up his wife. We finally couldn’t take it and where exhausted as we let loose our last load. We all fell back onto the bed panting trying to catch our breath. It was then that Monica said, “In all my years of fucking this has been the hottest. I want to do this again with the both of you.”

Steve and I looked at one another, smiled, and said together, “Yes!”

This is for now or until I have some more real life experiences the last chapter in Breeder Choice. I do want to add that I like older men and women as they know what they want, and like it. Even though it seemed we didn’t practice safe sex we didn’t seethe need for it since by fifty plus the chances are less if you are only doing it with a select group. I am selective, and like bare backing hot sex.

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