Brenda , Lisa: The Shopping Trip


Brenda and Lisa’s friendship had lasted for years. They became fast friends on the first day of classes at business school in 1985. Brenda commuted to school from home about 20 miles away, and Lisa lived on campus. After graduation, they both got jobs at the same hospital in the same department. Even after Brenda left the hospital for a job in a medical practice, they stayed close. They both got married in 1987 to men who were friends with each other, and had their first children in 1990. For the last 5 years, Brenda & Lisa have taken a special Christmas shopping trip together in early December. They would book a hotel room in a city several hours away, and spend Saturday and Sunday shopping. However, this year, something unexpected happened.

They left around 5:00PM on Friday night and drove to their hotel. After checking into their suite around 9:00PM, they grabbed a quick bite to eat and had a few drinks. Getting back to the room, Lisa got a shower while Brenda relaxed on the couch. Brenda didn’t think twice when Lisa left the bathroom door slightly open during her shower. Glancing over, she caught a glimpse of Lisa’s outline behind the shower curtain. For some unknown reason, Brenda couldn’t help but keep stealing glances at her friend as she emerged from the shower and slipped into her white terrycloth robe.

“It’s all yours,’ Lisa said as she stepped from the bathroom door.

Brenda entered the bathroom and turned to close the door. After a moment’s hesitation, she allowed the door to remain open, just slightly. Why was she doing this? Secretly, she wanted her friend to catch sight of her in the shower, just as she had done. Undressing with her back to the door, she wondered if Lisa would watch her.

Brenda took a seat in a chair next to the couch. Lisa had dozed-off while reclining on the couch. Her cleavage was easily noticeable and Brenda couldn’t help but look at her friend. After a few minutes, Brenda turned off the television and rose from her chair. Lisa’s eyes opened and she apologized for falling asleep.

“We should get to bed,” Brenda said, “Big day tomorrow.”

Slipping into one of the beds, Brenda told her friend “Goodnight”. When she knew Lisa was asleep, Brenda turned over and quietly slipped her hand between her legs. Slowly, she touched herself, thinking about her friend in the next bed. Feeling a little guilty, Brenda worked herself to an orgasm. Drifting off to sleep, she dismissed her guilty fantasy as a one-time thing and vowed to never do it again.

The next morning, the friends rose, dressed, had breakfast and made their way to the malls. It was a long day. Plenty of bags and boxes were loaded into the back of Lisa’s SUV. Finally, around 7:30PM, they could shop no more. Arriving at their hotel, they treated themselves to a lovely dinner and plenty of glasses of wine in the hotel’s restaurant. Feeling a bit more than a little tipsy, Brenda and Lisa made their way back to their suite.

“I have a little surprise,” Lisa said as they entered the room.

Opening the refrigerator, she pulled out several bottles of wine.

“We deserve to unwind a little on our shopping weekend,” she said.

Opening one of the bottles, Brenda’s mind flashed back to the previous night. Maybe she would get another opportunity to see Lisa’s body. Pushing the thought away, she took a larger than usual gulp of wine and sat on the couch.

“I’m going to grab a shower,” Lisa announced as she unbuttoned her blouse.

Brenda tried to resist, but she found herself watching adana escort her friend make her way to the bathroom. Again, Lisa left the door open, a little wider this time. Pouring another glass of wine, Brenda called into the bathroom, asking if Lisa wanted some more.

“Yes, please, keep it coming” Lisa said as she started the shower water.

Stepping into the bathroom, Brenda refilled Lisa’s glass and lingered a moment or two longer than usual as she watched Lisa behind the shower curtain. Pulling the curtain open, Lisa leaned out and reached for the glass. Brenda’s eyes darted up and down her friend’s body as she handed her the glass. Smiling, Lisa took and drained the glass in one gulp.

“Another, please” Lisa said as she ducked back into the shower.

Brenda refilled the glass again and left the bathroom, being careful to let the door ajar.

Positioning herself on the couch to have a view of the bathroom, Brenda downed the rest of her glass and poured herself more. Longer and longer glances were taken as Lisa stepped from the shower and dried off. She was slipping on her robe as she stepped into the room.

“I’m going to see what’s on TV while you’re in the shower,” Lisa said as she sipped from her glass.

Brenda rose and made her way to the bathroom. Wiggling out of her jeans, she looked over her shoulder to see Lisa watching her. A nervous twinge shot through her as she continued to undress. Was Lisa watching? Secretly, she hoped she was. Stepping into the hot water, she strained to see through the curtain. Deliberately taking her time, she made sure to bend and pose in the shower in all the ways that she knew would drive a lover crazy.

“This is crazy,” Brenda thought, “Nothing is going to happen, so stop it”.

Stepping out of the bathroom in her robe, Brenda stopped. On the TV, there was a woman on her knees, sucking a man’s huge penis.

“I couldn’t help myself” Lisa grinned, “I saw you could rent porn on the TV, and I wondered what they had.”

Laughing like a schoolgirl, Brenda shook her head and drained her wine glass.

“Here, finish the bottle while I open the other,” Lisa told her.

Brenda poured the last of the first bottle into her glass as she sat on the couch. Lisa brought over the fresh bottle and placed it on the table as she sat down next to Brenda.

“The boys would never believe this of they saw us,” Brenda laughed.

The couple on the screen had moved onto the bed and was going at it feverishly.

“I could go for some of that right now,” Lisa said.

“Me, too,” Brenda replied.

The friends chatted as they watched the screen. Finally, the scene ended and another started. Another twinge went through Brenda as she saw the screen. Two women were sitting in robes on a couch, drinking wine. Brenda looked over at Lisa and they immediately burst into laughter. One woman on the screen leaned over and kissed the other. Before long, the action got hotter and heavier on the TV.

“My husband is so obsessed with this,” Brenda said, “I can’t tell you how many times he’s mentioned getting me into bed with another woman”.

“I know, Tom is the same way,” Lisa replied.

“I’m sure they’re minds would be racing if they could see us right now”

“I’m sure of that”

The conversation trailed-off for a while as the two women watched the screen.

“Have you ever thought of trying it with another woman?” Brenda asked.

“I’m sure it’s the wine that’s making me say this, adana escort bayan but I did it a few times,” Lisa whispered.


Yes, with Bridgett”

“Bridgett, your roommate at college?”

With a giggle, Lisa nodded her head.

“We had been drinking a little one weekend when the other girls had gone home. We had the apartment to ourselves and one thing led to another.”

“One thing led to another? What thing led you to go to bed with Bridgett?”

“She was a really good kisser”

“Bridgett was a really good kisser? I never would have believed that”

“She was a real tiger in bed. She couldn’t get enough. Remember that old leather recliner we had? I had my legs spread over each arm and she was kneeling in front of me, using her mouth for most of the afternoon. What about you? Have you ever done it?”

Brenda sat silently for a moment.

“Well, there was a time with Jenny,” she confessed. “We were at her house and her parents were out for the evening. We were snooping around her house and we found a couple of her Dad’s magazines. One of them had some pictures of two women together. It wasn’t the gross stuff like most magazines. These pictures were really sexy and a real turn-on.”

Brenda’s mind went back to the night in her youth when she and her friend “experimented”. Remembering the feeling caused her to flush with excitement.

“We started talking about what it would be like to be photographed naked. That led to her fishing out an old camera from a drawer and pretending to take pictures of me. As she snapped the empty camera, I got more and more turned-on. Eventually, I was completely naked on her bed, touching myself. After a few minutes, Jenny put the camera down and climbed onto the bed next to me. We spent the next hour or so touching and exploring each other.”

Blushing, Brenda glanced at Lisa. Her friend smiled back at her and gave a little wink. Drinking deeply from her wine glass, Brenda smiled back and leaned toward Lisa’s lips. The women kissed lightly. More kisses were exchanged before their hands were exploring each other’s curves over their robes. Lisa was the first to undress. She leaned back and untied the loose knot of her robe. Letting it fall from her shoulders, her nipples stiffened a little. A rush of excitement ran through her as she reached for Brenda’s robe. Nervous smiles were exchanged as the women readjusted themselves on the couch. Seconds later, sounds of kisses and whispered moans filled the room. Hands and fingertips explored areas that had not been touched by another woman for years. Muffled cries escaped from deep kisses.

Kissing her way down Lisa’s neck, Brenda found her self becoming more and more hungry for her friend’s nipples. Gentle kisses around the areolas caused Lisa’s nipples to stiffen more. The feeling of the erect nipple on Brenda’s tongue was heavenly. Lisa gasped and moaned loudly as Brenda suckled her nipple. Lisa’s hand instinctively slipped between Brenda’s legs and tickled her clitoris. It was Brenda’s turn to moan loudly in surprise. “Oh yes, touch me,” she whispered.

“Let’s move to the bed,” Lisa said breathlessly. Hand in hand the friends rushed into the bedroom of the suite. In one motion, the covers were thrown back and bodies tumbled onto the bed. Assuming the more dominate position, Brenda took her place on her side, with Lisa lying on her back. Deep kisses were exchanged as Brenda’s fingers explored Lisa’s vagina. She drew soft circles around Lisa’s escort adana clitoris, listening to Lisa’s shallow breathing. Slowly dragging her finger along Lisa’s vagina, Brenda felt her friend’s wetness. Taking the invitation, she slipped her middle finger inside Lisa. Slowly working the finger in and out, Lisa voiced her pleasure in a long, loud moan. “Give me another,” Lisa begged. Not missing a beat, Brenda slipped her ring finger in on the next stroke. Lisa gave a little gasp followed by a whispered “yes”.

Growing bolder, Brenda worked her friend over a little more aggressively. Another finger was added and Lisa’s hips bucked up from the bed to receive it. Sliding further down on the bed, Brenda used her left hand to spread Lisa’s vagina, and worked the three fingers of her right hand into her friend. Grabbing the sheets and giving almost a growl, Lisa said, “Fuck me with all four”.

Lisa’s naughty talk was a real turn-on for Brenda. Adding the pinky finger, Brenda slid all four fingers in and out of the tight space. Reaching up with her free hand, Brenda teased Lisa’s nipples. After a few minutes, Lisa suddenly pulled away from Brenda’s hand. “I can’t come yet,” she said, pushing her friend facedown onto the bed. Brenda spread her legs wide as she felt Lisa’s had slip between her legs from behind. Slender fingers touched her wet vagina. Wiggling her ass a little, she felt Lisa’s fingers touch her button. “Oh yes,” Brenda squealed as she felt her lover touch her. Lovely minutes passed by as Lisa worked her hand between Brenda’s legs. “Do you like it,” Lisa asked. “I love it,” Brenda replied, “Put your fingers inside me.”

Lisa needed no prompting. One finger became two. Finally, when all four were working in an out of Brenda, she couldn’t hold out. “I’m going to come,” she moaned.

Before she climaxed, Lisa withdrew her fingers and gave Brenda a slap on the ass. “You’re not coming, yet. We have lots more to do.”

The lovers embraced each other again and resumed kissing deeply. “I can’t believe we’re doing this,” Brenda whispered, “I don’t ever want to stop.” “We have all night,” Lisa replied, “Let me taste you.”

Taking her place on the bed, Lisa took Brenda’s ankles in her hands and pulled them open, to spread her lover’s legs as wide as they would go. Brenda instinctively reached between her legs and spread her vagina open. With a smile, Lisa lowered her head toward Brenda’s glistening pussy. Reaching out with the tip of her tongue, she gave Brenda a quick lick. A single loud moan escaped from Brenda’s mouth. Taking the cue, Lisa began lapping at her friend. Taking handfuls of Lisa’s long brown hair, Brenda pushed her friend’s mouth deeper. Lisa’s tongue worked wonders as Brenda rocked her hips. Lifting her legs in the air, Brenda cherished the pleasure she was receiving. “Climb up here, I want to lick you too,” Brenda instructed. Taking her mouth away, Lisa assumed the 69 position as fast as she could.

Seeing her friend’s vagina inches from her face, Brenda marveled at its beauty. She pushed Lisa’s ass cheeks apart and gave a slow lick along the entire length of her vagina. Lisa replied by scooting back a little more, to give Brenda better access. Minutes stretched on as the women licked greedily at each other.

Finally, neither could hold out any longer. “I’m going to come,” Brenda cried out. “Me too” Lisa gasped. Long waves of their shared orgasm washed over them. Barely able to move, Lisa rolled off of Brenda and collapsed on the mattress. Slowly, their breathing slowed and each gave a giggle of satisfaction. Adjusting herself on the bed, Brenda took Lisa in her arms and kissed her gently. “I loved that, ” she whispered. “Me too” Lisa answered.

Drifting off to sleep in each others arms, Brenda and Lisa dreamed of what their future sessions of lovemaking might involve.

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