Brenner’s Lake Ch. 10



Jo called and asked whether she could pop by a little early today, which of course was fine. Turns out she had to drop off her daughter at a doctor in town, and she needed her relaxing time sooner rather than later.

“Everything okay?”

“For her, yeah. For me, not so much. I’m old, babe.”

“Oh, no you’re not.” We were both a couple of years from forty and to be honest, either of us could pick up just any man in town (and both occasionally have).

“I had to take Sandy for an IUD.”

I tried not to laugh. I never had children, but I can imagine how traumatizing it must be when you realize your kids are sexually active. Though I got the sense there was more to this bothering her, which maybe she’d tell me if she wanted.

I took her hand and led her into my bedroom. “Get undressed. You need a massage.”

She didn’t protest. I stripped down myself, and grabbed the oil.

“Oh fuck this is good,” she sighed as I rubbed the oil into her. “Better than sex.”

I gave her ass a light slap. “It better not be,” I said, giving her the same response I’d given her at least a dozen times before.

Some couples have their special song, we have our special dialog.

Were we a couple? I supposed we were. And we were probably fooling ourselves if we thought half the town didn’t suspect — though this was small-town red-state America, and everybody was happier with the fiction that we were just good friends.

Really, though, we were more friends than anything else: every day, if we could, we meet up for a hot session of… television. Her store manager can handle things without her for a couple of hours, and I can use a break from my freelance illustration work. And if occasionally sex happened, so much the better.

But okay, I have to be honest: right this moment, both of us naked on the bed, me rubbing oil into Jo’s body, I really, really wanted sex to happen.

I needed to be a little patient. I very slowly worked my way down her back, her butt, the backs of her legs, feeling her melt underneath my hands.

Then back up her legs, more on the insides of her legs, but it was still innocent, just a body massage like I’d offered her. I wasn’t trying to trick her into having sex or anything: I’m too good a friend for that.

I knew it wasn’t really happening, but I could swear my pussy was literally dripping onto her body.

I continued to work my way up her leg.

Innocently, innocently… but I noticed she was twitching a little.

And then separated her legs, just a little.

And by the time my hands reached the insides of her upper thighs, her soft relaxed breathing had grown sharper.

“Oh fuck,” she groaned when my fingers brushed softly against her vulva.

“You horny bitch,” she whispered.

“That’s what you love about me,” I said.

“That’s true.” And I slid a finger gently between her lips.

“Oh, harder than that,” she told me.

I slipped two fingers into her pussy and she gasped softly.

Then she slid out from under me, pushed me onto my back, grabbed the massage oil and began doing me: not soothingly, though, but roughly, really rubbing the oil into my breasts, and then working her way down.

Then she lay down flat against me, and we rubbed our bodies together, coating every bit of the fronts of our bodies in oil. We might have to take two showers before she left.

And then our legs were spread, and our pussies were grinding against each other, lubricated by both the oil and our own juices. She was groaning, and I know I was too.

“Suzanne, please, harder,” she moaned into the side of my neck.

She came loudly, but that only made her want more. She’d been tense when she got here but once I’d gotten her started his morning, she was insatiable. “I need something inside of me,” she begged, “something, anything!”

I pulled open my night table drawer and took out a dildo. I’d shown lovers my toys before, very very rarely, but never shared one before.

But this was a special circumstance.

Jo saw what I had in my hand, and opened her legs wide. I shoved it inside her and she screamed. For a moment I thought I’d hurt her. She certainly couldn’t have been too dry.

Then I realized she’d had the Mother of All Orgasms.

“More,” she gasped as her breathing started returning to normal.

So I fucked her with it for a few more minutes until she came again. Not as violently this time, but it finally seemed to satisfy her.

Then she fell asleep on my bed, naked and covered with oil. She’d never done this before. I knew she had a little over an hour before she was expected back at work, so I decided I could let her sleep for forty minutes. That would leave her enough time for bursa escort a quick shower before getting back to work.

I lay on the far end of the bed, watching her, and gently using the dildo on myself. I’d certainly never done this before, using a device another woman had just used, but it’s not as if we hadn’t exchanged body fluids before.

I was thinking this was so hot — fucking myself with her cum — when her phone beeped. I grabbed it and switched it off, but not before noticing a message from her daughter: Mission accomplished. Dr decided to put me on Pill instead.

Okay, that should set Jo’s mind at ease.


“You’re pregnant.”

And just like that, my universe changed.

My instinct was to ask “How did that happen?” which probably isn’t uncommon, but it would have been silly: I’ve understood the logistics since I was eight, and I knew the when: that morning we ran to the lake and forgot to bring a condom.

“Sandy,” Doctor Rose said, “You know that everything either of us said or did since you walked in here is just between us, right?”

“Um,” I said, still a little bit stunned, “yes. Thanks.”

“You have options.”

“Yes. Thanks,” I said again.

“Sandy, you don’t have to decide right now.” She seemed to be as much out of her element as I was: pediatricians don’t deal with pregnant patients every day.

Whether or not to keep an unplanned pregnancy was something I literally had never thought about until five minutes ago, but there was no question: even if I couldn’t have Danny, I wanted his baby.

“Would you like me to speak to your mother?” Doctor Rose asked.

“No thanks, I’m good. Well,” I added with a slight smile, “Good-ish.”

“You’ve got a couple of weeks before school?”

“About, yeah.”

“Well you were already going to sent me contact information for your new primary so I could send along your files, but now it’s a bit more urgent.” I nodded my head. “Well, I hate for you to leave empty-handed,” she said, opening a cabinet against one of the walls. I guess pediatricians do deal with pregnant patients: “Take two every day,” she said, handing me a bottle of pre-natal vitamins.


I was in the kitchen cleaning up after a late breakfast when Hope came in through the side door. Wearing a long t-shirt that didn’t quite cover her panties. Clearly she wasn’t wearing a bra either. Good thing Mom and Dad were already gone for the day.

“I don’t want to be judgmental,” I began.

“You love being judgmental.”

Why do I bother? “Did you forget pants?”

She made a show of looking down. “Oh, I guess this shirt’s a little short. I like wearing it. I stole it from my boyfriend the first time we fucked. Did you get one from Danny?”

“I’d wear it as a nightshirt, not to walk around outside in,” I said, evading the question: my “girlfriend” status was a bit tenuous.

“Oh yeah,” she said, “I forgot. You still wear nightshirts.”

I wondered whether Sandy had one of Danny’s t-shirts. I suppose her mother wouldn’t think anything of it: girls often steal their brothers’ shirts to wear as nightshirts, so why not a cousin’s?

My sister went upstairs, hopefully to put on some clothing, and I tried again to reach Sandy and Danny. And got their voice mails again. Maybe they’d both stayed in bed together longer than usual.


The message from Sandy just said Walking back from town. We need to talk THE MOMENT I GET HOME!

And that was it, I was doomed: Hope had left here and texted Sandy something like I know you’ve been fucking Danny. Well, I have too.

I didn’t think “I thought she was you until I was already fucking her” would save me.

I wondered whether I could join my parents in France. Maybe if I started walking now…


Suzanne didn’t understand why the news that Doctor Rose had put Sandy on the Pill didn’t put me at ease, so I told her the truth: the “Sandy’s having sex with her cousin” part, not the “Her cousin’s actually her brother” part.

It felt good to tell her something, but I could tell she thought I was worrying more than I should: worst case scenario, two cousins making a baby together should be fine. It’s not as if our family’s been inbreeding for generations like in Deliverance (or the British Royal Family): my father’s entire family was French (where Cait and Ed were visiting right now, which is why my nephew was having sex with my daughter right now).

Maybe I should tell Sandy that her uncle was also her biological father: telling her would be a nightmare, and nobody would ever forgive me, but at least she’d understand why she had to stop having sex with bursa ucuz escort Danny.

Not that it mattered, but… Was Danny cheating on his girlfriend, Sandy’s best friend, with Sandy? I hated to think that of my daughter and nephew.

Or maybe Rachel wasn’t Danny’s girlfriend at all, and that was all just a pretense the kids had come up with to keep anybody (me) from finding out about Sandy and Danny.

“Hon,” Suzanne was saying, “are you still with me?”

“Sorry, my mind was elsewhere.”

“Understandable. Listen, I’m going to invoke a girlfriend’s prerogative here –” I realized afterward this was the first time she’d referred to me as her girlfriend “– and insist you call in sick. Richard’s more than capable of holding down the fort, and we still have three episodes left of the first season of The Crown.”

So I let my… girlfriend take care of me for a few hours.


“Okay,” Hope said, coming own the stairs in a gallop, “time to go shopping.”


“It means going to the store to buy clothing.”


“Well, you can understand me thinking you didn’t know,” she said, looking at what I was wearing dismissively.

Well, at least she was wearing a bra. And more importantly shorts, even if they were barely longer than her panties. Which I hoped she was also wearing. “Seriously,” she said, “you have a boyfriend now, and you have to put some effort into keeping him. There are a lot of other girls around, some of them closer than you think.”

What did she know?

“Fine, just let me put on a–“

“Don’t bother with a bra. If you try on something that needs one, we’ll buy you something nicer than what you already own” She tapped her handbag. “Don’t worry, my father felt guilty enough to give me his credit card, and he won’t know or care if I use it for just me, or for both of us.”

I wasn’t sure this was the most ethical thing I’ve ever done, but she was right: whatever else I might think about Hope, this was something she knew about: and even though my relationship with Danny was never going to last past the summer (or would it?), lately I wasn’t sure I was keeping his interest.

We got into the car, and I noticed a dress on the passenger seat. One of Hope’s. “Just toss it into the back,” she said. Why the hell was her dress in the car? Do I really want to know?

But before I could decide whether to ask, we were already heading into town and Hope said “So… have you let Danny watch you masturbate yet?”


I was about half an hour from home, when I saw Hope’s car headed toward town. She pulled over, opened her window, and shouted “Need a lift home?”

Rachel was in the passenger seat. “Where were you?”

“Yes, please,” I said to Hope, and then to Rachel “In town. Didn’t you get my message?”


“We’ll talk later.” Though I still wasn’t clear how much I was going to tell her. Even though we’d just discussed not keeping secrets from each other anymore.

For that matter, it occurred to me now that maybe I shouldn’t have sent her the message that I’d be gone all morning in the first place: she could have taken that as an invitation to spend the morning in Danny’s bed.

I took Hope up on her offer: I’d figured on walking the whole way, of course, but it was shaping up to be a hot day and I was exhausted. The pregnancy couldn’t already be making me tired, could it?

“As much as my little sister’s a pan in the ass,” Hope said, turning the car around and heading to my house, “she’s got a boyfriend now and I’d like her to keep him. Family pride, you know. Other girls are all around us, after all.”

What did she know?

And… Why the hell was her dress in the car? Do I really want to know?

“So we’re getting her a clothing makeover. Maybe teach her how to put on make-up.”

“Okay,” I said, not sure what else to say.

“I’m even giving her sex tips. Maybe she can pass them on to you if you ever, you know, have sex.”

It was a close call: On one hand I wanted to tell her to go fuck herself; while on the other hand once I was seated in the back of her car I really didn’t want to get out and start walking.

When I got home, Danny came downstairs to greet me, as if h were preparing for a firing squad. I’d have to as him why later, but instead I said “I just walked home from town, and I desperately need a shower.”

“Um… okay?”

“And I need somebody to make sure I get completely clean.”

I didn’t have to ask him twice. He followed me upstairs. We went into the bathroom, stripped own, and stepped into the shower.

I’d never shared a shower with Danny before, or of course with anybody bursa elit escort else.

I really enjoyed being attended to like this: it was both comforting and sexual at the same time. Swear to God, I almost told him I loved him.

My breasts felt extra sensitive, as if I were having my period except without the discomfort, though I supposed it would be a while before I had another period.

I washed his legs, then his testicles, and then his dick, pretending not to notice his dick was as hard as I’d ever seen it and pointing toward my face in a manner that made me want to take the whole thing in my mouth and feel it tickle my throat.

Okay, so I gave it a quick rinse and did take the whole thing in my mouth.

This was only the third time I’d sucked him, and he seemed to enjoy it so much. I should really do this more often.

It didn’t take long before, his body shaking, he came in my mouth. Swallowing is going to take a lot more practice, but semen dribbling down my chest isn’t much of an issue in the shower. Still, I stood up, braced myself against the wall, and told him I needed my boobs cleaned again. He didn’t question it.

He stood behind me, soaped up his hands, then reached around and and started cleaning me again.

I wasn’t surprised to feel his dick poking me just above my ass.

I know my guy — or maybe I just have him trained: with a little encouragement, he can go for a second round pretty quickly.

I brushed my ass against his hard dick.

God, my nipples felt almost too good.

Abandoning up all subtlety, I pressed back against his dick, letting it slide between my legs.

I had the crazy thought that yesterday at the lake he’d gotten a peek at Hope’s vulva, but today his dick was sliding between mine.

“We’d…” he began, “We’d better stop.”

He wasn’t making any real move to stop, though: Clearly his big brain was telling him one thing while his little brain — though not so little — was telling him another.

“You didn’t ask what my doctor’s appointment was for,” I said. “You can pump gallons of cum into me, and there’s no chance you’ll get me pregnant.” Which was technically true, but he didn’t have to know the disclaimer right now.

It took him a moment, and I could tell exactly when he realized I was telling him my pussy was his to do with as he desired.

And what he desired was to fuck me with renewed gusto.

I almost lost my balance as I came (I wonder how many cases of shower sex injuries go unreported every year) and when he came, while he didn’t fill me with gallons, it felt like quite a bit.

When we were drying off — actually drying one another off; I could really get to like this “showering together” thing — I told him Rachel and Hope were all the way out in Springfield, at the mall and wouldn’t be back until at least dinnertime.

I didn’t mention Hope was buying her sister slut-wear: he’d find out soon enough, and this afternoon I only wanted him thinking about one girl. I took our clothing and shoved it into the hamper — mixing things around so my mother wouldn’t find Danny’s clothing and mine tangled together and get the wrong (right) idea — and then we went into my room. My mother wouldn’t be home until six, Rachel wouldn’t be here at all, and what I wanted more than anything right now was to spend the afternoon in bed with Danny.

I set my alarm for 4:30. That would give us a few hours together, then time for another round of sex if we wanted, and then plenty of time to get ourselves together and get dinner started.

This has been… a weird day, with a lot of decisions yet to be made. But I knew everything was going to work out okay.


The Crown ended a few minutes before three. I got dressed — Suzanne just threw on a t-shirt — and before I left, instead of the usual brief kiss, we kissed as girlfriends. If the kiss had gone on much longer. I might not have left for a while.

This had been a weird day, with a lot of decisions yet to be made. But I knew everything was going to work out okay.

The house was dead quiet when I got home. Sandy’s car was still in front, so the four kids must have gone someplace in Rachel or Hope’s car.

When I went upstairs to change our of my work suit — even though I never actually made it to work and in fact spent most of the day undressed — I noticed wet footprints in the hallway outside of the bathroom. I wasn’t surprised Sandy had showered when she got home, since she’d walked back from town and it was a long day, especially if she was going out again with her friends, but she’s usually meticulous about bringing her slippers into the bathroom with her when she showered.

I followed the footprints to her room. The door was closed, which was unusual: she usually kept it ajar when she wasn’t inside.

Maybe she was inside napping?

I opened it slowly, to check.

And she was napping. Her body and Danny’s wrapped around one another. Naked, with the sheet pulled up to their waists.

Well… fuck.

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