Brief Encounter


I had booked a cabin on the beach, which was a short walk to a very nice restaurant. I arrived at 7.15pm and after unpacking I walked down to the water for a swim followed by a lazy lay down to soak up the last of the suns hot rays.

It was a beautiful summers’ night. The sun was setting and there was a gentle warm breeze blowing through my hair and over my body. There were a few families sharing the beach and I watched them laughing and playing. A pang of guilt hit me for an infinitesimal moment but quickly passed, as I thought about my own family at home with my sister. I was here, I was free and I hadn’t any hassles. Life was OK. Me, me, me, it was a good feeling, nothing but sun, sand and surf.

I hadn’t noticed before, being so engrossed in myself, but I suddenly felt as if I was not alone. I turned slightly, out of the corner of my eye I saw a man. Tall, very dark and well built. His hair was bleached a dirty blonde colour and had a wild unkempt look, very sexy. He walked with a lazy gait, confidence oozing from him. Not wanting him to see I was staring I turned back to watch the sun sink slowly behind the vast ocean, but I could still see him in the corner of my eye. He came towards me. I looked back and was struck by the most stunning, deep blue, vibrant eyes I had ever seen. He smiled as he walked past, stopping for the briefest moment to make eye contact, then walked on by. Instantly I felt as if I was drowning, my heart doing somersaults, my stomach full of butterflies. He had a very dizzying effect on me.

I left the beach and went back to my cabin. I showered , dressed, and got ready for tea. I applied some make-up, and perfume, giving myself a quick once over in the mirror. At 40 I was still in pretty good shape, my blonde hair was layered and sat on my shoulders. One final look in the mirror told me I Kocaeli Escort was looking my best in my short red dress with the low cut back, so I set off for the restaurant.

I was shown to my seat and told the waiter would be over shortly for my order. Some waiter, it was him, the man from the beach. He looked even better in his suit and bow tie. Our eyes met, locked onto each other. I was sure he was reading my thoughts. Again he smiled at me as he wrote down my order. I felt drawn to him like a magnet. God, he was attractive. I started to fantasize about kissing those strong lips. Each time he brought me a drink we made a connection and my fantasy was kept going for hours. He would brush his body against me while he poured my drink, causing me to shiver. It was driving me mad and I was really horny. As I left the restaurant he handed me a piece of paper. Once outside I read the message It said “Beach, Midnight” and I immediately felt my temperature rising…my face flushed with anticipation.

As it was close to the time I went for a walk along the beach to cool down. I lay down to watch the stars. The waves lapped gently at the waters’ edge. I let my surroundings wash over me, relaxing, mesmerized by the events of the night, waiting.

He walked towards me, stopping right in front of me. He looked into my eyes and smiled. I started to speak, but he put his finger to his mouth to silence me. He reached for my hand and pulled me gently to my feet. He beckoned for me to follow him. I obeyed: I was in a trance, hypnotized. We went to his cabin and once inside I started to talk, but he silenced me as his mouth swooped on mine for possession. He stood behind me and I could feel his breath on my neck, causing me to break into goose bumps. I showed no resistance as he put his arms around me and began Kocaeli Escort Bayan to circle my nipples.

He nibbled on my ears before turning me towards him. His hands continuing to reveal the warm curvaceous swell of my breasts, causing my nipples to harden against the soft fabric of my blouse. A shudder of fierce pleasure destroying any resistance as his dark head bent and his mouth descended on the shadowy cleft between my breasts. His tongue wrote moist, burning messages of desire against my flesh, igniting a thousand, aching fires inside me. He gathered me up and led me towards a door, leading into an adjoining bedroom. He dealt swiftly, competently, with removing my clothes, stopping momentarily to drink in my lingerie; the last barrier between what we both knew was to come. He knelt over me, his mouth moving slowly, lingeringly over my throat, breast, down over my ribcage, my stomach. His tongue was erotic, tormenting. I was half-senseless with an urgent need for fulfillment.

My mind was spinning as he took my hand and guided it to his crotch to caress and touch him. I hesitated for a moment so he reassured me, kissed me, encouraged me. He unzipped his fly and took out his cock. It was beautiful. His hand moved slowly up my leg until he found my pussy. He parted my legs, teasing me with feather light caresses, not quite, but almost touching. I moaned as his caresses continued. His hand over mine on his cock was urging me to pleasure him. His breathing became laboured. He rubbed on my cunt, seeking and finding my wetness. We changed positions so he was beneath me with his tongue on my now hard, SWOLLEN clit. I moved my fingers up and down his rock hard cock. I kissed and licked his shaft, tasting the salty flavour of his body. His fingers entered my opening and I felt pleasure engulf me. Escort Kocaeli He was playing; every stroke played with deliberation. He added more fingers, now fucking me with four fingers in my hot wet cunt. I felt his thumb slide towards my arse, teasing, probing.

My juices were flowing, my body was begging for release. I was ready. He turned me under him and I felt his hard cock at the entrance of my love canal. I arched towards him, inviting him in, but still he teased me, rubbing the head of his cock over my clit, around my soaking pussy. My hand ran over his back, tracing down his spine. I felt an unmistakable shudder of response run through him. We were riding a roller coaster and there was no turning back. My eyes pleaded with him, begging him to take me, my body was liquid molten lava. I was so much on fire, so intensely trembling. Finally he thrust deeply into me and I wanted to cry out, but remembered his request for quiet. I met every thrust, matching him stroke for stroke in unison. Nothing else mattered. We fucked like mad things, driven by a deep animal urge that had to have release. His cock pushing deeper and harder with each thrust, slamming into me, and the sound of his balls slapping on my cunny juice covered arse was driving me wild. I couldn’t think, couldn’t breathe properly, my mouth was so dry, I became my cunt, every fibre of my being driven for release.

I felt my orgasm rising as he drove deeply into me, faster, then slow and faster again. Wave after wave started crashing over me. I squirmed, clenched my legs together, trapping him deep,deep inside of me, my cunt muscles spasming and latching onto his hard hot cock. I clawed at his back, holding him tight as I thrust around on the bed, wanting to scream his name, wanting to scream anything. I felt him cum into me with an earth-shattering explosion.

We lay for a while, gently caressing and cuddling, spent, and exhausted, until sleep overtook us. I woke in the morning and reached out for him but he was gone. In his place were a dozen, long stemmed red roses with a note attached to them, which read:


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