Bro , Sis Get to Know Each Other


The phone rang and it was my brother Mike.

“Hey Jeannie, as you know, I lost my job a couple of months ago and haven’t had any luck finding another one. I’m also having a bit of a problem paying my rent and was wondering if I could move in with you while I am trying to get my life straightened out again.”

Mike had been having some real problems recently. Besides losing his job his wife walked out on him. She got tired of his drinking and finally called it quits. I had been living alone since my hubby ran off with his young secretary five years earlier so I was rattling around in the huge house all by myself. Fortunately the divorce court treated me very kindly and I wouldn’t ever have to work again but my ex was going to break his ass to keep living the high life.

“Sure, pack up your stuff and bring it over. I am not interested in having your furniture here so you better put it in one of those storage facilities you see up and down the highways.”

A few days later he had moved in and was all set up in one of the guest bedrooms.

“What can I do to make this up to you Sis? I can do a lot of the handyman things around the place so that will save you a few bucks.”

“Don’t worry about it Mike. We’ll be just fine. Money is the last thing in the world I am concerned about.”

Things went along well for a few months until one night after dinner we both had a few too many gin and tonics. He started to tell some raunchy jokes as we were sitting watching TV and I came right back at him with a few of my own. They got progressively worse and it wasn’t long before we were each using language that would have a truck driver blushing and we were roaring with laughter.

I was the first to announce it was past my bedtime and left him to finish watching the TV show he had been watching half heartedly up until then. It didn’t take me long to get ready for bed and I was in the sack about a half hour when I heard my bedroom door open. It was Mike.

“Hey Sis, got room for me in the king size oasis you sleep in?” he asked as suggestively as possible without coming right out and asking the obvious.

“Sure, jump in.”

That was it. I didn’t realize how horny I was and never gave any thought of satisfying that need with my own brother. What the hell….any port in a storm.

He had stripped naked before he came into the room so there wasn’t any time wasted with that. I yanked off my nightgown as soon as I gave him the OK to come in so he wasn’t in the bed a few minutes before we were wrapped in each other’s arms with our hands busy exploring.

I dropped my hand down to his crotch and found a dick as hard as a steel rod. His was half again bigger than my ex husbands so it was going to touch some virgin territory in my pussy. His hand had moved down to my mound and he spread my pussy lips with his fingers and moved in to get my clit out and ready for action. He sure had some educated fingers for he soon had the sheath off the nub and was massaging it, which was driving me up the wall. I couldn’t stop squirming and was afraid my moans would be heard a few houses down the street. I was as aroused as I had ever been.

He took his other hand and guided my free hand down to his dick and just massaged it with my hand before leaving me on my own. My fingers wrapped themselves around his shaft and I started a slow up and down move to jack him off.

“No Sis, I would rather have it in you than have you jack me off. Roll over and get on top of me and guide it into yourself.” He suggested. I felt him unwrap a condom and slip it on.

I slid on top of him and knelt over his dick while I lined it up with my pussy. I then slowly dropped down and felt the bulbous head of his dick open my pussy lips. I kept on lowering myself and soon had it buried to the hilt. God, it felt wonderful.

Looking down at him I could see his lips making a perfect O and he was making a noise I had never heard before. His eyes were closed and his head was rocking from side to side. His ass was right in time with my pussy and was coming up to meet it every time I dropped down. I reached between my legs and down under my ass so I could touch his balls while we moved in sync. As soon as I touched them it was if he had been shot. He threw his hips in the air and brought his hands around to hold my hips as he drove his dick in me further than it had been up to then. It felt fantastic.

“Jeanne, I’m going to come. Keep moving.” He moaned

I moved like never before. His dick was giving me more pleasure than I ever dreamed possible and I never wanted it to end. I was rising all the way up almost to the point where his dick would come out of me and then driving myself back down hard. I could feel his dick touching areas inside of me I didn’t even know were there. He reached up and pulled me down to him and kissed me long and deep and that did it. My orgasm was huge and I just squished my pussy around his crotch as hard and fast as I could to milk the juices bursa escort out of each of us. He lay back and was breathing in deep gulps through his mouth,

“Holy shit, I never knew I could shoot so much. I thought I would never stop.” He exclaimed.

“Oh shit, too bad I wasn’t sucking you off. I would have loved to feel and taste that.” I complained.

“Don’t give it a second thought Sis. I’ll be hard again in a few minutes and you can have your chance at that.” He laughed.

This was something I had never even thought of before…fucking my own brother. We had grown up close but not that close. A couple of times when he was in his teens I had managed to see him nude as he was coming out of the shower but that was it. I’m a few years older than him and had married young so and we had lost touch with one another over the years. I am by no means a beauty queen and have a body that is carrying about twenty pounds more than it should but they tell me I’m cute but was shortchanged in the tit department. He, on the other hand, is a good looking guy who has taken great care of his body and still works out three or four times a week. In the last half-hour or so I have fallen in love with his dick. It sure gave me a great fuck.

“Mike, would you like a drink of anything?” I asked.

“A gin martini would be fantastic if you happen to have the makings.”

That was the drink of my ex husband so I was well qualified in how to make a James Bond Special.

He nursed his drink while we lay there just bullshitting and I was letting my fingers trace up and down his shaft and paying particular attention to his bluish red head. I traced a fingernail around his cock ring and that got a little action out of him. I could feel it pulse a little and I kept going by running the tip of my finger up and down the veins in his shaft. That seemed to give him a thrill for I could see the pulsing in his cock as it rose to meet my hand. I hadn’t seen it this close up before and was amazed at its size. I will get a ruler later but for now I’ll bet it is over ten inches hard; not thick but long.

There was some pre-com showing when I lowered my mouth to the head of it. I let my tongue lap it up as it circled his cock ring and then progressed down the shaft. He had turned over flat on his back and had one hand resting on the back of my head as I kissed and licked the length of his shaft and then down on his balls. I had his balls cupped in one hand as I raised my head and positioned my mouth over the head of his big cock. He had started to moan in anticipation of what lay ahead for him and as soon as I opened my mouth to allow a few inches of his cock to enter my mouth his moaning started for real. I stayed right where I was for a short time before letting more of him into my mouth and by then he was starting to go down my throat. I had learned with my ex husband how to breathe around a cock and I did that with Mike’s so I was able to hold a lot of him in my mouth without having to come up for air or gagging.

I then let my head rise and fall while my hand was holding the base of his cock. His moans became louder with each of my movements and I could feel his cock starting to pulse. The whole shaft twitched as his pulsing became stronger and it was only a few seconds later he was shooting a stream of warm lovely love juice deep in my throat. I pulled out a little so I would get some on my tongue to taste before burying his cock in my mouth again. Damn, I love to suck cock!

He had placed his hands on either side of my head as he started to fuck my mouth in sync with my motions. His stream of come slowed to just a trickle and I lapped it off the head of his beautiful softening cock with each upward stroke. I let one hand roam down to his puckered asshole and let one finger massage the rim of it. That had him moaning even more so I went all the way and let it slip up his ass an inch or so. I thought he had been hit by a lightning bolt the way he threw his hips in the air and now it wasn’t a little moan … it was a full throated yell. His cock got instantly hard again and he was now holding my head tightly as he fucked my throat as hard as he could. I kept my finger up his ass but had to pull my mouth off his cock a little or he would have choked me. He was still in my mouth a good five inches so he was feeling the full warmth of my tongue and lips. Damn, was he going to have another orgasm? I hoped so. His reaction to my finger up his ass had me wondering about another matter altogether. Is it possible he is gay?

“Mike, I think I have had enough cock sucking for one night. It’s time for some sleep.”

We cuddled most of the night and near morning I could feel him hard again and I pulled him over on top of me and let him ride me bareback…no condom. I hadn’t told him the night before but I had my tubes ties way back in my marriage. Neither my ex nor I wanted kids.

He grabbed one of the pillows and jammed it under my ass raising it up bursa ucuz eskort and letting him have a straight shot in entering me. He reached down and grabbed his cock with one hand and guided it into me. When he had the head of it lined up he gave one long thrust and was buried to the hilt immediately. I am not real crazy about that way for it hurt something inside of me on the way in. This guy can handle his long cock but he knows nothing about foreplay. I’ll have to spend some time on that.

I wrapped my legs around his back and he thrust in and out while dropping his face to my tits to give my nipples some attention. I had enjoyed sucking him off the night before but I didn’t have an orgasm doing it. That was going to come this morning. I let him go at my pussy with his long cock for a while before I pushed him up and then down. I wanted his face and tongue working my clit. This orgasm was going to be an oral one.

The way he floundered around down there it was as if he had never eaten pussy before. It took me a while before I guided him on what to do and how to do it. After that he rode my clit the way it was crying for. It wasn’t long before my thighs were wrapped around each side of his face. The feeling started deep within me and started to move to my crotch as he was working his tongue over the nub of my clit. My explosion was earth shattering. I reached down and had a hand on each side of his head holding him to me. He wasn’t escaping until he had sucked my pussy dry; dry of at least my love juices.

We lay there talking for a while and I asked him if he had ever had any homosexual experiences before. He looked surprised at my question but then said, “Jeannie, I haven’t, but when you put your finger up my ass it turned me on beyond belief. I don’t know what I was thinking about but you might have noticed I was hard in a second.”

“I did Mike and that was the reason for my question. No sweat, we have found another way to turn you on.” That had us both laughing. Like he needed another way!

He had to go on a job interview the next day which left me free to do some shopping. I came back with a great surprise for him.

He came home around three looking very dejected. The interview went well but they were going to move the office to Asia and Mike wanted no part of that. No problem, another one will come along.

“Hey stud, come to bed. I have a surprise for you.” XXXXX

He was in the bedroom and stripping his clothes off even before I had finished that sentence. I had pulled the covers down and was in bed waiting for him. I pushed him back and dropped my mouth to his cock taking in a few inches. While I was doing that I had my surprise out and ready for action. It was a six-inch dildo I was going to introduce to his ass. I had an eight-inch thick one I used on my pussy but I didn’t believe he could handle that one up his ass. I had put a glob of Vaseline on the head of it when I took it out of the box so it was ready for action. I took another inch or so of his cock in my mouth and then spread his legs apart. I am certain he thought I was going to use my finger again but when he felt something a little bigger trying to get past his sphincter muscle he tightened up.

“Relax Mike, let’s try this for a while.”

He never said a word but I could feel him let himself go almost completely limp. He had even lost his hard on.

I pushed the head of it in his ass and then kept up one long smooth pressure until it was buried. I looked up and his cock was ram-rod hard again and he was breathing excitedly through his mouth. He was biting his lower lip and making a sort of gasping sound. I used one hand on it to use it to fuck his ass while I had the other hand jacking him off ever so slowly. He was moaning and cooing unlike any sound I had heard out of him before. The dildo came with a strap-on attachment and I stopped for a minute and strapped the whole thing on myself. I then rolled on top of him and spread his legs and then lifted them high and slipped the dildo back up his ass and started to fuck him slow and easy. His cock was still rock hard and he had reached down and was jacking himself off hard and fast. I started to fuck his ass in time with his hand and within a few seconds he was spraying come all over our stomachs. I thought he had come a lot the first time we had fucked and he had filled his condom with it but this took the cake. He shot stream after stream high and far.

When his orgasm was finished he rolled away from and lay there gasping and sobbing.

“What the fuck are you crying about?” I asked

“Is what you just did to me an indication I am gay?”

“I have no idea what it means but I damn sure know you loved it. AND guess what, I am going to have you use it on me the same way as soon as we get cleaned up a little and I am hoping I love it the way you did.”

I had a tough time even with his finger in my ass leading the way for the dildo but bursa anal yapan escort I was bound and determined to take the six incher the same as he did.

“Mike, make sure you have plenty of Vaseline on it and them put a glob of it up my ass as well before you feed that thing to me.”

He soon had it strapped on and had a pillow under my ass with my legs up high. I could just feel the head of it touching my puckered ass lips and it felt good but I was frightened it wouldn’t feel so good once it started in me.

“Sis, relax now. I am going to go very slowly.”

I took a deep breath and could feel it open the lips of my ass and with that a little pain. He stopped as soon as he had the head of thing in me before pressing in any further. When my breathing returned to normal he pushed a little more and the pain was a lot worse.

“Mike, hold it right there for a bit.” I said through clenched teeth. The pain was bad but I wasn’t going to let it beat me.

He waited for a minute or so and then gave another push. This one hurt more than the last but I never said a word. I guess he took that as it wasn’t hurting and gave one final push and the thing was buried.

“How does it feel Jeannie? It’s in you all the way.”

I gritted my teeth and said, “I’ll tell you how it feels in a couple of hours. Right now it hurts like hell.”

“Sis, I am going to fuck your ass real slow. Why don’t you let a hand drop down and massage your clit the way you must do when you are masturbating? I’ll bet it will feel great.”

I did and I could feel the ridges of the rubber dildo rubbing against the walls of my ass. After the pain diminished a little it actually was arousing me. I had my eyes closed while he was driving it in and out and my fingers were working their magic on my clit when I felt that roaring feeling deep inside of me. I could feel the muscles in my pussy contracting but what was even weirder was I could also feel the muscles in my rectum doing the same thing and grabbing the dildo as if it didn’t want to let it go. It didn’t take long after that. My orgasm was harder than any I had felt in a long time and that had to be due to the dildo massaging the inner walls of my ass.

“Hey, bro. Maybe I’m gay too. I loved it.” I joked and we both roared.

“Mike, I have a larger dildo I use on my own pussy every now and then that I would love to try on your ass. How about it?”

“Oh hell, Jeannie, give me a break. I’m still a little sore from the smaller one.”

“Oh C’mon big boy. You can handle the bigger one if I just go slow.”

I got up and found the larger one in one of my dresser drawers and brought it over to the bed. His eyes got as large as poker chips and he gulped,

“You are NOT going to put that thing up my ass.”

“Oh shit the fuck up. I am going to put it in you a little ways. Just say so if you can’t handle it and I will stop. OK?”

I never waited for an answer but coated the head and shaft of it with some Vaseline and then put a big glob on my fingers and worked them into his asshole as far as they could reach. I noticed while I was doing that his cock started to twitch. He was getting a hard on. Hmmmmmmm.

The strap on worked fine and I soon had him with his legs up and the head of the big dildo aimed right at his asshole.

“Mike, now don’t be a baby. Let me get it in you a little ways before you start complaining.”

I pushed a little and nothing happened other than his ass simply retreated from the pressure against it. It kept doing that until I pushed a lot harder and the bulbous head of the dildo slipped into him. I looked down at his face and once again saw him biting his lip. This time I reached my hand down and grabbed his cock. He opened his eyes and I simple said, “My turn.” He never said a word but smiled and closed his eyes again.

My hand rose and fell on his shaft as I jacked him slow and easy and then pushed a lot harder and more of it slipped in. I looked down and saw I had almost the whole thing buried in his ass. I then started to fuck his ass while I was jacking him. He soon was moaning and cooing again. I gave one final push and could feel his thighs grabbing each side of me harder than they had been. He was really turned on as I fucked his ass deep and hard. I was jacking him off in time with the in and out motion of the dildo and could feel his shaft begin a pulsing motion. He started to throw his hips around from side to side and this let the dildo touch different part of his anal canal than I had been doing with my simple in and out motion. It was then obvious he was enjoying the hell out of getting his ass fucked with me jacking his cock and it was going to drive him over the top. It wasn’t long before he began to spurt his love juices out again but nowhere near ad much or as high or far as before. As soon as I saw this happening I really began to pound his ass with the dildo and was driving it in him as far as possible. He had dropped his legs and had his heels pressed against the back of my thighs and was pulling me in even deeper. I stopped when I saw him stop coming,

I let the dildo slip out of him and took the whole thing off laying it at the side of the bed. Mike seemed to be catching his breath after having had two orgasms in such a short time.

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