Brother and Sister Discover Eachother


My name is Josh and I’m 15 years old. I’m about 6 foot and well built with a 9 inch dick with a 7 inch girth. I have a younger brother, Matt, at 12 years old. I have one sister, Ashley, who is also 15. I never really paid that much attention to her when she was younger until now because she has a perfect body with nice sized tits and a nice round ass. My story starts when our parents went on a weeklong vacation leaving us at home alone. They felt it was ok because we were both perfect student. Little did they know… I had been watching porn videos late at night for about a year and I had been jacking off for about two years. I thought my sister was perfect though in all aspects. I was partially right. Our parents left on Sunday afternoon and had arranged rides for us to school. On Monday afternoon my sister went home and I went to basketball practice after school. We had a shortened practice because the coach fell ill in the middle of practice so he called us to the showers. We had standard shower procedures: strip, walk in, scrub, walk out, grab a towel, and get dressed. I was third in line, which cut down on the staring eyes at my massive cock. I tried to stay away from three guys near the end of the line because they were gay. I had my shower and got dressed and left the locker room just to find out about 15 minutes later that I had left my gym shorts in my locker. I went back to the locker room and found the three gay guys sucking each other off at the end of my row. I tried to avoid them but they caught me on the way out. The tallest one, Mark who also had the longest dick at about 7 ½ inches, asked me if they could see my cock so I said what the hell and I dropped my shorts to let them see my cock. Mark immediately fell and began sucking on my cock, but I backed away from him because I wasn’t gay. I ran home, still about an hour early, to avoid the three guys for the remainder of the day. I arrived home and quietly walked through the door to keep from waking my sister up because she normally comes home to take a nap before doing her homework. I walked into my room and gently closed the door and dropping my bag, walked to my closet to sit and take off my shoes. As I sat down, I saw a hole in Escort Anadolu yakası the wall that I had never noticed before. I moved toward it and looked through it and to my surprise I saw my sister on her bed but she wasn’t asleep. She was sitting on the bed completely nude fingering herself into a frenzy. She had a beautiful body. Her tits were nice and round, probably size 34c and her pussy was amazing. She had laid towels on the floor in front of her for a strange reason until she cummed all over the towels. Then she laid back and seemed to have fallen asleep. I couldn’t wait at this moment so I ran to my bathroom and immediately pulled out my rock hard cock and jacked myself off. I blew 7 loads before I was finished because my sister was so fucking hot. Later that night I didn’t mention anything to my sister about her fingering herself in hopes that she might do it again. Since my parents were gone I could watch porn more openly now on my laptop so I stripped and crawled into bed and pulled the sheets over my dick. I wouldn’t be hard for a while because I had seen these movies several times. My sister then peeked into the room and mentioned that she was going to take a shower. We shared a bathroom that had a door in each of our bedrooms too. She normally would close the door completely but tonight she left part of it ajar so I stole a look through the crack while she showered. She was beautiful in the steaming bathroom with water dripping off of her tits. She then pulled out a battery and started moving it in and out of her pussy while she showered, but she didn’t keep this up for long. She finished her shower and wrapped herself in a towel and went back to her room. I had a hardon again so I immediately went to jack off. We both went to sleep like normal that night and woke up for school the next morning. I had my usual hardon in the morning since I slept nude because my parents never had to wake me up anymore. But unusually my sister knocked on my door that morning and asked to come in. I raised my knee up under the sheets to hide my hardon and told her to come in. She told me that breakfast was ready and for me to hurry up. She closed the door Kurtköy escort and I quickly dressed. She had made breakfast for us both. After breakfast we took our showers and we went to school and had a normal day. I saw my sister during the day and she mentioned that she was going to have a friend over to spend the night. I figured she wouldn’t finger herself tonight then. I went to basketball to find that the coach wasn’t there at all and that practice had been canceled for the next three days. I found Mark alone this time just staring at his cock in the locker room. I asked him what was wrong and he said that his cock would never be as great as mine was and that he shouldn’t have been gay. I told him that his cock was fine as it was because I didn’t know what else to say and I invited him over to spend the night since my sister did the same. I didn’t think it would cause any damage. Mark came home with me and we quietly went to my room and deposited our bags and shoes in my closet. I watched through the hole and in surprise found both girls fingering each other this time. I had an instant hardon and Mark noticed it because it literally stood out of my shorts. I moved and let him watch the two girls and he also had a hardon. I went towards the bathroom and found that it was locked so I couldn’t wait to jack off. Mark and I jacked in the middle of my closet and covered each other with cum. The two girls cummed a few minutes later. We couldn’t clean up the mess of cum with anything but Mark instantly went to work licking it all up off of my body. We skipped dinner that night and went straight to bed. I didn’t mind Mark sleeping with me in my bed nude like I was as long as he didn’t try to fuck or suck me. We watched porn for about an hour before going to sleep. We woke the next morning to hear both girls in the shower at the same time giggling about something, except this time they closed the door. We grabbed our breakfast and got to school early and had a normal day again. That afternoon we both went straight to my house before my sister left school to get there in time. We made it and was ready for her in my closet. She continued with her routine and her Maltepe escort bayan friend walked in a few minutes later. This was basically a replica of the previous day but we didn’t care. After they cummed the first time, they began again while Mark and I moved out of the closet to the bed to watch more porn. They cummed again, except this time some cum hit the wall near the area of the hole. Ashley found the hole and began watching me and Mark jack off. She told her friend to get to the hole and look at her brother’s massive cock. They decided that they would pay a visit to Mark and I the next day.We continued through school for Thursday and went home like normal, except that this time my sister didn’t show up in her room. She instead came into my room with her friend. Mark and I had stripped anticipating a show. We backed up to the bed while they moved closer. I then stepped up and moved towards my sister and Mark did the same towards her friend, Leslie. Ashley then asked if she could jack me off if I would finger her. I agreed and she dove for my cock with her caressing hands. Mark received the same treatment from Leslie. Ashley had a difficult time jacking my cock because she wasn’t used to anything as big as mine. She couldn’t even fit her hand around my cock. It didn’t take long before I blew my total of 11 loads all over her and Leslie’s faces. Mark blew his 4 shortly after. We then fingered the girls until they cummed and we gladly sucked ever juice up. They left and went to bed having cummed three times. We stayed up jacking and sucking each other off because we had just fingered a girl. I was ok with Mark sucking me now. We went to school the next day like nothing had happened. Leslie and Mark had planned to meet at his house for about an hour then come to our house. We had basketball practice today though. We just took the girls with us and they watched us practice until we went to the showers. We flew through them and left as quickly as we could. Ashley and I could barely get in the door before we flew up the stairs to our rooms. She began to undress to take a shower because she was hot from the gym, except this time she didn’t close the door to the bathroom. I was already nude watching porn and I saw a glimpse of her ass as she stepped in the shower. I heard the water start….this was my chance that I had been waiting for all week long. I walked into the bathroom and thank god my sister was turned the other way. I snuck up behind her and opened the shower door and stepped into the shower with her.

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