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brother INWell my fans have begged and begged for yet another happening.This one comes from my dark distant past in the US. It might get banned when those that oversee this site read it? I dont care it happened and boy it was nice it was about growing up in my family.I have hinted through a few stories that family sex happened. I would suggest it happens far more than most would admit?There no easy way of putting it but the day came when I caught my eldest brother with his big thick cock staning proud as i walked into the bathroom. Little was said I just stared. A few years under 16 but oh boy I knew what to do with them and had been filled several times indeed looking back through diaries I can say I had 20 boys at least before this happened. Anyway it was just one of those things he had a porn book on the floor and jutting out of him was a lovely thick 9″ cock. We stared and stared. isveçbahis yeni giriş He looked a little embarrased I looked horny. I simply crossed the bathroom and wanked him off letting him spray his load over my shorts and legs. He kissed me and I left. Thinking nothing of it. He should have pulled away he was 20. I def knew better.A few days past and apart from meals we had not seen a lot of each other till he left a note in my room to meet him in one of the old barns after supper.I did this and found him up high on last years dry straw.We chatted about what happened and about sex. He asked all sorts of questions about what I knew. Then out of the blue he asked if his was the biggest cock I had ever seen? I lied and said yes. However I had seen a monster black one going in and out of a girl from the town who I knew from the ice cream parlour. As thick isveçbahis giriş as my arm and a full 10″ long it was.Anyway he asked if I would like to see it again. I said sure why not no harm in looking?He flopped out a three quarter hard cock. It looked lovely and it was so wet.I touched it like a girl of my years would poke a bullfrog with a stick. Then lifted it and felt its weight pretty good I said knowlingly and he laughed real loud. You an expert then are you he goaded.It was in my mouth before he could stop laughing. Right down the back it went. I sucked that cock like some two bit hooker. His face was a mixture of shock horror and worry. I got wow wow stop you cant do that?Looks like you are enjoying it I pointed at his fully hard thick meat bobbing all by itself dripping my juice and his pre cum.Why cant I do it? Is it wrong? Is it wrong to wank your brother isveçbahis güvenilirmi off in the bathroom? Is it wrong for my brother to pump his seed all over my legs and shorts? Of course it is but eh lifes too short I needed cock and he needed to cum. So I blew him. A mixture of sucking and wanking when my jaw went numb.These sessions became weekly and he would start to talk dirty to me then he progressed at telling me how he spied on out Mom whilst she was being “serviced” by airman whilst pop was away. I learnt a great deal of things.So some 6 weeks later when I decided he was in no place to resist when his little sister dressed in th most pink of all pink pinafore dresses long socks no bra or knickers pushed him back in the straw and let his cock slide into me right up to his sac. He was in no place to object when he gushed his lovely load right into my well fucked cunt as he did my doggy in that barn.He was in no place to moan when he caught me riding a black guy from the diner in that barn or when he saw me licking my first cunt of a fellow students. He was so disgusted as what he saw his cock srayed the most and greatest distance I have ever seen.xx

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