Subject: Brothers Cuddles and Uncles Hugs – Chapter 1 Nifty has a vast resource of adult literature for all tastes, to keep this site free for all to enjoy please consider making a donation. WICKR. ail​ M/M M/b/M Incest This story is a work of fiction, the names and characters and the situations are created by the author and have no resemblance to anyone living or dead or any real life situation. Please do not share with the authors consent. This story contains incest and situations involving minors if you are offended or reading such material is prohibited then please leave now. Brothers Cuddles and Uncles Hugs Chapter 1. My brother Aidan and his wife were trying to patch up their three year marriage, again! So me being the great brother I am, and the fact that I’m divorced, single and the best uncle in the world I offered to take their boy, my nephew Mikey camping for a long weekend. I got to my brothers house a bit earlier than I planned and entered in through the kitchen, the house was in silence the family room was empty as was the sitting room. I found the boy eventually in the den, asleep on the sofa his cheeks flushed red it would appear from crying. I went in search of my brother and his wife upstairs only to find Aidan sat on the bed in the master suite, he looked shell shocked. He saw me but didn’t see me if you know what I mean, when I entered into the room he just had that wide eyed stare, he was pasty white. `You ok buddy’ I asked him. He sat there not saying a word but just shook his head, `she’s, she’s gone Jack he almost whispered, she packed her bags, said she’s found someone else, told me I’d be hearing from her lawyer took the Mercedes and left. She walked out and left our boy, she didn’t even say goodbye to him. He screamed and cried but she just ignored him. How could she do that?’ He asked mystified. I sat down beside him on the bed and put my arm around his shoulder and hugged him, he seemed to shrink in on himself, then leant into me and shook silently, great wracking gut wrenching sobs eventually escaped, he hugged me me hard. His face was buried in my chest, I hugged him back and gently whispered he’d be fine, smoothing his hair. His hand stroked my back as he sought the comfort while he cried that he so desperately needed. `I’m sorry, he kept saying over and over to me, `it’s fine’ I said. `Let it out, I’m here little brother.’ He suddenly sagged in my arms the sudden unexpected weight caused me to fall backwards on the bed, he snuggled into me crying. His face was now in my armpit, I wanted to move him as I felt a bit uncomfortable with him there, conscious he was huffing in my funk. But he seemed to be calming down, so I left him. His hand which was smoothing my back had now moved to my front smoothing over my chest. His hand was making those small circles people do when needing comfort and contact. The trouble was he was now smoothing my over my pecs well actually my nipple, and as uncomfortable as it made me, the friction was making tingles radiate out and it was starting to feel very good. So good in fact I could feel my cock starting to chub up, oh God no! I thought to myself. This is neither the time nor the place to be getting a boner, the more I thought no the harder I could feel I was getting. The worst thing was when he’d moved to get more comfortable his leg had crossed over me and was resting on my groin. He had to be able to feel me getting hard, the embarrassment made me screw my eyes up tight. I tried thinking of dead sheep and old nuns but still my cock grew, it was then I realised he’d stopped crying. I was about to open my eyes when I felt him grind into me. I suddenly realised I could feel something hard pressing into my hip, fuck he was hard too. I was about to open my eyes when I felt his head move, I felt his teeth on my nipple through the thin fabric of my shirt. He nibbled and then licked the hardening nub making the white cotton translucent, his breath causing the fabric to cool sending shivers down my spine. His momentarily pause and my not saying no seemed to give him all the encouragement he needed, and he attacked my nipple with renewed enthusiasm. His fingers found the other and he began to gently twist the sensitive flesh making my breath shudder as I exhaled. He chewed gently but relentlessly nipping and licking intermittently, when he went to change nipples I found my hand on the back of his head pulling him back to keep chewing the engorged flesh. His groin was humping my hip grinding his hard cock into me, I could feel a pool of precum pooling under my cock head in my pants. I was hard as rock, my cock pulsing in-time with my heart beat. I hadn’t cum in over a week and I was hard, horny and for some reason my brother was getting me extremely aroused. I opened my eyes, I could see his blonde hair and then watched as his head seemed to move in slow motion. His head tilted upward and his blue eyes looked up to meet mine. His teeth held the extended fabric covered nub, pulled oh so taught, I moaned and he smiled – so did I, before a huge shudder of pleasure erupted though my very being. I felt him release the flesh, and crawled up my body till we were looking into each other’s eyes, he tentatively moved forwards our lips softly met. I felt his tongue trace my lips, the wetness bringing my own tongue out, as they met they danced. Before our lips sealed over each other’s mouths and we began to taste each other earnestly. His breath was minty and fresh with a faint taste of some sort of alcohol which was not at all unpleasant. My hands had gripped the sides of his head and I pulled him hard on to me tasting him drinking him down. We kissed deeply and passionately, my hips ground my cock in to his groin, where I could feel his hard meat grinding back into me. We ground our bodies together hard and fast, our breath was coming in gasps, sighs and moans were escaping each of us. istanbul travesti Neither one of us were thinking of what we were doing, it was just the right thing to be doing. His hands slipped down my chest grabbing the shirt flaps and he pulled hard, the buttons pinging off and flying around the room as he spread the fabric wide so he could gain access to my naked flesh. His fingers smoothed over the hairy pectoral muscles and sent bolts of lightning from my nipples to my brain to my groin. He twisted the flesh harder, causing me to moan out aloud. I reached down to his tight T-shirt and pulled the fabric up and over his head and threw it across the room. I felt his chest hairs smoothing over my own. I forced my arms behind myself and raised us in to a sitting position. Once sat up my hands quickly found his own nipples and I began to gently pull and twist, we began to kiss deeply again. His tongue plunged into my mouth and I sucked on it greedily tasting him drinking him down. The endorphins were erupting from my brain sending sensations I’ve never experienced before throughout my whole body. We were moaning into each other’s mouths and I felt his hand smooth over the soft fur of my chest down my abs towards my crotch. I moaned again loudly as he kneaded the hard constricted flesh bound in my jeans. I felt him move and then the pulling as the button fly popped open, my underwear was pulled forwards and a small portion of my cock released. I felt his fingers pull back the foreskin and glide over the slick precumed glans, my head fell backwards and my eyes fluttered closed from the intense pleasure his touch was giving me. He quickly let go and my head snapped back as I felt him move backwards and stood up, he pulled me to my feet as well. He sank to his knees pulling my jeans and underwear down to my knees before engulfing my cock with his mouth. My legs shook and I almost collapsed from the sheer intensity of the warmth of his mouth suckling on my meat. He held the shaft and slathered the head with his saliva, his tongue working into my piss slit drinking down the honey that was my precum. His breath was hard and fast as he worked my shaft in his mouth switching from working on the glans, pulling back the foreskin chewing on the sensitive fleshy head before engulfing the whole eight and a half inches, taking it all back into his throat and using the muscles there to caress the silky flesh. I felt his free hand then grab my balls pulling them down from my body hard but not painfully. His grip forced more blood into my cock, making the veins stand out. As he worked my shaft he moaned softly, the vibrations adding to the sensations sending to me to a high. Faster he worked on the engorged flesh his spittle glistening on the smooth flesh, my breathing was starting to get faster, my hips pumping in to his face meeting his downward swallowing of my cock. Faster and faster I pumped, my balls would normally be swinging wildly, slapping against a chin from the onslaught of my pounding. I felt the tell tale tingling deep inside my balls, the exquisite pleasure was building, my nerves were firing bullets in to my synapses which were exploding all over my body. My skin was covered in a fine sheen of sweat and I felt my nipples harden, the nubs prominently standing out as the first of my cum began the short journey from my balls to my piss slit. My hands gripped Aidan’s head, holding him as I pounded his face, and then I felt my cock head swell as the first volley blasted out, hot thick creamy cum, blasted in to my brothers hot wet mouth with such ferocity I was convinced I’d blow his brains out from the explosion. Eight times I felt my cock shoot and he swallowed and sucked,j milking every last drop of my seed out. I cried out with the pleasure of him eating me down, slurping on the thick cream my balls had produced. He continued to lick and gently suckle the over-sensitive flesh till I could stand no more and he let my softening cock slide from his mouth. Still on his knees he looked up at me, uncertainty clouded his face at what had just happened between us. I couldn’t bear to see such worry on his face and smiled at him and helped him stand, I hugged him close and as we parted I placed a kiss on lips. His mouth opened to me and I tasted the faint traces of my cum on his breath the rich man smell of my crotch juices over his chin. The pheromones stinging my nose making my head swim and my cock immediately began to harden again like I was a teenager not a thirty something year old man. I let my hands wander over his chest sliding down his firm stomach as if his treasure trail were guiding the rough skin of my hands downwards. I felt the course fabric of the denim and my hands made quick work of unsnapping his belt and popping the fly. His jeans and boxers came down in a swift movement freeing his cock which was hard and thickly veined, the cock ring he wore making the flesh extremely hard. He was cut unalike me, but he had a good eight or possibly nine inches of thick fat fuck stick. I let my thumb trace over the glans, thick cock snot drooled out coating the velvet head of his meat. He sighed into my mouth as I gently wanked him, my other hand smoothed down his back over his tight bubble ass. Soft fine hairs made the skin feel like silk, I felt his crack and he jerked towards me as my fingers slipped into the valley of his most private place. My hand worked in between the muscly globes of his ass and my fingers quickly found the puckered skin of his asshole. I rubbed over the wrinkled flesh he groaned again but he was so dry it’d hurt if I tried to get in that tight man cunt. I pulled my fingers back out and prised our lips apart and swapped my tongue for my fingers. He quickly caught on and licked and sucked them getting them wet. They were soon slick so I wasted no time getting them back in the crevice of his tight ass. I found the kadıköy travesti puckered ring and slipped two fingers in to the first knuckle, he moaned loudly, a rumble emanating deep inside his chest. It sounded like large boulders crashing together, his hands went behind him and he pulled those fleshy mounds apart and sank back on to my fingers easily engulfing them all the way. The heat was so intense, the smooth lining of his ass chute allowed me deep into him. I fingered him and wiggling I quickly and accidentally found his prostate gland. I pounded it sliding in and out hard, each pass making him moan and sigh louder than the last. His cock was pulsing now standing hard and proud on its own as I’d stopped wanking him watching. I looked on fascinated as thick cock snot dripped and hung in a thick ribbon to pool on the floor below. His heart was thundering and his breathing quickening, he was pounding his ass on my fingers until he stopped suddenly and thick white creamy ropes of man cum started to spew from his cock. He shot the first blast so high It landed on my cheek and lips. My tongue darted out on reflex and I tasted my brothers creamy load for the first time. The next four blasts hit my abs and the remaining three covered my own cock and balls like creamy tinsel on a Christmas tree. He sagged in my arms before I helped him shuffle to the bed. We both sat there and then laid back, both of us naked from the chest up and jeans around our ankles. We lay spent, sated and silent his chest was was slowing down from the heavy breathing of an amazing orgasam. `Fuck’ he said. `Fuck indeed’ said I. `What now?’ He asked as he turned and looked at me, his blue cobalt eyes trying to peer inside my head. `We carry on as before, I know we’ve crossed a line but that doesn’t change my love for you.’ I said. `You’re my little brother, I’ve loved you since you were born and I’ve know you liked guys as well as girls since you were ten. This changes nothing of how I feel about you.’ I smiled at him and pulled him in close for a hug. I felt the tension leave him and saw his eyes close and a tear slide down his cheek. I just held him as his breathing slowed and he fell asleep. I got up then and gently shucked my boots and jeans and then did his. I pulled the duvet over him and closed the curtains, he needed some rest. I headed to the door and closed it gently and headed downstairs. I needed to talk to Mikey and what he’d seen, he was too young really to understand but I knew I’d seen him as his daddy was working that hot ass of his on my hand. We needed to get things clear before he went blabbing and got himself taken into care. I went first to the family bathroom and took a quick shower, I tied a towel around my waist and head on downstairs. I could hear the T.V and the latest cartoon on, Mikey sat on the sofa watching intensely. I for sure knew he was not that interested as he pretended to be. I sat on the love seat opposite him, not saying a word, just sat back relaxed enjoying the buzz of the great sex I’d just had, even if it was with my brother. I knew I just had to wait for Mikey to speak. `What we’re you and daddy doing?’ he asked after ten minutes silence. I counted to ten and spoke softly, `daddy was sad that your mummy left. He needed a big hug, so we hugged, and then, we’ll sometimes grown ups show they love each other by sharing in something special. Daddy needed lots of special love and I was the only one who could help him.’ I told him. `I know you saw, Mikey. You know it’s rude to spy on people don’t you?’ Mikey just looked at the floor, I caught sight of his bottom lip quivering. `Hey big guy, there’s no need to cry or get upset. But it’s not polite to spy, especially on grown ups loving each other. You don’t want daddy and me to get into trouble now do you?’ Big fat tears were now running silently down his face, I wanted to get it across to him what he did was wrong and to not tell anyone he basically saw his daddy sucking my cock and me fingering his daddy’s ass. He sat there so upset, `hey big guy come here I said siting forwards. I opened my legs wide and spread my arms. He slid of the sofa and came running into my arms. He stood just over three foot a little over 55 pounds, he was like a small toy in my arms. I’m six feet seven, and I’m pretty muscular. My job collecting the garbage keeps me active and trim without much need to watch my diet I work out in my basement two or the times a week so I know I look pretty good. Mikey was engulfed in my arms, he snuggled in tight. His hair smelt of strawberries, he wore just a T-shirt and sponge Bob pyjama bottoms. He snuggled in tight, head against my chest, I haven’t got kids so I adored this little guy. What I wasn’t expecting was he was obliviously watching his daddy a lot longer than I realised. I took a sharp breath in as I felt him latch on to my nipple and suckle. The fleshy nub hardened immediately, his mouth working the now sensitive flesh from his fathers ministrations. `Mikey, no!’ I said but still he suckled. I started to pull him off and the flesh stretched causing me to sigh and moan and my hips thrust upwards. My cock had already started to respond and get hard, still the boy chewed. My hand went to the back of his head like it had to his fathers and I pushed him into the hardened nub. He released the nub and began to lick it. His other small hand went to my other nipple and twisted the flesh, pulling it so it stretched long. My towel had loosened at the waste and one side revealed my hip, I flipped the towel wide and my cock hard was at a ninety degree angle, a small bead of precum oozing out the piss slit. Mikey looked at at and fell to his knees, he put the entire head of my cock in his tiny mouth. He literally had to force it in, his mouth was so small. The intense sucking he gave made me sigh, I leaned forward. His tiny body was on all fours, his ass covered bakırköy travesti by the thin cotton pyjamas. I let my hand slide under the fabric, his skin was like crushed velvet, so smooth. His ass was tiny I could fit it in one hand, his ass crack was slightly spread from his position. My finger glided over his hole. It was wet, and slick and slightly wide. I could feel it. I frowned wondering why. I again let my finger glide over his boy cunt and this time my middle finger slipped in, he moaned against the flesh in his mouth. The vibrations sending shivers through me. Deeper I went and he again moaned. I pulled it out and slid in two this time, again they slid in easily, deeply, next I tried three then four. I pulled them out pulled my cock from his mouth and stood him up pulled his clothes off him. I got him on all fours on the love seat and sat down behind him, I spread his ass cheeks wide. His little pucker wasn’t so puckered. Sure it was pink but with purple bruising around the ring and it was slightly gaping. I put my face into his ass crack and smelt the faint whiff of cum, man cum. I sat back on my haunches in disbelief, my brother has been fucking his kid. I wanted to go upstairs and beat the crap out of him, but suddenly realised I’d just had my cock in the boy’s mouth. I leant in again close and instinctively swiped my tongue over the pink ass flesh. Mikey moaned. `Does daddy do that Mikey?” I asked `I’m not allowed to tell anyone’ he said. I grinned and again swiped my tongue over him, this time I let the tip penetrate the tight hole. Mikey moaned, I began to lap and tongue fuck the boy, lapping and slurping at his hole. I could taste a mixture of Mikey’s ass juices and Aidan’s cum. I ate him with a ferocity I didn’t know I had, my tongue was squelching in his boy pussy, my hand went to his tiny cock which was a hard two inches of burning boy flesh. I used two fingers to begin wanking him. He was moaning now softly, my dick was hard as rock and dripping with cock snot. There on under the table beside me was a small bottle of lube, I opened it slicked my cock up and lined the big purple head up with Mikey’s tiny boy cunt. I pushed with my hips, I didn’t enter him only pushed the small child forwards, I gripped his hips and pulled him backwards as I pushed in firmly with my hips. I felt the skin of his cunt spread the ass lips spreading then the intense heat as his boy hole closed over the big mushroom head of my cock. The foreskin forced back to rest behind the glans he was so tight. I felt him try to pull away, and a small cry came from him as I entered him but I pushed in deeper. I slid the whole of my eight and a half in thick cock into his tiny rectum. He hissed and said owwwww a few times but he endured it. `Easy baby’ I said. `Give it a second or two and it’s going to feel good.’ I said. I waited what seemed like an eternity but probably only a couple of minutes before I started to slide it out of him. I sank in again deeper and pulled out watching as the walls of his tight boy cunt dragged along the veiny cock exiting from his guts. I plunged in deep again my thick black pubes up against the alabaster flesh of his ass. In and out slow and steady, I reached around again and found him hard and gently wanked him again, with my other hand I lifted him up so he was on his knees now. My hand was around him and on the inward thrust I could feel my cock poking into his abdomen. It was so hot I picked up my pace. Mikey was cooing and moaning now as I fucked the small child. His ass was squelching from the lube, farting sounds erupting every now and then from the air I was pumping in that tight boy cunt. `That’s so hot’ came a voice behind me. I looked and there was Aidan naked and hard. He came and climbed over the arm rest and pulled Mikey into a long kiss. Then pushed the boys face into his crotch where the child began to suck his cock head. That’s it baby make daddy and Uncle Jack feel good and we’ll make you feel very, very good too. I was pounding the kids ass, I slapped it and left a pink hand print. Mikey jumped at the sting and a few extra inches of Aiden’s cock went down his throat. Aidan groaned and then just pushed the kids head down, all of his cock slid in to the boys throat. Mikey was pounding on his legs groaning. `Oh fuck that’s good’, he said. I felt the kids asshole grip my cock like a vice and I sunk deeper in to him, a fire erupted and I spewed molten cum into his tiny ass. `I’m cumming’ I roared and coated the inside of the kids cunt with my cum. Aidan groaned again too, and as he pulled his cock out of Mikey mouth he shot blast after blast over the small child’s mouth nose and eyes. He was covered in it and the thick slime from his throat fucking. Mikey was gasping for breath. But I wasted no time. I picked him up flung him onto his back and devoured his boy nail. I gently sucked and chewed on my first cock in my life, he squirmed and groaned and I quickly plunged three fingers into his sloppy boy cunt and found his boy button. It took thirty seconds of me fingering him before his hips were bucking wildly into my mouth as he reached his boygasam. He cried out in pleasure as I continued to work his cunt and suck his cocklett. I eased off gently his chest pounding from the pleasure. I looked at Aidan, `fuck’ I said `fuck indeed’ he said. `What now,’ I asked `We carry on as before, I know we’ve crossed a line but that doesn’t change my love for you.’ he said smiling, quoting my own words back at me. We looked at Mikey flat on his back legs spread wide, my fingers still in his pussy. `Nice cunt?’ My brother asked me. `Hell yeah!’ I said. Want some more he asked. I grinned at him. Let’s get cleaned up and we’ll talk he said. I pulled my cum soaked fingers from Mikey’s gaping boy cunt and headed to the bathroom again. My brother was lead me by the hand. Half way up the stairs he stopped leaned into me and kissed me deeply, I’ve so wanted to see you fuck my son he said. It was the hottest thing I’ve ever seen. He smiled and continued up the stairs holding my hand. `When he wakes up I’ll show you just how good a fuck he is’ he said. To be continued… WICKR. WankingIsHot

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