Brought My Straight Buds Together


I’m 25 and this happened two years ago. This story is 100% true with no embellishment whatsoever.

In case you haven’t read the story of my first sexual encounter with my long time high school buddy Mike just a few days before this happened, feel free to read that first, or not. At that encounter I made a move on him and it worked out great. Mike has a best friend named Sam who’s known to have a big dick and we also became friends. I’d made moves on him too a few months earlier and we had a good night. But even though Mike and Sam are best friends they haven’t experimented or anything together or with anyone besides me and they hadn’t told each other what happened with me. I’m 25, bi, semi closeted, 6 ft tall with olive skin and curly black hair. Mike is 6ft with dark hair and some stubble and a boyish face. Sam is 6’5 with a sharp jaw line and blonde hair and both are sexy as hell.

It’s a Friday night in June, and really hot. I have Mike over and we start drinking and smoking some weed. Sam was going through some bad shit, his girlfriend cheated on him a bunch and sent him pictures of that. He was hella angry and also hadn’t been laid in forever. He came over and we all watched some Netflix while we drank whisky and coke and smoked more weed in our boxers. We also took our shirts off. Not gonna lie, I was plotting this threesome that whole day, and now was my time to execute. It was late and we were thoroughly drunk and very horny. We kept talking about stuff and eventually Sam got up to take a piss. While he was in the bathroom I told Mike that I had messed around with Sam. His eyes went super wide and I looked down and there was a growing bulge. At that moment Sam got back and saw me staring at his bulge. My heart started poker oyna racing and I said something like “fuck it.” I got down on my knees and started putting my mouth on his cock through his boxers. At first he flushed with embarrassment and yanked away reflexively. Sam said something like, “Woah looks like you two are having way too much fun on your own…” he walked over slowly and stood next to Mike who was watching his reaction for judgement. I could see a giant bulge in Sam’s boxers too. Woah. Mike put up his hands in an “might as well” pose and he walked back over to me on my knees and put his crotch right in front of my face.

It smelled like amazing musk and was throbbing through his boxers. i remembered that smell from before. Mike’s cock is curved to the left, it’s thick and long. I slowly pulled down his boxers and said “fuck yeah!” As his hard cock plopped out, Sam stayed there staring down transfixed, and was really hard as well. I get such a kick out of group and also out of turning out my friends so this was just heaven for me honestly since both of their first experiences with a guy was with me it was cool to bring my bros together. I tried my best to keep really good suction on his curved thick cock while I played with his balls. Sam started to grab his dick through his boxers and jack off. I took my mouth off Mike’s throbbing cock and looked way up at Sam in the eyes. I could tell he wanted to do this for a really long time, he was transfixed on Mike’s hard cock seeing it for the first time. I pulled down his boxers and tasted that familiar cock and he absolutely melted away. His cock is huge and so are his balls. I sucked him good for a while…I found out Sam really likes to just grab your head and move it canlı poker oyna where he wants it and keep it where he wants it for as long as he wants it; definitely a lot of sexy natural dominance to the dude. He started precumming really heavily. I went back to Mike and brought him close to cumming. I wanted them both at the same time and while I was sucking both of them they started kissing. Slowly at first and then harder. Mike took a seat and started smoking some more weed while I sucked him. Sam came over behind my and grabbed my head and neck softly. He started massaging it and guiding me as I sucked Mike’s cock. Then Mike did that while I sucked Sam again. I love having my head forced down a big cock and held there and Mike did that while I was sucking his best buddy. I was moaning so loudly and Mike started to go rough on my head grabbing it hard.

“Take that fucking giant cock. You want to act like the town whore, you’re gonna get treated like the town whore.” He said as he pushed my head down his buddy’s huge cock. He started pinching my nipples hard as well. I started gagging but kept my self there telling myself to relax. I took a little bit of poppers to help. Pretty soon Sam was close to cumming and I had to stop. We took a quick break to catch our breath, drink a bit, and smoke some more weed. We were absolutely silent. After we were done Mike got on his knees and started blowing me. That was his second time sucking dick and his first time was also with me. It was so hot seeing someone discover their sexuality like that. Sam started slapping his ass a bit and we moved to the bed. Sam started trying to put a finger in Mike while he was blowing me. At first Mike was really scared but then he let it happen and got internet casino into it. Slowly Sam inserted a finger. It looked like he was really tight and definitely had never been fucked before. He was nervous but I could tell it felt really good. He was in a spit roast position sucking my cock hard and moaning. I’d never heard those sounds before from my “straight” buddies and it was so fucking hot.

I forced his head down hard all the way down my cock and held it there while slapping his face a little. “That’s exactly fuckin right. How does that cock taste? That’s what you’ve wanted for so long huh buddy.” He started nodding vigorously. “Take that huge cock all the way down to the balls till you can smell my fuckin balls.” He’d never been talked to that way before and at first he paused and then he went harder and faster while jerking off. God it was so fuckin’ hot. Sam started really working his ass and put in another finger. He was moaning so hard while sucking my cock.

“Can’t believe you guys have been hanging out since second grade and have never messed around.” I said. Sam and I leaned over Mike and started making out and then I started sucking his nipples. I bent down further and started sucking Sam while Mike was sucking me. Up and down with his hands on my head it felt amazing while I was getting sucked off. There was a silence and all you could hear was fast sucking from both Mike and I, and Sam moaning really loudly. I took a moment while I had his cock deep down my throat and my cock down Mikes throat to really savor the moment and realize how rare it is to get two straight buddies and good friends of mine to mess around. It felt indescribably amazing.

Suddenly Sam started getting really close to cumming and that was super hot and really turned me on so i pushed down harder on Mikes head and he heard what was going on and we all came pretty much at the same time. It was an amazing night and we had a lot of great nights after that.

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