Subject: Browsing The Mall (18) This I a fictional story about the guys browsing in the mall. It could be any mall anywhere in the country. This of course does not presume that any of these guys is gay or would partake of a gay encounter. Enjoy. ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ Browsing the Mall (18) ….. There I was on my knees groping at this hot young guys crotch. Here in my favorite place in the mall. Getting some big hungry cock that I am always needing. I groped at the huge bulge in his sweats. Feeling his big heavy dick through them. I shoved my face into his bulging crotch. Feeing his club throb against my cheek. It did feel huge. I turned my face and opened my mouth to chew on it through the cotton material of the sweats. “Hmmm yeah man” Brett moaned “Take out my bug dick and suck it dude” “Needing a good blow” But it just felt soo good against my face like this. I reluctantly pulled away from his cock. Brett then yanked down his sweats. His boxers below were showing signs of life for sure. The huge tube was threatening to fall out through the he leg. “Damn it looks huge” I said again Then he pulled down his boxers. Lifting his legs to kick off his sweats and boxers. His very big cock fell out. It just dropped there. Very thick and hung low. The big uncut tip looking imposing. “Damn it is Huge” I declared “Here man” he said as he pulled it up in his hand “Suck” The cock was so big, his hand seemed small in comparison. I licked tuzla eve gelen escort my lips as I was immediately hungry for it. I then grabbed his big dick and pulled it to my now opened mouth. I quickly went down on half his schlong. I slobbered over his dick like someone on his last meal. Brett just started to softly groan as I suck on his big dick. “Yeah man. Yeah fucker” he moaned “Suck my dick” “Fuck that’s good” “Hmmm. Yeah the tongue dude. The tongue” “Aweee” His hand then grabbed my head and he quickly began to fuck my face. His huge dick pushing it’s was deep in my mouth and into my throat. I gagged as he pushed it into my esophagus. But he released me as he saw I had some trouble. I spit up his huge dick. But after a quick gasp for air, grabbed hold of it again. “Fucking huge dick man” I reiterated Then went back to work on Brett’s cock. Again he began to fuck my face. But not so rough this time. “Man you are better than my girl” he stated I was glad he liked what I was doing. And felt darned proud of my work on his big dick. But then my pride was shot down as he spoke what I first thought of when he was cool with this was but true. “All you gay guys suck soo fucking great” he added “Glad I saw you at the food court man” So I wasn’t the first guy in his cock. And probably wouldn’t be the last. But I had to enjoy what time I had with this guy. What time I got with his big delicious dick. So I just sighed and continued to suck his tuzla otele gelen escort cock. Swallowing down as much of his thick dick as I could. His big balls soon were gently tapping against my chin. “Yeah man take it dude” he groaned “Suck on my dick man” “Awwee fuckk” He was gently thrusting to meet my slobbering mouth. Pushing most of that clubinto my face. Shoving the head down into my throat. I almost gagged. But I knew I had to suck in air as he pushed deep. The sound of my slurping mouth trying to eat uo all that cock filled the room. He moaned again in delight as his balls now pressed snugly to my face. Grinding against my chin. “Sooo fucking good man” he groaned again “Girl can’t take all my dick like you can” “Fuckk yeah. Suck it!” “Hmmmff” He grabbed my head and began to fuck my faspce faster. His heavy club dragging over my hungry tongue. Raking along the underside of this young guys huge dick. “Shiioot!” He cried “Gonna bust a load man” “That mouth and tongue are incredible” He was right. His cock was reacting to my siphoning mouth well. It was in the verge of explosion. He groaned ever so loud now. His body thrusting madly against my throat and face. I gulped and sucked. Grabbing quick gasps of air when I could. Otherwise I would choke on his monster cock. Brett accelerated. His moves soon becoming eratic. It wouldn’t be long now. “Hmmm. Hmmmff fuckkk!” He then yelled “Gonna bust a nut man” Then he yanked his delicious cock tuzla sınırsız escort from my mouth. I wanted to take GS cum, but I couldn’t stop his actions. He grabbed his big thick tube. Then Brett yanked on his cock madly. His face contorting as orgasm took hold. “Hmmff. Fuckk man. Here it cumms” he yelled Then a shower of cum jettisoned from his big cock. Shot after stringy shot fired out of his mouth opened. My tongue out. Trying to take what he gave. Most missed my mouth. Hitting my nose, cheek eye brows and hair. One or two shots hit my lip and another two fired into my hungry mouth. I wanted to swallow it. Burpt waited for the stud to finish his explosion. His body jerked as his hand held tightly to his shooting dick. “Fuck. Fuck. Fuck!” He cursed “Shiit man. Aweee!” Then after maybe 10 blasts if um he slowed. Then he just oozed it from the tip. Like a faucet left opened. I pushed his hand away and swallowed his drooling cock again. Sucking down the remains of his eruption. Savoring in it. Sweet. Ohh so sweet. I licked his cock clean. Then he pulled his awesome semi hard dick from me. It just hung there like a snake. I scooped up cum from my face. Bringing it to my mouth and licking my fingers clean as well. Brett was pulling up his pants now. He looked at me as I sucked on my fingers. He smiled as he saw I liked his cum. “You like it?” He asked “Mmm.hmm” I sighed. “Girl doesn’t swallow” he added I licked off my fingers and regarded his comment. “She is stupid” I stated “That stuff is like sweet creamer” “I could drink it all day” Again he smiled. “Need to hook up with you again man” he then said “Anytime man” I answered “Always here at the mall” Then I got up and we both left…………… ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++

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