Bruce suspects wife’s infidelity

Bruce suspects wife’s infidelityIt was back in the early part of the summer when Bruce first discovered his wife’s infidelity. He had suspected for some time of course, but with the realisation came a certain feeling of fulfillment, a sense of excitement. He had been warned by many of his friends to think carefully before marrying Janice. They had said that she was a flirt at best, but with her long sexy legs, full breasts and alluring smile, Bruce had fallen head over heels and they were married within the month. That was almost two years ago and although he was almost certain that Janice had fooled around since, he had never caught her.Saturday dawned a bright sunny day and Bruce was busy with some general garden work. They owned a large, rambling house which seemed like a good idea at the time, but always seemed to need so much work doing, always seemed to be 101 jobs to do. He had made himself a mental list of chores for the day; mow the lawn, fix the broken part of the fence, cut back an overhanging tree and then finally repair the TV aerial on the roof that Janice had been complaining about. The sun felt warm on his skin as he toiled and after a few minutes he decided to strip down to just his work shorts and trainers. By noon, as he struggled with the fencing, he heard his wife’s voice from the kitchen.”Shit! What the hell’s wrong with this damn thing now?”Bruce dropped the hammer that he had been using and walked quickly in the direction of the voice.”What’s wrong hon?” he said”It’s this damn washing machine again. It just refuses to work properly. Look at these clothes, I’m going to have to do them all over again. Can’t you fix the thing for me?””Sorry, sweetheart. Looks like we have to get an engineer in for this, it’s beyond me I’m afraid. Why not call that guy you used last time for the dishwasher, Jeff, I think, he seemed to know what he was doing, and he wasn’t terribly expensive either.”Janice thought for a moment, then smiled to herself. “Okay, what will you be doing for the rest of the day?”Bruce thought it a rather strange question, but confirmed that he still had the tree to cut back and then would be spending most of the afternoon on the roof fixing the TV aerial.”Fine,” said Janice. “You carry on with your work and I’ll call Jeff. I think I got his number in my book.”By 2pm, Bruce had just finished the tree and was retrieving the ladder from the garage to get up on the roof. He liked it up there, it was quiet and being a three-story house he could see for quite some distance. He packed the tools that he would need into his equipment belt and climbed up. When he finally reached the very top of the roof he located the broken aerial attached to the chimney. His heart sank as he looked at the collapsed antenna, this would take a lot more time than kocaeli escort he had first thought. The whole thing needed taking down, repairing and putting back again. Bruce set to his work with as much enthusiasm as he could muster and within an hour he had the broken aerial in pieces on the roof. Somewhere in the distance he heard the doorbell ring. He guessed that it must be Jeff, the repair guy. He had all but forgotten about him. Oh, well at least that would be one less job for him to worry about, he thought.By late afternoon the sun had lost a lot of its strength and the temperature had definitely cooled. Bruce wiped his brow and surveyed his work. The old aerial looked almost new now. He had cleaned and repaired all the components and carefully replaced them. It had taken longer than he had expected, but he was pleased with a job well done. The only thing left to do now was to test the received picture on one of the TV sets. Not being keen to climb all the way down, go into the house, look at the picture and then possibly have to climb all the way back up to make an adjustment, Bruce remembered that he could see into their conservatory from behind the chimney. He decided that he would call out to Janice, ask her to check the picture and then make any adjustments while he was still on the roof.He carefully manoeuvred himself to the side of the chimney and looked down in to the glass conservatory. He saw his wife walk casually into his view and was about to call out to her when he also spotted Jeff following her. Why he decided at that moment not to call out was a mystery to him, it just didn’t seem the right thing to do at that time. Instead he moved himself back so he was all but hidden behind the chimney and just watched. It was as if he knew that something out of the ordinary was going to happen, he didn’t know what it was, but something inside him told him to just keep looking.Janice was pulling the blinds over the windows. Bruce had a horrible thought that his view would be obscured, but when she had finished he realised that she had only pulled the blinds on the outside facing windows and, thinking that nobody would oversee from the house side, had left the other two blinds open leaving Bruce with a perfect view. Jeff had pulled off his overalls and was now sitting in his shorts in one of the large wicker chairs, seemingly enjoying the late afternoon sunshine while Janice had grabbed two cold beers from the kitchen. From his position Bruce had a good view of the couple. He was not close enough to hear their conversation, but could easily gather from their body language that drinking beer and chatting was not the only thing that either of them had on their minds.As Bruce looked on he watched his wife make the first move. The two were sitting very escort kocaeli close, their chairs almost touching as Janice slowly began to slip the halter straps of her light summer dress over her shoulders. Jeff was also watching her as she put on a slow, sexy strip-tease for him, sliding the top down only to quickly recover her large, naked breasts with her hands. Eventually the dress fell away completely leaving her standing in just panties. Bruce could see the effect that the show was having on Jeff. His thin shorts were tented giving an indication of a large erection beneath. Up to this point Bruce had been shocked to the core, but as he watched the show that was intended for another guy, he could feel his own erection growing unmistakably in his shorts. He checked his position to ensure that he could definitely not be seen and continued to watch.Janice was now in a kneeling position in front of a very pleased looking repair man, and was fumbling about in his shorts. With a smile of triumph she hauled out a large erect penis and began to deftly stroke up and down it’s length, pulling the loose foreskin over the glans and then stroking back down to the base. As her hand supported his long shaft and cupped his large swinging balls, her head dropped forward and her lips opened to accept the swollen head. Bruce felt a pang of jealousy as he realised that the repair man was much better endowed than himself, but could not tear his eyes away from the scene that he was witnessing. Janice was now deeply engrossed in the blow job that she was giving, her head bobbing up and down in a smooth symphony of lust. As her head came up she would tease the swollen, throbbing glans with her tongue and then sink all the way down, opening her throat and taking the huge cock all the way down to the base. Bruce was well aware of his wife’s deep-throat techniques, and knew how much Jeff must be enjoying them now. This deep throated blow job continued for another several minutes, much longer than Bruce could have held out without filling her throat with his cum. He was extremely impressed with Jeff’s staying power and self control, and could see that Janice was also enjoying having a larger weapon to play with.Bruce had now released his own penis from the painful confines of his shorts and was openly masturbating as he watched the action. All of a sudden Jeff grabbed hold of Janice’s hair. This is it, thought Bruce, he’s gonna cum down her throat now! But as he continued to watch, Bruce realised that Jeff was pulling Janice’s mouth away from his huge dick and had no intention of reaching his climax just yet. Jeff was a large man apart from the size of his endowment and bent down and scooped up Janice in his arms as if she weighed nothing at all. As he placed her in the wicker kocaeli escort bayan chair, Bruce watched his huge cock swing menacingly in front of him. Jeff was obviously in no mood to take his time. Roughly he pushed Janice back into the chair in a sitting position and lierally ripped off her tiny bikini panties. His large, meaty hands grabbed her ankles and yanked her legs open, exposing the pink, shaved and very swollen pussy that Bruce had come to know and love so well. Kneeling in front of the chair put Jeff at the perfect angle to enter Janice and now, holding both her ankles up high in one hand, he used the other to guide his mighty cock towards her waiting pussy. Bruce watched the expression of pure lust on his wife’s face as her lover thrust his cock into her depths. Bruce had been so busy watching the scene unfold in front of him that he was quite unaware that he had masturbated himself to the point of orgasm. He felt his balls twitch and the familiar surge of semen erupt from his swollen cock head as he let out a moan of satisfaction and ejaculated thickly over the old roof tiles. As his eyes re-opened and returned to the scene, he was fascinated to watch his slut of a wife writhing and twisting on her lovers big cock. He could just about make out her moans and groans of passion as she orgasmed and wrapped her ankles around Jeff’s neck. Jeff was nearing his climax as well, Bruce realised. The thick, ropy muscles in his neck stood out as he gritted his teeth and fucked his weapon deep and fast into Janice’s willing vagina. He was grunting in deep guttural tones as each thrust hit home, his eyes tight shut in anticipation of his climax. Bruce could see his wife’s lips moving rapidly as she talked her lover towards his release, her fingers busy flicking over her clit as she strove to join him in a simultaneous orgasm. With one final thrust, Jeff withdrew his convulsing member and Bruce watched spurt after spurt of hot cum splash obscenely onto his wife’s belly, one jet strong enough to reach her naked breasts and drip from a hard, pointed nipple.As the lovers relaxed and tried to catch their breath, Janice looked quickly at her wristwatch. From her reactions, Bruce realised with a smile that she was telling Jeff that they had been fucking for some time and that Bruce might come down from the roof at any moment. Bruce laughed out loud as he watched them in a tangle of arms and legs as they tried quickly to recover their clothes and hide their infidelity. Bruce had no intention of returning to the house just yet. His wife’s wanton display of lust had turned him on more than he had experienced in years. If he confronted her now she might never do it again, or even worse might leave him completely. No, he thought, much better to keep quiet and hope to catch her again. He looked down at the roof he was still standing on. The tiles looked a little worn, perhaps he should replace them all. Oh, well, he thought. It looked like he would be spending quite a lot of time on the roof in the future!- The End –

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