Building Big Pt. 03


I had no idea what to expect from Badger after that introduction and his demonstration of his immaculate squat technique. I guess lesson 2 was “Throw out your preconceptions, they won’t help you here!”

He trains 3 times per week and it just somehow became obvious that my life as well as my body was intertwined with his. My training was entwined with his. He more or less adopted me and if there was ever the faintest shadow of a doubt that I would fall in with what was expected, it never showed in his face. The requirement was never spoken, but as if, in an instant, I had become the missing component in his life and the process of being absorbed into his being was as simple and totally natural as having our bodies connect for the first time. It was nobody else’ business.

There were no external influences on our behaviour, just instinctive responses to one another and he seemed as genuinely in awe of me and my reactions, as I was of him. As if, like me, he had never had an overwhelming experience of love, lust, and it’s accompanying feelings of rightness and fulfilment. As if, like me, he had made a transition into another set of feelings and sensations for the first time. I was simply swept along by it and my past disappeared as I entered the bubble, overwhelmed by this gargantuan present that blocked out everything else.

Right from the very beginning, everything became simpler. I grew in every way. We ate together, slept together, I learned to work with him from the very basics of his craft, like an apprentice and we trained in that intense, disciplined way his first lesson at the gym had begun my transition. He was interested in eastern spiritualism and that deep connection between pupil and master. He would smile and laugh at my naive mistakes in all of these things and for months I saw nothing else but the pleasure he derived from my progress towards him.

Anyone who has ever pushed weights with any serious intention of getting bigger, will have had some experience of the addictive quality that the aches and pains and hormones of recovery that follow a great workout and lead into the next. Any serious effort towards building your body requires that you get over that pain, savour it, learn from it. Adding into this equation, not only a massive increase in the expectations of my training from a greatly superior trainer/training buddy but being around someone who was far more demanding in terms of the intensity and frequency of my sexual activity and suddenly I was in a different league. My body ached all the time, my balls ached all the time, we would eat and sleep whenever we weren’t working, working out or fucking but it was like a a perfect mechanism. There were expectations that I just had to fulfil.

So when Dan and Big John showed up at St.Mary’s one afternoon, after not seeing them for some months, without my knowing, they immediately noticed I had changed. Physically and in attitude. So absorbed was I in our curls and tricep extensions, I didn’t see them come at all, in even though, as usual in the afternoon, the place was quiet. Then, between sets, I caught site of Dan’s familiar frame reflected in one of the mirrors nearby as he reached for a towel. He raised a hand to acknowledge he’d seen me and I instinctively returned the gesture into the mirror. Thoughtlessly, I was distracted, not knowing how Badger would react. It had never occurred to me to tell him about previous experiences and acquaintances at this gym or any other. He just looked down at me and winked and we got on with the workout but he could tell that the pin-sharp focus of my concentration was slipping. He said “Well, aren’t you going to introduce me?”

We broke off and the big man followed me over to the bench where John and Dan were working when I could see they’d reached the end of a set. We shook hands warmly and I introduce Badger and both the off duty police officers acknowledged that they had seen the man before. Even on a busy evening session, in a gym packed with big, serious guys, you’re going to notice Badger. He had transcended the point at which he could no longer blend in in a room full of naturally proportioned humans, a development that many take on for the wrong reasons, but with his bristling, dark beard, his intense black eyes and that güvenilir bahis stripe of white in his hair that gave him his name, he was never going to go un-noticed.

Training in bigger groups almost always leads to slacking and getting cold between sets waiting for three others instead of one other to adjust their weight and push out a set. Dan suggested we chill together after session, I was imagining Badger would want to go back to the workshop but he was happy to accept their offer of barbecue and beer without batting an eyelid, assimilating immediately that these guys were together out of the gym as well as in it.

I had grown used to their welcome and the fierce 3 way sex we shared after a workout some months before but things were different now and we piled into the back of their SUV for the short ride to their condo, I wondered just how different that might be. Badger slipped his huge, hairy hand inside my thigh as the car pulled off and he could see Dan’s smiling eyes glancing in the rear view mirror, so gave Dan the same kind of wink he uses to reward me.

The barbecue was started with a gas poker but it would be more than a few minutes before the cooking could begin and there were four big men, pumped full of testosterone, a combined weight in excess of 900 lbs. Hungry didn’t begin to cover the mood among us. Someone had to make the first move but I was kind of surprised it was Badger. He’d sewn up in his mind exactly what the situation had been between Dan, Big and myself even before he’d been introduced and all the while he was waiting for the moment to begin. Here it was.

As John brought in water and beers and set them down, Badger reached behind Johns leg with his left hand and placed his right paw gently under John’s crotch as if weighing something. His stubbly face turned towards me and flashed me a greedy smile and he let out one of his sexual purring sounds from deep in his chest. By the time Dan came back into the room, John’s sweat pants were around his ankles and Badger and I were sharing a kiss with the magnificent thick erection John had cooked up, sliding between our lips and tongues. As we lapped and slurped at either side of the thickly veined shaft, the “Big” that gave John his nickname, slipped like the launching of a great ship on a sea of desperate saliva from two of four ravenous mouths. Dan let out a quiet whistle of approval and simply stripped himself off ready for the fray.

Hardly wishing to let the pace drop, or miss a moment of eye contact with my extraordinary friend while this cock of all cocks ploughed a passage across our tongues, all I could do to relieve the pressure and frustration in my jock was scuff off my trainers and wriggle my own pants down. Seeing the inelegant struggle I faced, Dan stepped around the back of the action from where he had slipped a finger playfully between Big’s hairy butt cheeks, and in a deft movement, bent down and pulled at the legs of the rumpled clothing at my feet and then tossed them out of the way.

Meanwhile, Badger hadn’t missed a breath in his typically focussed attention to detail, nibbling and dribbling at that awesome penis, like a man in an erotic dream, until he felt Dan tugging at his waistband and realised what was required of him next. Dan’s own throbbing hard on was then suddenly in view and Badger grabbed it decisively with a free hand and gave it a couple of hefty tugs while Dan wrestled first with one great shoe and then, bent over, double, to remove the other. A deep, rich, mischievous laugh escaped the slobbering mouth of the feasting giant and a great, thick, hairy forefinger reached around between Big’s strapping, corded thighs and into the warmth of his clenched arse, wriggling towards his hole and wrangling blindly around in the coarse hair until it found a weakness in the wall of muscle. Strong, insistent, irresistible, it squirmed until it was granted the slightest concession, then suddenly with a grunt from Big John, that digit was in up to the second knuckle, John’s legs buckled and Badger and I shared the first fruits of the afternoon’s labours as our mouths gathered the gelatinous sweetness of Big’s hot lava. Badger frigged John’s dry arse with his fat forefinger as John uncharacteristically whimpered and wobbled on unsteady türkçe bahis feet, continuing to ooze his sweet-tasting cum load onto our waiting tongues.

As soon as the first Big load was eaten, the scene morphed into an orgy of greedy kissing and panting bodies but I was aware enough of who was doing what to whom to witness John, still dazed from his orgasm, being turned and unceremoniously seated in Badgers lap. His head thrown back and the swarthy face of my gigantic friend in lip-lock with the breathless squirming victim, now impaled on Badger’s happy cock. This brick wall of a man, who, in 3 months of intense fucking with me on top, had never given me any idea that he might like to fuck or even suck come to that, was suddenly, fucking the “top” who almost never gets fucked because everyone wants his marvellous dong. The six foot two off duty officer with the knob ‘to die for’ and a big man in his own right was bouncing around like a rag doll on Badger’s prick, his eyes rolled back in his head, his great salami, still slick with saliva and half-dried spoog waving around in uncontrollable abandon, his ankles still hobbled by his joggers and jock.

If there wasn’t so much muscle, sweat and machismo to the scene you’d have to laugh and with hindsight we could, but at the time it was so fucking hot we just shared a trance-like concentration on the pure animal magnetism of each other’s lust crazed bodies. Big and Badger were still in their shirts!

Much as we wanted in on their scene together, there was way too much movement going on to intervene without spoiling the spontaneity and sheer wildness of their play, so, as never before, I had the joy of Dan’s wonderfully proportioned body all to myself and we sixty nine’d on the fireside rug like men possessed. I’d almost forgotten how thrilling it was to fill my throat with hard cock and feel it sliding over my tongue and down into my guts, pinching it with some of the muscles I could not yet think of a way to exercise in the gym. Dan is lean and powerful, flexible and attentive and his upward curving erection fits perfectly when lunging downwards into my gullet, while he lies on my hard belly and worships my cock hungrily. I snatch a deep breath and pulling him deeply into my face with his shaved nut-sack obscuring my view, I part his downy arse cheeks and begin to rub and probe his ready pucker. I can tell from the contractions I can feel in his ring that he’s aching for my tongue and in a swift movement I release his sweet butt, he pivots his hips to extract his slippery penis from my mouth with a ‘plop’. Swinging into position so I can get to work on that fuzzy doorway leading to the paradise of his rippling insides, he never for a second lets up with his own gobbling on my tool.

I don’t know what he keeps up there but the man has some kind of cum extractor lining his guts, The throat end is pretty amazing but the talent he possesses at the opposite end of his alimentary canal is prodigious! The combination of the heat and movement is seismic and I know that once my cock slides into that man’s rectal powerhouse, I won’t have long before the infernal secretions of that mechanism extracts my jizz like a milking machine. Right now, he’s tantalising my cock head, prodding the lips of it with the tip of his tongue, rooting around in my piss slit trying to get at my pre-cum, his two fists working my thick shaft and making ‘his majesty’s’ fat head go purple with rage. If the meal in front of my face was not so tempting, I’d wrestle him off my chest and plough him immediately because my heavily laden testicles and prostate are screaming at me for relief.

I plunge my face into that gorgeous arse and am instantly blinded to the grunting, groaning, thrashing scene to my left about to reach a conclusion. With one colossal hairy arm across his own mighty chest, clasping him to Badger’s bucking body and another great paw fisting the mighty organ, Big John bounced to his second, titanic orgasm in ten minutes, riding a fiend who out weighed him by fifty pounds at least and who dandle him on his lap like an enormous, helpless doll. With his naked feet planted wide to give his thighs and pelvis maximum potential, Badger was able to rock his hips sufficiently to ream that tender arse and keep it from bouncing güvenilir bahis siteleri right off his furry groin. Meanwhile, Big’s face had turned the colour of autumn plums, his gaping mouth yelling profanities a police officer really ought not allow out of himself, as his slack jaw clattered helplessly and his head lolled in a feeble stupor of semi-consciousness so far from control in his situation that when his cock head finally burst open and sprayed the immediate vicinity with a second cumming and the aroma of man’s richest essence, his unfocussed eyes roamed the ceiling bulging like a bullfrog’s neck.

By contrast, the sub-sonic boom of Badger’s blast off, triggered by the contractions in Big’s tortured sphincter, manifested itself as a series of exhalations, similar to those he gives in the last rep of a ‘burn’ set. Maximum effort, maximum concentration on control and on the muscle groups required, studied, purposeful, yet still essentially animal. It was familiar from the gym yet unfamiliar from the sex we’d shared which contained no such calculation. There followed a series of deeply panted breaths that almost blew the hapless Big off his lap as Badger’s great bellows recovered oxygen for his mighty muscle fibres, then, releasing that priceless super-sausage that Dan and I enjoyed so freely, Badger grasped Big in his inimitable bear hug, lifting his legs up and round his new toy in an all embracing cocoon of love. So, as I emerged from my feasting on Dan’s potent rear entrance, I saw a huge bundle of two muscle men, the lesser engulfed almost totally by the greater and I realised that picture of blissful manhood is what my life had become.

Oblivious to my philosophical and spiritual observations, Dan wanted his hole plugged and we all wanted our barbecued chicken. I could tell that Dan needed to blow as much as I did and when I slapped each of his beautiful furry buttocks with each of my strong hands, he instinctively let me up and I knelt behind him on his ‘all fours’, pressed the bulbous head of my meat mallet against his sensitive arse and with a skill learned from the regular welcome it gave to Big’s monster, his divine portal sucked me in. His body heated my rod as if I’d place it in a furnace and he gave a huge sigh as I slid towards his centre. With a contraction in his insides that almost brought tears to my eyes, his body spat a fat, single glob of thick sweet cum onto the rug, which hung on to the end of his cock by a gelatinous strand while his chest heaved convulsively.

Well that was it for me. The sight of Big John smothered by Badger, the heat of Dan’s arse and the cumulative effects of two hours hard training and all this man-flesh in front of me, if my cock didn’t blow off some pressure, I knew my head would. With the usual agony in my loins as the peak of pleasure and physical bliss is surpassed in a flood of unconscious nerve energy, my orgasm ripped through my body like a scythe and my seminal fluids rocketed into Dan’s quivering body, not by my will, by my feeling that I wanted to pump him, to inject him. Like so often before, this was just an uncontrolled explosion from inside me. Past a certain point, like some kind of collapse, it just happens.

For several moments, I was like a zombie, upright somehow but totally without a connection to life, until Dan let out a hearty laugh which brought me back to a certain level consciousness. Like a kid, walking on hands and knees, Dan shuffled forward on the rug a little and my heavy, gooey cock-head plopped out of his arse and he stood up to face the rest of us and smiled as if he would never stop while he took in the extraordinary field of vision presented to him. Big John, apparently lifeless, wrapped in the arms and legs of a huge man who until a few moments ago was a total stranger. To all intents and purposes Big was still impaled on Badgers cock and snuggled down happily, as if there for the night. There was myself, with that vacancy on my face that comes with physical tiredness and shock experiences. Part disbelief, partly the inability, temporarily to summon up a facial expression which would require effort of some kind. Dan reached over and patted the side of my face with an open palm and I snapped back into the moment with a series of blinks and double takes. Then with another of his disarming smiles and a genuine laugh of joy he scampered away, grabbing a bottle of beer as he went, towards his shorts and then to the barbecue outside in the early evening sunshine.

We really needed to eat soon.

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