Busted by Mom and Molly


One afternoon after school, I was watching TV in my living room when my mom yelled for me to come to her room at once. She sounded mad, so I felt afraid as I walked through the hall and kitchen. I got there to see her with my phone. I had left in the pocket of the pants I wore for school and she was about to wash them, so I thought she was mad I forgot to take it out, but she pointed the screen at me and there was a close-up shot of my buttocks. She scrolled through the gallery, which had other naked photos of me. She asked who I had been sending these pictures to and I told her Molly a 20-year-old in my math course. She looked shocked, likely thinking I had sent them to a guy. She scrolled some more and found naked photos of Molly.

I told her Molly a lesbian and I had been friends since I began college a year ago. She said I was sexy and I felt the same for her, despite not considering myself gay at that time. After seeing each other in bikinis at the beach this past summer, Molly said she wanted naked pictures of me and she would send me some of hers in exchange. I trusted her, as we were good friends and seeing her body turned me on. Mom, while glad I made a friend, was angry I never told her of Molly or what we did. I assured her Molly would never share my pictures with anyone.

She still wanted to punish me, though and I said I would accept it as long as I could keep seeing Molly. To my disbelief mom said she wanted to have sex with me. I could not believe this request, having never heard of a mom, while being bisexual, punishing her daughter with sex. I was hesitant at first despite mom being young and sexy, as she had me when she was 17, but agreed to it after she threatened to forbid me from seeing Molly again.

We kissed and removed each other’s skirts and panties to finger and grab each other’s vaginas and buttocks, then each other’s tops (we did not wear bras) to feel each other’s breasts. Mom kissed my neck adıyaman escort and down my breasts and stomach, then knelt to lick my vagina and feel my hips and buttocks. I held her head and yelled in joy. She put my legs on her shoulders, held my breasts, fingered my anus, masturbated and sucked my vagina harder until I cummed on her face. I got off of her and about-faced letting her kiss my buttocks and finger my vagina. She licked between my cheeks and sucked my anus, making me shout, then kissed up my back and arms until I about-faced to lip-lock with her.

We lay on the floor with me on top. I kissed down her chin, neck, breasts and stomach, then put my head between her bent legs to lick her vagina and rub her breasts. She held my head in, yelled, and cummed onto my face. I kissed her legs and fingered her vagina, then she turned facedown so I could kiss her buttocks. She shouted and I licked in-between her cheeks and sucked her anus. I fingered her anus and kissed up her back and arms to her neck. She lay face-up with her knees bent, then we kissed and fingered each other’s vaginas.

She took a dildo attached to a strap-on from a nearby drawer, telling me to wear and penetrate her with it. I was hesitant, as I have never used them before, but did as she said. I kissed her lips, neck, and chest and pushed the dildo in her vagina as she spanked me and yelled. She told me to sit on her chest and shove the dildo in her mouth, which I did while fingering her vagina and she held my thighs and breasts. Then she said to squat behind her head. I did as she sucked the dildo and masturbated. Wanting to lick her vagina more, I lied down to form the 69 position to do that and she sucked the dildo more. We sat up and kissed as she held the dildo.

She asked me to let her wear the strap-on since she wanted to push the dildo into my mouth and vagina. I was scared since I did not like penises, escort adıyaman but had to face punishment. She stood in front of me and I masturbated while sucking and grabbing that dildo. I stood up, and put my arms and legs around her. She thrust the dildo in my vagina as we kissed, then sat on the bed as I sat on her lap. She thrust it in my anus and kissed my neck and breasts. We lay down with me on top, as I wore the strap-on to thrust the dildo in her anus and kissed her breasts and neck. She bent her knees, kissed my forehead, put me on her chest and asked if I liked my punishment. I said she did as she caressed me. She forgave me and let me see Molly again, but wanted to have sex with me again and bring her for a threesome. I agreed.

TThe next day, Molly visited mom and me as we relaxed at our front porch. After introducing mom to her, I told Molly that she had found our naked photos on my phone. Molly was upset that I was careless with them, but mom told her not to worry, as she would not tell or share them to anyone on one condition, if she could have a threesome with us. Molly looked shocked as I told her about my punishment yesterday and she was more surprised mom was so good at sex. Molly admitted to finding mom hot and agreed to it.

We stayed on the porch, being too far from the sidewalk for anyone to see, and sat on the floor with Molly in the center and kissed while taking off each other’s tops. Molly put her hands in mom’s and my shorts to fondle our vaginas as we grabbed her breasts through her bra. She lay on the floor with her knees bent and took off my shorts and panties after I sat on her face to let her lick my vagina as mom sat by her legs, took off her shorts and panties and licked hers. I about faced to let her kiss and lick my buttocks as mom kissed her legs. She kissed up her stomach, then took off her bra to kiss her chest, as Molly licked in-between my cheeks adıyaman escort bayan and sucked my anus.

I went behind mom and took off her shorts and panties to kiss her buttocks as she kissed Molly’s arms, lips and neck. She lay facedown as mom kissed down her back. I licked between her cheeks, and sucked her anus. Molly got on all fours. Mom did the same behind her to kiss her buttocks and finger her vagina while I kissed her legs. I lay face-up with my knees up and head between her legs to suck her vagina and finger her anus. She licked between Molly’s cheeks and sucked her anus. Mom sat up as Molly removed her bra to kiss her neck and chest. I sat behind Molly to kiss down her back. She kissed mom’s stomach and arms.

Mom lay face-up as Molly leaned forward to lick her vagina, then I lay face-up with my knees bent and head between her legs to suck her vagina. She lay on her stomach, kissing mom’s legs as I sat behind her to do the same to her. Mom lay facedown, letting Molly kiss her buttocks and I did the same to her. I then licked between her cheeks and sucked her anus and she did the same to mom. Then she lay face-up as I kissed up her stomach and breasts. Mom sat behind me, kissing up my thighs. I kissed her arms and neck. Mom kissed my buttocks and fingered my vagina. She then licked between my cheeks and sucked my anus. I sat up facing her as she leaned down to lick my vagina. Molly sat behind me taking off my bra to kiss down my back. Mom sat up kissing up my stomach, neck, and breasts.

Molly sat behind her to kiss up her back and arms. She and I fingered mom’s vagina and she fingered ours. Mom sat behind me to kiss up my back and arms as Molly sat in front of me kissing up my stomach, neck, chest, and arms. They then fingered my vagina and I fingered theirs as we kissed. Mom lay on the floor face-up and Molly and I lay sideways on either side of her with our legs atop hers and head on her breasts, running our hands down her body. She put her arms around us and we kissed and talked about how great this threesome was. When it started to get dark, we got up, got dressed and mom and I kissed Molly goodbye saying we hoped to have another threesome with her again. She felt the same, then left as mom and I went inside our house.

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