Busted by My Sister’s Boyfriend Ch. 02


My sister’s boyfriend routinely stopped by the house under the pretense of helping me with my math while in reality, I was relieving the tension in his balls by sucking him off and allowing him to dump his load into my eager mouth behind closed doors. Occasionally, my sister Alicia would watch and give instructions as she fricked her clitty to climax. This went on for months until Bob and Alicia announced that they were going to get married. I thought this would probably signal the end of our three-ways, but as it turned out, it only seemed to fire things up.

The traditional bachelor and bachlorette parties were scheduled for both Alicia and Bob and Alicia insisted that I be there to serve her guests. I thought this was a little strange but the idea of being surrounded by a couple dozen girls turned me on so I accepted the offer. The day of the bachelorette party Alicia handed me a bag and told me that my outfit for the evening was in there and she expected to see me in it before her guests arrived. I took a look in the bag and noticed a very short pair of black short, my sister’s satin black string bikini thong, and a black bow tie with a white neck strap.

“No fucking way am I going to wear this tonight Alicia,” I said. “There’s nothing there but a tiny pair shorts, a pair of your panties and a bow tie and I’m not going to put my ass on display for your girlfriends!”

“Listen, Chuckie, you’ll do exactly what I tell you to do or I swear to god I’ll send a copy of those pictures I took of you deep-throating my boyfriend to each and every one of your little suck buddies and every girl you know and you’ll never get another piece of pussy from anyone! And besides, you know you’ve always wanted to get into my panties and tonight that’s exactly what you’re going to do. Do you understand me Chuckie?” she said with a rather stern look on her face.

What the fuck was I going to do? I certainly didn’t want those pictures to get out or the details of my secret life with my sister and her boyfriend. Besides, they were just a pair of Chippendale shorts and who was ever going to know what I was wearing underneath them. It might be kind of fun prancing around in front of all those women tonight.

I closed the bag and turned to go to my room.

“8pm tonight and don’t be a minute late!” she said as I closed my door behind me.

I pissed the day away until the evening approached and then took a shower before the festivities began. Thinking about a houseful of women while showering got my cock hard and I stroked it to full length. I played with my balls while stroking my soapy cock and then inserted a couple of fingers into my ass. The sensation caused my knees to buckle and my dick to explode. I continued stroking my meat until the very last drop of sperm was drained. I opened my eyes and realized that I wasn’t the only one in the bathroom. Thru the semi-transparent shower curtain I could see my sister putting her makeup on in the mirror.

“Quite a scene there Chuckie. What were you thinking about when you stuck your fingers up your bum? Were you pretending that my boyfriend was dicking you in the ass? Did he fill you up Chuckie? Is that what made you cum so hard Chuckie?” Alicia said as she stood there looking at my semi-erect dick.

“Your pubic hair is disgusting pussyboy, I can barely see your little dickie and balls underneath all of that hair. From now on, I want see you completely clean-shaven. Not a single hair around your cock, balls, or ass. Do you understand me Chuckie?” she said.

“Yeah, I hear you. Now can you get out of here so I can finish up?” I said.

“Sure, finish up Chuckie and don’t be a minute late. I want you to be at that door when the first guest arrives tonight and make sure you have nothing on but what I put in the bag,” Alicia said as she turned out walked out of the bathroom.

I finished showering and shaved my pubic area for the very first time. It was pretty awkward getting all the hair off my ass and from my crack but some how I managed to do it. I took a look at myself in the mirror after stepping out of the shower and was amazed at how much bigger my cock and balls looked without hair surrounding them. Not bad I thought!

I picked up the satin thong that Alicia gave me earlier that day and slipped it on over my feet. The silkiness of the material as it Küçükköy Escort slid up my legs sent a charge thru my body. The thin strap in the back easily slid into my hairless crack as the small pouch in the front attempted to contain my cock and balls. My balls slipped out over the edge and my cock started to harden against the silky pressure. I pulled my cock upright to relieve the tension and the head of my dick peeped out from the top. This seemed to be the most comfortable position so I reached for the black shorts and slid them up over the silk panties. They were at least a size or two too small for me but I did manage to get them buttoned and zipped up.

I took a look in the mirror and noticed how tightly they wrapped around my ass and how prominent my package in front stood out. I actually thought they looked pretty good but I wasn’t sure if I was going to be able to prance around in these in front of a bunch of women.

“15 minutes Chuckie, are you ready yet,” I heard her snap.

“Just about Alicia,” I said as I grabbed the bow tie and put it on.

I stepped out of the bathroom and my sister was standing there waiting. She eye-balled me from head to toe before asking me to turn around, “slowly!”. I did as she asked and could feel her hand on my shorts as I turned.

“Very nice Chuckie, you look very hot in those tight little shorts. I bet your little dickie is getting hard knowing that it’s resting in my panties too,” she said as she gave my dick a little squeeze.

I couldn’t deny it, I was excited about the whole situation. Just then the door bell rang signaling the arrival of our first guest. Alicia swatted my ass and told me to get busy and I left her to answer the door. I opened the door and there stood three of Alicia’s best friends, girls that I had seen hundreds of time but never under these circumstances. They jaws dropped a bit as they looked me over and then smiled at my outfit.

“Wow, who’s the stud in the hot pants?” one of them said which brought a round of chuckles from the rest. They entered as they brushed their hands over my chest and nipples and the last one in squeezed my ass she went past. Man, this was going to be a fun evening!

The groping and teasing continued as the last guest arrived and throughout the evening as I served drinks and h’orderves. I don’t know how I managed to avoid shooting my load in my pants but somehow I did. My cock stayed hard the entire night and I was glad I packed it upright otherwise I’d be walking with an obvious tent in my pants. Still, its stiffness didn’t go unnoticed by everyone.

The more drinks the girls had, the more blatant they got with their stares, comments, and groping. I had more than one girl rub her stuff up and down my body or squeeze my cock and balls thru my shorts when they thought no one else was looking. I was glad my sister invited me to her party and even happier that she insisted on me wearing this outfit.

About 11pm the door bell rang and I reluctantly left the attention I was getting from the horny, semi-drunk women. I opened the door expecting to see another one of Alicia’s girlfriends there but was shocked by what stood in front of me. There was a very tall muscular man dressed in the exact same outfit as I was. Suddenly, I felt very small and very silly. The dick that had been hard all night, shriveled instantly.

“My, my, my, what do we have here? Mini-me?,” he said as he began to chuckle.

“I assume this is Alicia’s party,” he said.

“Ahhh, yeah,” I stuttered

“This is her place. She’s in the family room, come, come, come on in,” I said feeling oh so dumb.

He pushed me aside with his hand and followed the noise into the family room where Alicia and her guests were partying. As soon as he entered the room the girls went crazy, squealing, hollering, and cheering him on.

“Hello Alicia. I’m here to rock your world,” he said as he began to do an erotic dance in front of Alicia and her friends.

The girls were going crazy and Alicia seemed to be enjoying herself too. There wasn’t much more than a paper’s distance between his body and hers, as he suggestively rubbed his obviously well endowed package up and down her arms, chest, legs, and ever so near to her face and lips. I’ve got to be honest, the girls weren’t the only ones getting a charge Küçükköy Escort Bayan out of this. My own dick started to rise while I watched the steamy scene unfold in front of me.

At one point the guy was rubbing his dick thru his shorts and you could easily tell it was getting hard. He took my sister’s hand and held it against his dick and massaged his cock and balls with her hand. Alicia licked her lips and grabbed his ass with her free hand. His dick popped out of the top of his tight shorts and you could see a bit of moisture forming at the tip. The girls went crazy and started to encourage Alicia to “finish him off!”.

“Ladies,” she said, “I’m engaged and about to get married, I can’t possibly finish this hot stud off without being unfaithful to my finance”.

“Then get that big cock out and stroke him off before I do Alicia. I can’t stand it anymore. Get those pants down and let’s see the rest of it!” one of the girls shouted.

Alicia looked around with a grin on her face before slowly pulling the front of the dancer’s short down. His 10 inch cock popped out and pointed directly at my sister’s lips. A drop of precum slowly dripped from the tip of his cock. Alicia pulled his shorts down a couple more inches freeing his rather large and full balls below. She wrapped her small little hands around his cock and started to slowly stroke him. This made his cock jump and rise even more.

“Oh, I would simply love to put this big ole thing in my mouth and drain every drop you’ve got but I simply can’t and still be faithful to my fiancé,” she said, much to the disappointment of the crowd who started to boo and call her a chicken.

“I have a better idea,” said Alicia as she turned and looked in my direction.

“Come here Chuckie,” she said, still holding his dick in her hand.

All of a sudden I wanted to disappear, not be there, rewind and pretend this never ever happened. All eyes were on me and I felt smaller now than I did when I answered the door for him.

“Chuckie, get your ass over here right now,” Alicia snapped.

I slowly walked over to her hoping that she wasn’t going to do what I thought she was going to do. As I stood next to her, she took my hand and placed it on the dancers cock and slowly stroked my hand up and down his cock.

“Take care of this for me will you Chuckie,” she said as ever jaw in the crowd hit the floor.

“My friends want to see this hunk cum and I just can’t do it myself and be the good little fiancé that I am,” she said.

My heart was in my throat as my hand went up and down this guy’s dick. I stood there frozen not knowing what to do. I could feel the heat from the crowd’s eyes on me. I was center stage and they were waiting. Just then, Alicia reached up under my shorts and grabbed my balls in her hand and gave them a swift tug causing me to fall to my knees to avoid the pain.

As I knelt there, Alicia returned her hand to the dancer’s cock and turned him in my direction. She aimed his cock towards my lips and then ran the moistened head over my lips. I tried to resist taking him in my mouth but neither he nor Alicia were going to allow that to happen. He pressed his cock thru my lips and into the tight opening of my mouth. The head entered my mouth and nearly filled it. I was certain I wasn’t going to be able to take any more. My dry mouth started to water and the dancer slowly slid his large cock in and out of my mouth, occasionally pulling his dick completely out of my mouth in order to rub his cock across my face or place his balls in my mouth. The girls were shouting out all kinds of lewd comments, encouraging him to face my face, and me to deep throat him. Alicia had moved directly behind me and I could feel her breasts in my back as she encouraged me along the way.

“Ahh, that’s right Chuckie. Show our dancer what a good little cocksucker you are. Take his big manly dick deep into your mouth and suck the sperm from his balls,” she whispered in my ear.

I could feel her hand going under the back of my shorts and her finger pull the thong material from the crack of my ass. She then inserted a finger in my ass which made my own little dick twice as hard.

“Suck him Chuckie, stroke his cock. Make him shot his hot jism down your throat,” she said.

I stroked and sucked as fast and Escort Küçükköy as hard as I could wanted to drink the cum from this guy’s cock. I had completely forgotten about the girls in the room and was totally consumed by the dick that filled my face. Just then, I felt his dick enlarged and a hot spurt of cum shot down my throat. As I started to swallow he pulled his dick out and shot the remained squirts across my face. I knelt there with my mouth opened trying to catch each and every one. After he shot his last rope of sperm, he rubbed his cock thru the cum on my face and then placed his cock back in my mouth. I sucked the remaining cum from his balls and clean the cum from around his cock. The crowd of women were cheering me on and applauding my performance. When I licked the last drop from his cock he removed it from my mouth and placed it back into his shorts.

“You are a good little cocksucker Chuckie,” he said.

“Here’s my business card,” he said as he slipped it into the top of my shorts. “If you’re ever in need of a real man’s cock, give me a call. I’ve always got a load ready for someone with lips like yours!’

He gave Alicia a hug and a kiss before patting me on the ass and heading out the door. The rest of the night was spent listening to the girls relive the event that just happened and making fun of me for being my sister’s “little cocksucker”. I was happy to see the last guest leave around 2am as I helped Alicia straighten up.

“Chuck, I really do appreciate you helping out tonight, and that scene with the dancer, well, that was really hot too. I think my guests really liked that and you were indeed the life of the party,” she said standing inches away from me.

She started to rub her hand up and down my shorts which made my dick come back to life. I desperately needed some relief after what I had put up with all night and I was about to shoot my load if she didn’t stop it right now. Much to my enjoyment and surprise, Alicia fell to her knees and pulled the tops of my pants down as she stared directly into my eyes.

“I know I couldn’t have sucked that dancer off and still stayed faithful to my fiancé, but I’m sure Bob wouldn’t object to me paying you for your services tonight,” she said as she lowered her lips to the head of my cock.

My dick was absolutely on fire and the moisture on her lips felt 30 degrees cooler. She bobbed her head up and down on my aching cock while she massaged my balls in her hand. I was determined to make this last as long as possible so I tried to concentrate on other things. Of course, Alicia knew my weak spot and slid her hand from my balls to the crack of my ass and found my tight little opening. She slowly inserted her finger in my ass and began dragging in and out, matching the rhythm of her head motion up and down my cock. There wasn’t enough distractions on the planet to keep me from cumming under these conditions and I unleashed a ton of cum from my dick and filled her mouth and almost fell to the ground with pleasure. The only thing keeping me up was her finger in my ass.

A moment or two later Alicia removed her finger from my ass, stood up and pulled my head into hers. She placed her lips on mine and I could feel her tongue trying to wiggle its way into my mouth. I instinctively opened my mouth and invited her tongue in and then felt a rush of warm fluid being transferred from her mouth to mine. Alicia was returning the cum I had just deposited in her mouth and I was swallowing my own jism. Our tongues intertwined and danced with each other until Alicia’s mouth was emptied. She broke the kiss, gave me one last peck on the lips and thanked me again for a wonderful evening. My head was spinning and my cock was limp as she walked away and headed for bed.

As she reached the top of the stairs she turned slightly and looking over her shoulder she said, “And Chuckie, you can keep the panties hun, you earned them” and then she retired to bed for the evening.

I finished cleaning up before heading to bed myself around 4am. As I lay in bed replaying the events of the evening, I unconsciously began stroking my cock. It didn’t take long for me to loose my load which shot clear up on my chest. Too lazy to get back up for a towel, I simply wiped it up with my fingers and licked my fingers clean. I guess by now I had come accustomed to the taste even if that cum was my own. As I started to doze off I was thinking I was glad that my soon to be brother in law hadn’t asked me to serve his bachelor party tomorrow night. Instead, I was just going to be one of the guests……..or at least that’s what I thought.

(to be continued)

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