Busted in Balloonville Ch. 04: Bedding Down


Chapter 4: Bedding Down

With her bra and her chef’s whites back on, it was hard for Jeff to believe that just a few minutes before he had been squeezing one of Tracy’s enormous breasts as his cock pumped a load of hot jizz deep into her throat. He had offered to sweep up the shards of the balloon she had busted with her powerful lungs, but she smiled and told him not to worry.

“You need to hurry over to the Balloonville Bed and Breakfast and make sure you can get a room,” she said as she pulled a small piece of pink rubber shrapnel from his shoulder. “They may fill up tonight with the big party we’re having here. You know how people get when there are balloons around.”

Jeff knew how he got when there were balloons around, but before he could contemplate the bigger meaning of that last sentence, she was shooing him out the door. “Right down the block. You can’t miss it.”

“Are their rates, um, are they good?” Jeff asked. “Maybe I should go on Hotwire…”

“Believe me, honey, this is the place you want to stay,” and she gave his crotch a gentle squeeze. Then she whispered in his ear: “Be back here at 5:30. Come to the back door. There’s something you’ll want to see… and something I need you to do.” And before he could ask for more details, Tracy had shut the door behind him.

The Balloonville B&B (“Our hospitality will make you burst with happiness!”) was a huge wood-framed building that looked like it had once been a mansion. Jeff climbed the creaky wooden steps to the wraparound porch. The banisters were decorated with red and white balloons, and a big three-foot balloon hanging over the front door read “BB&B Welcomes You!” Jeff wondered if that balloon had come from the General Store, and if so, if Alicia had blown it up… or did everybody in Balloonville have such incredible lungpower? After seeing Nan and Tracy in action, Jeff thought that was a distinct possibility. After ejaculating four times, he assumed it was perfectly safe to have such thoughts in a public place… and yet he felt his cock stirring once again.

A tall, waif-thin woman with short jet-black hair stood behind the old-fashioned front desk. She had thick-rimmed glasses on her nose, a bright red flower in her hair, and a small red balloon in her mouth. A nametag that said JANICE rode the swell of her breast. Janice’s cheeks puffed out as she blew into her balloon, and the red orb blossomed big enough for Jeff to read the words “Balloonville Bed & Breakfast”. Jeff watched as she blew the words (and the balloon) bigger, then she tied off the balloon and clipped it to a wire running above the desk alongside a line of alternating red and white balloons. Jeff quickly stepped up to the desk in order to hide the tent he was pitching in his trousers.

“Welcome to the Balloonville Bed and Breakfast,” she said in a chipper voice. “How can I help you today?”

“I, uh, I was wondering if you have a room,” he said. “My car broke down, and I think I’ll be here for a couple of days.”

“Ah, yes, Jeff, is it? Tracy called from the coffee shop to say you’d be coming by. I’ve already talked to Joe at the garage, and we’ve arranged to have your suitcase picked up and delivered to your room. Now, will that be popping or non-popping?”

“I’m sorry?”

“We have lots of balloons around here, as you can see, and some people don’t like popping,” Janice said. “We have non-popping areas of the hotel which are a little quieter.”

“Oh, I, uh, I could do either, I guess,” Jeff said. He wondered if Tracy might come to see him one night, and said, “You know what, how about a popping room?”

Janice smiled and her eyes twinkled. Maltepe Escort “Good, those are my favorites,” she said. “The maids blow the balloons up tighter, and they look so much prettier.”

“The maids-”

But before Jeff could ask, Janice was off and running with her check-in speech. “The pool is open until 11:00pm. If you need help with the pool toys, just ask one of the bellgirls, they’ll be happy to blow them up for you.”


“Breakfast is served from 6 until 9 in the Blue Balloon Room. Here’s your key, and Suzette will be up in a few minutes to get your bed all ready. I’ll just need a credit card for incidentals.”

Ten minutes later, Jeff was in a lovely second-floor room with a big king-size bed and a couch. There were balloons scattered about the room and the balcony, which overlooked the gardens. Brightly-colored balloons hung on the balcony railing, and a big, softly-inflated green balloon – a Q24 maybe? – sat invitingly on the lounge chair. Jeff was thinking how nice it would feel to cuddle up to that a balloon and think of Tracy, or Nan, or Alicia, or even Janice, when there was a knock at the door.

He opened it to find a perky, petite young woman in a maid’s uniform. Long blonde hair cascaded down her back, and she was carrying a small bunch of helium balloons (the first he’d seen in Balloonville) with the Balloonville B&B logo on them.

“Hi, and welcome to Balloonville!” she said. “My name is Suzette, and I’m here to get your bed set up.” She tied the helium balloons to his chair, and asked, “Now, how hard do you want me to make it?”

“Excuse me?” Jeff asked.

“Your bed,” Suzette chirped brightly. “All of our beds have air mattresses, and we inflate them to the firmness you like. Here, why don’t you lie on the bed and see what you think.”

Jeff turned away and adjusted his manhood, which seemed to have been in a constant state of erection since he entered this most intriguing little hamlet, then laid back on the bed, which felt soft and underinflated.

“We always start as soft as possible,” Suzette said. “Let me put some air into it and you tell me when it feels good.” She reached into a bag she had over her shoulder, but instead of the electric pump he expected her to produce, Suzette pulled out a long rubber tube, which she attached to a nozzle near the head of the bed. Of course, Jeff thought. Of course the beds are blown up by mouth, and by beautiful young women. This is Balloonville.

Suzette took a deep breath and blew hard into the tube. Jeff felt the bed stiffen beneath him… and another, familiar stiffening elsewhere. He quickly turned onto his stomach. He turned to see Suzette draw in another deep breath and blow hard into the tube. She blew and blew and blew, and as the bed grew harder, he found himself not wanting to tell her to stop.

“How, uh… how tight can you blow these beds?” Jeff stammered. “I mean, with what people get up to in hotel beds, aren’t they, uh, in danger of, you know, springing a leak, if you, uh, if you blow them… if you blow them too firm?”

Suzette laughed. “You’d be surprised what these mattresses can take,” she said. “I once tried a little experiment. I blew the bed up as tight as I could, and I had my boyfriend come over and told him to fuck me as hard as he could, and let me tell you, he can fuck pretty hard. I kept blowing it stiffer and stiffer while he did me, and when we were done, there wasn’t so much as a pin-hole.”

Jeff couldn’t believe how candidly this young lady was discussing her sex life – and with a complete stranger! It was making him rock-hard… or was it the thought Ümraniye Escort of her blowing the mattress up while her boyfriend pounded her athletic little body?

“Oh, uh… really?” was all he could say. But Suzette seemed eager to continue the conversation.

“Oh yeah,” she said. “Right now, I’ve got your bed inflated to maybe 80 percent of its capacity. It’s still pretty easy to blow. Here, you try it.” She handed Jeff the tube. He took a deep breath and blew into the tube – or at least he tried to blow into the tube. It took all the lungpower he could muster to force just a little air into the mattress.

“See?” she said. “Easy, right?” She took the tube back, took a deep breath, puffed out her cheeks and blew hard into the mattress. Jeff decided it was best not to disagree.

“Now I’ll blow it up until it’s absolutely as full as I can get it.” She blew a series of long, deep, cheek-puffing breaths into the mattress. Clearly, the effort was getting harder, and with each lung-full she strained more and more, until her face was red with the effort. The mattress felt like a solid block of concrete underneath him.

“Now that’s pretty full,” she said. “Here, you try.” Jeff, who considered himself a pretty decent balloon-blower (though it seemed unlikely he’d have any need to demonstrate that here in Ballonville), took a deep breath and put the tube to his mouth. He stressed and strained, but he couldn’t push one molecule of air into the mattress. He figured the tube must have some sort of built-in one-way valve, otherwise he was sure the pressure would have burst his lungs like the balloons Tracy had blown to bits at the coffee shop.

“See?” Tracy said, taking back the tube. “Even I can barely blow it.” She strained, but managed to blow a little more air into the mattress. Her lungs, Jeff thought, must be powered by hydraulic rams.

Suddenly, Suzette hopped onto the bed with him. She brushed aside a couple of balloons and laid on her back.

“Now get on top of me,” Suzette said.


“Get on top of me. It’s okay, we’re not actually going to do anything.”

“But I just…”

“Okay, I’ll get on top of you.” Suzette pulled Jeff onto his back and straddled him. Her skirt rode up and she started to grind against his jeans. She put the tube in her mouth and blew.

“See, the mattress is still fine, although this really isn’t very stressful stuff. Come on, get on top of me.” She rolled over onto her back, and pulled him to her. Clearly, Suzette was not going to take no for an answer, so he relented. He laid on top of her, between her legs.

“Now pretend to fuck me,” she said.

“What?” Jeff said.

“Come on, a handsome guy like you can’t be a virgin. Grind me. Make like you’re fucking me.” Jeff began to grind against her panties.

“Ow, your belt buckle! Take off your pants, okay?”

“But… I, er, I just…”

“It’s fine, we’re both wearing underwear! It’s not like we’re doing anything we shouldn’t.” She reached down and began to fumble with his belt. Jeff had never had two women touch his penis in the same month, let alone the same week, and he figured that she wouldn’t take kindly to him blasting a load of cum all over her hands, which he had a feeling might be the immediate result if she so much as brushed a finger against his pulsing manhood. He loosened his pants himself, shoving them down his thighs. His cock strained through his underwear.

Suzette pulled him down onto her. “Wow, you are a big boy,” she murmured. “Now go ahead, fuck me as hard as you can. I mean, pretend to fuck me as hard as you can!”

Jeff began to İstanbul Escort pump his hips back and forth, grinding his cock against Suzette.

“Harder!” she said, and he obliged. “Come on, really let me have it!”

He began to gyrate his hips as hard as he could. The tip of his cock popped out from the waistband of his underwear, and now he could feel his skin against the soft silk of her panties.

“Oooh, now you’re really going at it! If the mattress sprung a leak, we’d feel it sinking underneath us. Now I’ll try to blow it even tighter.” Suzette put the tube between her lips, took a deep breath, and blew. Her face was inches from his, and he could see every detail. Up close, her cheeks seemed to puff out like giant balloons, her face turned a crimson red, and he could see the veins standing out in her neck as she contracted her powerful diaphragm and forced more air from her mighty lungs into the mattress.

Jeff tried to lengthen his strokes as she blew, and as he thrust his hips upward, his cock, instead of sliding up over her panties, pushed against her. The tip of his cock was enveloped in her cool silk panties. He pulled back and thrust upward again. Was he going to far? Suzette didn’t seem to mind. Her eyes were closed as she blew as hard as she could, her solid-steel lungs generating the enormous pressure needed to blow the rock-hard mattress even tighter. He pushed upwards again, harder this time, and now he felt the smooth material of her thin underwear wrapping around the tip of his cock. The cool silk suddenly felt warm and wet. He pulled out, then thrust upward again, and felt that same warmth. Oh my God, he thought, the tip of my cock is inside her! Am I fucking her? Am I fucking her through her panties? Oh my God, I’m fucking her while she blows up my air mattress!

The thought was too much, and he pulled away and scrambled to his knees. He felt the built-up at the base of his cock. He panicked – if he blew his wad, he’d spray jizz all over her, and while she didn’t seem to mind him sliding the tip of his cock into her pussy, he couldn’t imagine she’d be very pleased if he sprayed her with hot cum. He grabbed one of the big tightly-blown balloons on the bed and pushed the head of his cock into it just as semen began to spurt from the head of his cock. It hit the balloon and made a noise like rain on a tin roof. His cock seemed to pulse for hours, blasting his man juice all over the tightly-blown balloon.

When his cock made its final spasm, Jeff stood there, a sheepish look on his face and a cum-covered balloon in his hands. He was sure he’d be thrown out of the hotel for sexually assaulting the staff. He waited for Suzette to start screaming.

But she didn’t scream; she spoke. “Wow, you’re a real gusher! Good thing Anya didn’t blow up that balloon any tighter, or I’m sure it would have popped when you hit it with that blast of cum! Well, anyway, now you see how much these beds could take. Man, you were pounding me even harder than my boyfriend. And see? The mattress is fine.”

Suzette got up from the bed, removed the tube, and started to let air out of the bed. It took a long time before the mattress began to soften.

“Let me know if that’s comfortable, and if it’s too soft, I’ll blow it up some more for you tomorrow,” Suzette said. “Thanks for cumming on that balloon, by the way, and not on me. We’re supposed to have a spare uniform, but I left mine at home. Oh, and, uh…” She lowered her voice to a conspiratorial whisper. “I don’t want to get in trouble, so if you talk to any of the hotel staff, please don’t tell them I used the F-word. Our boss doesn’t like us to curse around the guests.”

Suzette went to the door, then turned around and smiled at Jeff. “I hope you enjoy your stay here in Balloonville!”

Jeff was too flabbergasted to speak, but as Suzette bounded out of the room, he thought, I’m enjoying it just fine already.

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