Big Ass

BustedI have seen this woman, a massage ther****t for some time, on this occasion it was not just a regular massage. I was laying on my back near the end of my 90 minute massage when she asked me if there were any area’s I wanted further attention to. I just somehow got the nerve up and asked her that if she new the Thailand testicle massage that would be great. She looked me square in the eyes and one word came from her, REALLY? I replied, well it doesn’t hurt to ask. She then smiled and looked down at the towel covering my groin and removed it. She then asked if I was sure I wanted her to massage my balls? I said, yea if your comfortable with it, she said it’s no problem but most guys are to sensitive and can’t really handle it. I told her my balls were all hers. She smiled and took both my balls, one with each hand, her thumbs and fingers, and began lightly squeezing and massaging them. I got an immediate erection, didn’t phase her. She then confirmed by asking me if she could massage them how she would like? I said yea, of course. She then got some oil and lubed them up, took her left hand and snitched up my balls pulling them upward trapped on-top of her hand, thumb and forefinger. She then took the palm of her other hand and started pressing illegal bahis on my balls, smashing them since there was nowhere for them to go being trapped. She then began a circular motion with the palm of her hand while pressing on my balls with increasing pressure. She asked me to tell her when it became to much for me to handle. I wanted to take all of her effort but she did not let up and kept increasing pressure, I got to the point and told her that was all I could take. She continued to do this circular thing with her palm for a few minutes at the pressure I indicated was enough, my balls were really talking to me, let me tell you. I looked down at her doing this to me, erection dripping with pre-cum pointing at me, balls snitched up being smashed, I thought I was going to bust a load. She then stopped crushing my balls but kept her left hand snitching them up, trapping them. I looked at them, a little red but otherwise normal looking and vulnerable, she noticed me looking at my balls and looked me square in the eyes again literally having me by the balls, she asked me how was that testicle massage. I replied that it was fine and that I wished I had known she did this earlier. She told me that very few guys know she likes massaging kaçak iddaa guys balls and for me to keep it a secret. I told her, not a problem. She still had my balls by her left hand, she looked down at them, smiled and said, such nice small balls you have, can we make a deal? I looking at her asked, what kind of deal? With that big smile of hers she made a fist with her right hand and then placed her fist on my trapped balls. She then began rocking her fist left and right with the same force of her palm, she then looked at me with this big smile and asked, If you let me punch your balls trapped like this you don’t have to tip me for today and the next visit will be on me? I was shocked, she then looked down at her fist on my balls and began the punching motion, her fist coming down slowly square on both my balls asking me if we had a deal? All I could say is WHY? She told me that she always wanted to do it to a guy’s balls and then watch and wait knowing she had him by and had really made his balls hurt. At this point not really being a fan of being punched I asked her, how about if you take off your shoes and I let you kick my naked balls? She replied, no, I want to punch them, like this, doing the slow motion punch of her fist hitting my balls. güvenilir bahis siteleri I thought, oh well I tried, she was a very attractive slender woman with great legs and possibly feet, never saw them since she always wore shoes. So me laying there looking at her said, OK, just go ahead and do it. She asked me, REALLY? I said yea, but I get a testicle massage at no extra charge from now on. She said, you have a deal. With that her grip on my ball sack that didn’t have balls in it increased, my balls had no where to go, saw them on top of her thumb and forefinger trapped/vulnerable and then without warning her right fist slammed into my balls. I know something came out of my mouth but I can’t tell you what, my balls, stomach were in so much aching pain. To make matters worse I was so close to cumming before the punch watching her do the slow motion and actually pressing on my balls with her fist that when she hit my balls it must have triggered the orgasm. I was in so much pain and cumming at the same time, this has happened to me before with an attractive woman stepping on/kicking my balls but not like this. I almost rolled off the massage table, I was immobile for at least 10 minutes, hard to breath and thought I was going to throw up. She was well, lets just say cheerful. I’m still trying to figure out ways to get her to kick me in the balls, barefoot to bare balls but she’s more into her hands doing things to balls than her feet. Any suggestions would be helpful

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