But I’m married. PT2

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But I’m married. PT2But I’m married. PT2I felt great on my walk home. It wasn’t until I got to the front door of my house when I felt guilty.What have I done? I just fucked the masseuse and let a lady eat me out.Hi honey I’m home.Mmm that’s nice.What an ass I thought.My massage went well.Mmm that’s nice.With that all the guilt I felt quickly disappeared. When should I make my next appointment? Two weeks I thought. I too want my pussy to be on fire like the petite girl who bit me on my tit. I was sitting on the couch Saturday night thinking about my “massage” with John. I looked over at my husband and wishing he was John. What fun it would be if I could walk over to him, lift my skirt, and tell him to eat my pussy then fuck each other in every position imaginable.I’d love to run around the house nude or wear something so sheer it left nothing to the imaination.Then my thoughts turned to the lady with those big tits and huge nipples that ate me out licking Johns cum out of my pussy. Her tongue felt really good, soft and skillful. She made me cum. I don’t think I’m into girls but I really enjoyed it. If I had known any better I wonder if I would have tried anything with the lady I first saw when I went into the locker room sitting on the bench nude that looked like a slippery limp noodle all covered in oil.Later that night my “virgin” husband made his same move. He reached over grabbed my tit, pushed his hard dick into the crack of my ass, lifted my nighty, rubbed my pussy that’s sore from Johns thick dick fucking earlier today. He put his dick in pumped me for about two minutes. I heard him grunt a few times as he came in my pussy. I didn’t even feel his cum. I felt like I didn’t even want his cum. I would like to be used as a cum dump but not a two minute cum dump. I want to be treated like a dirty girl.On Monday at work I tried to get some more information from the ladies that told me they had a massage before. None of them would say if they were fucked hard like I was. One younger girl eluded that she really enjoyed the full body part of the massage. I’m assuming her masseuse made her cum. Maybe she was too afraid to tell me if she too got fucked because she didn’t want to look easy and the others are also married.Shit I thought to myself I don’t know how that petite young girl made it two weeks without getting fucked. I’m ready now. I picked up the phone and called the massage parlor.Hi I’d like to book the next appointment for a massage with John.You’re in luck the lady said, John only works once a week. We just got a cancellation with him for this Saturday @ 2. The only thing is it’s a full body massage.Perfect that’s what I wanted. See you Saturday.I was so excited, Saturday I’m going to be Johns bitch, his fuck toy. I wonder how many times I can make him cum? The massage was secondary to getting fucked. I found my hand at my pussy. One of the ladys passing by my desk asked are you OK? You look a little flushed. Yes, it’s a little warm in here. Aren’t you warm? No I’m fine.All week I didn’t wear any panties to work. Sometimes I didn’t wear a bra. I am a dirty girl. I’m going to dress like it and prove it on Saturday.I woke up too early on Saturday. I was so excited. Although I had all morning to wait for 2 to roll around I had plenty of time to shave my pussy, legs and underarms. I wanted to be silky smooth for John. I even stopped by the discount hair salon and had them french braid my hair. I thought that will give John a lot of hair to pull when he fucked me dogie.1 o’clock rolled around. I couldn’t wait anymore. I slipped on a darker sundress with no bra or panties. I hope the neighbors don’t see me.I told my husband I was leaving and I’d be back in a few hours.Mhh, that’s nice.Yeah nice for me I thought.I got to the massage parlor a little after 1.Hi, sorry I’m really early for my massage.That’s fine, John güvenilir bahis isn’t due in until 2. I’ll let him know your here as soon as he gets in.Here’s your lock, the locker room is right over there. Just to let you know the locker room is now coed since we’ve just started to offer massages to men starting this week and couples massages. Interesting I said. OK Thanks.Interesting indeed. I wish I could get a couples massage with my “virgin” husband. Cuckold him, nahh then for sure I’d be divorced and not living in the house and area I live in. He’s a lousy fuck, has an average dick yet a big income. The locker room and showers hopefully will get interesting. All those naked men to look at and couples possibly fucking and sucking. I stepped out of my sundress outside the locker room door. Although this is only my second time here I just loved being able to be a dirty girl. There’s something exciting about being able to be nude with other people and no judgments.I walked in and saw a well oiled pregnant early twenty something girl sitting on the end of the bench legs spread and milking her tit. Nice size purplish nipples and her pussy was beat red.Just then another lady walked into the locker room. Oh you poor thing she said look at how beautiful you are. Let me help you as soon as I slip out of my clothes. This lady had a perfect body. Tall, dark hair, green eyes, nice tits and pussy lips that hung down an inch or more. I wonder why she’s here? She was so perfect I know any guy would fuck her.I’m just so fucking horny. My masseuse fucked me three times. Came in my pussy each time. What harm can be done now? I still need to be fucked again she said as some milk began to ooze out of her purple nipple. Three times, that will explain why her pussy is so beat red. Three times he fucked you I’m jealous.With all the courage I could muster I asked is there anything I can do?Please suck on my tits for me. It feels so good when my milk comes out.OK I said thinking ewww breast milk.The perfect lady rubbed the young girls baby bump and began rubbing the clit of the young pregnant girl, so I decided to suck on her tits like she asked me to.Some milk sprayed into my mouth. I thought I was going to gag thinking it’s breast milk but once I tasted it, it wasn’t so bad.I remember when I was pregnant, the perfect looking lady told her. I don’t think my hand left my pussy until the third trimester. Even at work I’d be rubbing one out.I rubbed my hand over the beautiful ladys nice flat stomach. You had a baby.Yes a couple of years ago.You’re perfect.Thank you.I really wanted to reach down and rub her pussy.Look at me I thought. In a weeks time I’m sucking a PG girls tits and touching another ladys stomach.The young pregnant girl was yelling yes, yes, oh fuck just like that I’m cumming, shit I’m cumming squeezing her legs together, ahh fuck that feels so good. Don’t stop.Just then someone stuck their head in the door, Anita Johns ready for you in room 9.I hope he’s ready I said to the ladys in the locker room rubbing my pussy. I grabbed a towel but this time just threw it over my shoulder. I wished them luck, have fun and left.I walked down the hall naked in anticipation. This time when I heard moans coming from the various rooms I knew the ladies were getting off. I hope their fucking and sucking their masseuse for all their worth. Just the thought of that made me smile.I walked into room 9 and John was standing there in his scrubs with a smile on his face.Hi, Anita.I’m your bitch, your fucking slut John as I walked over pulling his pants down going for his completely shaved dick and balls.All in good time Anita. This is all about you. First we’ll start with a erotic massage. Hop up here on the table.I did but this time I laid on my back.Leave your pants off John. I want to see I make your thick cock hard. I want to see when türkçe bahis it gets hard.You do Anita, you make my dick rock hard. When I got a text Monday showing me you were my client I saved up my cum for you.John proceeded to oil me from neck to toes. He used a lot more oil this week then last As he was rubbing the oil in my body I told him my husband sort of fucked me last Saturday after you stretched my pussy out with your thick dick.Oh yeah, how’d that go?My “virgin” husband reached over grabbed my tit, pushed his hard dick into the crack of my ass, lifted my nighty, rubbed my pussy that was sore from you fucking me earlier, put his dick in pumped me for about two minutes. I didn’t even feel him cum.That’s a shame.Tell me about it. I’d suck my husbands balls dry but all he wants is to do is get his rocks off turn over and go to sleep.I could see Johns dick starting to get hard. I thought the more I talk about being married and fucking his hands and fingers roamed my body with more intensity getting ever so close to my pussy and nipples as he massaged me. I was getting so turned on by that and thought I’d tease him even more. There was a pregnant twenty year old in the locker room. Nice tits, purpleish nipples and her pussy was beat red. Beat being the operative word she told me she just got fucked three times.There was a perfect looking lady with dark hair and green eyes in the locker room that rubbed the pregnant girls clit for her making her cum.I can see by your hard dick this is turning you on.It does turn me on a lot. I like listening to your stories. Looking at you.I decided to play a game with John. I wanted to get him so horny he just had to take me, ravage me, fuck me good and hard. I wanted him to have to fuck me. Fuck my brains out like I’ve never been fucked before. I wanted to go to the locker room with my pussy as red as the young pregnant girl. Sit in there letting the other ladies see that I’ve been fucked hard.Too bad I’m married John. My pussy belongs to another.Your a tease Anita.What are you going to do about it John I said as I crossed my legs. Take me when I’m naked and vulnerable? Fuck my married pussy until it’s beat red like the young pregnant girl I saw in the locker room? You bitch John said as he slathered oil on his dick and balls. Your mouth says one thing yet your erect nipples say another thing.John pulled and pinched my nipples hard in spite of all the oil.You fucking bastard John. What are you going to do fuck a married woman? Just because I let my co(u)sin fuck me when I was f(i)fteen you think I’m a slut?Deep down your a naughty girl Anita. I’m going to bring the naught girl out in you.What would you do to me John? Tell me.I’ll show you, you little fucking bitch.John grabbed my ankles, pulled me down the massage table, for(c)efully spread my legs open and spread my pussy lips.Only a slut would have an clit this big John told me.But John I’m married.Your husband isn’t using your pussy Anita. I’m going to fuck you, cum in your pussy.John pushed my legs back over my shoulders and rammed his thick dick into my soaking wet pussy.I really loved it but kept playing my game with John. I decided to turn it up a notch. I wanted him to be an an(i)mal.You bastard John you’re fucking a married woman. This feels like r(a)pe. You’re r(a)ping me.You want it bitch. You’re the one that came in here pussy on fire pulling my scrubs down. You wanted to get fucked. Now take it.John pounded my pussy so hard, it felt so good to be fucked properly. Have my pussy stretched open by his thick dick.Hold your legs back bitch. Hold them back so I can get every inch of my cock in your pussy.I held my legs back as I was told to do. John lightly choked me. I loved it.I couldn’t believe John could last this long pounding away at my pussy. Now this is the proper way to fuck a pussy I thought.Please don’t cum güvenilir bahis siteleri in my pussy, I’m married.You’re going to take all of my cum you slut. You’re my cum dump. I’m cumming, shit I’m fucking cumming. Unlike my husband I could feel Johns dick exploding in my pussy. I felt burst after burst of his cum in my pussy. I could feel his hot cum oozing out of my pussy down my ass.You mother fucker John you filled my married pussy with your cum.I’m not done with you yet slut.John sat me up, grabbed my left hand and milked the last few drops of cum from his dick onto my wedding ring. That’s what I think of you being married. Let my cum dry on your ring. Every time you look at your ring you’ll think of my cum.On your knees bitch. Clean my cum and your pussy juices off my dick. I didn’t have to be told twice. I jumped off the table and licked Johns dick and balls clean.Oh John that was sooo fucking hot, you taking me like that. I came just saying r(a)pe. A lot of women have that fantasy. Not by a stranger but taken fo(r)cefully and fucked hard.I’m not done with you slut. I’m going to take you again, now get down here and suck me until I’m hard again.This is everything I wished my “virgin” husband would do to me I thought. I sucked Johns dick for a few minutes and felt him getting hard in my mouth. He grabbed my head and started to face fuck me hard. He pulled my head forward until my lips were touching his body. I had to pull back for air, then he’d face fuck me again. Gak, gak, gak sounds emitted from my throat. I was drooling all over his dick and balls, dripping down my tits. I felt a load of Johns hot cum slide down my throat. He pulled out and another rope of hot cum hit my face dripping down onto my tits. John pushed my head down and shot another rope of cum in my hair.We sat on the floor exhausted gasping for air.Oh fuck John I am a dirty girl. Your cum is all over me.One day I’m going to take your ass slut.MY ASS?That’s what happens to filthy sluts.I was both turned on and a bit leery. It intrigued me when my co(u)sin wanted to take my ass when I was fi(f)teen but it never happened.Lay on your back and open your mouth.John lowered himself onto my face and his balls into my mouth. He played with my tits while I sucked his now low hanging balls. I like this too. Unlike my “virgin” husband Johns balls were soft and hairless.I’m ready for you again bitch, bend over the massage table and spread your ass checks.I did and John entered my pussy pulling my head back by my french braid.I could her the slap, slap, slap sound of his body hitting my ass, his thick cock filling my pussy.Just as the time bell rang John pulled out of my pussy and came a bit on my ass crack.Sorry Anita times up and I’m out of cum. I hope you enjoyed your massage.I did John, thanks.I went to grab my towel and John pulled it from my hand.Sorry slut. Walk down the hall to the showers like the slut you are.I smiled. OK John I’m not ashamed of being a slut.I walked into the locker room naked. To my horror who should I see?My neighbor from a few doors down from my house.Shit I thought to myself.Amanda she said to me, over here.Hi Jane.I see you too found this fabulous massage parlor.There I stood naked in front of my neighbor with Johns cum in my pussy, dripping down the crack of my ass on my face, my tits, in my hair.Jane is a bit thicker lady. Brown hair and eyes, big floppy tits, big nipples with a few bumps on each areola. A small triangle of hair above her pussy. I noticed she had a few bruises on her tits and thighs.Did you hear this place went coed?Yes they told me when I checked in.I just sucked a guy off in the washroom. Isn’t it great!A sigh of relief came over me. Jane’s a bigger slut then I am.I don’t want to keep George waiting Jane said as she pulled on her nipples. I like rough sex. I want to get my moneys worth. We should get together and talk about our experiences Anita.Sure Jane.Jane left the locker room without even taking a towel.I sat down on the bench and a couple came in. They undressed each other. They kissed and headed for their massage………..

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