C.N.A. Story Ch. 01


Author’s Note:

“This was my first submission to Literotica back in November of 2004. It’s raw and unpolished, but I think it stands well on its own. Enjoy!”


I had been working as a nurse’s aide at the hospital for almost six months, and was beginning to realize how much I hated the job. I worked on the Sub Acute unit, a place reserved mainly for people there to die, coma victims and quadriplegics. It was a hard place to work, the humanity of it all. I had to feed them, bathe them, clean them, wipe them, turn them and groom them. What had at first been a job I loved was rapidly becoming a nightmare.

I had few friends there that I liked, and most of the time friends were what got you through cleaning and preparing dead bodies and watching people waste away. Of course, the social environment of the hospital was more like a high school than a professional work place. All the clicks were there, instead of jocks you had docs, cheerleaders became nurses and everyone else just worked to support them. Subsequently, there was a lot of gossip and backstabbing, secret vendettas and such. So even friends I held a safe distance away.

The person I suppose I most enjoyed being around and who I trusted the most was a respiratory therapist named Linda. She and I shared the same sense of humor and interest in a lot of things, but we also shared the same distaste for the horrible situations we dealt with every day in the line of our work. She was up front and honest, and she was attractive to boot. She was tall, an inch taller than myself at 6’1″ with shoulder length blonde hair and a body that had given birth to two children and managed to bounce back pretty well. Her breasts had to be at least a 34 D from what I could tell looking down the opening V-neck of her scrubs whenever I could. She was 45, but you wouldn’t really know it.

I never really noticed Linda’s age as we got to know each other more and more, but I did notice I had growing attraction for her. She had a wit and confidence that was irresistible, the kind of personality that was beautiful and special without even trying. As the next few weeks progressed, we began confiding in each other. Her live in boyfriend was a nice guy, but he was also an obsessive jerk who had to control her and say mean things to her. Her frustration made me feel bad, but I did my best to counsel her.

“It feels so pointless sometimes,” she said as I watched her check the respirator equipment. She worked the machines as though it were second nature as I put new blankets on the patient in B-bed. “It’s like I can’t win with him.”

I shrugged. “Maybe that’s the whole point.”

“What do you mean?” she asked.

“Look,” I said, flattening out the sheet, “He sounds like he’s the kind of guy who has got to have total control all the time because he’s probably never had any ever in his own life. Making you feel bad in his way of feeling good.”

“That’s a bold observation for a 23-year-old,” she smiled.

“I like to think of myself as a very young Yoda,” I took the dirty linens over to the hamper and dropped them in. “I mean, my hair is already falling out, my ears stick out and half the time I’m here the smell is making me turn green.”

“Your hair is not falling out,” she consoled as we washed our hands in the bathroom. “It’s just receding, like Bruce Willis or Tom Hanks.”

“You’re sweet, but by the time I’m 25 I’ll be Kojak.”

Linda laughed. “Who loves ya, baby?”


We moved on to the next room and began our tasks. Typically, the aides are paired off together and work as a team. But today my partner was Stan, and since Stan had been there since they opened up this wing of the hospital ten years ago, he felt he had the right to watch the hunting and fishing channel whenever he wanted. Since most of our patients were comatose or quadriplegics, they didn’t really complain either. Truth be told, I was glad Stan was off doing his own thing. Spending time alone with Linda was becoming the highlight of my day. And she obviously was enjoying it too, because she often came into the rooms I worked in more than any other.

“You’re too hard on yourself, you know?” she said as she examined another regulator.

“Just being honest about myself.”

“Well, I think you’re adorable,” Escort Kız she smiled. “You’ve got beautiful eyes, a great smile, you’re in great shape and you have a nice ass.”

I felt my heart jump at her compliments. “Wow, aren’t we being forward today? Flattery will get you everywhere,” I said, being as bold as I knew how to be.

“It’s true. I’m not the only woman to say so either. Do you work out?”

I laughed. “Not really. I just have well placed fat. My man-breasts look like pecs, that’s all.”

“Shut up.”


She came around the bed and put her hand on my chest. I felt my cock slowly beginning stir and tried to suppress it. When you’re wearing scrubs, anything past being limp shows up like a mountain. Considering I have a healthy seven-inch cock, I knew if I wasn’t careful someone would notice. But, maybe I wanted her to notice…

“Feels like muscle to me,” she said. Our eyes lingered long enough to where I knew she wasn’t just being kind, but there was more there. I was in good shape, and I actually had been blessed with a good figure with the exception of small love handles. Our moment was broken when the door opened and we quickly went back to work, both of us blushing. Stan walked in, offering help. I couldn’t believe his timing as I watched Linda leave the room out of the corner of my eye.

In the hall, I walked past her cart and she handed me a note. I stepped into room 10 and unfolded it. It read:

“Want to fool around?”

My heart was thudding now as I held the paper in my hands. My cock was starting to rise again and I just had to go in the bathroom and run cold water on my hands. After I had composed myself, I walked back out and stopped by her cart. I looked at her casually and said, “Yes. Room 7.”

I walked to room 7, a comatose room, and went inside. It was around 4 p.m., and things were busy, so I knew I had some time I could spend with her as long as I closed the door and we went in the bathroom. The chances of anyone bothering us were slim. I waited for a few minutes and then Linda came in the room. She smiled as she closed the door and I felt almost as nervous and giddy as I did the night I lost my virginity. There was something so sexy about her and as she looked at me with her bright blue eyes. I took her hand and we went into the bathroom. It was still light enough outside that we could see each other in the darkened bathroom. I turned on the water in the sink for noise.

“You sure about this?” she asked me as I pulled her to me. I slid my hands down the small of her back and I saw a real vulnerability in her eyes. She tilted her face towards mine. “I’m old enough to be your mother…”

“I’m sure,” I breathed and kissed her. I gave her the best kiss I had ever given. Our lips sealed together and I felt our tongues slide and tangle wetly with each other. Her hands slid up and down my back, shoulders and sides. At first, it was very deep and passionate and then we began to kiss faster and more hungrily. My cock was now engorged and pressing against her. She began to rub herself against it. We did this for about five minutes until the door outside opened. We jumped back to reality and put our hands in the warm water, acting as though we had just finished with a patient.

“So,” I said casually, “There’s really nothing that I, as an aide, can do to adjust the respiration equipment?”

“No,” she said, her voice quivering still and then stronger. “No, it’s illegal. Sorry.”

Stan looked in. At first I thought maybe he knew, and the way he looked at me made me think we were busted. I hoped my erection had gone down some, but I could still feel it straining against my boxers. I leaned forward a little to hide it. Then he said, “It’s almost dinner time, let’s go.”

I looked at my watch. To my surprise, it hadn’t been five minutes but fifteen since we came into the room.

The next few weeks we continued our bathroom make-out sessions. Out of the 11 rooms on the unit, we groped and pawed each other in 10 of them. And each time, we grew bolder and bolder. She eventually had her hand in my scrubs stroking my cock, I had her scrub top and bra lifted up lifted up sucking on her nipples and rubbing her crotch with my hands, fingering her pussy.

One day towards the end of shift, we slipped into the women’s bathroom and locked the door. I pushed her against the wall and undid her pants as we feverishly kissed. I pulled the bottoms and her panties off her left leg, so that leg was free. I rested her thigh on my shoulder and began gently kissing the soft inner flesh. She was moaning softly under her breath as I slid my tongue up her thigh and across the upper end of her slit. I traced her lips with my tongue and then began long, soft licks from one end of her pussy to the other. She ran her hands though my hair and then pulled up her top and bra. I looked up and saw her cupping each breast in her hands, gently kneading them together, and her head propped against the wall. She began rubbing her nipples, and I swear to this day I have never seen anything as sexy as her doing that. As I flicked my tongue over her clit, she let out a sigh and I felt her legs tremble. I kept my eyes on her large, milky white breasts for a moment longer, as she tweaked her nipples and began to breathe heavier and faster.

I set to work on her clit, flicking it, circling it and suckling on it. She was getting so wet I could feel her juices running down past my goatee to my throat. I kept working her clit with my tongue, and her leg spasms became more pronounced and erratic. She was breathing hard now, and I could see her biting her lip as she desperately suppressed her cries. Her nipples were as hard as rocks and protruded out like small spikes. I slid my free hand up her stomach began rubbing her left nipple, gently rolling it between my thumb and index finger.

Suddenly, she jerked and cried out as a flood of juices squirted into my mouth and onto my face. Her legs squeezed around me and she hugged my head to her body as she rode her climax. I stood up, grabbing a paper towel and wiping the excess fluid off my face. Her chest was heaving as she pulled me to her.

“Oh my God, where did you learn how to do that?” she breathed.

“I lost my virginity to an older woman,” I smiled. ‘She showed me the ropes.”

“God, I could be crazy with you,” she whispered as she pulled me close. I felt her undoing my scrub bottoms. She spoke into my ear, sending shivers through my body. “I want to take your cock and suck on it so bad. I’ve fantasized about tasting you, sucking you… I’ve wanted you since the day we met.”

I submitted myself to the overpowering waves of instinct and need surging through my body. I felt almost dizzy. “I’ve wanted you too. Badly.”

She yanked my pants and boxers down with one tug and grasped my throbbing cock. “I want to take your cock and put it between my tits, and let you fuck them. Would you like to fuck my tits?

“Yes,” I whispered as she stroked me.

She looked me in the eye and said, “I want you to fuck my tits and cum all over them. All over my neck and face.”

I could hardly breathe as she turned me around, pressed my back against the wall and kneeled. My mind was racing a million miles per minute as she kneeled down. Her tits grazed past my aching cock, and she squeezed them together, enveloping it. The soft flesh around my shaft and head created such a silky sensation that I almost came right there. I pinched myself hard on the arm. Later, I realized I drew blood from that pinch.

Linda finished going down to her knees and positioned her face right in front of my cock. Her hands grasped my thighs as she licked and kissed the tip of my cock, making it bounce back and forth like a springboard with each lick. I closed my eyes and tried to enjoy this while trying to think of every baseball game I had ever seen.

I felt her suck me into her mouth. The sensations arched like electricity all over my body as she deep throated me, pulling me closer by grasping my ass with both hands. Her head bobbed up and down on me, and every so often she would graze her teeth across my head or flick my balls with her tongue. I could feel my orgasm close; an orgasm so deep from within that it almost scared me to release it.

Before Linda, I had been with fifteen different women, and I had never felt anything even close to this

“Linda, you’re going to make me cum…”

She kept sucking me as my legs began to shake a little. She slid her mouth off me with a quiet * pop * sound as put my cock between her breasts. I could see my swollen purple head sticking out of her cleavage. I was in the throes of the impending orgasm as she slid her breasts up and down around my shaft. I couldn’t hold back anymore and I stifled a yell as my wad blew. I felt hot semen actually splash onto my face as I came. My mouth hung open as I gasped for air. I could feel my cock throbbing with each spurt of cum. I felt like my fingers were going to actually dig into the wall. Finally, it abated and I opened my eyes

She stood up in front of me, and I saw a trail of cum from her cheek all the way down across her bunched up uniform and bra to her tits. A gob of cum was sliding down her right breast and hung on her nipple. She cupped the breast and brought it to her lips, licking the sticky semen off her breast. She used her finger to take the cum off her neck and uniform and proceeded to lick that up as well.

“You taste great, baby” she said huskily as I used my own finger to wipe the cum off my face. She grabbed my hand and sucked my cum-covered finger into her mouth. We kissed each other passionately, and for the first time I tasted my own semen. The salty taste lingered after we broke our kiss and we just held each other, the heat from our bodies making us break a light sweat.

I felt myself stirring again. I couldn’t believe it. Linda felt it too and whispered to me, “Lets fuck each other, right here, right now.”

I pulled her top and bra off all the way as she took my shirt off. This was so crazy. People were bound to notice we were missing, but I didn’t care anymore. I pushed her against the wall and she opened her legs up. Our bodies pressed together and the heat between us made me grow even more aroused. She wrapped one leg around me as we devoured each other, our tongues desperately flickering in our mouths. I pressed my cock to her pussy, the head just shy of entering.

“I’m on the pill, it’s okay,” she whispered and lowered herself onto my cock. I slid into her and she was surprisingly tight. I grunted as we began to gyrate against each other, getting the feel. Then, we began to fuck. I couldn’t really think anymore, and my previous orgasm gave me an edge over cumming early as we moved together. She held onto my ass with both hands as we fucked. We kissed each other passionately as we tried to catch our breath. I sucked on her tongue as my cock slid in and out, my hand rubbing her tits.

She then stopped, slid off me and grasped the sink with both hands. I held her hips and slid into her from behind. I felt so powerful as I plunged my cock deep into her again and again. I could hear her moaning again, and my cock was so swollen it almost hurt as we humped. I could feel my balls slapping against her as my speed increased. In the mirror above the sink, I saw her looking at me. My body was glistening with sweat in the white neon light, my nipples hard and every muscle pulled taut. Her face was consumed with lust as her tits swung back and forth to our rhythm. She brushed her hair out of her face and said something I didn’t expect.

“I love you.”

For whatever reason, those words caused my body to shiver as I heard my heart speak back to her, true and plainly. “I love you too.”

Her eyes closed and we continued, in our own little world. Amazingly, she orgasmed before I did, her pussy tightening and spasming around my cock as she came for the second time. Her juices ran down my leg as I came, blowing my load deep inside her. We almost collapsed on the floor, but we remembered where we were and stood, holding each other for support. Her breasts felt so good against my chest. My cock beginning to subside as it pressed against her, completely spent. We stood there for a long time until my cum began to leak out of her. She grabbed a paper towel and wiped it up.

“We have to do this more often.” I said as I wet a paper towel and cleaned my cock off.

“Yes we do,” she smiled as she put her clothes back on. I stopped her and kissed each of her breasts very gently.

“Down boy,” she said, “We’ll be lucky if no one notices we’ve been gone.”

“I meant what I said.”

She looked at me and smiled, that beautiful smile and then kissed me as I held her breasts. “I meant it to,” she said, and hugged me close.

“Not that I want to pick out curtains or anything.”

Linda laughed. “We’re just getting started. Like I said, I could get crazy with you.”

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