C,A Ch. 04 – First, Fast, I Do


Hopefully you’ve enjoyed the other stories in this series, I have a more to upload and more stories waiting to be written. Unfortunately, some of the stories, while great fun, don’t have a huge amount ‘story’ surrounding them to make them entertaining enough for me to go into depth with. These are the highlight reels — wham, bam, thank you maam depictions of a few of our intimate moments. I’m always careful to label our stories as truth or fiction, sometimes blending them together, but always noting it when I do. The following is totally factual, per the best of my memory as these events happened more than a decade ago, within the first few years of our relationship.


The First…

The first time we fucked wasn’t some magical moment or anything crazy, it was just a hot time on the couch a couple of days after we first got together. Andrea abandoned her friends to hang out with me, ‘the older mystery man who’s stealing her from all her friends.’ Sorry guys, we fell in love that night at have been inseparable ever since. They’d all meet me and love me too, so it ended ok, but for those first initial weeks they all were skeptical to say the least.

We had been inseparable for nearly 48 hours. We went out, we went back to her place talked until the sun came up, slept in her bed and had our first kiss, then split for less than an hour to shower and get ready to do it all over again. We met back up at my place, went out for lunch, then dinner, then to the bar again. We parted ways after the bar, making plans to get together the next day and went to sleep in our own beds, in our own places. Barely after 10am my phone buzzed and Andrea was asking if I was up yet. Yes, of course I was up; I made breakfast, tidied the condo, and been playing video games for about an hour. She said she was going to get ready and come over to hang out with me. We talked about being lazy and watching movies on the couch — ‘Netflix and Chill’ when Netflix was still just mailing DVD’s.

I took a shower and put the finishing touches on the house and she came over just before noon. She looked as gorgeous as I’ve ever seen her. Short little stone-washed jean shorts, high and tight on her bubbly butt and a little baby-t with some design or something on it that I don’t remember. What I really remember was her tan midriff and her little gold navel ring peeking out from underneath that kept stealing my gaze away from the rest of her 19-year-old perfection. She had the top of her jet-black hair pulled back into a pony-tail, tan skin shimmering with a touch of makeup, and a big pretty smile that could start wars and make strong men quiver. She is so fucking hot.

She came in and we sat on the couch, looking for a movie to watch on my HTPC full of torrent goodness. I don’t even remember what we settled on, but I don’t think we made it through the opening credits before we were laying together on the couch, under a blanket, kissing hard. It took no time at all before the hands were roaming and things were moving quickly. Too quickly.

I know it sounds like bullshit, but I didn’t want it to move that fast. She thought it was bullshit too, but it was the truth. I’m a decade older and had spent my entire life rushing into things. I had it in my head, right or wrong, that rushing in was part of the reason I was fast approaching my 30’s and hadn’t found the person I was going to spend my life with. I felt as if I let the sex drive the relationship for too long, blinding myself to the reality that these women weren’t right for me. I didn’t want to make that mistake again, so I told her we had to slow down.

“I thought you were kidding with that stuff.”

“I know, it seems crazy, but I’m serious. I really like you and don’t want our relationship to just be about sex.”

She shrugs her shoulders and we keep making out. My hands run down her back and feel the gap in the fabric between her shirt and shorts. I find the little dimples on her back and trace them with my fingertips, catching the lace at the top of her panties with my pinky. Her hands roam my chest and stomach, then start kneading my stiffening cock in my shorts. Our teeth gnash against each other as she pops the button on my pants and unzips me.

“We should slow down.”

“Are you sure you REALLY want to?” she says with a grin.

“No, I definitely don’t, but I think we should stop.”

“Ok,” she pouts, returning her hand to my neck and kissing me.

“I mean, can we do other things? Can you touch me?” she pleas.

“Yeah, I just don’t want it to get too crazy.”

She flops to her side and unfastens her shorts, pulling them open and exposing the lacey pink waistband on the top of her zebra-striped cotton panties. Rolling back to meet me, she kisses me and directs my hand down the side of her pants. I reach back under the shorts to grip the cool soft skin of her little juicy ass. As I paw and squeeze, she gyrates her hips isveçbahis yeni giriş into me, pressing herself hard on my straining member. I’m cupping her ass with one hand and running my hand up her side with the other, fumbling to undo her bra as we breath heavily into each other’s mouths.

“You’re making this hard,” I pant.

“You’re the only one stopping.”

We go back at it, her shorts slowly dropping from her ass as my hands roam her silky soft skin, in and out of her tight panties. She nibbles my lip and pushes her shorts down, kicking her legs to get them off under the blanket. I stretch back past her ass, searching for her warm center with probing fingertips. Finding her wetness through the thin cotton panties, she gives me an encouraging “Mmm” as things really begin heating up. Teasing through her panties, her heat soaks my fingers as they find their way around the thin fabric barrier. I felt my cock dying to break out of my pants as I toyed her hairless flaps, freshly shaven just for me.

“Ok, we really shouldn’t.”

“Oh yeah really, we shouldn’t,” she mocks as her hand reaches in my shorts and pulls me out of the front of my boxers, stroking my shaft and staring into my eyes.

“I mean, you make it really hard to stop now, but I think…”

Her free hand slides down and unzips my fly, pulling me through the hole.

“Hard. Yep, very hard. And thick. Stop thinking and fuck me.”

She’s raised up over top of me with my cock in one hand and pulls her panties to the side with the other. She flashes a mischievous smile at me as she teases her little pink butterfly lips with my engorged tip.

“That’s enough,” I whisper as I barely push her back.


She sat back onto my steel pole, taking me halfway into her red-hot wetness. I felt like I was going to cum instantly as her impossibly tight hole stretches to take my thickness.

“You still want to stop,” she giggles, looking up from our sex with her black hair dangling over her eyes.

“I guess it’s a little too late for that.”

She smiles and squeezes the base of my cock slowly consuming every last inch as I unbutton my shorts and push them down a couple of inches. She leans forward and kisses me as I slid in and out, her deliberately taking it slow. I rub the soft skin of her ass, pulling her into me and wandering my hands up her body. She sits back and pulls her shirt off, exposing her perfectly perky little B cups while tossing it onto the floor with her loose bra tangled inside. I fondle her cute little bosom, pinching her almond colored 50-cent piece areolas and tweaking her Chapstick cap nipples as she ground on me. She grabs my hands and held them to her tits, continuing to grind deep and hard.

She lays on top of me, kissing me deeply and breathing into my ear as I moved to lick her neck. Her tiny little bald pussy pulls and slips over my rigid girth. I could feel her wetness coating my balls and soaking my crotch as we writhe together slowly. Feeling myself letting loose, I grip her with my thumbs under her protruding hip bones and lift her off my exploding cock, dousing both of use with long spurts of my warm fluid. Fighting her way back to me, she slaps her wetness against my pulsing piece, humping every last drop out from between us with her slick little slit.

We laid there kissing for a few minutes before getting up and cleaning ourselves off. That night she ditched plans with her friends again and we fucked all night and the next morning.


The Fast…

It wasn’t one of our most intelligent moments, but it happened so here it is… We had a few beers at the bar and probably a few shots. We were coming home after it closed and driving down a completely empty highway. Andrea was feeling particularly frisky, teasing me over the center console as I drove. We were hustling down the road when she stops rubbing my cock and leans back against the passenger door. She propped a foot up on my shoulder, tickling my ear with her toe and hung other on the dash while hiking up her skirt.

Every passing streetlamp cast a bright yellow hue across her as she stared intensely at me, rubbing hard on her black satin panties and pushing my shoulder as she really started getting into it. She laid back with her head pinned between the glass and the seat, biting her bottom lip and swirling her damp finger over her hot little pussy. My cock, already half hard from her teasing, begins dripping with excitement. The RPM’s are up across the board as we burn through the empty night.

Andrea plants her feet back on the floor and pulls her little miniskirt up over her ass, all the way to her waist. She leans her seat all the way back and plunges her hand into her panties, turning to show me everything and filling the air with her creamy essence. She’s kicking me again with her foot as her eyes roll back and she squirms next to me. I twist a little isveçbahis giriş in my seat, running my hand up her leg, stretching to feel all the way up her silky thigh. Unable to reach her panties, I paw at her inner thigh, clawing to touch her wetness. The flashes of yellow lights over the highway continue to douse her over and over again as my speed increases.

She pulls her panties to the side as her womanhood glistens under the soft yellow lights. Wet fingers squish around the outside, toying her clit as her French tips flirt with penetrating into her depths. Having given up on reaching her and staying on the road, I sit forward and begin pulling my cock from the underside of my shorts. A finger disappears inside of her as she lifts her hips, her ass partially sticking to my leather seats. Holding herself up into the air, she pushes a second finger in, working them in and out until she collapses down onto the seat.

“Did you cum?”


She came, but it was eerily silent and not like her at all. She laid there, looking as if she was going to pass out as she lightly circles her little sopping lips. My cock is drooling with excitement as we plowed through the night. Out of nowhere she springs to life, looking almost possessed. She leans over the center console and tore open shorts, immediately taking my cock into her mouth, swirling the tip with her tongue as my girth strained her soft, plump lips. I stretched my arm to feel her ass, pointing directly out the passenger window sure to give everyone a show if we weren’t completely alone on the late-night highway.

Tugging on my drool covered prick, she climbs over the console, stepping on my seat and pressing the horn on the steering wheel with her ass. She guides me inside her as I fight to maintain control of our speeding vehicle. I’m swerving all over the place as she’s riding me, grinding hard against me. It was incredibly hot and unfortunately untenable as I kept going faster and faster, hardly able to see, and covering multiple lanes at a time. After a few minutes of her hot grip over my thickness, I have to make her stop. She resumes working my now cream covered cock with her mouth as I reach under her knee, now up on the center console, and dig into her gushing hilt with my fingers.

Just before our exit, I squeezed hard on her pussy, fingers mashing her g-spot as my palm presses her damp, bald pubis as my balls release my seed from their depths. She raises off with the first flex, clamping down and working my shaft with her hand, and licking it up and down as I fire into the darkness. Calming down as we get off our exit, we were a mess. Lots of hair gel for her and blacklight shirt stains for me. A couple Armor-All wipes in the morning took care of the steering wheel, our seats, and the center console.


The I Do…

A couple years into our relationship and we were joined at the crotch. We fucked everywhere, all the time. We’d sneak into bedrooms at house parties like high school kids. We jump into the back seat of my SUV if we made it some place a little early. We ‘took a nap’ after Thanksgiving dinner at her mom’s house — house buzzing with family as we fucked silently in the pitch-black spare bedroom. We were insatiable.

It was my buddy’s wedding – a guy I hadn’t seen in a couple of years, but used to work with and partied with regularly. We were going to be in town anyway so it worked out perfectly. The ceremony was in a nice little church in the country and the reception was at some sort of rec center that had an amazingly elaborate garden outside. It was all very nice and we were having a pretty good time. As the drinks flowed, we found ourselves in the endless line going up and down the stairs to the basement, where the only bathrooms were.

At one point the facilities died down and we found ourselves alone in the long, dark, wood paneled basement hallway. It was at least 50ft long and shadowy with only one set of fluorescents at the base of the stairs and the only other light coming from the single overhead bulb in front of the bathrooms at the end of the hall. Noting we were alone; Andrea got a little frisky.

“We could totally do it down here.”

“Yeah, until Geoff’s grandma comes down to take a piss and has a heart attack on the stairs.”

Andrea’s devious little smile grows wider as she steps in closer, stopping us in the shadows where the meager lighting failed to overlap.

“Are you afraid we’ll get caught?”

Oh I knew what she was doing. We both loved the thrill of nearly getting caught and she was daring to push the envelope far beyond anything we had done previously. This guaranteed we would be caught. She was drunk and looking super-hot in her short silky black and white dress that was tight up top with plunging neckline and flowed open at the bottom just above mid-thigh. Her dark brown hair was pulled back to the side, curled, and isveçbahis güvenilirmi her make-up was perfect as usual. She reached under and began fondling me through my slacks as she gazed deep into my eyes, pleading with me.

“Come on… I know you want to fuck me. I can feel you wanting to fuck me. Your cock is getting so thick.”

“It’s too dangerous. We’re definitely going to get caught.”

“Mmmhmm,” she pouts as she unzips my pants and reaches inside my boxers, her cold hands immediately bringing me to full attention.

I kiss her, biting hard on her bottom lip as she pulls my fat cock out, stroking slowly. Just as I’m about to grab her and fuck her against the wall, I catch a glimpse of legs descending the stairs some 30 feet away. Andrea is oblivious as I push her back, frantically twisting the door handle behind her and shoving her into a dark room.

“I told you we were gonna get caught.”

“Where’s the light?”

We fumble up and down the wall in complete darkness. I finally find the switch, awkwardly located about a foot higher than normal. The initial shock of the aggressive fluorescent light on our eyes, already acclimated to the dark, unveiled a large fully packed room. Part kitchen prep, part office storage. We were in a sea of giant stainless-steel pots, pans, and stacks of office chairs. My now half-soft dick was still swinging in the breeze as Andrea resumed operations. Dropping to her knees onto the linoleum tiled floor, she delicately places my unimpressive softness into her mouth and quickly works me back into action.

Within moments I’m fully engorged and she’s struggling to fit the thickness into her mouth, past halfway. She works me with her hand and mouth, reaching under her skirt as she squats to toy with her pussy. Staring up at me with her big beautiful hazel eyes, she releases my shimmering cock from her dripping mouth, giving me a little smile as she stood up and turns around, bending over the only empty corner on a large stainless-steel prep table. Flipping her skirt up and exposing the olive skin of her perfectly round little booty, she gave me a little shake as I twisted my drenched shaft.

Ripping down her red lace thong, I drop down behind her onto one knee, driving my face deep into her creamy center. Nose pressed hard against her tiny pucker, I flick my tongue as deep as I could, suckling her pretty butterfly lips and swallowing as much of her as I could. Grabbing both of her soft, fleshy cheeks, I bury my face in as hard as I can, mouthing and sucking every bit of her womanhood. My cock is drooling with anticipation as she begs me…

“Fuck me… fuck me now… I want that dick!”

Standing up and wiping her cream from my beard, I slather it over my head and push it deep into her red-hot canal. She presses back into me, taking in my entire girth, and finding an immediate rhythm. She moans as I clamp down mercilessly on her hips, slapping myself against her as she perfectly mirrors the motion. Fast and hard, every stroke from base to tip, we were perfectly synchronous. I watch as the cream builds on my cock and forms a ring around her gripping pink opening. In and out, faster and faster, harder and harder, the very tip of my helmet the only thing keeping us together as I pound her against the table. Reaching back and spreading herself for me, the thick froth continues building over her tiny little exit.

The added lubricant is too much to resist as I lick my finger and turn it inside of her tiniest of holes. I can feel my finger against my throbbing cock as I destroy her poor little pussy. Her arms begin to flail about the table, desperately seeking something to hold onto and threatening to give up our hidden location with the sounds of shifting pots and pans amidst the rhythmic body slapping. I feel myself getting close and my only thought is being as deep inside as I can. I pop my finger out, resuming my clasp on her hip and push myself all the way in, raising up on my toes to give her as much as possible. I lean forward into her, thrusting hard and pressing her against the table. She circles her hips as I grind into her, stretching her to the point in which she’s quivering.

My load fires hard and deep as she reaches under to grab my balls, toying them lightly and stretching my sack. Each flexing explosion produces what seems like an endless supply as her light touch quickly turn into a deep massage on the undercarriage. Five or six massive spurts deep inside and I’m dizzy, knees going weak. She rubs a few more pumps from of my exhausted taint and I step back allowing myself to fall out. She holds up her skirt and cups under her swollen gaping pussy just in time for me to pour out of her. I scramble to find something to clean her up, opening a few cabinets before finding a stack of aprons.

We clean ourselves up and sneak back into the hallway.

From that night on, ‘fucking at weddings’ became one of our things. We always do it, every time. After a while when a friend was going to be married, they’d always joke about where they think we’d end up fucking (bathrooms mostly). But that was our first and honestly, one of our best. There are a few more really good ones that I may have to share at another time.

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