CabinAfter returning to the cabin we go to sleep. You awake from your sleep. As you open your eyes, you can only see darkness. Your blindfold has been slipped back over your head. Your hands and legs are also bound, as you attempt to move on the bed. You can tell that your legs are spread far apart. You feel hands grasp your labia and pull them up, clamping them with something that was a hard, cold metal. At the same time, other hands take your right nipple and secure it in a clamp as before. Soon both nipples are again secure, but this time, the chain that holds them together is taut, pulling them towards your collar.You lay perfectly still, wondering if I know yet that you are awake. You can hear other noises in the background as pieces of furniture are clearly being moved in the room. There are occasional whispers, but you have no idea how many people could be there. It was a constant sensation of the air moving throughout the area. Suddenly, I whisper in your ear, “Slut, I see that you are awake, and didn’t tell me!””Yes, Master”, you whisper back. “You are to always tell me when you awaken, so that I can immediately begin your lessons!” I quickly untied your wrists and legs from the table, and sit you up. “It is time that you have your first true lesson in obeying me as my slave. This is a public lesson, slut, because I will need assistance in your training. As I shared with you before, no harm will come to you, but you MUST obey my commands, quickly and completely.””Are you ready to begin, slut?” “Yes, Master” you answer, your fear now completely taking hold of you, realizing that you have no idea as to what would come next.”Good, then let’s begin.” With that command, you feel fingers gently pry open your mouth, as a round gag is inserted and tied behind your back. “This is to keep you from trying to chitchat with me during this lesson, slut!” You feel the ball around your tongue, and realize how much freedom you have unknowingly had before when I let you respond to me. You are silent now, waiting, and listening.Hands lead you over to something that feels like a sawhorse. You are bent over it, and can feel the padding on top. Soon, your legs and hands are secured to the legs, as you lay exposed. Someone is circling me, using light feathers to touch the skin on your legs, arms, back, and ass. The sensation is entirely pleasurable as you lay there. Soon, a hand rests on one ass cheek, spreading it apart, as you feel something being inserted into your ass. It has been well-greased, and slips slowly in until it rests securely, filling you.Ear muffs are slipped over your ears, and you now have no ability to hear the movements in the room. You instantly became aware of the scent of vanilla, realizing that smell is the only sense now left for you. The first spank startles you, for you have no forewarning that anyone is near. Then came a second, and then just as quickly, you feel a different sensation on your back and legs, one of a gentle lash, hitting softly. The strokes increase in frequency and intensity, as the giver concentrates now on just your buttocks, increasing the intensity of each lash, not ever crossing over into true pain. Soon, there is a rhythm to the spanks, as you can feel your ass cheeks get more sensitive. You picture it turning very red, as you are tied down. The lashes stop. The silence caused by the ear muffs is overwhelming as you wait, wondering what would come next. You can tell that your pussy has become involuntarily wet as you are being lashed, and as you squirm, your pussy lips open on the padding of the sawhorse, bringing a wonderful sensation to your clit as it comes in contact with the satiny material. As soon as you squirm, you feel a sharp spank, this time clearly amasya escort administered to get your attention. You stop instantly. The earmuffs and gag are removed. “Did I tell you, slut that you could play with yourself?” You hear my voice sternly ask. You are so taken aback that you forgot to be silent, and instead blurted out, “No Master!” You instantly know your mistake. You wait, hoping that I would overlook this transgression.I release your hands and legs, and you are quickly guided to a table and secured, lying on your back.There is complete silence in the room. Clearly, I intended for you to hear what would happen next. Another voice different from mine now speaks to you. “You have displeased your Master, slave. It is now my turn to punish you, and I won’t be as gentle. I am here to help your Master train you properly!” She quickly unclamps your nipples. Almost immediately you feel a cold wetness on them, causing an instant sensation of pain and pleasure. It takes you a few seconds to realize that she is rubbing an ice cube slowly over each nipple, as the water ran down your belly. This is followed by the sensation of heat hitting your nipples. You realize then that a candle must be close by. The dripping wax envelopes your nipples, creating an intense sensation. This is followed by more ice, this time on your clit. You can imagine how very pink it is turning. The coldness stopped, once again followed by the hot sensation of wax hitting it, then instantly cooling and hardening. “Take her to the hooks!” You hear her say, and feel yourself once again being released from the restraints. You are led a few feet away, where your arms are raised and hooked onto something high above. Your feet are on the ground, but they are quickly parted wide, as you feel something fastened to the chains around your ankles. It is a spreader bar that now opens your legs up widely. You mentally picture yourself; spread open, hanging from a hook, completely and totally available for whatever I now have in mind.”I have chosen this lesson as your first, my slave, for a reason. You will know that from now on, whenever we meet, you will do whatever I desire, with whomever I desire. Today, you have a Master & a Mistress, and you will please us both. The Mistress has also brought her slave so that you can watch her as she works with her here in this special room. She is much more advanced than you, and it will be beneficial for you to see how you will progress.”With those words, the blindfold is removed from your eyes, and as you turn your neck to the right, you find yourself looking at another woman who is also tied, but against a board, where her hands are spread wide and secured, as well as her legs. Her mistress is in front of her, using a very soft flogger, gently stroking her breasts. She is blindfolded, and has not uttered a word the entire time. Each time the flogger gently touches her nipples, she moves involuntarily. It appears that she is in a state of semi-consciousness, clearly enjoying the sensations her mistress is producing. Her mistress unties her hands, and had her kneel, securing them behind her back. She motions to mer to step up to her mouth, and insert my cock, as I place my hands firmly on her head, guiding her mouth. You watch with awe as you see me being pleasured for the first time by another woman. She uses her tongue in a way that you have never imagined, and you notice how much I enjoy it. You see my movements increase as I move her head quicker up and down on my shaft, making her mouth take me deeper and deeper. Soon, her chin is lifted up high, and you can see that my cock has slipped completely down her throat. She appears to open her mouth even wider for me now, engulfing my cock completely amasya escort bayan as I thrust deeply. You hear me cum as my last thrusts make my cock slide visibly halfway down her throat. You watch, fascinated, as I display my pleasure, stroking her hair now, as my cum is pumping deep inside her mouth.Slowly, I withdraw, as I look to you and gently say, “That is what I want you to learn to do today, my slut. It is most important that you learn how to open yourself up completely, to become the receptacle of my gift to you, and the gift that I choose others to give to you.””Yes, Master,” You whisper, as you realize how very wet you have become witnessing this other slave’s devotion to pleasuring me. With that response, I release you from the hooks as I say “Kneel down now, slut.”You obey immediately, eager to show me that you are willing to serve me. Instead, I motion for the mistress to approach. You notice that she is wearing a strap-on dildo that is the biggest you have ever seen.”It is important, my slut, that you be trained properly in this art of swallowing cock. I have engaged Mistress Candace to instruct you on how to perform it properly.”Mistress Candace immediately takes over, tilting your head up towards her as her dildo begins to encircle your lips. “Look into my eyes, slut, as you service me on your knees. It is always a requirement that your master sees how much pleasure you are giving him through this gift.”You look up, noticing how intense her eyes were staring at you, “Now slowly open your mouth as my dildo encircles your lips. That is always the signal for you to become positioned to receive a cock.” You do as she commands, feeling the wet touch of the plastic as it presses softly against your lips, slowly encircling them, teasing them. You open your mouth wider, anxious to feel more.”I will decide when you have earned the right to receive more of my gift, slut. But it is good that you are eager. It shows that you will be a most willing slut to be trained for more service in the future for your master.” You quickly glance over to me to see if I am observing this. “Did I tell you that you could change your eye position, slut?” “No, Mistress” You whisper. As soon as your words are uttered you feel a sharp sting on your buttocks. “Your master will be positioned behind you now, and every time that you do not do exactly as I say or as he wishes you to learn, you will feel his swift discipline. That will be your way of learning how he wants you to please him. Do you understand?””Yes, Mistress Candace.” The next spank came quicker as I say, “Speak up louder, slut, when others are speaking to you. I want to always be able to hear your responses, loudly and clearly.” “Yes, Master” You say, much more loudly this time. “That is much better, my slut.”Suddenly, the pressure that Mistress Candace’s dildo was placing on your lips increases, as she quickly slipped her dildo into your mouth, holding your head steady. She is silent now, as her dildo is thrusting into your mouth, not deeply, but thoroughly. Her hands position your mouth, tilting your head a little higher, as the probing continues. Her exploration is deliberate and thorough, as she rhythmically pushes a little deeper with each movement into your mouth, and open your mouth wider each time she extracts her dildo out to the edge of your lips.Without ever completely extracting her entire shaft, she is thoroughly and completely taking total control of your mouth, maintaining a steady rhythm of probing that moves deeper and deeper into the depths of your mouth. You surpingily feel the first thrust hit the back of your throat,(for this was a dildo that could squirt my cum) finding that very soft spot. You head is completely escort amasya steady in her hands now, as she looks intensely into your eyes.”Yes, sweet slut, you have a very nice mouth. It will become very fuckable once I am through with you!” You must now relax your throat completely, giving it to me, as if it were your pussy. Her next thrust is quick and powerful, as she inserts her dildo so deeply that it passes through the tight opening to your throat. You gag involuntarily as she quickly withdrew. “It is natural, my slut, to feel that sensation, but you must learn to open up even more, and fight that feeling of gagging. Soon it will come natural to you to take a deep swallow as my dildo or any that cock passes into your throat.”She instantly starts thrusting now; quickly probing to find that opening that would allow her dildo to slip once again back into your throat. Once she finds it, she pushed in and out in a steady rhythm, allowing you to practice swallowing each time, until you are no longer gagging, but eagerly accepting it. She slips it in deeper now, extending her dildo a full inch beyond you throat muscle, as her hands hold your head very still between them.She looks up at me as she says, “Your slut has a wonderful mouth, Master. She will serve you well! She is already learning to release her tensions and open it completely for pleasure! I believe she is ready for her first gift!” With that, I move over and stick my now rock hard cock deep in your throat and then I cum quickly, pouring my cum deeply into your throat.”Now I will teach you the proper way to conclude your service, slut. Continue your swallowing movement as all of his cum is poured into you. As he gradually withdraws, take your tongue and lick all around, cleaning every drop of cum off of him as his cock begins to soften. Do not stop licking until his cock is completely removed.””It is most important that you learn this as well as you learn to open up your mouth. Your ability to continue to service a man after he has cum in your mouth is a sign of devotion to your master, who will always be watching. He will want you to show your dedication to becoming a true slut through serving him that way. Do you understand?””Yes, Master” You utter, as my cock begins its final withdrawal.”You are learning well, my dear slut. In our real sessions, I will always go last, after you have pleasured whomever I choose. It is important that you perform to perfection for anyone I provide you. Your skill at receiving their gifts will greatly please me, and you will know how pleased I am by how hard I give you my gift at the end.””I may choose to have you perform this function in the privacy of this room, or in a public place. But no matter where I choose or when, you will perform it instantly and willingly. Do you understand my slut?”The experience is so intense that you have forgotten that the other slave was still kneeling, watching. In fact, you have become totally unaware of anyone else in the room. You have only wanted to please mer, showing me how willing you are to give me the pleasure and devotion that I require.”A very nice first lesson, pet.” I walk over, once again securing your mask. I help you get up, and lead you back to the table. You lie down as I secure your hands and legs once again, this time inserting the spreader bar between your legs.”I think it’s time we allow her to rest. She’ll be ready for her next lesson soon.” You feel a pat on your head at the same time that a finger is inserted into your pussy. “Yes, she’s getting nice and wet for her next lesson” I say, as you hear footsteps walk towards the door. The clicking that immediately followed leaves no doubt in your mind that the door is firmly locked.Your pussy, that has not yet been satisfied, is twitching uncontrollably, aching to be relieved of its pressures. As you drift off to sleep, You wonder what has happened to the other slave. Is she still in the room with you, or has her mistress taken her with her?

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