Camilla Pt. 04

Ass Shaking

He cradled her ass in his strong hands as her wet lips mashed against his. In reaching up to circle his broad shoulders, her tight white office shirt came undone. She kissed him hungrily, having first flirted then brushed up against him at the office throughout the week. At one point she was bending over to get a document from the collated drawer on the printer and he ‘mistakenly’ walked into her. She felt his hard cock through his perfectly tailored pants. He had grabbed her hips to steady her from falling, and she almost fucked him there.

It was late Friday night, and he still smelled good. He looked good after a long day. She was stressed out and hoped that he could deliver on giving her an outlet. So far so good.

He scooped his hands under her the thing fabric of her short tight skirt and cupped her cheeks with his strong hands, massaging her buttocks over her black opaque nylons slowly and firmly. His fingers reached under and up from behind, onto her triangle of hot steaming hunger. Her shoes were still under her desk, so she stood on her tippy toes to give him better access to pleasing her.

Without another word, his arm encircled and tightened around her waist, and the hand between her legs lifted her up, holding her close to his hard, muscular body. She clung to him as he swept a nearby table of documents, folders, shelves, and stationary and planted her firmly on the desk.

His hands between her legs tore aside the nylons, pulling them off into a tight ball and flinging them into the corner of the printing room.

He pulled aside her pink panties and buried his sweet, hungry face between her legs. They needed to be quick, and she was glad he knew his way around a clit.

His soft wet tongue licked the edges of her thighs, causing her to quiver with anticipation. To the left first, a long caress, then to the right, then again to the left, in a gentle wet stroke. His fingers slid and excited her soft dampness. Then his mouth, starting at the top in light, gentle circles and then in harder and tighter pushes.

Her eyes, first focused at the top of his head as it moved around her hotness, rolled back concentrating on the ebb and flow of pleasure sweeping across her body. She rolled her hips, undulating them into his mouth so that she could get more and more out of his expert tongue.

Then she felt a shock that tensed her buttocks and flung her clit into his mouth. He had slowly, gracefully, fit a long broad finger into her butt hole. No one had ever done that! The moans trembled out of her mouth in quiet, pleasurable protests. The finger anchored her hips against his mouth. She cried out in protests but his tongue dove and wrapped inside of her.

Another explosion – signaling there would be another bigger one coming. Her legs shot out straight – toes pointed out towards the ceiling – one hand gripped the edge of the table while the other covered her own mouth less a cry would tell others. And they would come. And watch. And perhaps join in as well. The thought of that drove her arousal higher. Who could catch them? Who could be working so late on a Friday night?


I heard them before I saw them. I had a sensed that someone was in the copy room before I got there, someone was in that room. By the time I reached the edge of the doorway, she had cried out a quiet, whimpering moan that seemed she was as much fighting against him as enjoying whatever he was doing to her.

She wasn’t who I thought she would be, I knew from working on the new project with Hnark. Her name was Karen, she had short blond hair and a round, tight, fitness-club-every-day ass that would pop out of her short skirts and tight clothing. She was a go-getter. Someone that actually intimidated men like me because were we ever on a project together, she would out work me.

Now her legs were high in the air, her hair was a mess, a white, raspberry-tipped boob had fallen out of pretty lace bra. Her shirt was hurriedly pulled open, uninhibited, and her mouth was in a slack “O” as she gasped for breath. A young man, who I didn’t recognize was between her legs. Young like her, fit, muscular – and totally engaged with licking her out was buried deep between her legs. I don’t think she would’ve seen me if I was standing next to her naked and with a birthday cake.

His shaven head was whipping side to side, and his arm was somewhere between her legs as well, moving slowly up and down while he pressed his face against her. She grabbed the back of his head forcefully and shoved him deeper in. Rolling her head back while this slave made the most of her orders.

My breath I didn’t know what to do – do I keep looking and get caught being a fucking perv or do I walk away and pretend that I was never there.

I chose the second. My thought was this was a new project; in business years I was younger than them both; starting from zero, and I didn’t want to get called out as being an old perv watching kids fuck in the copy room.

I went back to the room that Hnark had reserved for poker oyna us and dove back into the mindset of what needed to be done to win this project.

The room was piled high with printed records being entered by manually in vast reams into a database by another company off-site. Then, it was up to us to sequence them and decide how to interpret the data. It was an exhaustive project. Every pile that came back from the offsite team had to be spot-checked, then we had to find cues determining how the data was entered, then we retagged all of the data with a date, so that we could sequence into a timeline and correlate with all of the other data both historically and where the projection would land.

Every single time we did – without fail – it changed where we thought the data would go.

Every. Single. Day.

It was in this constant, perpetual defeat that I saw who Hnark was – and I admired her for it. She rose admirably and with class to the adversity. Tonight, after a long day of spot-checking, sequencing, and entering, the data shot away contrary to where we thought it would go. We ran back through the work, and it all looked good, something had happened in the real world that caused this buyer’s habit to change – there was some unexpected story behind the data. For me, exhausted and defeated by a string of so many days of relentless days of work, I wanted to pound my head against the floor. Hnark look like she was going to cry. This was a woman that I had heard made and broke people’s careers, their lives. She had pushed through to become a fierce woman – but a repeated punishment, every day – with the thought of bringing defeat back to a group of men just waiting to pick her apart, well, I could see it could break the strongest. I had gone out to “print something” to give her a moment and when I came back – she was there studying the next dataset.

Persistent. Undefeated.

The daily punishments did bring us closer. When I first met Ms. Hnark, there wasn’t a hair out of place, a fold, crease, or wrinkle that wasn’t planned. Now, tonight, I could see a little more of the “human” of her. We had begun to relax around each other a bit and, while she stilled ordered me around, her hair was a mess, there were circles as dark as mine under her eyes, and her clothes looked like they had been slept in – which, because of this schedule we’ve been on, I wouldn’t doubt it happening.

“Did you copy file D5 as well?”

“No, I was heading to do 1 – 4.”

“Ok, Could you do D5? It looks like we’ll get through that as well.”

“There’s two people being intimate in the copy room.” The minute it was out of my mouth, I knew it sounded childish.


“What? Nothing. It’s just – there are two people in the copy room.”

“Ok? Do they have a big job?”

“No. Yes. They’re having sex. I didn’t want to disturb them. I can do the copying later.”

Hnark let out an uncharacteristic howl.

“Ed, what? Really?”

“Yeah. I can wait – it’s ok. Friday night I guess, right?”

Hnark surprised me – she grabbed my hand and pulled me out of the office to follow her. It was the first time we’ve ever touched other than that first handshake. She crept quietly down the hall, turning dramatically to get me to walk lower, still holding my hand. She stopped to listen a few times, giggling conspiratorially at me when she heard the girl gasp.

“Who is it?” She said into my ear. I smelled her breath, her perfume. I could see down her shirt to a black, lacy bra.

“I think it’s that girl, Karen? The blonde? I don’t know the guy.”

“Is he wearing a suit? Or a maintenance uniform?” Her eyes were twinkling. I realized she was enjoying this. I chuckled uncomfortably at the scenario forming in her mind.

“A suit, I think.”


“She pulled me further down the hall and then took a sharp left, and then a sharp right – leading me through a few desks to a cube. We crouched down on the floor, my fearsome shark manager and I, in a cube.

“If we stand, they won’t see us from this cube.” She whispered giggling some more.

Sure enough, we stood and could look right into the brightly lit room. The cube where we stood was hidden in the darkness of a closed office. We could’ve sat and eaten popcorn.

But Hnark had different ideas. The last giggle bubbled up from her as the man finished giving her head. From where we were, we could see he was, like her, young, fit, and good looking. Hnark was silent when he unzipped his pants and pulled out a fat stiff cock.

The young man pushed into Karen, making her grab the table with both hands and release another guttural moan.

He started slowly, methodically drawing his hips back and then slowly moving them into her. Pressing against her at the last moment. We saw his ass clench as he held her there for just a second and then draw back again.

“Ooo. He’s good.” She whispered. Her hand on my arm.

He ripped her shirt aside, exposing a pink and light green frilly bra completely. canlı poker oyna He slapped the other tit out of its lacy cup and then grabbed it, pulling her by her nipple.

“Oh! Yes!” She cried out.

“We can go,” I whispered. “There’s another copy -“

“No, I want to see.” She said, grabbing my arm harder, not breaking her stare of the scene. “Stay here with me.” I could feel the heat from my face – and from Hnark.

He was muscular and young. I was fat and old. I felt so much shame and embarrassment watching them. A man fucking a girl so well that other women want to watch.

I wanted to go. I couldn’t leave because, literally, it would affect my working relationship with my manager – who felt utterly opposite to me.

He began to go faster. Pumping his hips back and forth. She bit on her hand to muffle her cries and gasps.

Hnark squeezed my arm more tightly. Her mouth had begun to open slightly, her chest rose and fell a bit faster.

His hips began pounding into her, moving like a piston back and forth. Her body jiggled and quaked from the impact of his body.

Karen’s hand fell away from her mouth to grab onto the table better. She let out an uncontrolled cry of pleasure.

Hnark took a breath in, a stray hand was absently stroking her thigh over the tight black shirt.

I felt like the stupid little monkey standing next to her.

Then, suddenly, the man slapped Karen.

Not hard, but the sound of it surprised all of us. I felt Hnark’s sharp grip onto my shirt, her nails pinching into my skin.

The girl squealed then whimpered.

He pulled out.

Rolled her over.

“Yes, baby,” she said whined, her naked ass pointing towards him.

He slapped one cheek, hard. Then the other. It rang loudly through the office.

Did that hurt? How could anyone like that?

She cried out again.

“Oh, fuck, naughty boy,” Hnark said.

He spread her cheeks apart and stuffed his cock between them, lifting her slightly. She grabbed the edge of the table. He grabbed a fist full of hair, twisting it and pulling her head back. He commenced pounding her once more. Her ass jilted and shuddered from his punishment.

He went on pounding her so hard the table tilted off the ground with each slam and shudder. The tips of her toes barely touching the ground with each fall. The noise table jostling on the linoleum and her whines and cries cut through the silence of the office.

Her body was curved backward as he pulled her to him. She was pulling hard on her nipples in ecstasy.

She was panting loudly, whimpers, and groans of pain.

One final thrust and that lifted her off the ground and kept her suspended between him and the desk. She screamed, her legs trembled uncontrollably. Her hands flailed, trying to steady herself and push him back, grab him closer, savoring the earth-shattering orgasm that racked her body. He hooked his arms around her, holding her tight to him, his own body quivering and sweaty with the effort. He let her down then slowly, gracefully draping her across the cheap copier table pushed against the wall of the office printing room.

She lay there for a moment, exhausted and drunk from his passion. He leaned against her, his hand on the small of her back, his now flaccid cock, hanging and pressing against her reddened cheeks. They panted together.

Then, with some inaudible whispering, they collected themselves and walked away, into the darkness of the office at night, perhaps to go out, probably to – who knows.

Hnark and I ducked again. I refocused and could feel her hot breath fill our small hiding place. She realized she was still holding onto me, a handful of my shirt and skin in her manicured hands.

“We should go,” I said. “C’mon let’s go – ”

“You’re so soft.” She said, releasing my arm, her breath though was shallow, aroused. “I don’t want to work anymore. Do you want to get a drink?”

The first comment took the wind out of my sails. Any idea, hope, or wonder if Hnark would have felt I was attractive as a man went out the window.

The second comment had only one answer, if I didn’t except, she’d be right, I was fat and soft.

“Yes, let’s go.”

We found ourselves at a hotel lounge; it seemed the most professional place we could go together for drinks without going to a club. It was Friday after all and even while sitting among the chic, comfortable couches and low tables set with tasteful centerpieces, a constant stream of people hungry for music, alcohol, and company streamed by. Unsurprisingly, Hnark got more than one passing glance, all of which she seemingly ignored with a relaxed grace of being above it all. I was probably seen as some sort of trained bear that this exotic performer had brought with her as she took a break between acts.

I tried to relax, my suit didn’t accommodate sitting on low leather couches, my belly seemed bigger and my jacket smaller. I couldn’t find a position where I wasn’t giving my crotch to Hnark. internet casino I had wished the drinks were bigger, more potent. I wanted two at time. I ordered an Old Fashion, for better or for worse, for the sheer quantity of alcohol in it.

Hnark, on the other hand, had folded herself across a couch across from me. Her legs crossed in what seemed like a practiced grace and she was sipping thoughtfully on a mojito.

We made small talk between long pauses. First, about the next steps with the project. This data being unexpectedly difficult, that data being easier. What I thought about Data Set 14, what she thought about the work overseas. Her professional background. A little more about me. And then –

“What did you think of that, Ed? Those two kids fucking in the office?”

“Pretty wild – reckless.”

“Did you ever do that sort of thing?”

“No. I – no.”

“You what?”

“I didn’t work in an office until I was in my 30s. So, in office years, I’m still new.”

“Oh? What did you do before that?”

“This and that. I moved around a lot – not because I was getting fired,” I added quickly, “but because I found that a lot of things interested me – so I’d persuade people to hire me.” Half of that was true – and said that way, I looked adventurous and put together. I learned too late in my career to always present myself that way to anyone – to look like my future was as I intended it to be and where I was now was all the deliberate fulfillment of my grand plan. I left out the divorces, leaving everything behind, running from places that were too full of pain and sadness to stay, pull up roots, burning bridges, having absolutely nothing and scratching for any opportunity – so that, fortune and gods willing, I landed here. I found myself here. Saying any of that that would show me as a victim, a ‘poor poor man,’ and Hnark, sitting across from me with those incredible legs and shoes, a command of a perfect body, ambition, career, and unflappable diligence and – yeah she was actually quite pretty – well, I wasn’t going to lower myself in front of her. She didn’t hire a loser.

“Well, you’re lucky then.” She said after a long pull of her drink while listening to me. “My career was what I found. I moved from place to place after – well, after leaving places I no longer needed to be – burning everything behind me and I won opportunities like this one …” she trailed off, suddenly becoming aware of airing her dirty laundry.

“In cage fighting matches, right?”

“Pretty much, it was either me or the other applicant.”

“You look like you got a good right hook.”

She laughed, loosening again, “You are so funny, and yes,” she said with mock seriousness, “I do have a good right hook.”

“I’ll keep that in mind.”

“What is Ed short for?”



“You? Kata?”

“Yes, me Kata. You Edison.”

We laughed.

“Just Kata? Is that short for something?”

“No – Just Kata. Were you expecting more?”

“No – Kata is more than enough.”

The line fell between us. It stopped her for a second. Her eyebrows rose just slightly. She was still my manager, she still held my contract, she still was responsible for my livelihood. It was a slight unintentional line that could be misinterpreted. I wasn’t feeling her out or flirting with her. She could, like others she’s destroyed, ruin my career.

“I mean, you’re pretty incredible. This is quite a project, and I’ve got to say it’s great seeing how you are managing it – I’m actually learning a lot.”

“Thank you, Ed.”

“I’m also learning not to go to the copy room after 9 pm on a Friday.”

“Or make a reservation, right?” she laughed. “How could they do that?”

“I know pretty, savage. I thought she was being attacked when I first heard it. I almost jumped in.”

“Really, the slapping angry fucking at the office!”

“That – I guess my sex life was pretty vanilla! I’m kind of humbled – I feel so… conservative.”

“Well, don’t knock if you didn’t try it – it’s pretty darn good.” She laughed – then caught herself. “I mean – ha! Oh my!”

“Ms. Hnark!” I laughed in mock surprise.

“Call me Kata!” she shouted, laughing as well.

The alcohol was in both our heads. The exhaustion hit us as we relaxed among each other. I finally slunk back against the couch. I could feel myself crashing.

“Kata.” I echoed.

“At this point, Ed, having watched two people having sex together – I don’t think there’s much we can’t share.”

“Agreed. And at this point, I’m starting to fall asleep.”

We talked a bit more argued about the check, in the end, I paid.

“Ed, this is a business dinner.”

“Kata, you emasculate me. This is mine.”

“Oh you’re ridiculous.” She smirked.

I shrugged. “It’s what I do.”

Kata Hnark just laughed. Her eyes were bright, and she actually looked ‘happy.’ I had never seen her smile – nor realized she was quite beautiful.

“What are your plans for the weekend?”

“I’m doing to do sets 10 – 25.” If we can get there, we may be ahead of the plan.”

“Tomorrow’s Saturday.”

“It’s what I do. And -” I added, “I do need to copy that stuff.”

She laughed again. Beautiful.

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