Camilla’s Cuckold


Camilla and Rod had a hot sex life, and they wanted to spice it up even more, so they found a sexy dark haired woman named Justine to join them in the bedroom.

Justine was wild and Rod enjoyed watching her and Camilla kiss and feel each other up. He enjoyed it even more when his beautiful blonde wife dove down between Justine’s long shapely legs and began licking Justine’s pussy, bringing the new girl to moans of ecstasy. Indeed, Rod wondered if maybe Camilla didn’t have a bit more experience at this activity than she claimed, as she was quickly able to bring Justine to a shaking orgasm.

It took Justine only moments to recover and then she leaped up and grabbed Camilla roughly and shoved her down into a cushioned metal chair. From seemingly out of nowhere she produced a rope and quickly tied the blonde’s hands behind her back tightly. With her arms pulled back so far, her full breasts were thrust forward and accentuated further. This pleased Justine, and she decided to tie up Camilla’s breasts as well, using the thick strong rope that she had secured her arms with.

The naked girl was now well trussed up, but something seemed missing. Justine pushed her legs apart, revealing a swollen pink pussy surrounded by neatly trimmed blond pubic hair. Camilla’s pussy was juicy and slick from the foreplay and from the rough treatment she was now receiving. Justine quickly tied Camilla’s ankles tightly to the legs of the chair, and then added more rope just below her knees.

Justine crouched before her, teasing her with her own perfect naked body. Her breasts where a full 2 sizes larger than Camilla’s ample C-cup tits. Her nipples where darker, as was the rest of her dusky skin. The bound girl was pale with light coloring but the Justine had a more tanned skin tone, and dark hair, including her pubic hair which was thick and unshaved or trimmed.

Justine let her long dark hair fall to the sides of Camilla’s legs, teasing her inner thighs while Justine’s tongue did it’s work on Camilla’s carefully groomed pussy. Unable to move much, Camilla rolled her head back and forth and moaned with pleasure as the dark haired girl pleasured her. She wondered why she needed to be tied down for this, but perhaps the girl just had a fetish for ropes and bondage.

Perhaps, but it was not so. Justine has a definite purpose to tying down the blonde beauty. Once she had her worked up and quite exited, she stopped. Camilla begged her to continue, but she refused. “I will not untie you until you have seen all that there is to see. And then you will be loosed, and will do as I bid you.”

Camilla felt a chill run down her spine as the words both frightened and excited her. What happened next, she never could have imagined and it turned her blood cold.

Justine motioned for Ron, who had been watching all of this with his cock in his hand, to join her on the floor in front of Camilla. “Camilla,” she taunted her, “You have a front row seat to watch as you’re boyfriend fucks me.”

“No!” Camilla cried out. She felt her eyes stinging as though she was going to cry.

Ron looked at her with pity. “I won’t do this if you don’t want me to,” he told her softly. Between them they had a safe word, but Camilla didn’t use it.

“Oh yes you will,” Justine demanded. “And your little slut is going to watch.” She knew of the safe word, and what it was. She knew that Camilla Anadolu Yakası Esmer Escort had not spoke it.

“Please, don’t,” Camilla cried out again. Everything in her voice and body suggested she was serious.

Justine lay on the floor, her gigantic breasts flowing over her body. She told Rod to take her legs and lift them over his shoulders. Rod did this, and positioned his cock at her entrance. Anticipation filled his every pore. He wanted to plunge into this dark and mysterious cavern. Oh yes! He wanted to fuck this girl, this woman he barely knew. He had been monogamous with Camilla for several years and the idea of fresh new pussy thrilled him. He was fearful that Camilla would use the safe word, but prepared to stop if she did.

He pressed himself against Justine’s body, moaning as it yielded to him. Still, Camilla didn’t use the safe word, but sat stunned watching him impale this other woman. He lifted her legs and began to thrust. He fucked in and out of her, slowly at first then working up a speed and rhythm. Justine cried out for more with each thrust, reminding Camilla of what she was watching as often as she could manage the words.

“Fuck me Rod, Fuck my pussy. I want your cum inside me Rod. Fuck me hard.”

Camilla felt a strange thrill at watching this. Justine was beautiful, and she knew from her own experience how wonderful her body felt, and the nasty things she had wanted to do to her. Now her boyfriend was doing things that she would never be able to do, not with her own body anyways. There was jealousy, but also an odd sensation of pleasure and lust. She too, wanted Rod to shoot his cum deep inside Justine’s pussy. She didn’t know why. She just knew that he needed to finish the job and that meant cumming.

“God yes Rod! Fuck my pussy while you’re wife watches helplessly. Shove your cock up inside me. Spurt your hot goo deep into my cunt. Oh yeah, baby give it to me!”

Baby! Baby was what I called him, Camilla thought. How dare she! Yet just as the words left Justine’s mouth, Camilla knew that it had pushed him over. Now anger boiled over at the both of them. How dare he come when Justine called him baby. Yet here he was, shouting out to her, pulling her legs in close and thrusting himself balls deep into her pussy. He let out a gasp or a sigh, some strange mutant noise to commemorate his release.

“Now pull it out and get be sure to get some in my pubic hair,” she told him calmly and authoritatively while he still came. Amazingly, he did it sending rivulets over her thick dark curly hair. He looked like he wanted to collapse, but she ordered him to untie me.

Why was this man, who rarely even took suggestions from me, his own wife, suddenly allowing this woman to order him around, Camilla wondered as a rush of heat rose all over her body and jealousy and anger shot through her. This was not what I had in mind when I agreed to this, she thought. And yet, her body told a story that there was no denying. The blonde girl was turned on. She was in such a state of arousal that she was willing to accept almost anything, do almost anything.

When Rod had freed her hands, Camilla fought back the urge to slug him, and to pout about what had happened. She had known the safe word, why hadn’t she used it? She had no one to blame but herself.

And now as his fingers brushed against Anadolu Yakası Eve Gelen Escort Camilla’s thighs and ankles, while freeing her legs, she felt the urge to jump on him and fuck him senseless, to claim his cock so recently used by another woman, as her own.

But that was not what Justine had in mind. The new girl ordered Rod’s wife down between her legs once more. “Lick up your boyfriends jizz, cunt,” she ordered. How dare she call me a cunt, Camilla thought even as the warm shiver spread up into her womb. Her voice was cool, almost bored. Yet the blonde felt she must obey.

Rod’s sexy wife bent down, as if she were a dog being ordered to clean up after herself, and licked the brunette’s cum soaked pussy lips. She found that it tasted salty and warm, a taste she quite enjoyed and so she licked it up hungrily. “Suck it out, little bitch,” Justine now told Camilla gently as she stroked the naked blonde’s hair. “Taste his cum on my pussy lips.”

Camilla now ate hungrily, lapping and sucking, enjoying the mingled flavors of man and woman together. Her face mashed into Justine’s abundant hair, the ribbons of cum that Rod left there now dampened her cheeks. She licked at the other woman’s clit and her swollen inner lips, hopping to bring Justine to orgasm once again.

The new girl came, shivering beneath Camilla’s tongue, cursing at the blonde the entire time. Justine seemed to enjoy humiliating Rod’s wife, and Camilla was ashamed to admit that she enjoyed the brunette’s abuse.

Camilla had cleaned Justine and brought her to climax. Now the new girl stood and demanded that Camilla lick her still more. Camilla didn’t know how Justine could stand being touched so early after such an orgasm, but she did as the intimidating figure commanded..

“Lick my cunt little slave,” Camilla’s new mistress demanded. Hot and cold shivers overtook Camilla’s petite body. “Open your mouth and service me with your tongue.” Camilla did everything Justine demanded of her, with her own submissive pussy on fire and badly in need of attention.

“I’m going to piss in your mouth,” Justine informed Camilla. “It’s going to roll down your mouth and your chin and you are going to keep licking my pussy.”

She didn’t want to do it, but before she could object, the acrid taste of Justine’s piss was burning Camilla’s tongue and the warm liquid was splashing down over her face. She didn’t dare stop servicing Justine though and continued to stimulate the dominant girl’s clit with her outstretched tongue. Now she could smell the piss on herself and around her and it burned her sinuses as well.

“Filthy little piss slut,” Justine said to her. “You smell like a toilet. Do you like being pissed on and humiliated, little slut? Tell the truth.”

Camilla didn’t want to admit it, but she did. Justine’s cool and commanding voice insulting her and ordering her to do shameful things caused the timid blonde’s pussy to drip with it’s musky juices.

“Yes Mistress,” she moaned. “Humiliate me more, please. It makes my pussy so hot and wet.”

“I know, little slut. I can smell your cunt. You want to touch it but you don’t dare. You’re my little toilette slut, and you know that you need my permission to bring yourself pleasure, don’t you?”

“Yes Mistress. I want to serve you. Please my I touch my pussy?”

“No Anadolu Yakası Evi Olan Escort slut, you may not. And I didn’t give you permission to ask. For that, I will piss on you again. Lower your head.”

And now Camilla lowered her head subserviently, feeling even more like a dog. Justine spread her legs above her new plaything and pissed over her subject’s bowed head. The hot liquid soaked Camilla’s blonde hair and dripped onto the carpet. Camilla knew that she would be the one cleaning all of this up when it was over. “You’re a filthy little bitch, aren’t you?” Justine taunted. “You smell like piss. You’ve got piss running down your hair and in your mouth. Who would want to fuck a filthy rag like you? Tell me what a worthless slut you are, NOW!”

“Yes Mistress,” Camilla whimpered. “I’m a worthless slut. I’m only good as a rag to piss on, Mistress. Just a filthy worthless rag.”

“Oh, not just to piss on my little toilet slave. I will do whatever I want to you. You make a lovely cum rag too, cleaning up your boyfriend’s jizz from my pussy. Tell me how good his cum tasted slut.”

“Oh Mistress, his cum tasted so good off your pussy. Your pussy was sweet and moist and his hot cum was so good. I loved to suck it out of you.”

“Now tell him,” she demanded.

Now Camilla chocked. The once proud blonde swallowed the large lump in her throat and whimpered out his name, “Rod- you’re cum tasted so good when I sucked it out of Justine’s pussy. I wish I could suck your cum out of her pussy every day.” Tears of humiliation stung the new sub’s face.

“Very good, slut,” Justine told her. “Now, if your boyfriend wants to touch your filthy piss soaked body, he can fuck you, doggy style like the little bitch you are.”

Justine, now broken, looked down at the floor, too ashamed to look up, too scared of what his answer would be. Then she felt Rod’s cock on her soaked pussy. It sank in quicker than it ever had before. Justine told him to grab Camilla’s hair and use it as a leash, which he did. He yanked hard on her blonde locks while he fucked her roughly. Camilla could feel his balls slamming up against her as she cried out for more.

“Harder, please, fuck me harder,” Camilla begged.

“Slap her ass, yank her hair, tell her she’s a little bitch,” Justine coached.

Rod pulled Camilla’s hair and spanked her- as hard as if it were a real punishment, and harder still. “You’re a little bitch, aren’t you?” he growled. “A fucking little bitch whore.” He slammed into Camilla, calling her humiliating names while Justine crouched down in front of the blonde on all fours barking in her face taunting her. When he called her a bitch whore, out of nowhere Justine slapped the blonde sub- hard- right across the face.

All at once, Camilla was coming, and Rod began spurting into her. He released her hair from his hands and Justine took it up again, but gently and began kissing Camilla with full tongue right through her climax. The blonde’s head felt full and empty at the same time. She felt everything and nothing that was happening to her as she struggled to hold herself up. Ripples of pleasure washed over her body. Her cunt squeezed tightly, milking Rod’s already squirting cock. Camilla cried out, a cry muffled by Justin’s mouth, yet still loud and full of anguish and ecstasy. Camilla did indeed feel like a filthy piss and cum rag and she wanted to be one for ever, in that moment.

At last, Camilla lay collapsed with the two bodies around her. Everyone seemed sated, for the moment. Yet, Justine already was stirring as if she would soon be demanding more. Camilla groaned with satisfaction and with dread. A smile curled on her lips as the thought entered her mind; that woman was insatiable!

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