Campground tease


Campground teaseI remember going camping up at Mammoth Lakes about 1962 or so. The campground was gorgeous and there were lots of k**s my age there so I didn’t have to spend the whole weekend with my Mom and dad. There was this one girl, Janine, who I met at the swimming hole which was just a bend in the river where someone had hung a tire swing. Janine was wearing a two piece bathing suit…pretty racy for back then and I managed to strike up a conversation with her.While we were talking I looked into the pretty brunette’s eyes and admired her friendly smile. She was about 14, same age as me and we compared school information. I also noticed a few stray brown hairs creeping out of her bathing suit bottoms! I started getting hard and suggested we go in the water, hoping she wouldn’t see my bulging cock.There was a little slope on the way to the river and Janine kind of naturally took my hand as we eased down to the water. I went in first and held my arms out to her. Janine hesitated for a moment and then leaped into my arms…which I wasn’t quite expecting! Suddenly we were embracing there and I felt her cute little tits poking into my chest and I assume she felt my teenaged cock, good and hard now, pressing against her thigh. The moment passed quickly but we both were aware of it, that’s for sure.Walking back to the campground Janine asked me if I wanted to come to her camp space and have S’mores later. She didn’t have to ask twice. Well just about twilight I walked over to Janine’s camp and met her Mother and sister. We chatted and then made S’mores and hot chocolate. Janine had shed her wet bathing suit but apparently hadn’t put a bra on because I could easily see her nipples poking out of her little white tank top. We walked to the edge of the dim campfire light when I was about to leave and then Janine took my hand and said “It was fun today wasn’t it?” Then she leaned forward and kissed me! She gave my hand a little squeeze and then walked away.To be 14 and have an experience like that? Whooh! So, next day, tuzla escort I’m “Just walking over to get some fresh water to make oatmeal with” and of course I walk past Janine’s camp and, sure enough, there she is in her pajama bottoms and that same white tank top.”Morning Janine!” I waved. “Hi Andy!” She called back. I started to shout something about going fishing today but she put her finger to her lips as if to say “Shhhh, they’re still sleeping!” I gave her a goofy smile and walked over to where she stood stoking the fire. I boldly slipped my arm around her slender waist and stole a kiss on her cheek. “I had a dream about you last night Janine!” I whispered.””What kind of dream?” She wondered, making no move to escape my youthful embrace. “Oh, I dreamed we were on a little island out in the lake and no one was around and…and we were naked!””Mmmmm!” She replied. “Nice dream!” Then, Janine looked towards the still silent tent where her mom and sister slept and, satisfied that they were sound asleep, she took my hand and led me into the trees behind her secluded campsite. When we were a good fifty feet away and sheltered from any other campers, she turned to face me. I needed no further encouragement. I put my arms around her and pulled Janine to me and then we were kissing like there was no tomorrow!I pressed my body against her and then reached down to cup her firm young ass cheeks. I heard her moan as I squeezed her little butt and pushed my prick right into her loins. I was only wearing cutoffs and a Convict Lake tee shirt myself so it was pretty intimate contact! I started to peel down Janine’s PJ bottoms and then she stopped me. “Oh, no Andy!” She gasped, don’t strip me!” “Please Janine!” I begged. I got the feeling that Janine felt obligated to refuse me but she seemed to want to play around some more.”Here, I’ll go first!” I offered. Without waiting for a reply, I pulled off my tee shirt and dropped my shorts and briefs, exposing my furiously erect penis to little Janine’s astonished sancaktepe escort eyes. She looked at me and then tentatively reached out to touch my cock. Her little fingers were smooth and her touch was thrilling! She softly began to caress my excited cock and I was content to just stand there for the time being. Janine then slipped her other hand down to cup my balls which brought a grunt of pleasure from me.”Please Janine,” I repeated, “Please let me see…just a little…”I guess believing “What’s fair is fair” Janine released her hold on my come striving penis and pulled her tank top over her head and exposed her firm young tits to my excited gaze. Tiny pink nipples capped her just developing breasts and I’ve wonder over the years just how big they got. Then, oh then she took hold of her pj bottoms and began to slowly pull them down! I just saw the start of her dark brown pubic hair and she balked!”Oh, I just can’t!” She quietly said in frustration. I pulled her to me and we hugged again, my now naked cock pressing into her tightly closed legs. I felt her ass cheeks again and realized she was actually wearing panties underneath her jammies.”Could I…could I just see your panties…just for a second Janine?” I asked. I had nothing to lose at that point. Janine was quiet for a moment. Then a little smile crossed her face. The pretty f******n year old reached down and pulled off her bottoms, leaving her dressed in just a tiny pair of white panties.She was obviously interested in more exploration of my big stiff penis and so we laid her pajamas down on a bed of pine needles and then sat down. I kissed my new found love and she kissed me back, eagerly stuffing her tongue into my mouth. Her small warm hands returned to my cock and she had me all excited and ready to come in no time at all! Meanwhile I was touching her sweet little panties and trying to get her to open her legs to give me better access to her tender young pussy!”Janine, I’m going to come if you keep that up!” I üsküdar escort warned. I’m really not sure if she knew what I meant but she slowed down a little and grazed her fingers over my balls. “Listen Janine, I know you aren’t…maybe aren’t quite ready to…to go all the way, but could I just see your pussy for a second? Please?”I was prepared to beg even more if I had to but, to my surprise, Janine lowered her eyes and then sat back against a large pine tree. With me watching intently, she slowly pulled the legband of her panties to one side and showed my her tight little teen aged pussy! I couldn’t help but grab myself and stroke my penis as I got the first ever look at the female vagina my eyes had seen. Soft and pink, her lips were tightly closed and surrounded by wonderful curly brown hairs. I moved closer and then Janine reached out for my now come ready cock. Her soft warm hands encircled me and she drew me wordlessly towards her panties. Janine treated me to a feel of the soft cotton fabric of her panties and then…then she touched my cock to her pussy lips!Oh, that I wasn’t just 14 myself. I might have managed to stuff my hard on into her, I assumed, virgin pussy. But it was just not to be. I felt the thrill of a lifetime as Janine rubbed my cockhead all over her bare pussy and then the juice began to rush from my balls. With an ecstatic cry that I tried hard to muffle, I began to ejaculate all over Janine’s panties!”Ooooo! Ooooo!” she cried as she felt my hot young sperm drenching her panties and pussylips. I hoped it was a thrill for her too and I guess it was. It ended too soon and then Janine decided she’d better use her panties to clean up since there was plenty of salty jism all over her loins. I loved when she took off her panties and I was treated to a brief view of Janine’s completely naked body. Then she put her PJ bottoms back on and we walked back to the campground. No, her mom and sister hadn’t heard us.It was Sunday and we both were headed back home that day. Oh, yeah, I got her address and even wrote to her a couple of times but she never wrote back. I’ve had plenty of sexual experiences since then but in some ways, nothing ever quite topped it. So close…so close…her bare pussy, her soft hands rubbing me up and down her vaginal slit. Unforgettable.

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