Subject: CANADIAN ADVENTURE — 2 Robert Thomson ail] writes: This story includes explicit details of sexual encounters between males. Any reader likely to be offended by such material should quit this site at once. Remember to donate to Nifty to ensure continued free access to its stories CANADIAN ADVENTURE — 2 When I met up with Patrick, not having seen each since our schooldays, there was plenty to talk about what had happened in our lives over the intervening years. My imagination was fired by the little he had told me of his adventure in the male brothel in Toronto, his fascination with Ishcode the Native Canadian and the other youngsters he saw in there. I was pretty sure that if we’d spent more time together, he had details of the brothel he’d missed out. Giving him a ring at the number he’d left me, it didn’t take me much to persuade him for us to meet up again at the same pub. Starting to ask him about the guy who’d opened the brothel door to him, he remembered his name and some more. He’d been offered soft drinks and had talked with him quite a bit. It was Benjamin, called Ben, and he was there that day only because his mum and dad were off somewhere for a week. It was his mum who ran the place. His usual job was as a lifeguard at a swimming-pool. He told Pat how it was handy for him to keep an eye open for what he called `interesting bulges’ who might be interested in earning some easy money and he’d be surprised how many teens might be ready to take a turn in the brothel even if it was only now & then. What about these underage boys and the black lad on the sofa? They [the underage boys] only did jacking off for regular customers `much older than us two’. It was something about their little hands that they liked and playing with their hairless balls. They knew never to suck cock, even if the customer offered them extra money. The boys had learned their lesson the hard way. One of them had been persuaded to suck cock and swallow the lot. Right afterwards, feeling sick, Ben’s mum had made him drink something to make him throw up, soon feeling OK. Where did they sleep? They had a room to themselves, the bed big enough for them and the black boy. His name was Wayne. Why had his older brother left him there? What sort of trouble was he at home? `Kept on at his brother to jack him off. There’s just him, Wayne and their mum, no dad’. Did his brother ever do it him? Ben shook his head. `He’s the same age as the others on the sofa, but he comes up with the goods, shoots jism. One time they made a mess of their bed. My ma was real angry. `So they play around with each other in their bedroom?’ `Probably. Can’t keep an eye on them at all hours. My mum sees they wash & clean their teeth and they have to be in bed by 10pm. She cooks for them. There’s a kitchen & showers at the back of the house, big washing-machine there for towels and bed-sheets and stuff.’ What about the two naked boys playing cards? `Them? Leo and Theo. They’re both 16, friends from a Catholic boys’ school not far from here. Spotted them at the swimming kayseri escort pool. Their folks threw them out for quitting school too early. My mother let them keep any money they get given by clients. Lets them go out to buy their own food.’ `What would they do, these two?’ `They don’t mind getting fucked, never without a condom, and the two of them insist on being in the room together, never mind it’s only one of them getting fucked.’ `Suppose the black lad & the other young ones are not allowed to keep any money they get given?’ `Nope! She makes them hand it over. Pays for feeding them.’ That’s when he told Pat that Ishcode must have liked him, because he’d allowed Pat to fuck him and he’d never been fucked, at least not since he turned up there. Ben had spotted him working on a building site. He’d been there for only a week, done some jacking off for customers, maybe had his cock sucked, but nothing more than that. Sitting in the pub that second time, I asked Pat if he’d ever fucked another male before doing it with Ishcode. For a few moments, he frowned. He raised a finger. “Just the once, Rob. If I tell you, keep it to yourself, OK?” Of course I promised him that my lips were sealed. “You weren’t one of the rowing bunch, so you won’t remember little Ian in First Year. When I got into the rowing crew, he was already our cox. He was light, strong, a cheerful and lively boy. When we were all getting dried off after our boat was back in the boathouse, he took a bit of teasing for his hairless cock, but it didn’t ever seem to worry him. Some of our crew would buy him biscuits & sweets. One afternoon after we’d been rowing, practising for a match against another school, the rest of the team had cleared off fast. That left just me & Ian there in our boathouse. I was well on the way to getting changed. The whole team had jockstraps, having been put up to it by the PE master who trained us. I was naked except for mine, about to take it off and get into my usual underpants when Ian, close by, asked me to let him try it on, so just to kind of humour him, I did. Of course, it was too big for him, Grinning, he took it off. When I made to put it into my backpack along with my books & stuff and before I could get my underpants on, still close by and naked, Ian said something like “Wow, your cock. So big. And all that hair!” I didn’t have anything like a hard-on before he said that, but just with him commenting on it, it hardened. Then “Can I touch it?” He did. That made it stiffen, my skin starting to go back. When he wanted me to rub it against his fat little backside, it got even harder. I still don’t know what got into me, but I felt the urge to do him. Looking around, I saw a jar of ointment we used to soothe our hands, sore with rowing. I put some on my cock, got him to put both hands on the back of a chair before rubbing some more of it between his legs. For a start, I only rubbed my cock between his buttocks. With my arms round his waist, I tried to find the way in, first just a gentle push. As just the keçiören escort head of my cock went in, he gave a loud gasp, but he kept holding on to the back of the chair. Letting him have a bit more, pulling back and going deeper, he was going like “Wow! Wow!” quite loud. It wasn’t likely that anyone would hear him, but I put a hand over his mouth. He got my fingers into his mouth, sucking them. Going as slowly as I could, it took me about ten minutes before I had my cock all the way in him, my balls brushing up against him. He was still giving little gasps each time I made a thrust, keeping my arms round his waist, nearly lifting him off his feet. I know, Rob, I should have pulled my cock out, let it go on the floor, but I had lost control of myself. Feeling myself coming, I just kept my cock in him. He must have felt it jerking inside him because he turned his head, his eyes wide open. I kept it in there until the spasms were over before pulling it out slowly. Some drops came out of me, dripping on the floor. Ian was facing me, one hand down where my cock had been in him. All I had was a clean pocket hanky. I fished it out of my trouser pocket, wiping my cock. He was watching me do it. I could tell what he was thinking, like `Did he have that in me?’ Once I’d given my cock a good wipe & a gentle squeeze, I had him open his legs wide, making sure that there was none of the ointment especially on the underside of his balls. It was only then that I saw them. They looked well grown although his cock was small. Not saying anything, we got dressed. So as the two of us weren’t seen leaving together, I gave him a head start. When I went back to the front of the school for my bike, he was nowhere to be seen. On my way home, Rob, I could hardly believe what I had done, worrying about it. What if he told anyone at home? He was barely 13. I was 15. Even if he kind of encouraged me and never once asked me to stop, it would mean big trouble for me. I had a shower to give my cock a proper clean but had some difficulty in getting to sleep. The very next day, at our mid-morning break, Ian came over to me. “Hey, have to tell you something. In the lavs, after our dinner-time. Go there. I’ll be there, OK?” That worried me even more. When the time came, I went to the lavs. Ian was at the urinals peeing along with some others. I made for a cubicle. He was close behind me. We shut ourselves in. I felt scared he was going to tell me that I’d hurt him badly. When I asked him about that, he shook his head. “Hurt a lot at first, then not so bad. Have to show you something.” From a trouser pocket he took a little plastic shopping-bag. When he opened it up, he took out a pair of ordinary white Y-fronts. Holding them up, they were very badly stained, still smelling of spunk. “That’s yours. What you left inside me when you did that. Could feel it coming out of me on the way home on my bike, and when I got home and sat on the lav, some more came out. After I had a shower, I felt OK. I got only one clean pair. Have them on now, ankara kendi evi olan escort so you have to buy me another pair, Patrick. Can’t let my mum wash these for me. Have to throw them away”. I told him I’d buy him another pair. Was that all he wanted? “No, something else. You have to give me a wank. Promise?” I asked him if I bought him underpants and agreed to wank him sometime, were we quits? “For sure, quits.” He shook my hand. “Can you buy me these Y’s today?” I agreed to meet him right after school that same day. The two of us went to a gents’ outfitters shop not far from the school, agreeing that he would be my young brother. The woman behind the counter didn’t bat an eyelid, finding him a pair of white Ys in his size, wrapping them in paper, me paying for them, not much. Outside, he put it in his backpack, saying thanks before he went off home. I asked Pat what happened with Ian after that. Did he wank him like he promised? “Yes, in the boathouse again. Maybe three days after I’d bought him the Ys. Agreed I’d be there late afternoon. He came in soon after me. Wanted all his clothes off, just leaving his socks on and a T-shirt he had on under his shirt. I found some towels so that he could lie down on the table comfortably. By the time he was on it, his cock was hard. I got on with wanking him. His wasn’t big enough for me to get my fist round it, so I got my thumb on top & my other fingers underneath, giving his balls a bit of a rub as I went on. “Do you reckon he’d wanked before, Pat?” “Very probably, 12-13 years old, they all try it, We did, didn’t we?” “How long did it take you?” “Might have been as much as 15 minutes. He was lying there on the table, opening & closing his eyes, just giving little gasps & licking his lips. I had him pull his T-shirt right up under his chin, not that I was expecting a torrent of spunk, but with his balls as well grown as his, you can never tell, and he had just the start of hair above his cock. When I felt it getting even stiffer in my fingers, I speeded up a bit. All he did was like “Oh! Oh!” with his head lifting like he was trying to sit up, wriggling his toes. Pretty much surprising me, three spurts shot from his cock. There was quite a lot of it, watery, but with that spunky smell. I kept on wanking him until only a few more drops came. The big spurts had landed well past his belly-button, starting to trickle down one side. I had a pocket pack of tissues ready, catching it before it dripped on the towels, then wiping the rest of it off him. He let me wipe his cock, doing it as gently as I could before drawing his skin back over the end. I let him get his breath back before helping him off the table.” “Did he say anything?” “Not right away. I watched him get his clothes on. Only then he said something like “Mmh, Patrick, that was lovely, no kidding.” “What about after you wanked him?” “Never said anything to me about it, not at the rowing or any other time. Whenever we saw each other at school, all he ever did was give me a grin & a wink. He went on being our cox for maybe another three months, then we got another First Year boy, can’t remember his name.” “So, apart from the time you did Ian, you’d not done it again until with the Native Canadian?” “Correct. Should never have done it with young Ian. Doing it with Ishcode was something else.” (End)

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