Candy’s break up ll


Candy’s break up llBeth’s hands shook as she moved her hands upwards. Reaching the straps of Candys bra. As she unhooked it Candy raised her head and opened her mouth to say something. She was silenced by Beth’s tongue pushing in. Her heart pounded as she slid the straps off her shoulders. Her head still swimming from the alcohol Candy stopped fighting Beth, and sucked on her tongue. Dragging her nails lightly down, Beth ground her pelvis against her friend.Candys eye widened as she felt Beth’s thumbs slip under the waistband of her panties. Breaking their kiss, Candy asked, what do you think you’re doing. Shhh, was all Beth said. As Beth slowly pulled her panties down Candy pleaded not to mention this at work. As she crouched down to remove her panties, Beth couldn’t resist rubbing her face against sarıyer escort Candys groomed bush. Candy shook as she stepped out of her panties and let her bra fall. As Beth kissed her pelvic region, candys breathing quickened. No longer thinking, Beth followed her sexual instinct. She’s fantasized about being with a woman, but was too nervous to try. The images of Candy with another woman pushed her over the edge. Now doing what she wanted done to her, Beth kissed the insides of Candys thighs. As her vagina moistened Candy pulled at her nipples. Reaching down, Candy spread her legs and pressed Beth’s face against her pussy lips. She moaned loudly as Beth traced her tongue up her folds. Beth smiled to herself looking up esenyurt escort seeing she pleased her friend. Opening her mouth wide, she pressed her lips over Candys vaginal opening, then split her lips with her tongue. Her brain exploded with the first taste of an other woman’s fluids. Moving her tongue up, Candy squealed as Beth licked her clit Reaching down Candy grabbed Beth’s robe and pulled her up. Beth looked into her eyes. Candy pulled Beth’s robe open and pushed it off her shoulders. Her eyes widened looking at Beth’s tits. Bending down, she planted kisses over her left tit as she pinched her right nipple between her thumb and forefinger. Throwing her head back Beth hissed with pleasure. Kissing her way down, Candy took Beth’s nipple into her avrupa yakası escort mouth. Biting softly, she leaned back pulling her nipple. Yesss, Beth moaned. Reaching up, she cradled Candy’s head. That’s it baby, she moaned. Suck it. Reaching around, Candy caressed Beth’s back as she moved down to her butt. As she squeezed her cheeks, Beth pressed her hand behind Candys head, pushing her forward. Beth’s knees began to shake as she felt her own juices building. Candy released Beth’s nipple with a pop. Kissing her neck, Candy worked her way up, and kissed Beth’s cheek before burying her tongue in Beth’s mouth They hugged and kissed each other. As they ground against each other, they explored each others back. Beth held Candys cheeks and asked, are you alright with this. Candys expression completely changed. Her needs were in control now. Taking her hands, Beth lead her to the bedroom. Entering the room, Beth pushed her on the bed kneeling down Beth pushed Candys legs apart. Candy pulled her legs up, and pressed her knees against her chest. Looking at the Candys wet vaginal lips, she pushed them open with her hands before pushing her tongue into it.

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