Can’t Break My Flo Pt. 02


Maggie was working a double shift at the bookstore, but business was light that day so the manager said she could leave earlier than planned. She hadn’t heard back from Florence so she was worried. She called again… No answer. She rushed home and found that the door was unlocked. She swiftly opened it and called out, “Flo? Oh! Uhhh!”

There stood Florence, leaning over the kitchen counter in the buff. Her body wasn’t enough to hide her breasts, which were squashed against the counter. Florence shot upright at the sound of the door and looked over her shoulder at Maggie with wide eyes. The paper towels hung in her mouth. “On’ uss hare! Hep me!”

“W-what?” Maggie’s glasses were fogging again.

Florence dropped the paper towel. “Don’t just stare! Help me!”

Florence Miller

“Uhhh!” Maggie shook her head and ran to Florence’s room to find a covering for her friend. Unable to find her bathrobe, she settled on an oversized button down shirt. Maggie ran back to the kitchen and draped it over Florence’s shoulders.


“Oh… r-right.” Maggie did a middle button and then the lowest one. Enough to keep the shirt closed, and enough to keep Maggie from sponateously combusting. She pulled out a chair for Florence and tossed a plate of pizza in the microwave.

“I was about to take a shower. I don’t know why you showed up so early.”


“They um.. let me take off early.” Maggie set a slice of pizza on the table near Florence. “When I didn’t hear from you, I got really worried!”

“Hmmm, well it WAS really hard to get inside. This chair is COLD!”

Maggie rolled her eyes. “I’ll start the shower for you.”

When Maggie left, Florence peered down the hall. She was safe now. She reached up with her toes and angled a slice to her mouth and pulled it away from her teeth in hunger. She set it back down lopsidedly on the plate as she breathe-chewed the overly hot food.

Maggie came back. “Oh good, you managed a couple of bites.. Here” She picked the slice, and feeling the temperature, waved it a couple of times, and then held it to Florence’s mouth. She took a bite and chewed quietly. Maggie loved these moments.

Florence caught her staring and smiled. Then glared. “What? Something in my teeth? Hnnggg” She made a face as she ran her tongue along her teeth.

“No, you’re fine. It’s just… I’m glad we’re friends, Flo.”

“Ah” Florence opened her mouth. Pizza was inserted and she kept munching. Maggie kept the silence at bay, talking about how her day at work went. “I’m full-shower time!” Florence stood and headed to the bathroom. “Grab my blouse?”

Maggie came up behind her and, due to the lack of arms, easily pulled the blouse up and off. She quickly left to put it away, and leaving Florence’s room, in the hallway she saw Florence’s leg dangling from behind the door, her panties clutched between two toes. She snatched them.

“Thaaaaaank you,” said Florence. The shower curtain could be heard as the armless girl kicked it aside. “Mmmmmmm, so GOOD!

Maggie sat on the couch, flustered. She wondered why she had these feelings for Flo. Obviously Flo was gorgeous, and always had been. They had a history, and no one knew Florence inside and out like Maggie. Was it true the other way around? After the accident, Florence changed. She thought back to the day her friend was allowed to come home. Had she always been this way?

The drive had been quiet. Florence’s mother, Hannah, talked about random things that had happened while Florence was in the hospital. Maggie asked what sort of stuff she wanted to do. Florence only muttered inaudible, single word replies.

In spite of the warm weather, Florence was dressed in jeans and her favorite jacket. The cuffs were stuffed in the pockets. She stared at the folds in her sleeves longingly, then out the window as if to forget her new reality. The most disconcerting thing was how it felt. There was the real, physical sensation of the ends of her shoulders against the fabric of her shirt. Then there was the disembodied feeling of her arms. Their willingness Anadolu Yakası Escort to move in a non-extant way, to reach and stretch. It felt… claustrophobic almost, like they were being bound against her will.

She breathed deeply to calm herself. Her mother and best friend had stopped trying to get a response from her, and she was relieved. Words did no justice to her frustration.

They pulled up the driveway and Florence made a conscious effort to not try unbuckling herself. Her mother got out and began collecting their bags, Maggie helped.

“Oh my, Flo! I’m so sorry sweetie!” Her mother tossed her things back in the car and opened the passenger door.

“It’s OK.”

Hannah unbuckled her daughter’s seat belt and helped her stand. “It’s just going to take some adjusting is all.”


Hannah unlocked the door, but hesitated. “Honey… I know this has been a struggle, but… you’re home now. It’s going to be all right.” Her daughter merely tried to srug.

“SURPRIIIIIIIIISE!” There were about twenty people in their home, friends and relatives, all smiles. A banner saying YOU GO, FLO! was strung up across the living room. Florence stared. She looked at her mother and shook her head.

Hannah turned to the crowded room. “We need a moment. Be right back!” She ushered Florence into her bedroom and shut the door.

Maggie was left standing in the front doorway, everyone turned to look at her. “Um… Hello?” She waved awkwardly. “I think she’s just a little nervous.”

Their mutual friend, Manda ran up and gave Maggie a quick hug. “Is she ok?”

“It’s been… frustrating. I don’t think she’s ready to see a ton of people like this.”

“Mom, how could you?!” Florence was sobbing, and would have been hiding her face in her hands if she could. She merely collapsed on the bed, face first, letting it soak her tears.

“Oh baby, I… I thought you’d want to see everyone! Uncle George drove five hours to be here!” She got on her knees next to the bed to be closer to her daughter’s face. “I can’t just send them away… I know. How about a couple of friends? They can come back here just to chat for a bit, and maybe see how you feel afterward?”

Florence was silent for a moment. She tried to get up but resigned herself to simply rolling onto her back. Her jacket sleeves had come loose and laid there, flat on the bed. “I can’t do this mom.”

Hannah sighed. She was crying too, but was trying to be tough for her baby. “How about Manda? Just her for now?”

“…OK, and Maggie. I want her here too. And I guess… could you take my jacket off? It’s way too hot.”

“Sure sweetie.” Her mom stood and sat next to her, undoing the buttons. “OK let’s sit up?” She put a hand under Flo’s back to help her up. She was wearing a tan top that had a cowled neck. It was long sleeved, which was just a constant reminder for Flo, but Maggie had picked it out so she went along with it. “You look adorable, Flo. Just like always.”

“Thanks, mom.” As her mother was off collecting her friends, Florence stood and walked to her mirror. Looking back could have been a young woman, about to graduate. Florence saw a freakish, armless person. Her breasts were the widest points on her torso. Her lifeless sleeves trailed behind her like banners advertising what she had lost. “OK. You can do this. They don’t need to look at you and just see a pity party. I’m Florence Fucking Miller.” She pushed out a tight breath in resolution.

The door opened and Manda came in. “Flo?”

Florence quickly walked to her friend to give her a hug, and realized her arms weren’t responding to her commands. Manda didn’t seem to notice and already had her arms around her. Florence pressed her face into Manda’s shoulder, the only way she could return the gesture. Another thing I’ve lost. I can’t even hug my friends.

“You look amazing! How are you feeling?”

“I’m…” Flo looked away for a moment, then faced her friend. “I’m good! It took a while to get back on my feet, but I’m on them!” She brought up her leg to wiggle her foot.

“I’m Anadolu Yakası Escort Bayan so glad… Jake and I we… We’re sorry. We’re so sorry!” Manda hugged her again, tighter than before.

Maggie spoke up. “Let’s just sit and talk.” She patted the bed, and they all crawled on it, sitting cross-legged. They nervously held their hands up in case Flo fell over.

“Mags told me what happened. I don’t remember any of it, to be honest, but I don’t blame you two.”

Manda tried to grimace out a smile. “Really? Oh god, thanks Flo… We’ve been miserable this whole. time.

YOU’VE been miserable? “Must have been rough.”

“Yeah it’s been eating us up. Not that-I mean-YOU must have… Sorry.”

Flo sat up straight. “You know what? No more apologies! You’re off the hook now, OK? I wanna know what Fishface has been doing.”

Manda and Maggie snorted. Manda laughed and said, “So… last week? He just kept telling everyone he was pregnant.” Flo squinted. “Yeah! He’d cut in the lunch line and go ‘Sorry, I’m pregnant’ and rub his belly. Sooooo dumb! But THEN. Mr. Nelson asked why he hadn’t done any homework for a week and he said it again!”

Flo fell on her back, laughing. “What a freak! Hahaha!” She continued to chuckle and asked, “Then what?”

“We neverrrrr saw him agaaaaaaain.”

“Haha! Oh… Help me up?” Manda grabbed her sleeves and pulled. “Nooooo, that won’t help. My back, doofus!” Florence was still laughing.

Maggie smiled. THIS was her friend Flo. They continued to chat and gossip until Florence’s mom came to check on them. “Doing all right, girls?” They nodded, and continued giggling about some inside joke. “Feel like coming down, Flo?”

“Yeah. I think so.” Florence scooted off the bed. “Do I look OK?”

“Beautiful,” blurted Maggie. Flo smirked back at her.

They made their way back to the living room. Uncle George bounded over, “There’s my Flo-Bo!”

“Hey Jo-Bo.” Florence braced herself for one of his bear hugs. After developing breasts they weren’t as enjoyable as they used to be. This time he was gentle.

“We missed ya kiddo. Glad to see you back.” He tousled her hair and it got in her face.

“Gahh, mom?”

“Oh, oops.” Uncle George was blushing, a rare feat.

Hannah pulled her daughter’s hair back and pulled it back in place. “It’s OK George, we’re just adapting. Right?”

Florence smiled. “Right! Ugh, I’m starving!”

“There’s some food in the kitchen!” Said Maggie. “Come on!” The two girls bounded away.

“Well, SOME things are the same.” George ran his hands across his stubble.

“Some.” Hannah gave him a grim smile.

It was typical party fare. Chicken was fried, pigs were in blankets and corn was cobbed. Florence picked somethings out and Maggie put them on a plate, then tossed on some extra for herself. The entire time, Florence was being asked questions.

“How are you DOING though?” Concerned look.

“You’re SO brave.” Hands on the shoulders.

“You still look beautiful, Flo.” Trying to look convincing.

Florence was starting to get used to her stock answers, but more and more, she realized how much they were trying to comfort themselves with those comments. Whatever. Maggie and her mom cared, THEY knew what she’d been through, and that was enough for her. Screw these people.

She sat next to Maggie. “Oh shoot.”

“What?” Maggie looked at her with concern.

“I didn’t wash my hands,” said Florence with a grin. Maggie snorted again.

“Weirdo. OK what first? Piggie in a bwankieeee?” Maggie picked one up and did the airplane bit.

“Mags, I’m armless, not two years old,” she said as she opened her mouth. Her friend carefully put it in her mouth, unsure if she was going to bite a piece off or inhale it. The latter.

“Uhnnn, I wash sho hungry!” Florence said with her mouth full.

They continued like this. Maggie nibbled between servings. She played a little gotcha once and got a sneer from Flo. She tried it one more time. “Mags, I swear I’m going to bite your finger off.”

“OK, OK, haha! Sorry.” Escort Anadolu Yakası Maggie cleaned up when they were done, and carefully wiped Florence’s mouth with a napkin, taking care of her lipstick. “Want to go out back?”

Florence nodded and they headed to the back yard. Jake was out there, with a cast on his arm, kicking a ball back and forth with her cousins. He was being sweet with them, “Whooaaah, nice one, buddy!” It made her smile.

He saw her. “One sec, champs.” Jake walked over and rubbed the back of his neck. “Flo I, um…”

“You’re sorry, and it’s OK Jake. Manda and I already talked. We’re still friends.”

Jake looked like weights had fallen from him. “Flo…” He embraced her. “We thought you were gonna die, Flo.” He was crying.

“But look. I’m here. I’ll be OK, dork.”

He laughed and wiped away his tears. “OK yeah… OK. God, I’m glad to see you.” The ball came their way and Florence kicked it back. Jake smiled and said, “Want in?”

“Sure!” They formed a circle and kicked the ball between each other. One of her cousins kicked it to her at waist level, she dodged to the side and raised her leg to stop it. The changes to her body meant she had no arms to use as ballast and she landed flat on her back.

“Oh my God, Flo!” Jake shouted. He and Maggie ran over to her and Maggie lifted her to a sitting position. Her cousins watched in curiosity.

“I’m OK, I’m OK. Mags?” Her friend hugged her, helping her to her knees. “Grass?” Her back was patted down. “I’m gonna getcha, Joey!!” She raced at the six-year-old cousin that had kicked the ball her way. He screeched and started running away. Her sleeves streamed behind her like pennants in the wind. “You dorkus, RAWR!!”

Maggie smiled.

Maggie smiled. Those were the moments that made her love Florence. As abrasive as she was, she was an amazing person, and God she was beautiful. In some ways her armlessness made her dependent on Maggie for a lot of things, and Maggie secretly cherished that. It was a pain sometimes… but having this gorgeous woman at her mercy was… No. That’s wrong. She shook her head.

Her obsession with Florence had to be secret. If she took a step too far, she’d never be able to go back, and she could lose her best friend. She rubbed her cheeks. Just down the hall was a naked armless woman singing off-key with the door open. She could look. She could just peek. No.

She stood anyway, and walked down the hall. The door was still cracked open. I shouldn’t. She’d seen Florence naked, of course she had, a million times. Why was this moment so… conflicting?


She gulped. Saved. Maggie breathed for a moment and entered the bathroom. “All done?” She tried her best not to sound absolutely turned on.


Maggie grabbed a towel off the rack and rubbed the water off of Florence’s back and rump, then moved to her front and gently dabbed her chest and breasts. She moved further down and got her tummy and hips. Legs were next, down the outer side, and up the inner. “OK we’re here,” she warned, as she wiped the inner thighs and vulva. This drove her crazy every time. She grabbed the errant robe, which had been hanging in the bathroom the whole time, and wrapped it around Florence.

“We’re gonna do lotion though right?”

“Yes, yes. Let’s get your hair worked out.” Maggie had Florence sit on the toilet. She brushed it out and then started up the blow drier. “OK bend over?” Maggie brushed her hair out from the back of her head so it all dangled in front.

Hair dried, it flowed around Florence’s face. It was a chocolate brown and luscious.

“Let’s watch a movie or something. You can lotion me up then. Actually, could you change me?”

Maggie nodded and helped her get in panties and a tank top. God she’s amazing. “What do you want to watch?”

“Oh I don’t care… It’s been a long week. Something funny?” Florence flopped on the couch lengthwise. Maggie picked out a movie and as she sat, Florence lifted her legs. Maggie sidled up next her and her friend’s legs plopped onto her lap. Once the movie got started she reached for the lotion and began with the feet. She rubbed it in and massaged them.

It triggered moans from Florence and Maggie’s glasses fogged up. She worked her way up the legs, rubbing the lotion in deeply.

“God, Maggie… you’re so good.” Florence smiled at her contentedly.

Yes. This is heaven, thought Maggie.

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