Captured Ch. 02


It is another beautiful mid summer’s day. The breeze has been refreshing and quaint keeping energies high amongst the residents of Casablanca Studio apartments. As they frolic amongst each other with the many facilities within the complex. Young and fresh they come to Casablanca to sample life’s many pleasures.

I glide over to the edge of the man made lagoon, enjoying my afternoon swim in the cooling waters. I break the surface of the water, head held back feeling the waters run off my face and over my muscular and toned shoulders. Lifting myself out; I stand proud and tall, in my prime. Feeling every bit alive as the warm breeze caresses my athletic body.

I open my eyes and scan quickly like my surroundings, hoping to catch a glimpse of someone’s trailing and devouring eyes. The added flair of a pair of speedo’s ensures they get a decent and delicious view. What is this I see? A new set of eyes; a new flower within the botanical gardens. Crystal blue, dark hair pulled back in a pony tail, lithe body cover with a light fabric summer dress with thin straps. “Oh my”, I think to myself “your not wearing a bra how pleasant”. I notice you still looking at me. I smile generously and walk in your direction as you walk along the garden path.

You notice me walk towards your vicinity and the distance closers between us. I see your chest take in a steadying breathe as you get a close look at the water glistening of my almost naked body. Your eyes are captured by the sight of me. I wonder what you must be thinking, has your thoughts drifted to the earthly pleasures of the flesh. The way the dress pulls at your curves. Your firm and perky breast straining against the cut of the v neck design. The way it falls down you slender womanly hips, creating a V shape fold of your most private of sanctuaries. I know I have.

We pass each other wordless, yet the smiles upon our faces speak volumes as we acknowledge each others credentials. How I long to kiss and touch your sacred skin. Will I ever get the chance to I wonder? The chance to pay homage to you, your temple. Will I be worthy in your eyes to raise you on high at the dizzying heights of passion and pleasure. The moment has passed and I sigh deeply, now I need a cold shower.

The next day was at best fated. I noticed you in the gardened court yard and you happened to be speaking to another of the female residence. Chatting and giggling away, I knew the topic was anything but trivial. The look of two women discussing things they shouldn’t is very distinguishable. I took a more strategic route to better eaves drop on this particular conversation.

“I know what you mean dear, he can be rather appealing” giggled Tina.

“You say he is single right?” you said.

“Single, available and on the market girlfriend” Tina replied with womanly attitude.

“He sure is a pleasing specimen to behold; I could watch him do laps all day and the sight of him as he gets out of the lagoon…. Oh my, I just want to eat him all up” you mention with desire dripping off each syllable.

“I know what you mean sister; he has a fine looking ass. Watch that ass walk Gaziantep Escort around doing all my chores, and then I would be in heaven” laughs Tina.

You both giggle away as I retreat with ideas running rampant through my mind.

I wonder around the complex in a daze it seems. I sigh deeply as reality kicks in. Rounding the corner to the lifts and thinking out aloud “Who am I kidding?”

When I hear in a womanly voice say “Excuse me?”

The unexpected reply snaps me out of my reverie. I almost collide into you as you stand before the elevator doors. I must have looked completely beside myself to you, as I stand there inches from you with my mouth completely open and gawking at the sight of you. For a moment I lose all sense of orientation, as if in a lucid dream.

“Going up?” you ask.

I regroup quickly and say deeply “Show me the way”

You smile at me and my heart kicks into 2nd gear. We step into the elevator, you first – giving me a glorious moment to admired your back and buttocks.

You press for your level, leaning across me and I catch the scent of spring flowers in full bloom. Intoxicating and wildly arousing. I have no intention of hitting for my floor as I sense your desire through you increasingly heavier breathing. The door opens and you glance back over your shoulder as you lead the way to your apartment. A rye smile can be scene as you turn back. I am captured by your presence and I dutifully follow.

You open your apartment door, and we cross the threshold. You do not make it 2 metres before I spin you around. You gasp in surprise and I sense half a dose of fear with wild arousal mixed in. I hold you safely in front of me as I gaze longingly at your lips. You gaze into my eyes and you then licking your own look at my full mouth visualizing their softness upon your skin. It is then that I pull you slowly towards me and our lips make contact.

Hot and velvety our lips part way to our inhibited desires. You gain encouragement from the gentleness of my kiss and you return the embrace with a deeper, fuller kiss your tongue probing and teasing. We continue to passionately kiss as I lift you effortlessly in the air. Your summer dress appears as your second flesh and I treasure its weave against my own. You hang relax, feeling safe and secure with my arms and as I lower slowly back down you, you have your own ideas as you passion rises. You oblige by wrapping you legs around my waste. I feel your heat against my abdomen. Your scent rising with your warmth and I inhale you deeply.

I walk us over to your bed and I gracefully lower you down. Planting you gently on your quilted covers, you lie back and I take in this new sight. The angle of seeing your body in this position will be forever imprinted in my minds eye. One of the most powerful and provocative positions of a woman, allowing someone to pay homage to her body, her temple. A place of worship in the divine light.

I hover over the top of you for a moment taking you in. My senses tingling with anticipation as I can not wait to sample your delights. As if reading my Gaziantep Escort Bayan mind you grab my face with both hands and smiling like the goddess you are, you direct me to your most sacred of groves. Using my hands gently, I place them on your thighs and ride them lightly up to your hips pulling your dress high. Goose flesh ripples along your tanned silky flesh and I know you are excited by my attention.

Your panties await and I gently place hot kisses along them, starting at the top of your panty line, across to each hip. Your squirm in delight, I want to take my time with you. I pull your body lower on the bed, your legs dangling seductively over the edge. You wriggle into place and you await my next move. You don’t wait long as I trace with my broad tongue your pelvic mound.

You begin to shiver in erotic pleasure as I pay particular attention to your panty covered and now wet pussy. You are like sweet nectar to a bee, and your lustful scent is like a drug. I lose myself as I devour you. You moan in heavenly pleasure as I give you a taste of what is to come.

I slowly and ever so gently pull your underwear down your thighs, trying not break contact with your revealing flesh. I lavish your now naked loins with passionate kisses and teasing tongue. I wonder how wet you are and as a test I glide my tongue in between you silky slit. You are incredibly wet and ready, leaving my tongue tingling with your essence. I embrace your buttocks with my hands and pull you into a hot and lust filled kiss. I am going to give you what you so desire and I am eager to please you.

I use my thumb and index finger in an up-side down V, gently exposing your clitoris to my attention as I blow a tingling breeze across you silken folds. Then as the ripples of sensation course down your legs, your nipples harden in anticipation as you bite your lip and extend your hands to caress the hair on my head.

The change of temperature and the rush of blood shifts throughout your body and begins to swell to the focal point you know is only seconds away of being enveloped by my succulent lips and the dance is about to begin. Dizziness swells from within you as you feel my hot lips caress the outer folds of your pussy. ALL your senses travel between your legs awaiting in queue their chance to run amongst the clouds.

Your hand grips my hair firmly as I make special contact with my broad tongue against your hardened clitoris. I simply press gently against you, feeling pulsating throbs erupting within you. A quite moan escapes you as your senses reel deliciously. You close your eyes and revel in this moment, tilting your head back as your body now loses control and you become a slave to your desire, your desire to be free.

My tongue releases its pressure on your love button and I slowly withdraw the seal of my lips from you hot moistness, the atmospheric change hits you like a cool spring. Your nipples burn with the thrill and you open your eyes and look down at me, a cheeky wink is all you get before I devour you again.

Tremors build within your stomach as my tongue invites Escort Gaziantep your clitoris to dance. My mouth takes your lips in my own and pashes strongly with the hardened desire of my penis straining to trade places. The tango starts nicely at an even tempo, you body can not deny the need to join in even as a spectator to the wonders generating from your pelvis. Your thighs begin to move in response and now both hands are caressing my head, urging me to continue on.

The waves of heated desire pulsate through you, course up your spine and back to your toes as you ride each crashing wave. My tongue has created an intimate moment with you and you smile to yourself at the sensation of its silkiness. You notice a new sensation as I begin to suck you slowly and the process grows, further intensifying the blood to your swollen lips. The pash, which you do not want to end.

You tilt your pelvis up allowing me more opportunity to work you better. You moan in acceptance of the finale as you relish in a building wave of ecstasy. You long for this release. For you have been starved for far too long and now upon the apex of this tidal event you moan out aloud as the convoluting reaction of your abdomen begins to generate the delicious sensation you want so badly.

Biting your lip in anticipation, your thoughts drift to your intimate folds being filled by my hot flesh. Your nipples burn with the heat of your desire. Within you your nectar runs freely, I am consumed by it and I ache to penetrate your being and becoming one with you. Yet my desire to please you, far out ways my greediness to fulfill my own needs.

In a frenzy of need, we are both now slaves to the dance of lust. You grab your breast to release that burning heat swelling and you feel just how hard you nipple is against your palm. The wash of passion explodes against your hand driving you mad with pleasure. A giddy grin comes across your face as you lose yourself further in the moment.

Then all of a sudden you feel the earth move. With gyrating hips you uncontrollably thrust your loins against my face as you feel your skin ripple with the bliss about to pull you apart from within. Like 10 lightening strikes, you contract internally. Your legs clenching my head in a vice like grip. Throwing your head back, your body arches as you cum hard against my face. The sensation drives throughout your like a cold shower, but this shower is of bliss and pleasure. I feel you quake as each wave breaches you internally. Muscles flexing, and contracting as they are doused in your womanly juices.

I feel the pulsating throb of your clit on my tongue, and I suck you into my mouth harder, bringing on a more intense orgasmic feeling driving you to the brink of your already hyper extended senses. You gasp aloud as this new wave cleanses your soul and fills you completely. Finally your muscles start to relax and your breathing starts to slow. You are stunned to near delirium, and you savior this moment that you have allowed me to give you. My special gift to you. Slowly I release you from my lips.

I stand in front of you seeing your legs limply splayed apart; this image sends a rush of blood into my already free and hardened manhood. My desire to be one with you has tipped the scale of my sanity – I so want to be with you. I drink you in with my eyes, smiling I begin to lower myself towards you as you feel my desire become one with you – inch by inch.

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