CAROL HUN THERE IS A FINGER IN ME PART TWOCAROL HUN THERE IS A FINGER IN ME PART TWOBaby tell me everything – when she asked for my leash I was surprised you handed it to her – I told her husband and the two guys that if any of them go back in the house I will take the leash from her – when we got into kitchen she asked me what will I do – I told her who holds the leash owns me, she said get on the kitchen table, I am going to spone out the cum that is in you, she got a glass ball jar and sat down in the chair behind me, she asked who I would fuck, I said I think you are asking what could fuck me, anything, she said anything, I said anything, she then went back to spooning the cum into the jar from both my cunt and ass – did she say anything else – she then asked while she held the leash is everything confidential, I said anything personal but I will not be giving you anything personal on my part, anything dealing with sex I tell my husband, when she finished she put the jar on the counter by the stoveshe then took the leash and we went to there bedroom, she had me put on a cuck that the strap went around me and both my legs, she got on the floor on her hands and knees, she is very small and thin so when I mounted her both my pows went on ether side of her, I asked where, she just put the cuck in her ass, she moved back on it slowly and posed, I did not move, then she said fuck me, she cam hard with her arms pointed back and her hands holding her ass open, she kept begging me not to stop, I asked her if I could piss and she said she is, which I could feel on my legs, she then took the leash again and brought me into a very large living room, She placed me over a stool on a rubber mat, my arms on one side my spread legs, which were casino siteleri tied to the legs of the stool on the other, my head was turned up by a pillow like thing so I was looking forward, a wide belt was placed around me and the stool, she went away and brought back this device that was formed like a dipper, it had a strap on both ends, the device had wires and a tube coming out the bottom of it, then inside a long rubber red tub with a plug which she put into a wall socket the tub was to lone to see what was don with it. The inside curved service had two short accordion like dildos with open ends and what looked like a small hose with a suction cup on the very small diameter end, when she put in between my legs and up to my cunt and ass hole the two dildos went right into me but not very far at all, she took the suction cup and putting it on my clit and squeeze something that made my clit come out, she brought the straps up to the belt that was around my wast, I was facing the main windows of the room but the chairs she pushed in front of the windows prevented anyone from seeing me, she went into the kitchen which was attached to the room I was in and wormed the cum that was remove from me, then putting some of it into a cat bole, The rest of it I don’t know, she straitened my two pony tails and cat ears, turned on a light above me, turned off the rest them and then left me.It seemed like a long time before the four of you came in to where I was, I was glad I was on the stool that took most of my weight off my pows and legs, more chairs were brought in and place in a circle around me. they must had been three deep, I could feel my cunt get wet she then brought large suction cups that covered my hanging güvenilir casino tits, I have seen one before it was a milking machine, the next feeling I had was someone was putting a gagel like device over my eyes, when it was turned on I could see the room and what I looked like, my cunt tighten around the dildo. a headset was put over my ears and all sound went away, I was in my own world. I felt the strangest feeling like the person tied to a stool was not me, and my body was no longer being controlled by me.I could see people starting to enter and sit down, all were will dressed, some even in shirts and ties, including the four of you, when everyone was seated and the remaining lights were turned down, except for the one above me, I could hear nothing, I felt the dildo in my cunt enter me, it gust went deeper and deeper then stop, then the one in my ass did the same. the next was a warm feeling of something be injected in me in both in both my cunt and ass, no one moved in the room at all, not even me, next I felt my clit, and the milking device, my clit felt like it was being sucked right out of me, then a vibration started slow, working its way faster and faster, till it started a dance, and then stoppedI could see the bottom of me start rotating, everything went to slow motion, several men came up, pulled out their very long cucks and masturbated into the cat bole below my head, I could see theirs cucks shoot into the cat bole of this helpless cat that was strapped down, at that moment my clit went off lick a rocket and then stop, a moment went by and the dildos in my ass started moving in and out of me, next the one in my cunt, a women was brought up in a chair with her legs spreed and high above canlı casino my dead, she was then poshed toward me until her cunt was pressed into my mouth and my tung that was hanging out limp, she was filled with cum, that run down to her ass, just as my tung started to enter her my clit was agen hit with a vibration that allowed nothing else then my climax, at that moment the didlos in my cunt and ass pulled back and rammed into me with a speed I have never felt before, both shooting cum , my body, ore the body I was watching, tightened and pulled agance the straps, her paws and arms bushed her head and mouth onto the womens clit and see pissed into my open mouth. my climax never not stopped, my piss started to come out from around the diaper, I watched me, which really no one know what was going on inside of, go through movement of total lust trying to get more,men started to cum up and masturbate on me, one after another until the cum ran down, over the devices that were milking, onto the mat below, the cat bole was brought up and pored over the connection of mouth and the womens cunt, my climax just kept going and going and going until I just fell limp, like a rage doll being thrown through at airbut my eyes toled me nothing had stopped around me, the cum pooled between my solder blades, the women in front of me went into her climax pushing into my face until I could not breath without turning my head sideways, looking right into, right into, your eyes the cum in my holes started to run out of me and down onto my pelvis, my clit sticking out the furthest I have ever seen it as it danced to the vibration, then everything stopped, the people picked up there chairs and left, except for the four of you. my body started to twitch and would not stop, my mask turned off and everything went black.when I woke up, you were still asleep, I was home and in bed with you holding me in a pool of cum, It will tack the rest of my life to forget this day, which I will never want too. my love thank you

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