Carol’s Christmas [redux]


[Note: This is my first work reposted with better editing and a few other tweaks.]

‘Twas the night before Christmas…

Carol was determined not to let the bombshell that had been dropped on her ruin her Christmas. She and Derek had been looking forwards to their first festive season in the City, they had moved there together at the beginning of the year. New year, new life, they’d told each other. But it would be their first Christmas away from their families.

Carol and Derek had been high school sweet hearts and were engaged to be married. At least they had been until earlier that day when Derek had told her he’d met someone else and would be spending the holidays with her instead. Completely out of the blue, Carol was stunned. She felt as if her heart had been torn out and all of her insides had been taken with it. The phone had hung in her hand long after Derek had hung up and she slumped at her desk in a daze for the rest of the hour.

The office was almost empty that day, being Christmas Eve after all. No one had noticed that her usually cheerful demeanor had fled her. So caught up were they in their own last minute plans to meet family.

As the last few hours of her work day wore away, she began to regain her strength of mind and resolved to enjoy her Christmas, despite the shocking news. When she left for home she was almost happy again and nearly skipped her feet as she pretended that the evening would still be fun. That the presents she had bought for Derek were really bought by some mysterious admirer for her. Nobody wished her “Merry Christmas” as she walked to her car.

The house is chilly when she enters and when she looks she sees that the thermostat has been turned off. Must have been Derek before he left, she thought, does the bastard want me to freeze to death too? Dumping me on Christmas wasn’t enough for him. Reaching out she turns the dial up to the usual mark, Derek had always liked the place cool and had told her to wear more if she was cold. Fuck him, he’s gone, I can make the place an oven! She continues to twist the dial until it hits the top of its range and deep in the basement the furnace glows and roars into blazing life. She smiles as the noise of the coming warmth rumbles up from below.

As the furnace settles down into a steady hum Carol realises the house is earily quiet and, despite knowing that it’s foolish, she feels a tingle of fear as she walks along the hall to the bedroom they used to share. Looking quickly around she sees that most of his things have been taken, all that remains are a few old t-shirts and some junk he was too lazy to throw away.

She can feel the warmth coming through the floor vents now and moves to stand above one. With a foot either side of the vent the gentle breeze swirls up her long skirt and carresses her long legs. As the warmth reachs her body she looks in the mirror on the wardrobe door and begins to change out of her work clothes.

She slides the jacket off her shoulders and down her arms before folding it and throwing it on the bed. Catching sight of herself in the mirror she pauses and looks deeply into her own eyes. How could he have done this, after so long together? She sighs. What is this girl like that he’s left me for? She wonders and is quickly caught up in imagining the woman who has torn her life apart.

Running a hand under her hair across the back of her neck, she lifts the silky copper tresses away to the side, the bedroom light shines through giving her hair an almost golden glow. Maybe she’s blonde? She lets the hair fall away from her fingers in a rouge waterfall until it again hangs long and straight down to her shoulder blades. Maybe she’s brunette? Or an asian, hair like this but black?

She steps towards the mirror and peers closely at her face, examining herself. She wonders if there is something she has never seen in her own reflection before, which would cause Derek to leave her. Putting her fingers to the outer corners of her eyes she pulls gently outwards and up until her bright blue irises are peeping from an immitation of an asian face. No. She takes her fingers away and presses her palms against her cheeks, squishing her face forwards into a wrinkly mass then stretching it back. Maybe it’s the freckles, she thinks, examining her pale creamy skin, a smattering of freckles spreads from one check to the other, across her small straight nose.

Stepping back a little Carol cocks her head and purses her lips, what are her lips like, bigger? Smaller? Darker? She runs a finger along the line between the soft pink of her pout and the pale skin of her face, what would it feel like to kiss these lips? She makes a toothy grin and looks at her small, straight and white teeth, a slight gap between the top front two. There’s nothing wrong with these, she thinks, running her tongue across them.

She takes another step back until she Travesti can see her whole length in the mirror and admires her figure. The tailored blouse and long split pencil skirt hug and accentuate her curves. Her limbs are long and lean and the line of her waist to her hips make a graceful hourglass shape. I keep in shape, does she? She shrugs and begins to unbutton her blouse, stopping after a few buttons as her cleavage begins to show. Then folds her arms under her bust and leans forward, pushing her breasts up and exagerating her cleavage. Maybe she’s got bigger tits? I know these aren’t the biggest but he’s always seemed to enjoy playing with them and sucking my nipples. A doubt creeps into the back of her mind, had he been after something bigger all this time?

Feeling glum she finishes unbuttoning the blouse and slides it off her shoulders. A few stray freckles are scattered on her shoulders, down her arms and across her chest. She folds the blouse over her arm, then picks up the jacket and puts them on hangers in the wardrobe. Returning to the spot in front of the mirror she slides the zip down on the side of the skirt and lets it fall off her. She watches as her legs are revealed, first slowly as the skirt slips over her hips, them quickly as it falls past her thighs and into a pool around her feet.

Standing only in her underwear she turns and poses for herself in the mirror. She wears a well fitted biege bra with lacey detailing across the top and a matching panty. Her legs are tinted a dark brown by her stockings and on her feet are a pair of heels propping her up to a height of around 5 foot 9. She runs her hands over her body, down her thighs, around behind and up under her high, tight buttocks. She grabs her arse cheeks and squeezes them. Turns her back to the mirror, looks over her shoulder and lifts her checks up. Does he like a bigger ass? He always said he loved my ass though and I know all the guys used to watch me on the track in college.

She gives her cheeks a last squeeze and a circular rub, before turning again and running her hands across her hips to her tummy. She slids one hand up, feeling the flat muscles under her soft flesh. Slides the other down over her panties and lightly trickles her finger down over her pussy. She presses between her labia, feeling them spread under the pressure, I’m getting myself horny with this strip tease.

She moves both hands up to her breasts and pats them on the undersides, watching them bounce a little despite the constraint of the fabric. They’re a good size. She wears a B cup but they look larger on her slender frame. Reaching behind her she unclips the bra and shrugs it off. Throws it towards the laundry basket in the corner, then steps out of the fallen skirt and flicks it in the same direction with her toe. She lifts her left breast and rubs at the red line in her skin from the wire in the bra. Then repeats the action on the other side. She cups both breasts and gentle squeezes them. Then rubs one, then the other in a circular motion pushing up and rolling inwards. How long has it been since Derek played with me like this? Her nipples have become hard little pebbles conspicuously protruding from the domed centers of her areolas.

She pinches each nipple gently, then again with more force. Still holding them tight, she pulls them away from her body, watching the way her breasts stretch forward into elongated cones. Releasing the hard little buds causes a flash of pain to radiate outwards before quickly fading. Then she slides her hands down her body and slips her thumbs inside the waistband of her panties. Coyly turning her shoulder inward she watches herself continue the striptease. She slowly teases the panties down, first an inch with her left hand, then another with her right, until the first orange copper hairs begin to show above the lace.

She slides the panties all the way down her legs in one smooth movement. Bending at the waist she pokes her bum out at some imagined admirer watching her from behind. The knickers are thrown towards the basket with the other underwear and she straightens up. She clearly sees the neatly trimmed tuft of red fur, a small triangle pointing down to her waxed smooth lips. She absently flicks a fingertip in the short hairs as she turns left and right. Her eyes follow her curves down from her bust, scooping in at her waist and out over the flesh of hips and ass then down her legs to the small pair of heels on her feet.

Maybe i’m too tall for him, she wonders as she raises up, until only the toes of the shoes touch the ground. She lowers her heels, then crouches down and removes one of the shoes. Standing with one foot flat and the other leg bent, the heel still proping it up, she stands five and a half feet tall. Maybe i’m too short. She stoops and takes off the other shoe, puts them away in the bottom of the wardrobe.

In only her stockings izmir Travesti now she turns away from the mirror and looks over her shoulder. Standing on her tip toes she watches how the muscles in her legs tighten, lift her calves and make her ass look high and round. Well, I’d do me! Hmmmm… I’ve got nothing better to do. Her eyes flick to the low cabinet beside the bed and she makes a quick girlish skip towards it. A naughty thought curls the corners of her mouth up into a mischievious smile. Gripping the handle she pauses as if she were a child about to steal forbidden cookies from a jar.

How long has it been since we’ve played? Her eyes widen with lustful glee as she slides out the drawer at the top of the cabinet and reveals her modest collection of immodest toys. Her waist creates a valley like contour above her hips as she lies on the bed and reachings her hand into the draw. She runs her fingers across one of the dildos feeling the smooth plastic surface of the slim rod, then moves her hand over the next one. This one a skin coloured latex member about 7 inchs long and thicker than the first. It has a dimpled and veiny texture.

She lifts the latex cock from the drawer and rolls onto her back. She puts the tip of it to her lips and gives it a delicate kiss while her other hand roams across her body. First moving to her breast, she grabs and squeezes a handful of the soft flesh, then tweaks her nipple. The nipple begins to harden and she moves to tweak the other too. She parts her lips slightly, allowing the tip of the fleshy fallus to press inside. Maybe Derek is having his cock sucked right now by that other… bitch. Her tongue meets the latex as it moves deeper and she licks the head, I feel like real cock now!

Her nipples hard, she runs her hand down her smooth tummy and across the little triangular tuft, then down between her legs. Gently she strokes the smooth skin of her outer labia before she presses a fingertip into the crease abover her clitorus. The fingertip slides downwards over the soft hood and she releases a tiny gasp as it passes over the sensitive nub. She slides the finger further down towards the moist opening of her sex. She circles the opening and moistens the finger, before sliding back up to press firmly on her clit. She gasps more loudly this time.

She repeats the motion several times. Sliding down, circling, moistening and sliding back up to press on the pink pearl of pleasure. As she does this she opens her mouth wide and slides the dildo along her wet tongue until she hold about 3 inchs of it in her mouth. She licks the lifelike member and spread the wetness from her mouth across it, twisting it in her mouth to spread her saliva all over the head. I think that will do…

She moves her left hand up and presses two fingers against her clit then down again. She opens them to spread her labia away, as she brings the dildo from her mouth. A glistening wet string connects it to her tongue until it stretches too far and drops a wet line on her belly. She manouvres the slick, warm, cock like shaft to the pink spread dampness of her pussy and presses it against the opening.

“Oooooh… mmmmm,” she moans as her pussy opens to allow the pleasure tool to enter. Slowly at first she slides it into herself, rubbing her clit as it moves in, then slowly slides it out again. Oh yes! Again she slides the meaty tool into her moist hole, then begins to increase the pace of the movements. Her head rolls back, mouth open, panting and eyes half closed she revells in the feeling of fucking. She grabs her breast again and twists, squeezes it as she pumps the dildo even deeper.

She sees her reflection in the mirror and watches herself, voyeur like as one stocking falls down her thigh. God, I look like a dirty slut, like I haven’t fucked in months. I haven’t fucked in months! She pretends she is watching another girl taking pleasure from the latex cock. Watches as the other girl bites her lower lip and rubs her fingers across her pink sex bud. Then rubs it in circles and pulls the hood back and pumps the rod into her pussy a little harder. She can feel the orgasm start to approach.

“Aaahhhh-oooh,” she rams the dildo into her hot wetness. Harder, faster, over and over agai, waves of pleasure begin to mount like breakers before a storm. A heat spreads from between her legs and radiates out through her body. The pleasure becomes more intense and she feels the orgasm building. She pinches her nipples and breaths hard as she begins to crest the heights of extasy.

Pleasure ripples through her body as the orgasm takes her, she almost screams as her body convulses. Rising up on her toes and shoulders she arches her back, grabbing her breast, showing her throbing pussy to the room. Then slumping she presses on her clit and squeezes her thighs together. Holding the dildo deep inside her she slowly pants out the last Konya Travesti of the after shocks.

“Oh wow, Carol, ” she congratulates her reflection, “you were wonderful.”

Carol curls her knees up to her chest and lies on the bed for a few minutes. Her eyelids droop with weariness from her long day and the energy just spent pleasuring herself. No, I have to decorate the house for Christmas! I wont let Derek ruin this for me. Reaching down between her legs she wraps her hand around the bulbous, testicle shaped base of the dildo and, with a wet slurping noise, pulls it from her still hot and sensitive pussy. She brings it too her face and smells the musky scent of her pussy juices, then rolls upright and swings her feet to the floor.

Looking at her stockings, one fallen down to her calf, the other still around her thigh, she pauses for a moment. Then pops the dildo back into her mouth, tasting her sex, so she can use both hands to roll the stockings down her legs and off her feet. She throws them in the laundry basket too, then, dildo in hand, walks into the ensuite bathroom. She drops it into the sink and turns the water on in the shower. Washing quickly she wraps a towel around her hair and another around her body, tucked under her arms, then walks back to the bedroom.

Well, i’ve got no company tonight, I can dress down in something comfortable. She looks through her drawers and finds a set of winter flannel pajamas, then untucks the end of the towel and lets it fall away from her body. Balancing on one foot she begins to pull the pajama bottom on over her feet. Actually, that furnace has got the place nice and warm now (or maybe it was my little play before), I can wear something lighter. She bundles the pajamas together and dumps them back in the drawer then pulls open another drawer.

She rummages briefly before pulling out a pink pair of bikini style panties, she stoops and slips then on. Then grabs a black t-shirt, so old the Metallica print has almost worn off and pulls it over her head. Her pink wrapped pussy is just visible below the t-shirt. Satisfied that the flimsy garments and blazing furnace will be sufficient warmth she moves about the house closing the curtains before ending up in the living room.

Time to decorate! She picks up the box at the end of the sofa and drops it on the dining table. She opens the top and begins to pull out tinsel, ribbons, plastic candy canes, coloured lights and all manner of cheerful ornaments, until they are spread all over the table. From amongst the brightly coloured mess she pulls out a piece of textured plastic about the size of a dinner plate, shakes it to dislodge a string of lights. We’ll put Santa up first, she grins.

Going to the front door, she grabs some tape from the sideboard in the hall and opens the door. A blast of icy air slams into her and snow flakes drift up the hall. Fuck, that’s cold! She slams the door shut again. Better get ready first and try again. She peels some strips of tape off the roll and sticks them around the edge of the plastic Santa sign, then, bracing herself, grabs the doorhandle again.

She throws the door open and holds the Santa sign against the door, then quickly presses the tape down to the windows and wood panelling. Just check it before I get back inside, she leans back to see how it looks when another gust of wind comes across the yard and up the steps. The chilly breeze swirls up her legs and inside the t-shirt, pulling it up around her face and presenting a brow raising view of Carols slender body and pert breasts, nipples erect from the winds icy touch, to the old neighbour from across the street. She yanks the t-shirt down and throws the door closed, the neighbours view replaced by the bas relief of the cheerful Santa with the words “Santa, please come inside!”

Rubbing her bare arms to remove the chill she heads back to the table full of decorations. Flicking the TV on, she starts to hang the bunting around the living room and then goes to the closet in the hall to get the box with the fake tree in it. She puts it up in the corner next to the fireplace and begins to decorate it too. The fireplace was an idiosyncrasy of the house. It wasn’t needed because of the furnace but the previous owners had left it in and Carol had loved the idea of a fire, even if it wouldn’t be used. She had insisted on getting firewood so they could have a romantic evening in the firelight, Derek had thought the idea silly. I’m going to have my fire tonight, Derek, she tells herself defiantly.

With the tree up and decorated and fire made and starting to crackle she goes back to the box on the table, lifts it up and tips out the last contents. She picks up the rolls of red fabric and shakes them out into two white fur topped stockings. I love emptying my stocking on Christmas morning! All the treats and surprises mom – I mean Santa! – used to bring. She smiles and turns to the fireplace, looking for something to hook the stockings onto. Finding an old nail, posibly used for the same purpose, she puts the loop in the top of one stocking over it then moves to the other end of the mantle, looking for another,

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