Carter’s Exploits Part Two: The Morning After

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The next Morning “God dammit, STOP THAT PULSING!” Carter exclaimed to the thumping bass of the club. Inside one of the rooms in the club, he had a throbbing headache. Obviously hung over to hell and back. Blurry eyes looked around the room with a look of survey, scrutnizing to figure out which room he was in. The broken vase on the floor of cupid told him all he needed to know: He was in the third room on the left. Second floor hallway. The owner had to know this shit, but how did he get here? The thought floating around in his head, he slowly got up rom the bed and stretched in an attempt to wake himself up a bit. The ache of his entire naked body showed he had a lot of fun the night before. And as he turned to look at the other side of the bed, his jaw dropped. There laid a goddess among women: Julia Watcher. A beautiful Brunette. The deep tan of her bodice was pure silk to the touch of those honored by her. Eyes that sparkled of the deepest blue mankind had ever seen. She was a beautiful model of lengerie, swimsuits, Ankara escort and such. NOW he wished he could remember most of last night. But with all of his energy and life, he couldn’t remember it whatsoever. “Grrr…. What the hell did I do to nail Julia?” Carter whispered to himself as he started toward the bathroom for a shower. The cascading warm water felt god against his aching body, like that of a gentle caress from a tender lover. The sound of the door creaking had Carter pulling back the curtain just a bit, and to his surprise, to see Julia approaching the shower in nothing but a towel. The look on her face showed a puzzled glare as she blinked at the male in front of her. “Um… Hi. I uh, I’m-” Carter instantly stopped her with a gentle wave of his hand. He knew damned well who she was. “I know who you are, madam Julia. And I had an amazing time last night.” Of course, Carter had no clue what they had done the night before, but he was not going to sully the model’s pride by Ankara escort bayan saying he could not remember. Better to live a lie than be a walking hurtful truth. Julia had literally seemed to let out a sigh of relief at his words. Wiping her forehead, she let go of her towel and let it fall to the floor. And as he looked on at her beautiful and lithe body, he felt himself harden from behind the curtain. Damn, she was so fucking hot. He imagined in his head their night already. Almost as if it had happened. Wait, how did this happen? His attention was momentarily taken from her to let his sapphire eyes glimpse down at the curtain where his length was shielded from her sight. “Um… Do you mind if I get in with you? I feel really sticky.” A blink and a second later, her words finally registered in his head. He shook himself from his frenzied thoughts and pulled himself to the back of the shower, pulling the curtain back with him to allow her entrance into the shower. Julia entered Escort Ankara the shower, biting her bottom lip in a gentle manner. He WAS good looking. Damn good looking, actually. It was no wonder she had fucked his brains out, judging by his reaction to her. The couple of shots they had done after the alley incident was pretty intense. And then the amazing dancing, and finally the sex. Mindblowing to her. “Well, I take it you know who I am, eh? I don’t blame you if you kick me out, then….” Julia spoke as she turned away from him. She had always apparently been too ‘unapproachable’ for people to screw her. Being the daughter of a major mobster, she hardly had time with her father. And the very few times that she got away from the photo shoots, she was usually clubbing with a few friends. Lucky her that none of them had been with her the night before. Carter’s eyes instantly went to the beautiful peach-shaped bottom she had. A wonderful asset that she could work well in bed, judging by the ache in his loins that begged him to mount her and just have his way with her. But with the forboding reminder of her father rung in his head. “I’d rather screw your brains out…” Carter was shocked as the words rung in the air.The pure tense of her body made his cock harden with want, but his heart fall with slight trepidation.

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