Casey’s Recovery Ch. 10


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With the excitement of possibly getting Casey’s cast off, I whipped out breakfast in a flash. Casey watched me with interest and finally asked, “What’s going on big brother? What’s got you so fired up this morning?”

“Oh just a couple of things I have to do as soon as possible, so I’m kind of hurrying … Ok?”

“Yeah, I guess.” She said.

And sure enough we got breakfast over; a really good bath administered in a flash and then it was off to the showers for me. On my way I stopped and went into Mom’s bedroom where Aunt Rena was still sleeping. I sat down on the side of the bed and began gently rubbing her bottom through the sheet she had pulled onto herself. In just a moment she began to stir, looking at me with a puzzled face she said, “Jack are you trying to tell me something here?”

“Well you do have a nice bottom Aunt Rena; actually you have a pretty darn nice everything from where I sit. To tell the truth, it’s been a while since I’ve had sex, so if I tell you how nice you look I hope you won’t be offended.” I said.

“Jack, you are a sweet boy, telling lies like that.” She said laughing softly.

She turned over and slid to the side of the bed beside me, her sheet dropping away revealing her nice breasts with their large brown nipples swaying as she moved. I could see her thatch of grey blond bush springing up between her legs as she rested her hands on the edge of the mattress.

“Aunt Rena, I promise that those were not lies, just take a look at my cock if you want proof!”

She looked down between my legs where my semi-hard cock was gaining size, then reached over and took a firm hold of me, squeezing and stroking my cock softly. “It’s sure in a growth spurt, yes sir, I guess that I should be flattered that I can still give a young man a nice hard-on.” She said.

“You keep that up and you’re gonna’ see more than a hard-on, I’m going to shoot cum all over the place.” I said as I leaned back a little and spread my legs to give her more room.

Her voice was husky and thick as she leaned into me saying, “How long would that take Jack?”

“Not long now.” I said, my own voice tightening.

She said, “It’s been a long time since I’ve held a lovely cock like yours; it feels nice.”

I could feel my balls begin to lift and urgency began to drive my hip response to her steadily stroking hand … then the slow burn began deep in my balls. “Help me Aunt Rena.” I said as I stood up and turned to face her, my cock level with her face and her hands now stroking and fondling my balls, “Suck me Aunt Rena, please just for a minute.”

“No little boy, I don’t think I should do that. But, you go ahead and squirt your juices, shoot’em out.” Her voice was urgent, even hungry. Shoot I did, big, heavy cum ropes steamed out onto her breasts, even splattering on her chin. I stood there hands on hips blasting away and then quickly sat down breathing heavily.

“Very nice Jack; I haven’t seen anything like that for a very long time!”

“You’re not mad?” I asked.

“No dear, it was my fault, you’re a healthy young man and I couldn’t resist holding you lovely big dick. I really enjoyed feeling its silky hot hardness and watching it pump out the seeds of life. No I’m not mad; but I think we should keep this between us, don’t you?”

“Yes, you’re right of course. Thank you it felt wonderful.” I said.

As I spoke she scooped a bit of cum off her chin and slipped it into her mouth; then scooped more from her breasts adding it to her mouth. She tasted it like one might taste a good wine, then smiled saying, “Still the same after all these years. Smooth, sweet, salty and a bit malty; when I was your dad’s sex partner I ate lots of his cum, still delicious.”

“Aunt Rena, how long has it been since you had a lover?” I asked.

“Over the last 20 years or so only three men in my life and none of them for long; mostly you might say that they were poke and go men.”

“Aunt Rena, I would really like to make love to you; if you’d let me?” I said.

“Oh how sweet. Honey, you know more about me than almost anybody and that’s just in two days. No, I don’t think that sex with my nephew is a good idea; I have too much respect for your mother for such a thing. Remember, we are keeping this just between us, aren’t’ we?” she asked.

I leaned down and kissed her firmly on the mouth saying, “Just you remember, my offer does not expire, if you change your mind.”

She smiled a wry smile and said, “Well I guess we’d better start our day.”

I managed to shower and change without any more delay then shot downstairs with clean clothes for Casey. When she saw that I was fully dressed and that I had clothes for her, she pointed her finger at me and said, “Ok buster, what’s going on?”

I rapidly filled her in on our visit to the doctor and poker oyna the prospect of getting her cast off at last. With that there was no delay in getting dressed, ready and out the door. Once at the doctor’s office there were a couple of x-rays and a scan all of which, the good doctor informed us, meant the cast was a thing of the past. And off it came. It was something of a shock to Casey and I once it was off, we didn’t realize that the hours we spent out by the pool each day had given us a sweet brown patina while her left leg, hidden in the cast remained a ghostly white.

After the doctor went on to other patients his nurse gave us strict instructions to be very careful with her skin, keep it moistened and expose it to the sun just a little each day. And it was also something of a shock to realize how weak her leg was. There’d been a fairly modest amount of atrophy, the nurse explained that was most likely due to the fact that she was just 18; however, we were going directly to the Physical Therapy office for instructions on how best to rehab her leg.

Once at the Physical Therapy office we were congratulated on what a great job we had done getting her right leg in shape. Then a plan was developed and we were instructed in how we could best do the same for her left leg – there were printouts, demonstrations, lots of encouragement and appointments were made for us to come in every 7 to 10 days for evaluation. And last but not least Casey was lent a nice little four foot cane to stabilize her leg when she began to walk, “Just a little bit at a time!”

We were on a natural high as we left the doctor’s office. Casey looked up at me beaming and said, “What do you say we celebrate a little before going home?”

“Sounds great” I said, “What do you have in mind?”

“Do you think we could drive down to Anchor Bay and have a late lunch at McCarty’s?” she asked.

Anchor Bay is a beautiful little town on the Mendocino County coast. It would be about an hour drive, but I decided it would be worth the trip just to make Miss Casey even happier. To be sure nobody worried about us, I called home to let Aunt Rena and Lillian know we would be out for a while. Oddly, the phone rang and rang, so I left a message telling them Casey’s cast was off and we were taking a celebratory drive down the coast not getting back for a few hours, not to worry.

Casey looked at me quizzically, saying “Nobody home?”

“Nope, maybe Lillian took Aunt Rena out somewhere … no worries; we’re off for an adventure!”

It was a picture perfect Northern California day, brilliant sunshine and beautiful scenery. When we finally popped out onto Highway 101 the Pacific Ocean spilled out in front of us a glittering blue panorama. In great spirits we drove along each lost in our own thoughts until the little town of Anchor Bay came into view. McCarty’s Restaurant sits on a small bluff overlooking the town and the bay – they are famous, at least to us, for the best pan fried Abalone you’ve ever tasted.

I parked, scooped Casey up, dropped her into the wheelchair and wheeled us into this lovely old restaurant. The building dates to the 1940’s, some parts may be even older, lots of weathered wood, cozy tables and great Abalone served with a pile of sweet potato fries and their very own micro-brewed beer.

I don’t think either one of us said a thing except to order; we just sat there grinning at each other like two drunk monkeys in the zoo! In short order the waitress arrived with steaming plates, a frosty pitcher of great beer and two mugs. If you were watching you might have thought that we just escaped from a fat farm the way we tore into the food … Outstanding!

When the plates were empty, we were truly stuffed. I moved the remaining beer and us to an outside table and we sat there in the sunshine looking out at the ocean; fat, dumb, happily sipping beer and grinning. As the afternoon drew to a close I packed us up and we began a slow drive back home. On the way we were quiet with Casey smiling softly and either holding my hand or patting my leg in a loving way; it was delightful being together.

As I made the turn into town, Casey turned toward me saying, “I think I would like to sleep in my own bed upstairs tonight, would that be Ok?”

“Whatever you want baby girl,” I said.

“Jack, when everybody gets settled in, would you come to my room and sleep with me?” she asked.

“I certainly will! Just remember, we do need to be careful. Do you mind if I ask what brought this on?”

“I have had the nicest day I can remember today and I want to snuggle up with you.” She said.

“Now that’s as nice a thing as anybody has ever said to me.” I said smiling.

She smiled a big smile back at me and pounded her fist on my leg fiercely. It made me feel truly loved, even more than usual. It was very, very nice.

About 15 minutes later I turned onto our street and into our driveway where we found a nice surprise; parked side by side were mom’s canlı poker oyna little SUV and Lillian’s big sedan. Casey immediately began to laugh and wave her hand back and forth as though the home team had scored a touchdown!

“It is really a GREAT day.” She said with a voice both bright and shiny.

I turned off the car very quietly and said, “Let’s see if we can surprise them – what do you say?”

Casey grinned at me and said, “Ok, Ok, let’s go!”

As quietly as possible, I opened her door and helped her to her feet with the admonition that she would, under no circumstance, over exert herself. With me on one side and the cane on the other she walked a little unsteadily to the front door. Trying to be as quiet as a burglar, I unlocked the door and we walked in, step after step, when Casey stepped into the den Mom looked up and let out a whoop!

“There’s my girl,” she shouted, then nearly jumped across the room to pull Casey into a bear hug. Watching her rush across the room I was reminded of how much I have come to love nude living. Mom is one of those people who embody the image of a lady, even a completely naked lady. She stands barely 5’3″ tall, small frame, small waist, very nice legs, with medium sized full breasts sitting 3 maybe 4 inches from her chest, her dark brown nipples were dancing as she hurried.

Oh Lord, what a pleasure it was to look at this naked lady with her pretty face and shiny green eyes. Sure enough, Mom is one of those women who get better as they age. Then “whoosh” Casey was wrapped up in her arms. Casey laughed and said, “Easy Mom, I could break, I already broke once!”

With a worried look on her face Mom said, “Oh I’m sorry honey, do you need to sit down?”

“I would like to sit, but could I get my clothes off first?”

I immediately slipped my hands into her waistband and slid her shorts and panties down to her ankles; she slipped her feet out of her flip-flops and she was immediately naked from the waist down. I eased my fingers around her front and played lightly with her fuzzy pussy causing her to say, “Damn Jack, get my top off and you can play with my pussy all you want.”

Still holding Casey, Mom slapped my hand lightly and said, “I know it’s been a while, but just remember there are two pussies down there buster!”

“YES MAM, message received,” I said and immediately helped Casey shuck her top leaving her gloriously naked from top to bottom. She wrapped her arms around Mom and pulled her into another big hug saying, “Gosh Mom, I sure have missed these naked hugs!”

“Me too baby girl,” said Mom.

With that, Mom turned them both and eased them down onto the hospital bed. “Jack, are you going to keep your clothes on; it’s a nude household you know.” Mom said.

“Yes Mam, the clothes they are coming off right now.” And I shucked every stitch, folded Casey’s and my clothing and walked over sitting the pile on the stairs. As I walked back, Mom pointed her finger at me and curled it up toward herself thus summoning me directly to her. “Yes’um,” I said.

When I stood in front of both naked girls sitting side by side, Mom reached out taking my soft cock in her hand softly stroking me. She turned toward Casey and said, “I don’t know if Jack told you, but the night before I left he gave me some really good lovin'”

“Yes Mother, I know. I was here while you two nearly tore down the upstairs. I told Jack later that I thought you might have been killed; it was a relief seeing you alive the next morning.” Mom laughed and covered her mouth with her hand; in fact I think she might have blushed just a little.

“It’s Ok Mom, I was pretty envious, but we agreed to wait until the cast was off and you were here, cause we think it would be really special to have you there when Jack makes love to me,” said Casey.

With that, Mom pulled Casey into another hug and gave her a big kiss. As they parted Mom held Casey’s face with both hands and said, “We may be a really strange family, but you are both the most amazing children; I love you both so much!”

As I stood in their radiant warmth, I asked, “Where are Aunt Rena and Lillian?

“Oh honey, they are both out in the pool. Your Aunt Rena has had quite a day herself, just wait till you see; but before they come in get yourself over here.”

As I stepped even closer, Mom reached up and grasped both my balls with her hands and tugged me closer so that she could pop my cock in her mouth. After a suck or two, she looked at Casey and said, “Now don’t get jealous. I’ve been gone a while and after my farewell party with your brother I’ve been so horney I thought I’d bust. Right now I’d like a big mouthful of this nice cock and a cum snack.”

“Don’t worry Mom. I know what you mean, a cum snack can really hit the spot – you go for it.” And with that Casey slipped her arm around Mom and snuggled close looking on fiercely as mother suckled my dick and rubbed my balls. As you can imagine it didn’t take long, in just a couple internet casino of minutes I felt my asshole draw up and my balls tighten. I reached in with my hands and caressed mothers head and face as she increased her suction and then the damn burst as I did my best to flood her mouth and throat with ropes of hot cum … delightful.

She did not spill a drop as she vacuumed the juice from my balls. If I had not felt the exquisite flush of fiery heat and wonderful sensation of cuming, I might not have believed it. Mom carefully let go of my ball sack and gently kissed my cockslit, then leaned back and smiled up at me.

“Thank you son, that was very nice,” she said.

I reached down and pulled her up into my arms bringing her body into full contact with mine then leaned down and gave her a deep open mouthed kiss, savoring the residual flavor of my cum in her mouth. At the same time I caressed her shoulders, back and finally grasped each butt cheek in my hands lifting her just a little to further cement our bodies together.

Mom did her best to reach around me and crushed her breasts into my chest, returning my kiss with equal vigor when Casey said, “Hey guys, you need to get a room. Aunt Rena and Lillian are coming back to the house.”

As they came into the room Mom sat down and Lillian looked at me saying, “Damn Jack, you look like that cat that swallowed the canary!”

“Naaah, I’m just glad that we got Casey’s cast off and that she’s nearly well, that’s all.” I said.

“Well from where I stand, it looks like you just got you dick sucked. Has your momma been sucking you dick? Tell the truth now?”

Casey looked at Lillian with blazing eyes and said, “Lillian sometimes you talk too damn much!”

Lillian leaned over and kissed Casey on the top of the head and said, “Oh honey, it’s all right, really, I’ve already told your Aunt Rena that we’ve all been fuckin’ and suckin’ like dogs, just like she thought.”

Mother started to get up when Aunt Rena said, “Leah dear, don’t worry I am not upset, in fact if I were blessed with these beautiful children I would be too.”

Before Mom could say a word Aunt Rena said, “Someday I’ll tell you about that ex-husband of yours and me years ago – believe me I am no saint and I am not here to throw stones at anybody. It is very clear to me that you three have a blessed relationship; astonishing really. I don’t know anyone, if they knew the facts, that would not be envious.”

As she spoke Casey and I looked at each other in amazement; could this really be our Aunt Rena? I guess when the damn breaks all manner of things come to the surface.

“And Leah, you might want to tell the kids about the summer you and my brother spent up at the farm with me. When I told Jack how much Casey’s pussy looked like yours his ears stood straight up … and Jack, a bit of advice for you too. You are going to have to find another man or two.”

Apparently my face reflected my astonishment and confusion, then Aunt Rena cleared it up for me, “Honey you know I’ve operated a farm for nearly 25 years and I’ve learned a thing or two. No matter how great the stud, there is a limit to his ability to service the herd. From what Lillian’s told me you’re pretty darn good at it, I might even want a turn or two now that everything is out in the open.”

As I looked around the room we were all hanging on Aunt Rena’s every word, and my beautiful mother’s mouth was slightly open reflecting her amazement as well. As Aunt Rena continued, “Just look at the numbers – you’ve got Casey here who, no offense honey, has yet to have a good fucking, and that’s admirable on your part. You have me and you’ve got your mother who, and I know this for a fact, loves a good fuck. Then there is Lillian who I suspect would butt fuck a pastured bull.”

Lillian burst out laughing which caused the rest of us to collapse in laughter as well, when the laughter calmed Aunt Rena said, “Here’s the point, even if you haven’t yet, you’re going to run out of steam no matter how hard you try and then it won’t be fun for you or us. So, maybe not today, but soon, to keep a happy family, we all should consider our options.”

Casey immediately brought up Chuck, skinny Chuck … well fuck; and Lillian mentioned some guy named Brian or something who it appears my mother has eyed in the past and then the whole thing became a chat fest with the girls going back and forth about all manner of things … I wandered out to the kitchen. As I stood leaning against the kitchen sink reflecting on my life, mother came up behind me, snuggling her body against my back and reached around to hug my belly.

“Well, your Aunt Rena is back. She loves to tell everybody what to do. Sweetheart, we don’t have to do any of this, nothing has to change, she’s just talking.”

I turned around snuggling my rising cock against her bushy puss feeling the slight wetness of her vaginal lips and slipped my hands down around her butt cheeks hold each one firmly with my hands. I rocked slightly moving my cock up and down a bit against her puss, leaned in and kissed Mom firmly on the lips. “I know Mom, but she’s not wrong. Maybe she could have said it in a kinder, gentler way, but still …”

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