Cassie Moves In Ch. 01


I had gone home with my girlfriend to go to my baby sister’s graduation. She has never met my family and since my sister was going to ask her if it was ok to be staying with us now would be the perfect time for them too meet. I had walked through the door and Nerissa was by my side no one was in the living room so I called out and asked if anyone was home. Cassie came flying down the stairs and jumped into my arms.

“I wasn’t expecting you to be here today I thought you were coming on Wednesday.”

“Well I thought I might surprise you and spend some time with the family while I have the chance and I also wanted everyone to meet my girlfriend, Nerissa. Cassie this is Nerissa. Nerissa this is my ever growing baby sister I told you all about.”

Cassie let go of me and bounced right up to her and almost knocked her over to give her a hug.

“It’s so good to finally meet you Cassie, your sister has told me so much about you and so far it all seems to be very true.” She had a smile of delight on her face despite that my over happy sister still latched on to her.

Once my sister let go of Nerissa she took our hands and pulled us into the kitchen. She must have been cooking because the house smelled wonderful. Cassie pulled herself up on the counter top and sat there while mindlessly stirring what she had in the big pot.

“So how long are you guys staying? Mom and dad will be so excited to meet you and all they have been talking about is getting the house ready for your arrival. I swear they act like you never come back and when you do it’s all they talk about for a month. “

“We will be here until Sunday when we have to drive back. I have to teach my classes on Monday night. So maybe we should be getting some things worked out before we go?” I gave her the time to ask her now before it will be too late. She smiled and caught on quickly.

She took a deep breath and turned to Nerissa and let it out slowly. “I know I have just met you and you don’t really know me, but you are my sister’s girlfriend and when I asked her she said I had to ask you. I will study at the university and I don’t really want to stay here all summer. I want to go up there and find a job for the summer before my classes start. I don’t really have enough money to get an apartment and I know sissy has an extra bedroom in hers and I really wanted to know if I could stay there. I can help with the rent once I have a job and I won’t be too much trouble I promise. Please! Oh please! Can I stay with you?” She batted her eyelashes and did the face that mom and dad would let her get away with anything with. She looked so innocent and it was hard to say no to her.

Nerissa looked at me then looked at her then looked at me again. “Why didn’t you tell me your sister wanted to stay with us? I would have cleared out the room and had it ready for her already. You know I would do anything for you. Why did you not tell her that she can stay with us? She is your sister after all. Maybe you didn’t want her to stay?” She folded her arms across her chest and gave me the I want the truth and I’m not playing around look.

“Of course I want her to stay with us I just wanted her to ask you first. It is also your apartment and you would aksaray escort have to put up with sisters. I would love to have her stay with us you know I think high thoughts of my sister.” Cassie jumped down and hugged me so hard I couldn’t breathe. She turned to Nerissa and jumped to her and hugged her and thanked her. To my surprise she leaned up on her tippy toes and kissed her on the lips. It wasn’t a lingering kiss just a quick peck but it took me and Nerissa by surprise. Then mom and dad came through the door.

“We are in here mom and you have a surprise!” Mom and dad came around the corner into the kitchen and she saw me and my girlfriend holding hands. It took a minute for her to make the connection and it seemed like minutes before she said something but it was really seconds. She looked at me then at Nerissa. Her eyes traveled down to mine and our hands joined together. She put her bag on the counter and turned to my dad with her hand out.

“I have won the bet and I believe that you owe me fifty bucks.” She told my dad. We all just looked puzzled at her. She turned to me. “See I bet that you would bring someone home with you. I also sais it would be a woman.” She said with a evil grin on her face. “See you never had a boyfriend, you never talked about boys never even looked at them as far as I saw. But I figured out why. And I put all the pieces together. I always thought but I never actually knew until we went shopping for your collage. There was this girl at the mall; you couldn’t take your eyes off of her so I put it all together.”

“So why didn’t you say something if you knew. I thought that you wouldn’t approve. I was nervous to bring her home because I didn’t know how you would act. You should have told me that you knew.”

“I figured you would tell me if and when you were ready. I didn’t want to be the nosy mom that has to know everything about my daughter’s sex life. Please introduce us to your beautiful darling before she thinks that we are rude.” She gave me that look that only mothers can give their children.

“I’m sorry where are my manners? Nerissa this is my mom are and dad, Mom dad this is Nerissa.” Nerissa held out her hand and my mom looked at it and shook her head. “Oh no sweetheart, come give me a hug.” So she and my dad did. And the conversation was off. We ate dinner and everyone was getting along. They asked me about how my classes were going, if I had summer classes to teach, how I met Nerissa and what she does. Then we turned to Cassie. I schooled her about all her plans and how she did her last year of high school. She was graduating as 6th in her class and has a full scholarship to the university where I work. At dinner I got the impression that Cassie would’t tell mom and dad that she is staying with me this summer. I was going to tell them about it soon if she didn’t.

After dinner Cassie and I cleared up the dinner table and cleaned the kitchen and did the dishes.

“So you haven’t told mom and dad that you are going to live with me.”

“No not yet I don’t know how. I was hoping you would help me with that. I don’t want to hurt their feelings by leaving so soon but I really need to get a job and get settled in before aksaray escort bayan school starts.”

“OK, I’ll tell mom and dad. I will let them think that it was my idea that you could get to know the area before school starts and get a job to get some money saved up. And I have an extra bedroom for you to stay in so you won’t have to worry about a place to stay. How does that sound?”

“Oh thank you, I love you so much. You’re the best.”

We walked back into the dining room where mom, dad and Nerissa were still talking. “Mom I have a question for you?”

“Sure honey what is it?” “Well, since Cassie has a full scholarship to the university and I have a two bedroom apartment, can I take Cassie with me on Sunday? That way she can get to know her surroundings and get a summer job to start saving money. She don’t need to find a place to live or pay rent. She can concentrate on working and getting her books for collage. I will help her with the payment of her books and create a savings account in her name. I promise to watch and take care of my baby sister.”

They looked at me like I had grown two extra heads then looked at Cassie who had that pitiful look on her face. Then they looked at Nerissa who smiled a big smile. “Are you sure about this sweetie? You have a girlfriend now and do you really want your sister around when your girlfriend comes over. You won’t have any privacy.”

“Well actually, I live with Amber. I would love to have Cassie staying with us. It really wouldn’t be a problem at all. It would be like having the little sister that I never had. My mom and dad are not together any more. Actually I don’t know where my mom is or if she is still alive. On the day of my high school graduation I told my parents that I was a lesbian. My dad accepted it and he supports me fully in all choices I make. He even loves Amber. My mom didn’t like it. She is very religious and got so mad at me that she left my graduation party to never come back. Two weeks later my dad got the papers for a divorce and a note that says as long as he stays in my life she dont want to see him again. My dad never remarried and as I said I don’t even know if my mother is still alive. So I never got a little sister which I always wanted. Amber has told me so much about Cassie, she thinks alot of her little sister. It is very obvious to me that she loves and adores her very much. She is a smart beautiful outgoing young woman. She is very easy to love. I already think of her as my little sister to me. This would just make everything much better. I would love if you would please allow your little girls to come stay with me and Amber. I will also look after her and I will make sure that nothing bad happens to her.”

Cassie jumps up and runs over to her and throws her arms around her neck and wouldn’t let go. Nerissa gave her a big warm hug. Cassie whispered something into her ear that I couldn’t hear. Nerissa just smiled and whispered back.

“I’m sorry to hear about your mother sweetie, she shouldn’t have done that kind of thing to her only daughter. If you ever need any motherly advice you can always come to me weather you and Amber are together or not. You are always welcome escort aksaray in this home. I should have known that you two will be living together.” She said with a smile. “If you really don’t mind having Cassie around and if you keep an eye on her I suppose it will be ok if she stays with you.” She said with a sad voice. I think that it is hard for her that both her daughters will be out of the house. Cassie jumped up to run and plopped her butt in moms lap while she hugged her tightly. The rest of the night we sat and talked when we watched some movie on TV. About 11 me and Nerissa said good night. We were going to go get ready for bed and went into my old room. Nerissa stopped me as soon as I shut the door. She kissed me slowly and passionately with her soft red lips. I walked her backwards towards my bed and gently laid her down on it while our tongues met in a kiss filled with desire and lust. I slowly slid my hands down her body to her knees and pulled them up to get her further onto the bed. She wrapped her long sexy legs around me as my hands pulled her black shirt up to show her flat hard stomach. I kissed my way down her neck to the base of her throat. I took her shirt over her head. I kissed my way downwards her perky chest to her blue lace bra. I undid the front claps with my teeth and slowly kissed upwards her stiff pink nipple of her left breast. I gently kissed, sucked and licked her nipple. I kissed my way to the other one to give it the same treatment. My hands slowly unbuttoned and unzipped her dark jeans. I rubbed my hand across her smooth silk panties. I kissed my way down her stomach nipping and licking around her belly button. I grabbed the waist band of her jeans with my fingers and dragged them slowly down her legs. I tore her string panties apart and threw them far away along with the other clothes.

I kissed the pelvic bone and her thighs all the way down her right leg to her ankle and all the way up the inside of her calf and thigh. I moved to her left side and kissed her pelvic bone and down the tops of her thighs all the way down her left leg to her ankle and traveled all the way up to the inside of her thigh. I kissed her newly shaved pussy and slowly licked the lips. Slightly spreading them with my tongue I lightly touched her lovely clit and she moaned with enjoyment. She was dripping wet and tasted so good. I found her sweet hot hole and shoved my tongue inside her as far as I could go licking all around it. I moved up back to her love button to lick, sucked and lightly bite it. I inserted a finger in her damp warm cave and moved it in and out. She matched my thrusts perfectly and she tightened up and I know she was about to come. I pressed harder on her clit and moved my finger faster and faster and within seconds a gush of warm liquid squirted out of her. I moved my mouth down to catch as much of it as I could. I lapped all up with my tongue and swallowed every last drop of it.

Once she had calmed down from her orgasm she released my head between her legs, I kissed my way back up her body. She licked her pussy juice off my face and kissed me deeply. When she broke the kiss she whispered in my ear. “We put on a show for your little sister and it seems like she likes it.”

I glanced over to see Cassie masturbating with her hands inside her white pajama shorts while she was peeking through a little crack in the door. She saw me and smiled. I waved for her to come in and she walked into the room to sit on the edge of the bed next to Ambers head.

To be continued

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