CaughtThis is how I got caught masturbating and lost my virginity to my stepmom.I was still in High School but had just turned eighteen, and was still living with my dad and stepmom, Beverly. I was ashy kind in school and did not get many dates, this lead to lots of jacking off. I did not realize it at the time but not only had my dad married a transsexual, but Beverly liked to sleep around. I later found out my dad, liked it and enjoy hearing her tell about a how she seduced strait guys.So I was watching some porn on the internet when Beverly walked in on me. I quickly changed windows and made it look like I was doing my homework when one of those annoying popup windows came up. This would have been embarrassing as is but it was for a transsexual chat page. She was standing right over me when it popup and when I closed it, the page went to the porn I was watching. It was of this MILF getting fucked by a guy in his twenties. I quickly tried to close this page as well but the damage had been done. I was caught red handed. She gasped and then began to scold me. “What would your father say if he walked in on you doing this!” she said. I stammered but didn’t get anything out before she interrupted me. “That’s disgusting and I should tell your father,” she threatened.I pleaded with not to but she was insistent, and annoyingly she remained in the room to observe me finish my homework. I could not concentrate, and I still had a giant hard on that would not go away. Just when I could get a moment to think she asked, “are you still a virgin?” I said I was and she scolded me that I would never get a girl hiltonbet giriş doing that, and insisted I finish my homework. This type of conversation continued for several more minutes. Her asking what I like in porn, girls, my fantasies and then scolding me for have such thoughts. Finally I had enough and turned around to ask her to be quiet or leave me alone, when I saw her rubbing her breasts and the front of her panties. I was shocked and never expected this and did not realize what she hiding. I just stared at her as she played with her large fake tits. She took one out and then the other, playing with her nipples to get them hard and pointy. “I won’t tell your dad, if you do something for me. Besides, you have to lose your virginity sometime don’t you” she said as I simply stared at her tits. My mouth was dry but I wanted those in my mouth badly. I leaned forward and my lips met her nipples. I tongued and sucked each one over and over until I thought I was going to cum in my pants. Her hand rubbing my crotch were not much help either, and then she pushed me back into the chair and began unzipping my pants.I gasped as her hand clutched my cock and in felt her hot breath on me. She licked her palm and began stroking my cock slowly, teasing me with hot breath and lips just inches from me. “Please” I said unknowingly.“Please what,” she teased.“Please suck me” I faintly replied and she took my head into her mouth making cork screw like motion with her head. Grip tightened and this was about all I needed. The first shot caught her off guard and shot deep into her throat. hiltonbet yeni giriş The next few shots landed on her lips and cheeks as she stroked every drop out. Then sucked she on me for a little while to get every last drop of cum out.Then she looked up at me, and said “this better not be all you have.” Then squeezed my balls and giggled, “there had better be more cum in these.” I assured her there was and she stood up and kissed me. I could taste my salt cream in her mouth. “Now you must do something for me,” she said as she stood up and lifted her skirt. I was once again shocked and tried to pull away at the sight of her hard cock under her panties, but she only pulled head to it.“You have already eating cum, and no you kissed a cock. Just suck it and I won’t tell your father.” I pulled down her panties and began stroking and sucking on the head. She said “see it’s not so bad is it” as I tried to keep my teeth of and go easy. “But I bet you like those movies were a guy skull fucks a girl, don’t you.” I did not say anything but moaned softly. “Yeah I bet you do” and with that she grasped the back of head firmly and thrust her hips towards me. As she did this her cock was forced into my mouth until her balls pressed firmly against my chin. I gagged and pushed back, but she held me firm. When she did let me get some air, it was only for few seconds and then backing to throat went her cock. This time she slowly thrust with her hips every now and again letting me get some air. Each time was faster and harder. Then I heard the click of a cell phone camera.I hiltonbet güvenilirmi looked up and she smiled down at me. “You wouldn’t want this picture to end up on the internet would you” she taunted. “I’m going to fuck your ass and then if you are good I might let you fuck mine.” I did not want this but she had me trapped. I timidly agreed to this.First we went to the bathroom and we each gave each other and enema then to my room and on to my bed. I lay on my back and she placed the tip of her cock against my tender asshole. I was well lubed and her cock was very hot and hard. She inched it in just a little, then a little more and more. Then out again and back in. This very slow pace was not to last however, for soon her balls were slapping my ass as she fucked me very hard. I was in extreme pain but somehow enjoyed this. She fucked me for about ten or fifty minutes before saying, “is that cock of yours hard again? I need it in my ass now.” Then she stood up and bent over for me to enter her from behind. I remembered how long it took for my ass to get used to her cock and took my time as well. I placed the tip of my hard cock to her ass and eased it in. I went slowly but increased my pace when she begged me to fuck her. She felt so tight and hot and wet. From then on I became and ass man and will always love anal sex best. Soon I was fucking her lick I had watched that MILF getting fucked. Hard, fast, violently, and she loved it.Her moans and screams became almost deafening as I ripped her ass apart. Then I could feel another orgasm welling within me. This only spurred me on to fuck her harder and faster. Then her ass began to clinch as she came, and this triggered mine. It was almost instantaneous as she came so did I. We collapsed on my bed and breathed heavily for a few long moments before she got up and said to me. “I won’t tell your dad about this but eat my cum next time.”

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