Caught by my sister and her friend 9


Caught by my sister and her friend 9Miss Stone had asked me to stay after class, as it was my first day I expected a lecture about what was expected and what sort of behaviour wold be tolerated, blah blah blah etc. Boy was I wrong, she indicated that I was to sit in the front row directly in front of her desk and went and locked the classroom door. She then returned to her desk but rather than sit behind it she sat on it right in front of me and only a few feet from me, I swallowed hard and started to sweat as I looked at her, her boobs looked like they were going to pop the buttons on her shirt and her skirt was so short that it made her legs look like they went forever. She was making small talk, how was your first day? this is a great school etc, blah blah and I was trying to listen but I was struggling not to blatantly ogle her, then she shifted and her legs parted slightly for just a second….. I thought I saw pink flesh, canlı bahis no cant be, I’m hallucinating. Then she did it again but kept then there and sure enough I had a clear eye level view of the most beautiful pussy lips I had ever seen, then she opened them even wider, by this time my cock had pitched a tent in my pants which had not gone unnoticed. Then she undid her blouse and her large round boobs sprang free, her nipples pointing straight at me as if they were going to shoot me, seeing my fixation Miss Stone said I could feel them so I stood and took two steps forward and placed one hand on each of her boobs. I had never felt anything like it, they were big and firm but soft and her nipples were like bullets, I was so engrossed that I hardly noticed that she had undone my pant and let them fall to the floor then releasing my cock from my underpants and it wasn’t until she had her slender fingers wrapped around my cock stroking bahis siteleri it that I realised what was going on. “I see what they said about you is true” she said and she drew me by my cock towards her pussy which was at just the right height, unable to speak I just kind of grunted as she drew the tip of my cock up to her pussy lips. She then wrapped her legs around me and in one movement pulled my cock all the way in, “ahhh” she said, “I think you’ll do well in my class”, by this time I emerged from my trance and realised that my cock was buried to the hilt in any teenage boys dream. Using her legs she guided me in and out in a slow rhythm, after a few minutes of this she held me all the way in and ground herself against me getting faster and faster until she exhaled sharply and I felt her pussy tighten around my cock. I also felt a warmth inside her pussy and once she relaxed her grip I was free to continue sliding my cock güvenilir bahis in and out, the classroom lights were still burning brightly and looking down I could get a clear view of my cock in her pussy, I started pulling almost all the way out so I could see the flare of my knob parting her lips. After her orgasm she was so wet and my cock was glistening and dripping with her juices, the sight of this turned me on so much I was about to blow, she could tell and told me to cum on her and not in her. After a few more full length pumps I was ready so pulled out and aimed at her belly, the first shot went there but the second went all the way between her boobs, by the time I was finished there was blobs and lines of cum from her boobs to her mound. “Well you are a good boy!” she said smiling and with that she grabbed a tissue from her desk and wiped the last drip of cum from my cock before cleaning herself up. We dressed and she looked at her watch, ” you will have missed your bus” she said, I nodded dumbly, ” best I drive you home” she said and with that we went to her car with my head spinning about what my new school would hold for me.

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